I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 142


Chapter 142 Beidu

Although the room was small, it was kept very clean, and the single bed was right next to it. On the wall on the side of the door, there are many kinds of fine decorations.

There are cloth strips, stickers, and picture frames… The wall that was originally red brick is decorated with a little more warmth.

And surrounded by those decorations, many photos were pasted.

Those pictures are for singles and doubles.

A simple sentence or two is written on each photo to record the owner’s mood.

Shen Qian was somewhat absent-minded, obviously with his eyesight he could see everything clearly even from ten meters away, but he still couldn’t resist crossing the threshold and approaching the red face. brick wall.

It seems like this, you can see it more realistically.

The top photo is a bit blurry and looks like a surveillance screenshot from the angle and the timeline in the lower right corner.

In the picture, a teenager in a blue and white school uniform is standing in front of the counter and seems to be talking to someone.

Shen Qian lost his mind because the person in the photo was…he.

The date is March 19 in the lobby of the Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall Nancheng store.

If I remember correctly, it was Shen Qian’s first visit to the Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall that day, and he was asking the front desk how to apply for a card.

On the photo, two graceful handwritings were written in black oil pen: “Meet.”

Shen Qian looked down and saw the second photo.

This should be a surreptitious photo taken from the crack of an open door.

Shen Qian in the picture is a figure in the back, rolling iron on a high-speed treadmill.

“I can’t tell it’s a Beginner Martial Artist at all. He is so young, so amazing.”

These are some words written on the side of the photo.

The third photo is not Shen Qian, but a set of white cheongsam hanging in a locker.

“Mr. Zhu asked me if I would like to try it, and I agreed without much hesitation. Oh my god, what a shame…”

The fourth photo became Shen Qian.

Shen Qian, who just finished ironing, lay on the massage bed, revealing her sleeping profile.

“The lines are very nice.”

The fifth and sixth pictures… are all Shen Qian from various angles in the cultivation room, but they basically don’t have a frontal face. They were all taken when Shen Qian was resting with his eyes closed.

There is no text left on these photos, but the angle of the shots seems to be getting closer.

It wasn’t until the 11th photo that something finally changed.

Shen Qian still fell asleep after the massage, but this time there were two people in the photo.

One is Shen Qian with her eyes closed and face down, and the other is a girl wearing a black cheongsam with her head sticking out above.

The girl smiled and took a photo of the two of them together for the first time.

“Hello, my name is… Jiang Xuan.”

The slightly scribbled handwriting next to it seems to indicate the girl’s nervousness.

The photos after that are no longer monotonous, but become “co-shots” of various girls and Shen Qian.

The short text on those pictures continued to tell the girl’s heart.

“He hasn’t been here lately.”


“He’s in a bad mood today, but I don’t know how to comfort him.”



β€œI still dare not take the initiative to send him a message.”


β€œBought new clothes and… socks.”


β€œHe is going to take the college entrance examination, I don’t know where he will go.”


β€œ He shared pictures of Mingcheng with me!”


“He…has really taken off.”



Shen Qian’s eyes moved down slowly, passing one photo after another, landing on the last photo.

This photo is from a few days ago. To be precise, it was the day when the city lord feasted the whole city. Shen Qian couldn’t hold back the enthusiasm of the reporters and had to walk out of the restaurant and say a few words outside.

The girl was probably standing in a corner of the crowd and took this photo of Shen Qian.

There are only four characters on the photo.

“Fool Jiang Xuan.”

The photo wall also came to an abrupt end here.

Shen Qian was silent.

After a long time, Shen Qian gently spat out one mouthful of impure air, “Xiao Xuan…is Jiang Chengye’s younger sister?”

Shen Qian remembered that before the college entrance examination , he once saw the head of Old Hu appearing near the Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall, and then contacting all kinds of today, he naturally had a guess.

But didn’t expect such a coincidence.


On a telephone pole high in the slum village, Shen Qian and Old Hu stood side by side.

In the small courtyard below, girls in short sleeves and jeans are watering potted plants in the corner.

The plain-faced face was something Shen Qian had never seen before.

Jiang Xuan came back suddenly, and Shen Qian had to pull Old Hu’s head and hide to a high place.

“To be honest, I’m also surprised that you and her are still involved.”

Old Hu looked at the busy girl below and sighed: “Jiang Chengye has an accident. In that year, Jiang Xuan was only ten years old, and when Jiang Chengye left, she became no one to rely on, and she suffered a lot over the years.”

“In the past six months, She suddenly became a lot more cheerful, I wondered secretly, but didn’t expect something to do with you brat.”

