I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 145


Chapter 145 The Probability of Refining Medicines

Shen Qian walked into the large amphitheater from the front door. At first, the classroom was still noisy. Qian’s arrival was unexpected.

It wasn’t until Shen Qian stepped onto the podium and stood still, and the teaching assistant who followed up quickly turned on the microphone and poured a cup of tea for Shen Qian, then everyone realized what happened.

The classroom gradually became quiet, and everyone looked at the boy on the stage with a little astonishment.

Although I was mentally prepared, seeing such a young face, really standing on the podium, still gave people a strong sense of visual impact.

As the largest lecture hall of the Pharmacy Academy, the large lecture hall has very few classes.

Let’s not talk about the lecturer, the casual professor won’t give lectures here.

Generally, this classroom is only used when the dean-level or external Master Alchemist starts classes.

Even so, it is still extremely rare for the seats to be so full that many people have to stand in the back row of the classroom.

After Shen Qian stood still, her eyes swept across the classroom.

In the middle of the first row, there is a white haired old man watching him with a smile, it is Wei Sijian’s teacher Cheng Shanhe.

Besides him, there are many middle age persons wearing nameplates, but they are all teachers of the Academy.

Their faces were calm and serious, and they seemed to have no waves. Only when they probed into the depths of their eyes could they see those disdain and doubts.

In the back are the students from Northern Martial.

There are only 300 students in the four grades of the Pharmacy Academy, and there are more than 500 people here. Obviously, there are many people from other academies, and maybe even from other schools.

Shen Qian saw Ding Yi in a corner. She and a few roommates came to take a seat early.

The eyes of the two met, Ding Yi’s brows were soft, and everything was silent.

After a brief silence in the classroom, it gradually became noisy again.

“Everyone please be quiet, today’s class is about to start!” The teaching assistant tried his best to maintain order, but to no avail.

Cheng Shanhe and the others sitting in the first row didn’t move either.

“Shen Qian, get out of Northern Martial!”

Some boy in the back row shouted.

After the silence in the classroom, it became more noisy.

“What about Wu Zhuang Scholar? We Northern Martial have no shortage of champions!”

“Dare to teach and educate people without 20 years of immersion?”

In the whispers, as if someone took the lead, a few more boys shouted.

Shen Qian was also mentally prepared for this.

trifling questioned, as expected.

Shen Qian held up the microphone, opened the mouth and said casually: “Hello everyone, I’m Shen Qian, welcome everyone to the Pharmacy Academy today to attend my first open class…”

“Jing City Turtle!” Before Shen Qian could finish speaking, another shout rang out, causing many people to laugh.

Shen Qian looked calm, but said slowly: “Northern Martial students, that’s all?”

In a classroom full of Northern Martial people, this sentence Appears unusually harsh.

“What did you say!”

“We need you to judge the quality of our Northern Martial?”

Many people are complexion changed, let’s make some noise The child grew up.

The teachers in the first row also frowned and felt that this sentence was inappropriate, but seeing that Cheng Shanhe didn’t say anything, they couldn’t say anything.

“Am I wrong?”

Shen Qian sneered at the indignation of the crowd, “Whether I have the ability or not, but now that I am standing here, you Sitting below, then we are the relationship between the teacher and the students, and we can’t even do the most basic Revered Master. Isn’t this lack of quality?”

“You can say that I am not good at teaching. , said that I was grandstanding, but if you haven’t even heard my class, what qualifications do you have to say that, just open your mouth and come?”

“Practice can bring out true knowledge, not by your own shallowness. You are still claiming to be the elite among martial arts students to make judgments based on your understanding and imagination, what about your brains?”

Shen Qian sneered.

The classroom gradually became quiet, and many people were speechless by Shen Qian this remark.

“If there is no doubt, then we will prepare for class.”

Shen Qian’s voice suddenly changed again, “But before class, please call me ‘turkey’ just now. That classmate stood up.”

The classroom was very quiet, but no one answered.

“dares to do, but not acknowledge?” Shen Qian shook his head, “I’m even more disappointed.”

Although the words were light, they sounded like a heavy drum in the crowd. heart.

More disappointed about what?

The answer speaks for itself.

But they couldn’t refute it.

“I said that, what’s wrong?”

Finally, a tall boy in the back row couldn’t bear the strange eyes from the person next to him, and stood up, shrugged indifferently.

Shen Qian slightly nodded to himself. The person who called “Get out of Northern Martial” before was also the same person, but Shen Qian needed him to stand up and admit it in order to be justifiable.

