I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 143


Chapter 143. Both Laws

The full name of Northern Martial is Beidu Wuke University. Before the cataclysm, it was formerly known as the world-famous two The famous school, after the disaster reconstruction, the two famous schools merged into one and became the Northern Martial today.

From its inception, Northern Martial has been selected as one of the top 100 martial arts universities in the world.

After years of high ranking, it has become the top three regulars.

Anyone who can enter here is undoubtedly Heaven’s Chosen Child.

It’s night time, and it’s already starlight, but by the unnamed lake in Northern Martial, there are still many students who are tempering their bodies in the night wind, or exchanging martial skills with each other, creating a positive atmosphere.

It is already summer vacation, but these students seem to have lost the concept of vacation.

In a closed courtyard somewhere, there was a faint cheer, and then the door opened, and a group of boys and girls about seventeen or eighteen years old with immature faces rushed out.

Occasionally passing by the Senior next to this, but it is not surprising that there are too many talents in Northern Martial, the competition is extremely fierce, and various training classes are emerging one after another.

Obviously, these Junior Brother junior sisters, who are freshmen at first glance, have just suffered a round of torture, and only at this time have they escaped from the “sea of misery”.

“Ding Yi, we are discussing going to Minzu Alley for a late night snack, and then going to the east of the city to dance…Are you going?”

A few girls who were laughing suddenly stopped. He got down, turned his head, looked towards the girl walking at the back of the crowd, and asked.

The last girl hearing this raised her head slightly, and the moonlight shone down coldly, shining on her clean cheeks that seemed to be spotless, rendering layers of moving halo, not to mention the young man beside her, Even these girls couldn’t help but stare blankly.

“No, I want to go back to the dormitory.” Ding Yi shook his head.

“I said, the class leader, the closed training for half a month, don’t rush to rest at this time, let’s go together?” Another boy came back to his senses, persuaded with a smile.

“I’m going back to recharge.” Ding Yi still shook his head, but still held up the bracelet he had just received and explained.

“Oh, so I was in a hurry to go back and make a phone call!”

The girls immediately said ambiguously with a smile.

They are all roommates of Ding Yi after coming to Beidu, but they know that Ding Yi seems to have a partner in his hometown.

Seeing that Ding Yi’s cheeks were slightly red but he didn’t deny it, the eyes of the boys next to him were a little sad, and occasionally they passed by.

How can such a beautiful girl fall in love early?

The entire group walked along the path and couldn’t stop chatting chirp chirp twitter twitter.

“By the way, today is June 28th, so the college entrance examination is already over, right?”

“That’s for sure, the results are estimated to be out.”

“But it doesn’t have anything to do with us…”

Ding Yi, who had been silent for a while, was a little dazed listening to their chat and laughter, but she didn’t know what she was thinking.

At this moment, two seniors, wiped with sweat, passed by them.

“Are you going to the Ministry of Education tomorrow? Many people have made an appointment.”

“Why are you going to the Ministry of Education?”

“Go and see that legendary The national champion of martial arts, I heard that his information is hung in the Wuzhao Hall, Jing City is too far away, and I can’t help but be curious.”

“It’s okay, hey, the first martial artist The champion, this guy is really scary, and I want to see if he has Three Heads Six Arms…”

The two walked away after talking, and a group of freshmen were all stunned.

“What are they talking about, the national champion of martial arts?”

“It’s not true, there is no such thing as a national champion of martial arts, isn’t it all provincial competitions?”

โ€œJing Cityโ€ฆโ€

Ding Yi did not participate in their discussion, but just murmured, and the distracted appearance became more obvious.


A sudden explosion attracted everyone’s attention.

Everyone looked up in amazement, only to find that the entire night sky was lit up.

A beam of rays of light rose from the center of the lake, reflecting all around like daylight, Ding Yi was not consciously attracted by the rays of light.

The rays of light suddenly spread out in mid-air, turning into fireworks covering 100 meters, but the shape was scattered, but it was a little uncomfortable to see.


Immediately afterwards, a second beam of fireworks rose.


The fireworks exploded again, blending with the fireworks that had not yet dissipated in the air, and a picture scroll was vaguely taking shape.

At this moment, everyone in the Northern Martial was quiet, watching the fireworks scroll in the air.

The third bunch, the fourth bunch…

The fireworks continued to explode, adding another stroke to the half-empty scroll.

When the picture scroll finally took shape, Ding Yi stared blankly at the sky, his eyes suddenly moist.

