I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 141


Chapter 141 Jiang Chengye

It was early in the morning, and the sun penetrated through the sparse clouds and sprinkled on this low mountain.

However, Shen Qian and Old Hu stood on the dark side.

Shen Qian looked up at the sun that seemed to be out of reach, then lowered her head again, looking towards the mottled tombstones that had become a little skewed due to the time issue.

Seeing that Old Hu’s head was still immersed in sadness and unable to extricate himself, Shen Qian took the white chrysanthemums from him and walked to the row of tombstones.

This is like a tombstone buried in an abandoned corner. There are seventeen in total.

Shen Qian followed it.

Li Sixi, Ye Jialei, Fu Xiaoxiao, Yu Xin…

He doesn’t know any of them.

Until, Shen Qian came to the tombstone in the center.

“Jiang Chengye’s Tomb.”

The five words in the middle caught Shen Qian’s attention.

This is a person who was written into the history of No. 7 High School.

He was Jing City’s top martial arts champion ten years ago, and the only one martial arts champion in the history of the Seventh High School.

Shen Qian’s eyes flashed with shock, confusion and emotion, and her mood was complicated for a while.

The shock was because in the mouth of the teacher of the seventh middle school, he didn’t know Jiang Chengye’s whereabouts later, it turned out that he had already died.

The confusion is because of the cause of death of the other party.

The feeling is that the dignified champion of a province was buried in this remote corner that no one cares about after his death. Although the tombstones have been often taken care of before, they still can’t hide the dilapidation and loneliness. .

As long as you are Heaven’s Chosen, it is just a pinch of loess at the moment, and no one cares.

β€œYou should also know that the educational situation in Jing City has been downhill in recent years.”

Old Hu stood next to Shen Qian at some point, and pulled out from Shen Qian’s hand. put a chrysanthemum before the tombstone.

“Ten years ago was the last glory of Jing City, perhaps, the greatest glory in the history of Jing City.”

“In that year, Jing City not only made a martial arts The champion, like the third flower, came from Jing City, the girl named Fu Xiaoxiao… In addition, there are 33 people in Jing City, who are among the top 100 in Wu Ke in the province, accounting for almost half of the country.”

Surprise flashed across Shen Qian’s eyes. He only knew that Jing City’s education began to decline ten years ago, but he never understood that there was such a glorious year.

“The seventeen people here…” Shen Qian asked subconsciously.

“They are the group of thirty-three people who applied for Jiang Zhongjunwu. All of them were admitted.” Old Hu said slowly.

Shen Qian suddenly turned his head and already guessed something, “They all died ten years ago? Was it in the unknown incident of Jiang Zhongjunwu?”

“No way. Why do you think Jing City’s education will decline?”

Old Hu sighed, “As much honor as they received at that time, they gathered as much luck, this death… The backbone of Jing City will naturally be Most of it was broken.”

Shen Qian recalled the farewell before the college entrance examination, when Chai Haotian said that there are many reasons for the decline of education in Jing City.

Come to think of it, this is the most important reason.

It was just because of some factor that Chai Haotian, the new city owner, concealed the matter.

In the past ten years, few people know the truth.

Extend to think further, is the resignation of the previous city owner of Jing City also related to this matter?

“So what happened ten years ago?” Shen Qian asked after calming down.

“I may not be able to explain clearly, I can only tell you what I know and see…” A bottle of Old Bai dried, first poured some on the cemetery, then took out two cups, poured one and handed it to Shen Qian.

The two sat on the floor and drank each other in this desolate cemetery.

“Actually speaking of which, Jiang Chengye is very similar to you.”

“With me?” Shen Qian startled.

“He also came from a poor family, so he was considered a single-parent family. He also had a younger sister. Her mother remarried three times without meeting any good people. When Jiang Chengye was fourteen years old, he ran off with a foreigner. Now, only he and the younger sister are left to depend on each other.”

“…I’m still a little better than him, at least I have a complete family.” Shen Qian shook his head.

Shen Qian also keenly noticed that since Old Hu started with Jiang Chengye, it is very likely that the incident ten years ago was also closely related to Jiang Chengye.

“Not only that.” Old Hu smiled, “He also had a mediocre innate talent before high school. If it weren’t for compulsory education, he would have gone to work part-time without even wanting to go to high school.”