“Go out.” Shen Qian said indifferently, “I, Shen Qian, don’t teach immoral people.”

The boy blushed, but stabbed his neck and said: “This is an open class, you can’t let me go out!”

“Then I have to ask you out.” Shen Qian was expressionless.

The boy smiled excitedly after being stunned for a while, “Try it!”

The people around were also refreshed.

Shen Qian This is… to do it?

This boy looks like Old Fox, a junior or senior. Even if Shen Qian is the champion, the outcome is really unknown after a few years of cultivation.

If Shen Qian made a fool of himself, would he still have the face to stand on the podium?

“Take him out, and be careful with your hands.”

Who knew that Shen Qian didn’t lift his eyes, just said a word.

While everyone was still stunned, a seven-footed man appeared out of nowhere, and threw the boy there’s no resistance out of the window as if carrying a chicken.

A few seconds later, only a vague scream came from a hundred meters away.

β€œMountain And Sea!”

The students around them became serious and serious, but they were complaining wildly in their hearts.

…you are cheating!

It was Dao Jiu who took the shot. As a bodyguard, Shen Qian came to Beidu, and Dao Jiu naturally followed, but he controlled the distance very well, and neither Ding Yi nor Wei Sijian noticed it. the existence of the opponent.

Shen Qian nodded the knife nine in the clapped palm, and the latter bowed slightly and sat back again.

This scene made the surrounding students stunned for a while. Dignified Mountain And Sea Martial Artist, is it necessary to be so respectful to Shen Qian?

But in any case, being ridiculed by Shen Qian, and with the presence of Mountain And Sea, the order in the classroom finally settled down.

Different from other people who are still guessing who Mountain And Sea is, Cheng Shanhe, who was sitting in the front row, looked towards Shen Qian, but his eyes were full of shock and admiration.

Others only saw Shen Qian’s sharp words, but he saw the powerful aura faintly radiating from Shen Qian.

That is clearly a manifestation of the spirit strength being strong to a certain extent, and it is even close to being manifested.

This is incredible for an eighteen-year-old boy!

At this moment, Cheng Shanhe believed even more that Shen Qian had extraordinary innate talent in refining medicine.

Because spirit strength is the strength that a powerful Medicine Refining Master needs most.

“Today’s open class, I’m only going to talk about one topic.”

The classroom was quiet, and Shen Qian finally got to the topic. He picked up the pen and put it on the whiteboard “shua shua” was written in large characters.

Although I spent the past two days with Ding Yi, it didn’t mean that Shen Qian really didn’t make any preparations.

The energy of the system was insufficient, and it was almost silent during this time, and Shen Qian did not intend to rely entirely on the system.

During the time between playing, Shen Qian calmed down, checked countless materials, and even took the time to go to the National Library, which was a real contribution to the development history of Huaxia Pharmacy. Fan homework.

Combined with the posture that system brought him, Shen Qian really found a point that he could talk about.

“Probability of refining medicine.”

Seeing the iron painted silver hook… well, it’s actually a bit ugly in six big characters, and whispering voices resounded in the classroom again. .

Some people looked thoughtful, while others were dazed.

Cheng Shanhe narrowed his eyes slightly.

“What is the probability of refining medicine?”

Shen Qian put his hands on the podium, glanced at the young faces, and spoke slowly.

“It has a lot of meanings.”

“It can be the probability of medicine matching, or the probability of pharmacological experiments, and it can be extended, even medicine refining equipment. Overturn the probability of the traditional medicine recipe!”

“Even, throw away all the probability of solidified thinking!”

I moved a small room because I couldn’t find a seat. Maza sat at the front of Wei Sijian, burying his head and frantically recording every word that Shen Qian said.

Behind him are the senior and junior brothers of the same sect, a few of whom have met Shen Qian in Jing City.

They didn’t quite understand what Shen Qian said at this time, and they always thought it was very reasonable and nonsense.

Seeing Wei Sijian’s hard work, a Junior Sister couldn’t help but ask: “Senior Brother Wei, do you understand?”

“Of course…no. “

Wei Sijian didn’t lift his head, “but what Brother Shen said is definitely right. It’s rare that he has to talk for two hours today. I will write it down first, then go back and steal it slowly… Digest, ah ha ha ha!”

Wei Sijian, who was extremely excited, even burst out foul language, and the senior and junior brothers behind him rolled their eyes.

I’ve never seen you so serious when the teacher lectures.

“Do you think I’m pretending to be proven?”

Seemingly seeing the disdain in the eyes of many people, Shen Qian said with a smile, “Okay, then I’ll use Examples will be used to illustrate.”