The multi-colored fireworks picture outlines a vague street appearance. In front of a blurred building, a girl with blue silk like a waterfall is standing under the street lamp with her head raised, with a blue face on her face. Tears of fireworks kept dripping.

Not far away, there was a young man standing in the corner, his hesitant gesture was vividly portrayed, as if he didn’t know if he should step forward to comfort the crying girl.

The dynamic “firework image” seems to have some kind of magic power, which unconsciously evokes the emotions of the Northern Martial students who are looking up at the moment, looking forward to the boy walking forward, it is best Give the girl another hug.

Finally, another bunch of fireworks rushed into the sky, and the boy came out of the corner.

As the fireworks continued to bloom, the boy gradually moved towards the girl and finally stood in front of the girl.

A tear finally fell from the corner of my eye.

This is the scene where she meets him for the first time.

Ding Yi suddenly took his eyes back from the sky and looked forward.

On the wooden bridge extending from the lake, there is also a young man, standing in the dim light, watching her with a smile.

Time seems to stand still.

Until…Shen Qian coughed awkwardly and had to take the initiative to walk down the bridge.

It should have been the girl who ran to him, but seeing that Ding Yi had been in a daze but did not move, Shen Qian could only take the initiative.

Wiping away the tears on Ding Yi’s face, Shen Qian embraced Ding Yi in his arms.

It wasn’t until a few seconds later that Shen Qian felt a pair of slender but equally strong arms embrace him.

As their bodies touched each other and their noses filled with fragrance, Shen Qian showed a satisfied smile.

The people around exclaimed, and countless eyes shifted.

Shen Qian thought that Ding Yi would let go of her shyness, but… she didn’t.

She still hugged her so tightly, as if she didn’t care about other people’s eyes at all.

Only the red soft ears that bowed her head, vaguely revealed that her heart was not as calm as the surface.


This is a hidden hillside, but it is just under the light of the moon.

Shen Qian looked towards Ding Yi next to him in surprise, “How did you find this Divine Immortal place?”

No wonder Shen Qian asked this question, because the two of them just now Along the way, the original intention was to find a place to talk, but every corner of the huge campus was full of whispers, occupied by pairs of unknown couples.

In the end, Ding Yi brought Shen Qian to this hillside.

From here, you can see the lights of the teaching building in the distance, and you can overlook the Weiming Lake, which is a thousand meters away, with excellent scenery.

Most importantly, there is no one around all around.

โ€œThis is where my tutor, Dean He of Nine Heavens Academy, usually conducts cultivation. Only she and I can come in.โ€

Ding Yi explained.

“The dean is a mentor, and he deserves to be a genius who was admitted early.” Shen Qian heard the key and couldn’t help saying with a smile.

Ding Yi didn’t speak, just stared at Shen Qian with clear eyes.

Shen Qian understood what she wanted to ask in seconds, took the other person’s hand and sat down on the hillside.

The two cuddled quietly, Shen Qian didn’t speak in a hurry, and Ding Yi didn’t speak either.

After enjoying this rare purification for a while, Shen Qian suddenly remembered something, patted his head and said, “Before I tell my story, let me give you the gift, lest I forget it later. I’m done.”

“Anything else?” Ding Yi turned his head curiously.

Shen Qian was stunned for a moment, then realized that perhaps in Ding Yi’s mind, that grand firework was already the best gift.

“Of course, the one just now doesn’t count, but this time I’ve made up a serious birthday present for you.”

Shen Qian turned over the palm like a conjuration after speaking. Just one more compact square box.

Ding Yi dumbfounded.

Because the shape of this small box seems to have foreshadowed what is inside.

Sure enough, as Shen Qian opened the box, a sparkling diamond ring was suddenly revealed.

Ding Yi panicked.

Shen Qian’s eyes were a little straight, because this was the first time he saw the panicked appearance of Ding Yi, who had always been cool and cold.

She waved her palm helplessly and stepped back a little, a blush quickly climbed up from her neck, spreading across both cheeks.

“I’m…not of legal age.” Ding Yi bit his lip and said softly.

Shen Qian then realized that the other party had misunderstood, he didn’t know whether to cry or laugh and said, “This is not an engagement ring…it is a space ring.”

Ding Yi started again, and immediately realized something. She silently sat back next to Shen Qian. Just when Shen Qian was wondering, her palm had already climbed onto Shen Qian’s waist.

“Next time… say it earlier.” Ding Yi gnashing teeth said.