“At that time, I was the Vice-President of the Jing City Association. Those of us who were so-called ‘successful and famous’ would do some charitable work to help their hometown. Jiang Chengye was one of the objects I sponsored.”

“At that time, I was just pitiful for his background. Who would have thought that he suddenly soared into the sky in high school, just like you, suddenly showing the rare innate talent in the world.”

“Finally Even in the college entrance examination, amaze the world with a brilliant single feat, and became the first martial arts champion in the seventh middle school…”

Shen Qian slightly disapproved, from this point of view, the two are a bit similar, but they are not I know if Jiang Chengye is also hanging up…

“Later, as I hoped, he was accepted by Jiang Zhongjunwu. After arriving in Junwu, he did not disappoint me.”

Old Hutou continued to recall: “He is not only a genius, but also a natural leader. In just half a year, he has become famous in a place where talents like military martial arts gather, and all Jing City students are headed by him.”

“He broke several records since the establishment of the military military, such as the record for the fastest skipping grade, the record for the highest credit in a single semester, and the record for the fastest clearance of Secret Realm, etc…”

Old Hu listed many Jiang Chengye’s deeds in the military, and Shen Qian’s heart swayed when he heard it.

“If that incident hadn’t happened, he should have a great future.”

A hint of remorse suddenly appeared on Old Hu’s head and face, and Shen Qian was also attentive, knowing that the key point was finally is coming.

“Yu Shousi came to Jing City some time ago, did he find you?” Old Hu asked suddenly.

“Well, do you know him?” Shen Qian nodded.

“Of course, Xiao Yu was once a military student, but he just graduated more than 20 years ago and is familiar with me.”

Old Hu sighed, “Since he has approached you, you must also know that for the top students, the military will provide a benefit, which is to grant military ranks and real positions.”

Shen Qian nodded, “He promised me that I would be an elite student at the time. The position of the Hundred-Men Commander in the army.”

“Jiang Chengye…the same is true.”

Old Hu said, “Not long after he entered the army, he was due to his outstanding performance. Performance was awarded the position of Hundred-Men Commander, which is not only a benefit, but also a kind of experience for top students.”

β€œWith military position, you need to enter the military regularly to perform duties, Jiang Zhongjun As a well-known strong army in the world, he has a lot of responsibilities, and he will perform tasks outside most of the time…”

“With those battle experiences, Jiang Chengye has indeed grown faster, and he is more and more dazzling. , everyone thought he would continue like this until…”

The remorse on Old Hu’s face was even stronger, and tears flowed down unconsciously.

“It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have promised him, I shouldn’t have promised him…”

After a while, when Old Hu calmed down a little, he couldn’t bear it anymore. The curious Shen Qian asked, “What happened?”

Old Hu froze and said, “At the end of the semester, Jiang Chengye went out with the army and swept a scavenger’s stronghold. , to be precise, a town… an extremely rare town for scavengers.”

“Jiang Chengye had been away for three days, and finally returned at dusk on the fourth day.”

“That day, it was snowing heavily.”

“I pushed open the door of the apartment, and Jiang Chengye knelt in front of me, covered in blood and ice, with a look of confusion I had never seen before. , but he still put his head on the ground and refused to speak for a long time…”

“I treat him like a son, he also regards me as a master and a father, I understand him, he must have something to do Ask me, and know that I can’t agree.”

Shen Qian thought of the remorse on Old Hutou’s face just now, and suddenly understood that Old Hutou must have agreed to the thing that should not have been promised.

Sure enough, Old Hu said sternly: “I finally agreed. After he knelt in the snow in the middle of the night, I agreed to let him take that woman… no, yes. That monster was brought into the school!”

“Woman? Monster?”

Shen Qian was taken aback, and then a bold and unbelievable guess emerged in his heart, “… Who?”

“It seems you guessed it.” Old Hu’s smile was uglier than he was crying, “Also, if it wasn’t like this, why would I be reluctant to agree to him?”

“That woman… also looks like a scavenger?”

Shen Qian asked curiously.

The scavengers he has seen have bruised patches on their faces due to the radiation mutation in the restricted area, and their facial features are slightly distorted, which really does not conform to the basic aesthetics of human beings, so this is the reason.

