I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 139


Chapter 139 Knife Nine

In the bedroom, the lights are bright.

Four boxes with different shapes were lined up in front of Shen Qian.

Shen Qian first took the treasure box of Wen Zhuangyuan from the Provincial Department of Education.

The box is made of wood, not particularly heavy, but the texture of the wood itself is very good. Although it cannot be recognized, the box should be made of some kind of precious wood.

There is a text engraved in the corner of the box, to the effect that in 2297 AD, Shen Qian was admitted to the first province in the southwest of the country. To send the champion.

Speaking of which, after the lively afternoon, Shen Qian finally had the opportunity to check her grades on the official website.

Chinese 147, Mathematics 150, Diplomatic Language 150, Liberal Arts 146, Science 150, Art Appreciation 148.

Out of a total of 750, Shen Qian scored 741.

The second-placed “second place” came from Mingcheng, with a score of 740, only one point away from Shen Qian.

It can only be said that in some subjective subjects, Shen Qian performed better than he imagined, or that he was more appetizing to the examiners.

Recovering her thoughts, Shen Qian opened the box in front of her.

The boxes are layered.

A metal certificate is placed on the First Layer. The style is a bit like an ancient elixir iron coupon. On it is written the four characters of “Reputation of the Champion”, and on the back is Shen Qian’s name and place of origin. and other information.

Obviously, this First Layer is just a paper honor.

Putting the certificate aside and pulling the Second Layer away, Shen Qian was so shaken that she couldn’t open her eyes.

This is a set of four treasures of the study, but it is completely made of platinum!

And in some key parts, such as the pen holder or the bottom of the inkstone, there are also gemstones the size of beans.

Shen Qian sensed it, it was either a Spirit Stone used for cultivation, or a very pure rare gem with good quality.

It should also be worth a lot of money.

This set of “Zhuang Yuan Calligraphy Treasures” is estimated to sell for an estimated amount of money, but unfortunately, with Shen Qian’s current reputation, it is not appropriate to do so.

Then the last floor, Shen Qian opened it and was a little disappointed. At the bottom was a set of books.

It is the Four Books and Five Classics which are famous in Chinese history.

“This can also be used as a reward for the champion?” Shen Qian muttered, and picked up a book of “Book of Songs”, “This is not something everyone can buy… Huh?”

Shen Qian turned a page but was stunned.

Because the title page of The Book of Songs is actually mixed with a thin golden leaf.

Shen Qian flipped back quickly, then sucked in a breath of cold air, and as he expected, every page had a golden leaf!

Shen Qian picked up the “Book of Changes”, “The Analects of Confucius”, “The Doctrine of the Mean” and flipped through them in turn…

My dear, they are all golden leaves!

What is this?

The book has its own golden house?

Shen Qian was stunned by this wave of behavior by the Provincial Department of Education. She even gave money so implicitly.

After the disaster, the financial order has been rebuilt, and gold is still the hardest currency in circulation. Shen Qian doesn’t know what the current gold price is, but these gold leaves are worth at least a few hundred W.

“After more than ten years of hard study, I was admitted to the top spot, and the reward of several million is not too much.” It should be.

If the money is placed in an ordinary family, it is enough to raise the standard of living to the middle class.

I don’t know if Third Senior Brother will accept gold…

Shen Qian collected Wen’s champion reward, and then turned to the three boxes.

Although the three boxes are made of metal, the material is have nothing common with each other, obviously from different departments.

Shen Qian brought over the bronze box jointly sent by the Provincial Department of Martial Arts and the Provincial Department of Education, and opened it.

The box is still divided into three layers, and the First Layer, as expected, is also a Danshu iron coupon, which is an honorary certificate as the provincial champion.

Second Layer is ten small porcelain vases.

Shen Qian picked it up and looked at it, but it was the most common and daily “Rong Yuan Dan”.

In addition to breaking through Martial Artist, Rong Yuan Dan can also be used for daily cultivation to speed up the integration of Spiritual Qi and vitality.

It’s just that Shen Qian is assisted by ancient secret art, but he has little demand for this medicine pill.

Shen Qian guessed that this should be the standard reward for the provincial champion.

There are two in each vase, for a total of twenty.