Shen Qian doesnโ€™t know why she is already dignified as a Beginner Martial Artist, why she canโ€™t resist triflingโ€™s two fingers…

It really hurts.

After Ding Yi let go, he took the ring from Shen Qian and became somewhat absent-minded again.

On a closer look at this moment, I found that the diamond set on the platinum base is indeed not a diamond, but another gem with a mysterious luster. It is not as bright as a diamond, but has a strange regular beauty.

With Ding Yi’s knowledge, he naturally knew that this was a space spar.

Some time ago, she and Ding Anbai went to the largest psionic store in Beidu, but Ding Yi didn’t buy it because she felt that she couldn’t use it for the time being.

didn’t expect Shen Qian but bought it for her.

“I’m very happy, but refund it, don’t waste money.” Ding Yi didn’t ask where Shen Qian’s money came from, but just shook his head, wanting to return the ring to Shen Qian.

“No money, just keep it.” Shen Qian smiled.

โ€œen?โ€ Ding Yi nasally asked in doubt.

“After I was admitted to the top spot, the Martial Arts department gave me a 10 million exchange coupon. I went shopping today and found that not all space spar is so expensive. I told Boss. After negotiating the price, I paid 10 million for two rings.”

Shen Qian said, and also lit up the other ring on his left hand.

The space spar that Liu Changqing bought cost 60 million yuan. Shen Qian thought he couldn’t afford it, but after going there, he found that the space spar also has different sizes.

Liu Changqing’s stone is the size of a goose egg, and the two spar stones bought by Shen Qian are only the size of a thumb, and the price of a single stone is only 5.88 million.

Originally, a place like the psionic store was impossible to bargain for, but Shen Qian was treated as an exception.

The reason is naturally because of Shen Qian’s status as the national champion of martial arts.

When Shen Qian took out the unique and unmatched 10 million exchange coupon, the general manager of the store instantly and clearly understood Shen Qian’s identity and took the initiative to help Shen Qian erase the odds.

Shen Qian, who enjoyed a face-brushing treatment, could only sigh with emotion: “Who said a false name is useless!”

Of course, the thumb-sized spar space is also It is relatively small, only half a cubic meter, but it is enough to stuff a lot of things.

Ding Yi is also somewhat absent-minded.

I don’t know how many times tonight.

Although there has been a bit of speculation, she still felt that it was not so real when she heard Shen Qian confessed to the champion.

“The change probably started this year…”

Shen Qian adjusted her posture, hugged Ding Yi from behind again, and began to talk about those who Ding Yi didn’t know. ‘s past.

Ding Yi leaned on Shen Qian obediently and listened quietly.

Shen Qian erased the existence of the system, a secret that cannot be shared with anyone.

He simply attributed the source of his change to a sudden enlightenment.

And Ding Yi, as he expected, didn’t get to the bottom of it, and still quietly leaned on his shoulder.

She always believed in him, for three years, always.

Shen Qian mentioned that he had entered the training class and mentioned Huo Linger without hesitation.

He talked about scavengers, his first murder, his second murder…

Ding Yi clenched his palm quietly.

Shen Qian also talked about the conflict with Zhao Xin’s unfathomable mystery, describing how the martial law bureau framed him, and when Old Liu arrived, in a dream, he became the final disciple of the boss Gao .

There is also the conflict with Wang Shuo, the sudden awakening of innate talent on Alchemy Technique, the solicitation of many colleges and universities, the strength of his advanced by leaps and bounds, the three consecutive laurels in the college entrance examination, and even with Ma Gongzuo. Conversation…

Everything, after hiding the system part, Shen Qian told Ding Yi everything in detail.

Although Ding Yi’s expression did not change much, the eyes staring at Shen Qian’s side face kept changing.

Ding Yi, who had not interrupted until the return trip to the college entrance examination, when it came to Fuyagu, was sensitive to the change in Shen Qian’s tone, she couldn’t help but leaned into Shen Qian’s arms, It seems that he wants to dispel something with his warm body temperature.

“The second brother of Song should be relieved. After all, you still avenged him.”

Ding Yi said softly, wiping the corner of Shen Qian’s eyes with his fingers. dripping tears.

Shen Qian didn’t notice anything, just stared at the night sky, muttered: “But I still have a lot of questions that I can’t figure out…”

“What I’m most confused about is that day. Sending spirits, the mother and son standing on the street.”

“It was bitter and tired…hehe.”

