I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 147


Chapter 147 Big News

Cheng Shanhe returned to the office. Not long after he sat down, Wei Sijian pushed open the door and walked in.

“Is something wrong?”

Cheng Shanhe, who has always been flattered and humiliated, will only show an unhappy expression when facing Wei Sijian.

Wei Sijian seemed to have never heard of it, but his expression was stunned and sluggish.

“teacher, I was wrong.”

Just when Cheng Shanhe lost his patience and was about to throw Wei Sijian out, Wei Sijian suddenly spoke up.

Cheng Shanhe was stunned for a moment, then moved slightly in his heart.

Could it be that my Disciple has finally come to my senses?

“Tell me, what’s wrong?” Cheng Shanhe asked calmly.

“I was deceived a few months ago, and I always thought that Brother Shen was side by side with the teacher. Only just now did I realize that I was wrong…”

Wei Sijian gradually returned to his senses and said quite excitedly.

student that can be taught Ah!

Cheng Shanhe showed a long-lost aunt smile, “Tell me about it in detail?”

“How can a teacher have a mention on equal terms with Brother Shen!”

Wei Si Jian couldn’t hold back his excitement, stood up loudly and said: “Brother Shen is really the first under the heavens Deity!”

Cheng Shanhe: “?”

Palm up Raise and put down, lift and put down…

Wei Sijian is a talented person. He has rare innate talent in refining medicine. It is our duty to cultivate talents for China. Impulsivity is the devil. See yourself, na mo Amitabha, God has the virtue of good life…

After brainwashing himself several times, Cheng Shanhe who took a deep breath resisted the urge to slap the other side to death .

“Teacher, Brother Shen actually solved the complete medicine recipe of ‘Good Fortune’. Just now, he told me everything!”

“What did you say?”

Cheng Shanhe heard this, his eyes suddenly sharpened, and he didn’t care to lower oneself to somebody’s level with Wei Sijian, he just stared at each other.

“teacher, the complete medicine recipe of ‘Good Fortune’!”

Wei Sijian waved his arms, “It’s the medicine recipe that you have been researching for ten years to no avail. !”

“He’s such an exaggerated person?”

Who knew that Cheng Shanhe didn’t have the joy he imagined, but instead frowned.

“Teacher, why do you say that to Brother Shen?” Wei Sijian was very angry.

“You don’t understand.” Cheng Shanhe shook his head, “The medicine recipe of ‘Good Fortune’ is simply impossible to be developed.”


Wei Sijian stayed for a while.

“Because, this is a dead end.”

Cheng Shanhe’s expression was a little lonely, “Actually, the dean and I discovered this a year ago. There is a huge problem with the medicine recipe itself, it is simply impossible to deduce the follow-up, or why do you think I just gave up the research?”

Seeing Wei Sijian is still confused, Cheng Shanhe can only explain it a little more clearly.

“I ask you, what is the third theorem of refining pharmacy?”

“Yin and Yang collide.”

This basic knowledge, Wei Sijian Naturally blurted out.

“That’s it.”

Cheng Shanhe got up and walked to the window, watching the sunset and sighing, “The three flavors used in the ‘Good Fortune’ medicine recipe The herb, Hui Tiancao is a neutral medicinal herb, but the other two main herbs, Xiantouweng and Qiancaohuang, are both negative, which violates the theorem.”

“I thought that only the auxiliary herbs were positive. Enough, maybe there is a way to neutralize it, but in the past ten years I have tried almost every possibility, but I can’t balance it at all.”

“This medicine recipe from the very beginning violates the If you understand the theorem, it is naturally impossible to develop it successfully.”

“Blame me, it’s too whimsical…”

Cheng Shanhe was laughing at himself, but Wei Sijian was frowning, as if recalling what.

“But what if… the whole refining industry is wrong?”

Wei Sijian muttered.

Although his voice was soft, Cheng Shanhe heard it. He turned his head in amazement, “What did you say?”

“Brother Shen not only gave me the medicine recipe, but also said I didn’t understand the meaning of a few words at the time.”

Wei Sijian fell into a state of bewilderment again, “Yes, but if what Brother Shen said is true, then the third theorem does not actually Does it not hold?”

Cheng Shanhe shook his body, but still shook his head instinctively, “This impossible, the seven theorems of refining medicine, have been proven for a long time, how could it go wrong?”

However, Cheng Shanhe faintly felt as if there was something, which cleared his scattered thoughts for a long time.

“Didn’t you say he gave you the medicine recipe, where is it?”

At this moment, Cheng Shanhe suddenly remembered that Shen Qian wrote down the complete medicine recipe , suddenly short of breath.

Wei Sijian took out the medicine recipe he had written down in his pocket, Cheng Shanhe couldn’t wait to bring it over and took a closer look.

During this period, Cheng Shanhe brows tightly frowns from time to time, closes his eyes and thinks hard, as if simulating the whole process in his mind.

This deduction, in the blink of an eye, it was dark.

While Wei Sijian was so anxious that he wanted to ask aloud from time to time, he still endured it.

Using his current knowledge to deduce the Mountain And Sea level medicine recipe, he still lacks some effort and can only wait for the teacher to come to a conclusion.

Time passed, and I don’t know how long it took, Cheng Shanhe finally opened his eyes, and then slowly sat on the chair, somewhat absent-minded.