If that woman is like this, then this Jiang Senior… is too heavy.

“Well, how can I put it, although I hate each other’s bloodline and identity, but I have to say that the woman whose age I am not sure is not the same as the general scavenger, although the appearance also has mutation, But she has a kind of… seductive beauty.”

Old Hu said after thinking for a while.

Shen Qian was slightly relaxed, but then frowned again, “Just because of her beauty, Jiang Senior took her back to school without authorization, and treated the military discipline and school rules as nothing. That’s too superficial, right?”

If it is such a temperament, Shen Qian doesn’t quite believe that he can reach such a height.

Lustfulness may be a common problem for men, and Shen Qian himself is not exempt, but when it comes to principles, it should not be the case.

“Cheng Ye said that the woman saved his life, and if it wasn’t for her, Cheng Ye would not have come back.”

“And all the relatives of that woman are dead, and there are no more If you don’t take her in, she won’t survive a day in the restricted area…”

Old Hu sighed, “That’s the real reason I promised him.”

Shen Qian was relieved, “What happened later?”

“I took advantage of my position to help Cheng Ye put that woman in the most secret place in the school, and made an agreement with Cheng Ye that at most one month, Cheng Ye I’m going to send her away.”

“In the blink of an eye, a month later, that woman disappeared.”

“I thought Cheng Ye had kept the promise, so I felt relieved, who knows The incident of the student’s disappearance soon appeared, and the location of the incident that was traced according to the clues was near the woman’s original hiding place…”

“I noticed something was wrong, so I went to confront Cheng Ye, he At that time, I had already noticed that Cheng Ye had changed, but I couldn’t tell where he changed.”

“More and more students had accidents, and the school’s senior management formed an investigation team. But I couldn’t find out anything, and I found out later that the students in Jing City had helped Jiang Chengye to cover up, so that he kept fooling around…”

“Why didn’t you look for the prince? “Shen Qian couldn’t help but interjected, “The prince can clearly understand everything. If you ask the prince to take action, you won’t be able to cover up any mysterious events, right?” Take Gao as an example. When he was sitting on the top of Heavenspan Pagoda, the whole city was in front of him, and there was nothing to hide.

It’s just an ordinary incident, and Jing City Marquis won’t interfere.

There might be some truth to this, but Shen Qian didn’t know it.

“Of course I found it.”

Old Hu shook his head, “But the princes all have their own responsibilities, unless it is most urgent, it will take a certain amount of time to ask the princes to take action. Everything happened too fast. When the prince’s real body finally arrived, it was only a month later, but dozens of cases of missing students had already occurred.”

“After the prince arrived, , have you discovered the truth of the matter?” Shen Qian asked.

“It doesn’t count either.”

Old Hu touched Jiang Chengye’s tombstone with a complicated expression, “The prince quickly pinpointed the source of the matter in Chengye. Ye, but…the prince didn’t find any trace of that woman.”

“She really left the military?” Shen Qian doubted.

“Of course not… Cheng Ye, who refused to speak, was temporarily locked up. Uncle Pingyang, who was in charge of the matter at the time, wanted to invite another prince who was better at Divine Law to take action and read Cheng Ye directly. Night’s memory, but something happened that night.”

“Ping Yangbo?” Shen Qian raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“You know?”

“I just saw you a few days ago…”

“I almost forgot that the day the list was released, many princes came to watch you brat.” Old Hu laughed.

“What happened that night?”

“The woman suddenly appeared and robbed Cheng Ye.”

Old Hu paused, then Said: “But in fact this is also Ping Yangbo’s plot against, but didn’t expect that the woman really came out. The prince wanted to suppress the two on the spot, but an accident happened…”

Old Hu head A surprised look appeared in his eyes.

“I have been in the military for decades, and it was only until that day that I found out that Jiang Zhongjun has a ‘door’…”


“Looking at you brat’s expression, it seems that you know about the ‘door’.”

Old Hu saved the effort of explaining, nodded and said: “And the ‘door’ ‘, it’s A-Rank!”