The market price of Rongyuandan is around 100,000, which is equivalent to 2 million here.

Then Shen Qian opened the Third Layer.

Compared to the Education Hall, the Martial Arts Hall is much more direct.

Third Layer…is a bank card.

The password is 123456, which is written on the back, and the amount is also marked.

Three million.

Shen Qian closed his eyes and forgot. As far as the two boxes he has opened so far, he seems to have been directly promoted to a fortune of tens of millions.

I bought a car for my father before. Shen Qian still has more than 2 million in his bank card. He is still trying to become a multi-millionaire. I don’t know what year and month, didn’t expect this The goal is almost reached.

If the 200 Contribution Points of the Hundred Kings Hall were directly exchanged for money, it could also be exchanged for 20 million, but Shen Qian obviously wouldn’t do that. It is estimated that none of the Hundred Kings Hall members would really Silly enough to exchange points for money.

On the contrary, people often do things with money for points.

Shen Qian then looked towards the second box.

This is a silver case with the “Ministry of Education” badge on it.

Shen Qian opened the box, which was divided into upper and lower floors.

First Layer, another bank card.

“Is Minister Ma so direct?”

Shen Qian was refreshed, cash is good, it’s the most trouble-free.

He picked it up and looked at it, five million.

…Well, not as many as I expected, but Shen Qian was also satisfied, he put away the bank card and opened the Second Layer again.

To Shen Qian’s surprise, Second Layer only placed a translucent metal card with a strange material.

There is a big “Dai” on it.

Shen Qian picked up the manual on the side and looked at it, and was immediately struck by it.

This is an exchange coupon, which allows Shen Qian to exchange the same item with a price of less than 5 million at any government-run psychic chain store across the country.

Although the price is 5 million, it does not mean that the cost of this exchange voucher sent by the Ministry of Education is also 5 million, but it is indeed a great gift.

This is for Shen Qian’s consideration for entering university in Japan.

In this way, the equivalent to the Ministry of Education sent 10 million yuan to Shen Qian.

Then, Shen Qian turned his attention to the last box.

This is a box from Martial Arts, made of an unknown metal in black golden.

Open the box, the inside is also divided into upper and lower layers.

The things on the upper floor look familiar, but they are ten azure tokens with simple shapes.

In the center of the token is the word “Martial” with a gold border.

…a martial law?

Shen Qian didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

He didn’t expect, and the Martial Arts department sent him a martial arts order.

And a free gift is ten dollars.

Equivalent to Shen Qian now has 16 performance orders.

The Jing City Marquis’ annual quota for this thing is only ten yuan, and Shen Qian has become a “big performer”.

It’s a pity that so far, I only know that the martial arts order is the ticket to the myriad forms tower, but where is the myriad forms tower Shen Qian is confused again.

Can only hope this token is really as useful as Third Senior Brother and Six Senior Brother say.

Then Shen Qian opened the Second Layer of the black gold box, but it was not the bank card he was expecting, but another exchange coupon…

Yes, and sent it with the Ministry of Education the exact same voucher.

No… Bosses, don’t you discuss whether it will crash before you give gifts?

Shen Qian was unable to complain, picked up the exchange coupon and looked a little depressed, because this exchange coupon from the Martial Arts department can be exchanged for commodities worth less than ten million.

Barely…not a coincidence.

After collecting all the gifts, Shen Qian finally made a summary with his fingers. Counting the book value, his personal wealth should have approached 30 million.

The small goals have all been completed one third.

Shen Qian lay down on the bed contentedly.

Speaking of which, he actually has a great harvest today.

That’s the starlight body!

According to the princes, that star is the Wuqu star recorded in the ancient book of China.

And at this moment, if Shen Qian looks inward, he will find a tiny star hovering in his mind. Of course, Shen Qian’s current spirit strength realm can’t do inward looking. This is what the princes told him.

Wuqu starlight runs through the body, forming a very small realm, and the miniature stars in the mind are the core of the realm.

As for the use of this field, according to the princes, it can accelerate cultivation. As for the specific effect, we will know when Shen Qian absorbs Spiritual Qi.

