I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 144


Chapter 144 Shen Qian’s Open Class

The streetlights stretched the shadows of the two men, with almost no space between them.

It was almost twelve o’clock in the morning, Shen Qian was walking with Ding Yi on the way to the dormitory, but Shen Qian would turn his head from time to time and look at Ding Yi with interest.

The two have known each other for three years, and the number of times Ding Yi blushes can be counted on one’s fingers.

But at this time, after coming down the hill, Ding Yi was in a state of continuous blush.

The more Shen Qian looked at her, the redder her face became, as if she was caught in some kind of unsolved cycle.

Although her expression remained cold and her lips were pressed tightly, the contrast was more interesting.

“You…don’t look at it.” Ding Yi still couldn’t hold back, opened the mouth and said.

Shen Qian coughed and turned from a just and honourable look to a sneaky look.

Ding Yi pinched Shen Qian, but silently endured Shen Qian’s gaze, perhaps a little uncomfortable, so Ding Yi had to take the initiative to speak, trying to change the unruly atmosphere.

“Did Dean Cheng agree with that?”

Dean Cheng was referring to Wei Sijian’s teacher, a Grandmaster Level figure in Huaxia’s pharmaceutical industry, and deputy of Northern Martial Pharmacy Academy Dean Cheng Shanhe.

No wonder Ding Yi asked this question.

Northern Martial is not a pheasant university, but a first-class Peak university in China, and the only six-star Secret Realm owner.

Not to mention a formal lecturer, even a general teaching assistant, not everyone can serve.

At least as far as Ding Yi knows, the starting threshold for teaching assistants in the school is a high Martial Artist, and Mountain And Sea is everywhere.

Under this premise, Shen Qian, a student who has just graduated from high school, even if he has the title of national champion in martial arts, directly serving as the lecturer of Northern Martial is still like a fantasy story.

And the medicine Academy is especially special, where the cultivation base on Martial Arts is not important, the realm of Alchemy Technique is the fundamental.

But then again, it is the particularity of the Pharmacy Academy that gives Wei Sijian a hint of probability in this matter.

“I’m also not quite clear on how Lao Wei persuaded Dean Cheng. According to my guess, it is estimated that the probability of death is relatively high.”

Shen Qian shook his head. “In fact, the dean did not fully agree.”

“What do you mean?” Ding Yi asked in confusion.

“This is the Northern Martial, and Dean Cheng can’t decide alone.”

Shen Qian shrugged, “So I have to pass a test, The school leaders have proven themselves.”

“In two days, I’m going to hold an open class at the Northern Martial Pharmacy Academy, and if it doesn’t work well or if I don’t have real talent, then this matter will be rubbish.”

“After all, the appointment letter actually lacks the seal of the Northern Martial Academic Affairs Office.”

“Will there be a problem?” Ding Yi couldn’t help asking.

β€œThat must be…no.”

Shen Qian chuckled, β€œIn order to be your teacher, it must be done.”

Ding Yi no He spoke, but his ears turned red again.

Until the two walked to the downstairs of the dormitory and hugged each other gently to say goodbye, Ding Yi suddenly said in a very soft voice in Shen Qian’s ear: “Then come on…Teacher Shen.”

After finishing speaking, Ding Yi lowered his head and staggered away, leaving only Shen Qian standing there. Weird smile.


All classes were suspended during the holidays. The Northern Martial campus, which was supposed to be in a relatively cold period, became boiling again because of a news that came from nowhere .

Just this afternoon, the Pharmacy Academy will have an open class.

Northern Martial’s various lectures and trainings are emerging one after another. Originally, such news was not worth making a fuss about nothing. At first, it was just a notice hanging in the corner of the official website.

Until a few students who were interested in refining pharmacy clicked on the details.

The key information was then extracted from those short lines.

First of all, this is a pilot class.

The so-called experimental class is the first class for new teachers.

This is normal, but what is not normal is the identity of the new lecturer.

The personal introduction posted above about the new teacher named Shen Qian is short, only two lines.

The line is “Senior Medicine Scholar”.

To be honest, these seven words seem very pale.

Students are not stupid, generally speaking, only those who do not have any titles or honors would describe it this way.

I should have just crossed it when I saw this, but the next line of words made everyone who saw the announcement froze for a while.

“2297 National champion in martial arts, first in provincial literature in Southwest China.”

When this news was posted on the campus network forum, countless people were in an uproar.

There is shock, and more confusion.

The national champion is naturally made of cowhide.

Perhaps a very small number of people will disdain, but for most people, there is no psychological burden to admit the excellence of others, especially when the gap is large enough.