“You may not know what A-Rank is, let me tell you, since Spiritual Qi’s recovery to today, in all the ‘doors’ that have appeared, A -Rank and above can be counted on one’s fingers, it is as scarce as a prince, and every time a door of this rank appears, it produces a great disaster…”

Shen Qian listened intently, but I vaguely remember the “door” that appeared in Buya Valley, which was C-Rank in the mouth of Captain Sun at that time.

And the “door” of C-Rank has a Mountain And Sea monster, and the “door” of A-Rank will only be more terrifying.

“What’s in the ‘door’?”

“I don’t know.”

“I don’t know?” Shen Qian was taken aback.

“The ‘door’ was opened by that demonic girl, or to be more precise, she opened it with the blood of Jing City students.”

Old Hu’s head and face appeared Painful expression, “Those foolish children, all charge ahead to plead for Jiang Chengye, the prince has not had time to move, the woman standing behind them has already waved the butcher’s knife…”

“Sixteen Articles Human life was the last straw, blood was the guide, and the ‘door’ was pushed open.”

“It was a very serious accident.”

“‘The door’ ‘As soon as it appeared, most of the school was destroyed. Hundreds of people were swallowed by the ‘door’, including students, teachers, and…she…”

Listening to Old Hu’s obscure tone, Shen Qian responded, “Your crush, that professor?”

“She pushed me away at the last moment, my left leg… It was gone at that time. “

Old Hu said with a dazed head: “Before more people were affected, Pingyang Bo decisively shot and sealed the ‘door’. “

“Why not just destroy that ‘door’? “

Shen Qian thought of the hazy light and fog in the sky in the restricted area, far and near, and couldn’t help but be surprised: “Can’t all the ‘doors’ be destroyed? “

“The ‘gate’ connects unknown dimensions, or parallel spaces, no matter what, it is equivalent to the passage of time and space. How can time and space be destroyed? “

Old Hu shook his head, “Even the princes can’t do anything, and even, many ‘doors’ are only the princes who can’t pass through, the root cause I don’t know. ”

Shen Qian was silent, digesting the information.

Although there were still a lot of fog, he finally figured out the incident that caused a big uproar in Nuo ten years ago. Probably.

“So because of this incident, many teachers and students lost their lives, and Jiang Zhongjun Wucai was forced to close the school? “

“Well, this period is ten years…”

Old Hu said with emotion, “I used to think ten years were short, but now I think it’s long.” “

“The chain reaction caused by that incident was too many, countless families were implicated, and I also lost my military position…

“The senior management issued a gag order, after all’ The matter of the door itself is a secret, and the impact of this matter itself is too bad… Jiang Chengye and the sixteen people from Jing City have naturally become some kind of taboo.”

Shen Qian was stunned, “No wonder no one has mentioned them for so many years, and no one knows where they went.”

Shen Qian looked at the seventeen mottled tombstones, but did not know should sympathize with them.

“The people I love are gone, and the people I regard as nephews and nephews have also passed away. I am the only cripple, returning to Jing City with their clothes and burying them behind this cemetery. I can’t even get the money to buy a decent cemetery for them…”

Old Hu burst into tears again.

“But I’m really unwilling…”

“They shouldn’t be treated like this, they’re all sincere children, maybe impulsive, but not unforgivable A sin!”

“Even Cheng Ye, I always think he might have some kind of trouble, what do you think?”

For Old Hu’s hopeful inquiry, Shen Qian also Don’t know how to answer.

Or from everyone’s point of view, the hardships are not so important.

Like those teachers and students who died in vain in that incident, in the face of their families, can one hardship solve everything?

Old Hu didn’t seem to expect Shen Qian to answer. After drinking the last drink, Old Hu threw the bottle and said resolutely: “Shen Qian, old fogey, I can ask you for a favor. Is it something?”

“You are serious, please say it.” Shen Qian had vaguely guessed something and sighed.

“Go to Jiangzhong Junwu.”

Old Hu said sincerely: “Since Junwu has reopened, maybe…it may be possible to find out the truth of the year. It must not be over yet, I have a strong feeling that Cheng Ye might still be alive.”

“Alive?” Shen Qian startled.

“Before the ‘door’ was closed, that woman entered the ‘door’ with a comatose Cheng Ye, that’s why I have this judgment.”

Shen Qian momentarily Speechless.