The tired Shen Qian had no thoughts of cultivation for the time being. As soon as he closed his eyes, he was about to fall asleep when fireworks exploded outside the window.

Shen Qian rolled over and sat up and opened the curtains, only to see the night sky of Jing City turned into a sea of fireworks in just one minute.

A variety of gorgeous fireworks are in full bloom in the sky, which is even more lively than the Chinese New Year.

The people of Jing City seem to be celebrating this special day in this way.

In a trance, Shen Qian heard many people shouting their names.


The next morning, Shen Qian woke up early.

The news about Shen Qian was still being broadcast on the TV. Shen Qian, who was already a little tired of hearing it, turned off the TV and ate breakfast quietly until the bedroom door slammed.

β€œThird Senior Brother!”

Shen Qian opened the door, and Shi Dingyan stood outside the door with a strange expression.

“A person claiming to be your escort found Heavenspan Pagoda, do you want to meet?”

Shi Dingyan opened the mouth and said.


Shen Qian was puzzled at first, and then thought of something. Could it be the guard of the Hundred Kings Palace?

These days have been so busy that Shen Qian almost forgot about it.

But if he remembered correctly, Wan Ning once said at that time that he would be able to see this guard when he returned to Jing City.

With this doubt, Shen Qian met each other in the reception room on the first floor of Heavenspan Pagoda.

As soon as they met, Shen Qian knew why Shi Dingyan, including Qian Weiyun, who led the way, had a strange look.

…is this the fucking Mountain And Sea escort?

If Shi Dingyan hadn’t quietly affirmed his realm, Shen Qian would have turned around and left.

The man in front of him was in ragged clothes, covered with long hair, and the long hair that covered half of his face was also knotted, and he looked like a homeless person.

beggar should be cleaner than him.

This man also seemed to realize that his image was not very good, he lowered his head slightly, and a little red appeared on his dark face.

Shi Dingyan didn’t inquire about Shen Qian’s secret, and signaled that he was at the door before leaving the reception room with Qian Weiyun.

“Kao Jiu has seen Mr. Shen.”

At this time, “beggar” seemed to recognize Shen Qian, who was left alone, and stood up with a slightly respectful give a salute.

“What’s your name?” Shen Qian was taken aback.

“Knife nine, knife of knife, nine of nine.” Dao Jiu explained very seriously.

How does this Mountain And Sea feel like a not-so-smart duck?

Shen Qian complained silently. Considering the unpleasant smell on the other party’s body, he finally took the other party back to the 99th floor and asked him to go to the guest room to take a shower and change into clean clothes.

In the living room, Dao Jiu, who reappeared, looked much cleaner. Although his skin was still dark, he finally saw his appearance from the exposed facial features.

Looking at his face, he was in his 30s or 40s, with unremarkable facial features, and his eyes were quite bright, but when Shen Qian looked at him, he couldn’t help scratching his head, and he looked a little silly again.

“My attendant in the Hall of Hundred Kings said you should have arrived a week ago, why is it so late?”

Shen Qian poured a glass of water for the other party and asked curiously.

“I… lost my way.” Dao Jiu lowered his head slightly ashamed.


Mountain and Sea also get lost?

Well, Shen Qian finally confirmed that it wasn’t his own delusion, this Mountain And Sea is indeed not very smart duck.

“I started from Liaocheng and made a few mistakes on the road. Later, when I arrived in Mingcheng, I found the contact point of Baiwangdian, and they found someone to send me to Jing City.” Dao Jiu explained briefly Take a look at your own twists and turns.

β€œLiaocheng?” Shen Qian was speechless.

That is the capital of the third northeastern province, at least thousands of kilometers away from Jing City, and the meaning of knife nine is obvious.

He… walked over.

β€œWhy not fly?” Shen Qian wondered.

Dao Jiu hesitated for a while, finally opened the mouth and said: “The ticket… is too expensive.”

Shen Qian was stunned for a while, looking towards Dao Jiu’s His eyes became strange again.

You dignified Mountain And Sea, can’t afford a ticket?

What a mess!

“If I remember correctly, the Martial Arts department has a monthly subsidy of 100,000 for the Mountain And Sea powerhouse, right? What about your money?”

It’s not polite to ask, but Shen Qian couldn’t help but be curious.