“Among the primary level potions, there is a potion that many people here should have come into contact with, which is called Body Refinement.”

“There should be many people here who have Have you refined it yourself?”

Facing Shen Qian’s question, nearly a hundred people raised their hands, indicating that they had refined it.

Although the Body Refinement mixture sold on the market has patent protection, as a Medicine Refining Master, it is no problem to refine some for personal use or small-scale sales.

“Student, may I ask, what utensils are needed to make the Body Refinement mixture?”

Shen Qian asked a random girl who raised her hand.

The girl was not stage fright, she stood up confidently, opened her mouth and answered: “As a primary level potion, the utensils required for the Body Refinement mixture are also the most basic combination, and a high-temperature controllable firearm is required. One, one alloy furnace, several smokeless fuels, one high-precision electronic scale, and several standard flasks.”

“Oh, yes, and pure water!”

After the girl added a sentence, she was sure there was no omission, so she looked towards Shen Qian.

“Well, the standard answer in the textbook.” Shen Qian nodded, “What if you don’t have an alloy furnace?”

“Ah?” The girl looked a little dazed for a while.

Shen Qian repeated it again, and the girl finally came to her senses. After thinking for a while, she shook her head and said, “You can’t make it without a furnace.”

“Why don’t you look for it? Something that can be replaced?” Shen Qian continued.

“Impossible!” The girl regained her self-confidence after thinking about it, and shook her head resolutely, “It can’t be replaced, because ordinary equipment can’t withstand high temperature guns at all.”

“If the high temperature No muskets?” Shen Qian continued with a faint smile.

The girl was stunned again, and then looked towards Shen Qian like she was angry, thinking that Shen Qian was deliberately trying to find fault.

Many others are also brows frowned, and it feels like Shen Qian is messing around.

“Is it really impossible to refine it?”

Shen Qian suddenly looked towards Wei Sijian, “Sijian, what do you think?”

Wei Sijian, who was named, stood up, thought about it, and said, “I think it can be refined.”

“From my experience, the melting point required for the Body Refinement mixture is not High, it can be successfully refined with a lower temperature and a less resistant container, but it will take a little longer.”


Nodded praised by Shen Qian, “That’s why I said that among the Medicine Refining Masters I’ve come across, Lao Wei is the one with the most spirituality, because he thinks about more things that are not written in textbooks.”

Wei Sijian, who was praised by Shen Qian, was as excited as a chicken blood, and looked around proudly before sitting back.

That look of contempt made the senior and junior brothers behind him a little ashamed.

This isn’t an awards ceremony, is it?

β€œI can share my own experience with you.”

Shen Qian looked at the people who were talking in a low voice, β€œI also made Body Refinement, and What I used at the time was the most common cast iron pan without a lid, a few pieces of charcoal, some tap water, a lighter, and an ordinary electronic scale.”

β€œapart from this , nothing else.”

“It’s impossible!” Before Shen Qian could finish speaking, a slightly sharp questioning voice sounded.

And the person who made the questioning voice was a teacher of the Pharmacy Academy sitting in the front row.

Being stared at by everyone, the teacher was also a little uncomfortable, but seeing that Cheng Shanhe didn’t mean to stop him, he calmed down and introduced himself first.

“Hello, Shen…teacher, I’m the teacher in charge of teaching pharmacology. My name is Yu Qing.”

“Hello, teacher Yu.” Shen Qian nods.

“You said just now that you made the Body Refinement mixture using a wok, charcoal and an ordinary electronic scale?”

“Yes.” Shen Qian nodded again.

“I really can’t help but question.”

Yu Qing kept his tone as calm as possible, “It doesn’t matter the temperature, I can ignore the weighing issue, but you can use An iron pot is used to stew medicine, and even the most basic airtightness cannot be guaranteed…

“When the gas evaporates at any time, how do you ensure that the medicine in the iron pot is always balanced? “

“By the eyes, by the smell.” “Shen Qian said without thinking, “If you think it’s too much, take some away, and if you think it’s too little, add a little more. “

“Eyes? odor? ” Yu Qing was stunned, and then his face flushed red, as if he had been insulted, “nonsense, you are nonsense!”

“How can human eyes and nose make such accurate judgments?”


“Why is it impossible?” Shen Qian asked again.

“This… this is against common sense!”

“Your common sense is just a formula written in a textbook, but it may not be the only way.” Shen Qian shook his head.

“Then you have the guts to make one for me to see now!” Yu Qing finally couldn’t hold back and said with a sneer.

(end of this chapter)

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