A dignified champion, there is no problem in entering Northern Martial, but Shen Qian is not a student, but a teacher!

This is a bit unacceptable to everyone.

The forum was almost full of scolding, and everyone thought Northern Martial was crazy to do such a thing.

Although they are all cultural people, there is no vulgar language, but the sharpness of the words is even more.

“Northern Martial’s two-hundred-year-old reputation has been used by princes to hold the stinky feet of a champion.”

“Are you sure that the webpage was not hacked?”

“I silently looked at the date, but today is not April 1.”

“If I remember correctly, there is no pharmacy in the college entrance examination subject, so what about the champion!”

“Second, firmly opposed to Northern Martial’s freshman school belle and Shen Qian being together!”

“Upstairs, what’s the stalk, did you go to the wrong studio?”



The speed of the news is spreading so fast that it is not even limited to Northern Martial, and some nearby colleges and universities have heard the rumors.

If it hadn’t only been fermented for one day, the sensation caused by this incident would have been even greater.

That’s the case. At this moment, the two teaching assistants in charge of setting up the venue are standing upstairs, looking at the surging crowd below, and still feel their scalps go numb.

“What should I do now? According to this posture, the classroom prepared before is obviously not enough!”

“I don’t know either. Go ask the dean.”

The two discussed it, decisively gave up the idea of opening the venue now, turned around and ran to Cheng Shanhe’s office.

Although Cheng Shanhe is only the vice president, the dean of the Pharmacy Academy is concurrently held by the president of the Huaxia Institute of Medicine Science, and the name is more important, so in fact, the Pharmacy Academy is Cheng Shanhe. Have the final say.

Cheng Shanhe couldn’t help but startled when he heard that hundreds of people had gathered downstairs, and then it turned out to be laughed. He seemed to think this scene was quite interesting.

He lowered his head again and looked at a notebook spread out on the table.

The notebook is from Wei Sijian, but the answers to the ten questions about refining pharmacy above are from Shen Qian.

If it wasn’t for this thing, even if Wei Sijian said that day that he would jump into Weiming Lake if he didn’t agree, Cheng Shanhe would have compromised.

It has only been more than 200 years since Spiritual Qi’s recovery, and the chaos of Early-Stage is removed. In fact, Martial Arts has been on the right track for less than 200 years.

As a sub-discipline serving Martial Arts, refining and pharmacy was born in a shorter period of time, only one hundred and seventy years.

For a serious subject, one hundred and seventy years can only be said to be still in the exploratory stage.

Even Cheng Shanhe himself has too many questions without answers.

And these answers, no one can tell him.

Because of himself, he is already the first group of people.

There are thousands of books on refining medicine, but many of the theories have not been confirmed at all, and even many theories are extended on the basis of medicine. Hundreds of.

As one of the guides of Huaxia Refining Pharmacy, Cheng Shanhe feels a great responsibility.

These doubts recorded by Wei Sijian, many Cheng Shanhe are not sure, otherwise Wei Sijian would not need to ask Shen Qian.

As for the answer given by Shen Qian, Cheng Shanhe spent nearly a month to verify it one after another.

The final result shocked Cheng Shanhe.

All correct.

Or precisely.

Although these problems have not been proven, they are not recognized problems in pharmacy, but they can be regarded as unpopular.

Even if Shen Qian deliberately catered to Wei Sijian and spent a lot of time researching the results, it was enough for Cheng Shanhe to acknowledge the other party’s innate talent and talent.

This is the real reason why Cheng Shanhe agreed to Wei Sijian’s “unreasonable request”.

Of course, Cheng Shanhe didn’t think Shen Qian was really qualified to be a lecturer.

The real purpose in his heart was to use this to make Shen Qian retreat in spite of the difficulties, and after suppressing the other party’s anger, he would take the other party in as a disciple logically.

…well, perfect.

“Change the location to the large lecture room.” Cheng Shanhe retracted his thoughts and smiled faintly.


Both teaching assistants are startled, so they didn’t expect Cheng Shanhe not only to not suppress the influence, but to make the scene bigger.

“Teaching dozens of people is teaching, and teaching hundreds of people is also teaching. Since you want to become my Northern Martial lecturer, you must have this courage.”

Cheng Shanhe With a meaningful smile, he picked up his notebook and walked out the door.

“Dean, where are you going?” One person asked in a daze.

“Of course I’ll go to occupy the seat first.” Cheng Shanhe said angrily, “is it possible that I’m dignified Dean, will I have to fight for seats with the students later?”


“The Grand Staircase?”

Shen Qian, who had just walked into the Northern Martial campus, was a little surprised when she heard the news from Wei Sijian, “Why did you change the place? ?”