“So what?” Shen Qian had calmed down from the initial shock at this time. , asked rhetorically.

Old Hu choked on his head, and then said Faintly: “…you’re a heart of stone.”

Shen Qian didn’t answer, just stared silently at the girl below.

Her life is so simple, so simple that there is a sense of loneliness.

Watering flowers, washing clothes, and then going to the neighbor’s house to teach the two little children of dark and swarthy to read. Occasionally, I sit in the small bedroom for a while, but I don’t know what I’m thinking.

Shen Qian’s bracelet vibrated, awakening him from his trance.

When Shen Qian was checking the news of the bracelet, Old Hu, who had also been silent for a long time, finally spoke again with a complicated tone.

“Shen Qian, in fact, I know that not many people care about the truth buried in the past.”

“Everyone is looking at those who died in vain… …”

“I’m just uneasy. I don’t want to believe that I watched Cheng Ye grow up with my own eyes, and I don’t even want to believe that the sixteen children would do something to betray Human Race.”

“People who died in vain are just, but if they were wronged, why wouldn’t they be just?”

“I didn’t have any hope of finding you old man today, I just wanted to Just try, I’m still not reconciled…”

Old Hu laughed at himself.

Shen Qian stood up suddenly, touched something and threw it to Old Hu’s head.

Old Hu subconsciously reached out to take it, but it was a bank card, he looked towards Shen Qian in confusion, “you brat this is…”

“There is a little bit in the card. The money is not too much, hundreds of thousands, the password is on the back.”

Shen Qian glanced at the dilapidated alley below, “Take this money and do something for them, at least Let the children go to school normally, and let them have enough to eat.”

“I am not Saint, but I also have compassion, I don’t know if those people are wronged, but… these people At least it’s innocent.”

Shen Qian turned around and left.

β€œWhere are you going?” Old Hu asked after startled.

Shen Qian stopped, turned around and grinned, “Old Wei finally got the letter, I just bought a plane ticket and went home to pack.”


“Well, the plane ticket.”

Shen Qian’s eyes flickered and turned soft, “Tomorrow… go to Beidu.”

Shen Qian jumped off after saying that. After he got off the telephone pole, he walked a few steps in the alley and stopped. He turned around and said, “Uncle Hu, I think you have made a mistake.”

“What?” Old Hu was puzzled. It seems.

“I am willing to listen to your story because I respect you and we are friends.”

Shen Qian shrugged, “But in the final analysis, Jiang Chengye and those people, Or what was the truth of that year, and what did it have to do with me?”

Old Hu was at a loss for words for the first time.

“You may have overestimated me on the question that even the princes can’t figure out.”

Shen Qian continued, “As for Xiaoxuan, I have a relationship with her. She and the irresponsible big brother are another matter.”

“Irresponsible?” Old Hu seemed a little resentful at Shen Qian’s remarks.

“If he really misses Xiaoxuan, he should think clearly about the consequences of every decision he makes.”

Shen Qian said with a sneer, “at least from you In his story, I didn’t see that he still remembered that he had a younger sister in Jing City who needed to be taken care of.”

Old Hu was speechless again, and then sighed, “It seems that you are determined. I will go to the military.”

“You made another mistake.” Shen Qian shook her head again.


Although Old Hu was annoyed at being led by Shen Qian today, he couldn’t help but be curious.

“Whether I go to the military or not go to the military, it has nothing to do with your story.”

After Shen Qian finished speaking, she waved her hand without further explanation. Step away.

Old Hu shouted a few words and finally gave up, standing alone on the telephone pole.

It was a long time before a whisper echoed in midair.

“Am I wrong…”

“But ten years of waiting, how to be fair, how to be fair!”

Old Hu head station In mid-air, fell into confusion.


In the sky, the huge aperture is gliding smoothly.

On closer inspection, I found that the aperture turned out to be a huge psychic shield, and in the middle of the shield, a large passenger plane with a civil aviation number on its fuselage was heading towards the bustling city not far away. The city-state descended.

Being gently woken up by a pretty flight attendant in a black silk dress, Shen Qian also realized that it was finally coming.

He turned over and came to the floor-to-ceiling glass that is unique to the first-class cabin, and moved towards the bottom to overlook.

After saw a flash, the airliner seemed to have penetrated some kind of protection, and everything in front of him became clear.

Amidst the drifting clouds and mist, a majestic city-state with countless tall buildings appeared on the plain.

Huaxia Capital, the largest existing city in the world.

North Capital.

The most shocking thing is the word “Martial” vaguely cobbled together by the countless buildings.