“It costs a lot to eat, and you have to keep a knife.” Dao Jiu replied.

“Knives?” Shen Qian startled.

“I have nine knives, and I have to keep them.” Dao Jiu explained seriously, “It costs tens of thousands every month.”

Saying, Dao Jiu He also opened his long backpack, revealing the long knives of various shapes inside Lu.

Shen Qian didn’t ask any further questions, just sighed.

Even if there are these reasons, but relying on subsistence allowances alone, this knife nine is estimated to be an outlier in Mountain And Sea.

Let’s not say anything else, those Mountain And Sea, who are listed in the hospital, make more than millions of dollars a year.

In Shen Qian’s eyes, Liu Changqing was poor, and the opponent only had a battle strength comparable to Mountain And Sea, so he could spend 60 million to buy a space spar.

Not to mention that the bank card balance is 90 million yuan and the fixed assets are countless.

Compared with these people, Dao Jiu is really… Horrible.

Seeing Shen Qian in a daze, Dao Jiu thought he was worried, and explained in a hurry.

“I will serve as a guard for Mr. Shen in the future, and the Hundred Kings Palace will pay me 500,000 yuan every month, which is definitely enough for me, and I can save a lot.”

Shen Qian came back to his senses, and this is the ultimate reason why Dao Jiu is willing to be a guard for a year.

But if he remembered correctly, if he directly exchanged the contribution value for a Mountain And Sea escort in the Hall of Hundred Kings, it seems to be equivalent to one million a month.

Whether the price of Knife Nine was cheaper or he was tricked, Shen Qian wasn’t sure for a while.

“Since we will spend a year together in the future, why don’t you tell me about your past. After all, I don’t know anything except your name.” Shen Qian asked.

Dao Jiu scratched his head and started talking about his origin.

Before Dao Jiu was not called Dao Jiu, it was the name he changed after achieving Mountain And Sea.

He is an orphan whose parents died in an undocumented war, grew up in an orphanage and then attended a public high school.

Although his background was not very good, Dao Jiu’s Martial Arts innate talent was unexpectedly good, a bit like Innate Divine Strength, and was finally admitted to Northeast United Wuhan University.

Dao Jiu, who has more resources in the university, made rapid progress, and was then accepted as a member by a society.

“Wait!” Shen Qian interrupted Dao Jiu suddenly, “What was the name of the club you just said you joined?”

“Qianxing Club, what’s the matter? ?” Dao Jiu was a little dazed.

“Well…and then?”

“I got a lot of resources from Qianxing Club. When I graduated, Qianxing Club had an assessment, as long as I passed it, I could get it A chance for a trial.”

Dao Jiu smacked his lips and recalled: “I passed the test, and they left a Dao’ for me. After I broke through to the high Martial Artist Peak, Just finished the trial, comprehended that Dao’ and it became Mountain And Sea.”

Could it be that Qianxing Club can help members achieve Mountain And Sea?

No wonder it is called the Cradle of Mountain And Sea.

Although it is just a combination of Mountain And Sea, Mountain And Sea is Mountain And Sea.

However, Shen Qian said strangely: “Why don’t you try to break through Mountain And Sea by yourself?”

“It’s too difficult.” Dao Jiu looked ashamed, “I tried it. I haven’t succeeded in ten years, and I can’t get enough to eat. In order to get the subsidy, I can only go to someone else’s Dao’.”

…It’s really a simple reason.

“Then how did you enter the Hall of Hundred Kings?” Shen Qian asked the most crucial question.

“I actually don’t know what the Hall of Hundred Kings is.” Dao Jiu scratched his head, “It’s just that after I completed the trial, breakthrough Mountain And Sea, a prince found me and said that I was qualified to be a Hundred Kings. The guards of the palace also promised a lot of benefits, and then I joined.”

“But after joining, there is no movement, and I have been waiting for more than a year. I am still wondering, a few days ago. I finally received the notice, and then I came to find you, Mr. Shen.”

Qianxing Club, Hundred Kings Hall.

Could it be that behind this…

Shen Qian seemed to have suddenly figured out some surprising fact, her expression became strange, and she remained silent for a long time.

(end of this chapter)

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