Ding Yi and Shen Qian traveled around Beidu for the past two days, enjoying the legendary romantic couple’s world.

Shen Qian, who was reluctant to think about Shu, basically didn’t pay much attention to the movements of Northern Martial. Naturally, he didn’t know that the fact that he was going to give a lecture had caused quite a stir.

Wei Sijian suddenly became hesitant to hear this.

He was afraid to tell the truth, what if Shen Qian temporarily retreated?

“Maybe it’s because the original venue has other temporary arrangements.”

Wei Sijian made a random remark and pulled Shen Qian to the large amphitheater of the Pharmacy Academy. He walked over, “Brother Shen, you’re going to be late, let’s go quickly!”

Shen Qian, who was almost pulled and dragged by Wei Sijian, came to the large amphitheater and glanced through the doors and windows. It was only when the black head was overwhelmed that I realized something was wrong.

“…There are so many people in your Pharmacy Academy?”

Shen Qian said in surprise.

“cough cough, maybe some people are here to watch the fun.”

Wei Sijian forced a smile and said, even though he has all the confidence in Shen Qian, he has Learning is one thing, teaching others is another.

There are 500 seats in the large lecture hall, but looking at the posture at the moment, the seats are almost full, and it even seems that there are many people standing.

This kind of scene is too exaggerated, even if it is the dean’s main lecture, it may not have such a scale.

Although Wei Sijian is right, there are indeed many people who are here to watch the fun, or to wait to see Shen Qian make a fool of himself.

There are even a few campus experts who have already started live broadcast mode.

β€œSenior Brother Wei!”

A teaching assistant who had been hovering at the door saw the two of them arrived, and after running up, he first said hello to Wei Sijian, and then looked towards Shen Qian.

“Teacher Shen, do you want to give me the lesson plan first?”

“What lesson plan?” Shen Qian was stunned when asked.

“It’s a lesson plan that will be played on the projection apparatus for a while…” The teaching assistant explained.

“Oh, that, I don’t.” Shen Qian shook her head.

“You…you didn’t prepare a lesson plan?”

The teaching assistant and Wei Sijian were both dumbfounded.

“Well, my teaching method… is a bit special, so I didn’t prepare a lesson plan.”

Shen Qian said with a smile, “There is no rule that a lesson must have a lesson plan, right? ?”

“That’s what you said, but, but…”

The assistant teacher was unable to be dealt with by Shen Qian, and looked towards Wei Sijian as if asking for help.

“Don’t worry, Brother Shen has a good record!”

Wei Sijian first comforted the teaching assistant, then pulled Shen Qian aside and said in a low voice, “Brother Shen, you What are you going to talk about?”

“What do you mean?” Shen Qian didn’t understand.

“In the appointment letter I gave you, the course column was not filled in, just to let you think about it yourself!” A comprehensive subject is right, it can be subdivided into many courses, such as pharmacology, spiritual medicine identification, fire control, etc. You must have a direction in your lectures…”

“Brother Shen , you don’t come to class without preparation, right?”

Halfway through the sentence, Wei Sijian seemed to have suddenly realized something, and couldn’t help asking faintly.

“Do I need to prepare to learn about this thing?” Shen Qian, who didn’t know how to answer, asked with a straight face and righteous words.

“Brother Shen, it’s true that you have a university question, but this thing is different in teaching!”

Wei Sijian complained bitterly against Shen Qian, “Brother Shen, if you do Damn, I can’t come to the Pharmacy Academy anymore, how can we join hands to do a heaven shaking, earth shattering major event in Pharmacy!”

“Did you know, it’s just these things that you haven’t In the days and nights I know, I am alone facing the empty laboratory, but even our future has been planned…”

“What to do now…It’s over, it’s over!”

Shen Qian got goosebumps when she heard it, and quickly interrupted Wei Sijian who was saliva splashing across, “Stop, stop, I think it’s almost time, I’ll go first.”

Shen After Qian finished speaking, she hurriedly slipped into the large lecture hall.

And Wei Sijian, who seemed a little lost, clenched the teeth, and made up his mind that if the teacher didn’t want to keep Shen Qian, he would force him to death again.

No, no…

Wei Sijian immediately rejected the idea.

Judging from the almost indifferent attitude of the teacher last time, it seems that his life is not as important as he thought.

Hey, by the way, teacher has a grandson, where does he go to school?

Wei Sijian, who felt that he had thought of a countermeasure, was refreshed, his eyes radiated rays of light again, and he strode into the classroom.

It made the teaching assistant next to him shudder unconsciously. He always felt that the smile on the corner of Senior Brother Wei’s mouth was evil.

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