This is also the purpose of the flight attendant who specifically asked if a wake-up service is required.

Such a magnificent sight can only be seen when you are in the sky.

In addition to the licensed Martial Artist, Mountain And Sea can’t be in the northern capital at will.

Shen Qian was a little excited after a long absence.

It’s not just because there are girls in his heart between the buildings, but also because…

This is the first time for Shen Qian to leave the province.

And the first stop was the capital of China.

3 minutes later, the plane landed steadily at the Capital Second Airport.

Shen Qian got off the plane and quickly moved towards the outside of the airport.

Soon, Shen Qian saw Wei Sijian among the people who were picking up the plane.

It is because the other party is very conspicuous.

…This forced a banner that read “Warmly Welcome Master Shen Qian of Pharmacy to Beidu”.

Besides him, he called out a bunch of young-looking students from nowhere, and there were fireworks and applause.


Shen Qian, who was full of shame, covered her face and walked away, but Wei Sijian was stunned for a while, but followed up with a few students reluctantly .

It wasn’t until she found an unoccupied corner that Shen Qian finally stopped.

“Brother Shen, you…what are you running for?” Wei Sijian, out of breath, complained while sticking his knees.


Shen Qian wanted to spit at him, but when he realized that Wei Sijian’s logic was different from the ordinary person, he gave up the idea and simply No explanation.

Wei Sijian didn’t care, pointing to the group of students who came after him and said to Shen Qian, “These are all students of the Pharmacy Academy… They are called Brother Shen, bah, no, they are called Uncle Shen! “

“Master Shen!” The seven or eight students were unusually well-behaved. Although they were surprised by Shen Qian’s age, they still shouted respectfully in unison.

Some of the students vaguely felt that Shen Qian was familiar, but couldn’t remember where they had met him for a while.

“What uncle, what uncle?” Shen Qian had a black line on his face.

“Sorry, uncle is a respectful title in the north, after all, you are an elder.” Wei Sijian said as it should be by rights.

Shen Qian was unable to complain, rubbed his eyebrows and asked, “Did Ding Yi be released?”

“Not yet, I guess tomorrow.”

“Then you asked me to come in such a hurry?” Shen Qian had the urge to hit someone, “I thought it was today.”

“Tell Brother Shen to come early, yes Because I have a major event to tell you!”

I don’t know what to think, Wei Sijian said excitedly.

“What major event?” The entire group walked towards the parking lot, Shen Qian asked suspiciously.

“You’ll know when you go to Northern Martial.”

Wei Sijian was a rare sell, but there was a smug expression on his face that he was in control of everything.

“Last time, Senior Brother and I sincerely invited you to join our Northern Martial’s Pharmacy Academy, but you rejected me, but how could I, Wei Sijian, give up easily?”

“I came up with a brilliant idea that night. After my earnest and well-meant advised persuasion, the teacher finally agreed. I’ve been working on it for a while.”

“Just wait for the startled, Brother Shen!”

“Hehe, you will be a member of our Pharmacy Academy from now on, let’s do a major event together!”

Wei Sijian became more and more excited as he talked, and the smile on his face gradually changed.

Shen Qian shuddered when she heard it, and unknowingly moved away from some Wei Sijian. Although she was a little curious about what major event Wei Sijian planned, she snort disdainfully with Wei Sijian’s confidence.

Let’s not talk about which school to choose.

Even if the Northern Martial is finalized, among the nine academies, the most impossible entry for him is the Pharmacy Academy.

It’s okay to be a part-time job when you’re short of money, but a full-time job is a waste of life, which means nothing to Shen Qian.

The two of them smiled tacitly, and neither mentioned the topic again.

Wei Sijian personally drove Shen Qian to the vicinity of Northern Martial and helped Shen Qian open a room at the 5-Star level hotel.

After putting away her luggage and having a brief meal at the hotel’s specialty restaurant, Shen Qian wiped her mouth and said to Wei Sijian, who was reading a book on the side, “Sijian, it’s not good to go shopping. ?”

“I never do such a waste of my life.” Wei Sijian suddenly shook his head.

“Okay then, I’ll ask the hotel to send me a guide and I’ll go by myself.” Shen Qian waved his hands and stood up.

“Brother Shen, if you’re missing something, I’ll find someone to buy it for you. Why do you waste your precious time yourself?” Wei Sijian frowned, trying to stop Shen Qian.

Shen Qian decisively rejected Wei Sijian and smiled meaningfully.

“Actually, I don’t like shopping…but some things are only meaningful if they are bought by hand.”

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