“I actually wanted to refute it at the time, but I don’t know how to refute it.”

“I have checked a lot of information in my spare time these days, no, to be precise, I asked Third Senior Brother to help me check a lot of information, after all, he has higher authority than me.”

“horrible to see, do you know, Xiao Ding, it’s really horrible to see…”

“I thought the casualty rate of Changyou Battalion was 20% a year. It’s an exaggeration. After a check, I found out that in the ordinary army, the annual casualty rate is 30% to 40%, and the high rate is even more than 50%…”

“I still think a lot.”

“For example, why are our cities surrounded by towering city walls.”

“Famine, war, mutation… Land is not as important as you might think. “

“Actually not low, an ordinary soldier without any cultivation base earns close to 200,000 a year, an elite unit like Changyou Battalion may earn 500,000 a year, far more than the average office worker. “

“But from a risk perspective, this treatment is really low, too low…”

“They are people who are ready to die in the restricted area at any time.” ! “

Ding Yi seemed to understand something, and continued to touch Shen Qian’s cheek with gentle fingers, and asked, “So… you want to go to the military?” “

Shen Qian shook his head, “Actually… I never thought about it.” “

“But in your heart, you want to go to the military, what do you want to do, right? Ding Yi seemed to see through Shen Qian’s mind.

“en.” Shen Qian calmly said, “I went to see the teacher before I came to Beidu the night before yesterday. I don’t want to live up to my promise with you. I can’t forget the smile of Song’s second brother before he died. I would like to ask the teacher to clarify his doubts. “

“What did the Jing City Marquis say?” “Ding Yi said curiously.

“I didn’t see the teacher. “

Shen Qian shook his head, “But… on the sofa where the teacher used to sit, there was a book. I picked it up and found it was the ancient book “Mencius”. “

“ang? “Ding Yi was a little at a loss.

“I didn’t want to understand it at first, but I sat there and read the whole book and found that I only remembered one sentence at the end. “

“Which one? “

“…the poor are alone. “Shen Qian put out a breath lightly and said in a low voice.

Ding Yi was silent.

There is clearly another sentence, but Shen Qian didn’t say it.

Ding Yi’s brows and eyes drooped, she held Shen Qian’s hand again, “If you want, then go, in fact, when I came to Northern Martial, I found that many things were different from what I thought. “

“Everyone is working hard, and the dean has high expectations for me. Even if we can be in the same school, we can’t see each other often…”

“What are you thinking?” “Shen Qian suddenly smiled, interrupting Ding Yi, who was babbling rarely, “I didn’t say I wouldn’t come to Northern Martial. “

“Huh? Ding Yi was completely confused, and looked up towards Shen Qian.

“I was thinking about it, but I can’t. I will take you to the military and military quilts. They are all top famous schools, and they are all for you. Same, but you just have to find a way to convince you. “

Shen Qian stood up suddenly, stretched his waist and said, “It wasn’t until I came to Northern Martial that I realized that Lao Wei helped me solve a big problem… Lao Wei, it was me.” The Wei Sijian you mentioned is the proud Disciple of the vice president of your Northern Martial Pharmacy Academy. “

Ding Yi nodded slightly

, expressing impression.

“I rejected him before, he has been planning a major event, this morning, he brought me to the potion Academy , then gave me something. “

“What? “

“This. “

Shen Qian said, flipped his wrist, took out another document from the space ring, and handed it to Ding Yi.

Ding Yi also stood up, When she took over the document, she felt the urge to lose her mind again, but she forcibly held it back.

This is a letter of appointment.

In the lower right corner of the document, it has been stamped The Fresh Red Seal of the Pharmacy Academy.

โ€œIt is proposed to hire Mr. Shen Qian as a lecturer in the Pharmacy Academy of Beidu Wuke University, full-time to teach a new course named…. The term of appointment is…โ€

The course and term of appointment are still blank, and Shen Qian has not signed it yet, but the Academy’s seal cannot be faked.

This is an unofficial document from Northern Martial The teacher’s appointment letter.

Ding Yi finally couldn’t hold back and opened his red lips slightly.

And then…Shen Qian succeeded.

Although there was no heavy snowfall, and the scene was different from what he expected, the moon was full and the lights were blurred in the distance, and everything was still perfect.

The shadows of the boy and girl overlapped on the ground.

It’s sweet and intoxicating.

I’ll try my best to make up two shifts tomorrow, first to make up for the debt.

(end of chapter)

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