He just suddenly realized that Old Hu had lived in Jing City for ten years with a hunched posture and became the lowest security guard, not that he was depressed.

He, just kept waiting.

Wait for the day when the military reopens.

There may even be some kind of extravagant thought in his heart, that the woman he loves is still alive…

“If you promise, old fogey, I’m willing to give everything to help you.”

Old Hu said with a mouthful of impure air, “At least Yu Shousi still remembers some sentiments. I also got a job.”

“Still working as a security guard?” Shen Qian said unexpectedly.

“I won’t know anything else either. Of course, this time I go back to look at the door, but it’s impossible to sit in the office again.” Old Hu said with a smile like a self-deprecating head.

“Mountain And Sea looks at the door, it sounds really weird.”

Shen Qian rubbed his eyebrows, opened the mouth and said: “Uncle Hu, I I really want to promise you, but…”

“Let’s go to another place to have a look, maybe it can change your mind!” Old Hu interrupted Shen Qian and stood up. Go outside.

Shen Qian shook his head, put down the white chrysanthemum in his hand, and took a last look at the mottled tombstones that seemed to be watching him silently, followed along.

The two of them, along with Dao Jiu who followed from a distance, were silent all the way, walked back to Nancheng, and finally came to an urban village.

Shen Qian was a little astonished, because although Nancheng’s economy was backward and there were many urban villages, there were still a small number of such dilapidated ones.

The houses of different low and low heights are randomly distributed without any regulations, and even many of them simply use plastic boards to paste the doors and windows.

The stinking ditch that stretches past exudes a slightly pungent smell, there are litter piles scattered everywhere, and even the cats and dogs on the roadside are skinny.

The three of them went all the way in, and Shen Qian felt a lot of curious and vigilant eyes.

This makes Shen Qian feel a little more complicated, because there are not many people in Jing City who don’t know him, but there are many here.

Finally, Old Hu stopped at the mouth of a narrow alley.

“There are about ten families living here, all of which are the families of the children of the year, and they are still in Jing City.”

Looking at the surprise on Shen Qian’s face Look, Old Hu said indifferently: “It’s hard to imagine, why is it so down?”

“You have never been a parent, so you probably don’t understand that feeling, but your child is gone. They don’t even have the right to know the truth, they don’t know how much they have suffered in order to seek justice…”

“From the perspective of the city owner, they will not sympathize with them, whether it is Jiang Chengye or others. , carrying so much of Jing City’s luck, not only did it not give back in the end, it even caused backlash to Jing City’s energy.”

Old Hu briefly explained the cause and effect.

“Isn’t there a total of seventeen people, why are there only ten families left?” Shen Qian wondered.

“Some are scattered, some are crazy, and some are dead. This is also the result of being tired by luck. Jing City’s luck…will not see them.” Old Hu head said solemnly.

Shen Qian is clearly nodded, their child damages the luck of Jing City, which is like a cause and effect somewhere.

If they stay to seek the truth, they will be backlashed by unnoticeable influence.

“If I hadn’t been trying to help them all these years, maybe there would be no ten families now.” Old Hu sighed lightly.

Shen Qian finally figured out a question that she hadn’t figured out just now.

That is, although the head of Old Hu is lame and has no job, he is also a Mountain And Sea powerhouse. It was all spent here.

Old Hu finished speaking and took Shen Qian to the deepest part of the alley.

β€œWhere is this place?”

Shen Qian was acutely aware that the family in front of him was where Old Hu really wanted to bring him.

“Go in and have a look.”

Old Hu pushed open the unlocked door directly, and entered a simple small courtyard surrounded by a fence, simple and clean, It was much more pleasing to the eye than Shen Qian had imagined. There were even some green potted plants in the corner of the door.

There are two bungalows next to each other in the small courtyard. Old Hu took Shen Qian directly to the one on the right, and then pushed open the wooden door that couldn’t protect anything at all.

The small space of less than ten square meters is arranged like a bedroom, with a dressing table and a single bed with white sheets, and a little bear doll on the bed.

Old Hu walked in, but Shen Qian resisted.

This is obviously a girl’s boudoir.

It’s not right to touch it without the owner.

Shen Qian was about to ask aloud, but when he turned his eyes to the wall beside the bed, he was stunned.

(end of this chapter)

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