Wei Sijian called out a few words softly at first, but seeing that Cheng Shanhe didn’t respond, he couldn’t help raising the volume, so he almost called his name. Cheng Shanhe finally woke up.

As soon as he pushed Wei Sijian away, he was about to go out.

Fortunately, Wei Sijian was witty and hugged Cheng Shanhe’s thigh.

Cheng Shanhe looked anxious and had some kind of joy, as well as the relief of seeing the sun, he didn’t care about the extra thigh pendant, he took Wei Sijian and took off into the air, moved towards Huaxia Alchemy Science The direction of the research institute swept away.

He can’t wait to complete the final verification with practical operation.

“Fortune, so that’s how it is!”

“It’s true that yin and yang are opposed to each other, but why can’t things be reversed?”

“Hahaha, I have been studying and refining pharmacy for many years, but I have never thought about myself and my mind being imprisoned unconsciously.”

“What about the predecessors, but Eyes Obscured by a Single Leaf, Eyes Obscured by a Single Leaf…”

In the sky, there were faint bursts of sighs.

Many Northern Martial students who heard this voice raised their heads blankly, not knowing what was going on.

It’s just that laughter, but it seems to be mixed with another person’s shouting, which is eye-catching.

“Teacher, slow down, I’m going to die…”

“Brother Shen is awesome!”

In a private room in the Northern Martial Student Culture Building.

Shen Qian completed another weekly run of “Immemorial – The First Part of Body Refinement”, and then slowly opened his eyes.

There was a thoughtful expression in his eyes, accompanied by some joy.

After being infused with Wuqu starlight, Shen Qian experienced a subtle change in her body.

In his mind, or where his consciousness remained, there was a tiny star.

According to the prince, this star can form a tiny field, thereby increasing the cultivation speed.

Shen Qian, who finally had free time in the past two days, tried it out and found that the cultivation speed has increased by about 10% compared to the past.

It doesn’t seem like much, but it is also very terrifying after accumulated over a long period of time.

equivalent to forcibly pulling Shen Qian’s mediocre innate talent quite high.

Although I haven’t tested it yet, Shen Qian estimates that his physical strength should be approaching the 2000 mark. If the system is used, it is estimated that he can easily break through 2300, which is about equal to the battle strength of the fifth stage of Martial Artist. .

Shen Qian turned to look, and beside him was Ding Yi, whose eyes were closed, still quietly running some kind of method to refine spirit transformation.

The girl sits on the soft cushion, her back is straight, and a beautiful curve is formed between her neck, shoulders, waist and buttocks.

Shen Qian stared at her cold and peaceful face, and a smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

It has been five days since I came to Beidu.

The two who met for the first time were having a good time.

Two days ago, I was going on a scenic tour, and I met each other, couple.

At the same time as the body and mind are relaxed, the kissing skills of boys and girls are also improving rapidly.

Come straight, come sideways, look back and dig…

Shen Qian feels that she has a perfect score for innate talent in this kind of thing.

But every time Shen Qian offered to take a nap with Ding Yi in his arms, Ding Yi would be very vigilant in rejecting it.

Shen Qian suspected that it might have something to do with the accidental misplacement of her hand when she was carrying her on the cable car that day.

apart from this , there is another very strange place.

Ding Yi said that her father was also in Beidu, and she wanted to find an opportunity to introduce them to each other.

But for some reason, Lao Ding seems to be very busy these days, and every time he simply says that he is not free.

If she hadn’t touched the champion medal in the space ring again and confirmed that the college entrance examination was not an illusion, Shen Qian would have thought that Lao Ding did it on purpose.

As for Lao Ding’s opinion on him, Shen Qian never thought about it.

He now belongs to the kind of “ideal son-in-law who can’t be found with a lantern”, how could the old man who has never met have any opinions?

Unfortunately, reunions are always short-lived.

It’s not Shen Qian’s fault, but Ding Yi is going to take part in closed training again.

Originally, Ding Yi only had three days of vacation, but forcibly she invited her to take seven days. At most, she could spend one more day with Shen Qian, but she couldn’t put it off any longer.


“I want to go too.”

Shen Qian’s words were blocked by Ding Yi’s direct opening. .

“You’re better than me now, I can’t be much worse.”

Ding Yi whispered, his eyes full of reluctance, but his words were exceptionally firm.

What else could Shen Qian do but agree?

He vaguely felt that there were still some girls’ thoughts that Ding Yi didn’t say, but Shen Qian was not convenient to ask.

“It will be long in Japan.” Instead, Shen Qian could only comfort Ding Yi like this.

Seeing that Ding Yi hasn’t woken up yet, Shen Qian thought about it and didn’t shy away from Ding Yi being beside him. When he touched it, a small golden ball appeared in the palm of his hand.

It is the login key of the Palace of Hundred Kings.

After spending 100 Contribution Points for free that day, Shen Qian, who was inexplicably guilty, has never been online again. It is time to go in and see if the Contribution Points have been credited, and by the way, to see if there is anything new recently. .

The online community of many peerless geniuses and even princes is itself an extremely well-informed news channel, and it would be foolish to not use it well.

With the immersion of consciousness, Shen Qian quickly appeared in the virtual space and sat on his throne.

In just a few seconds, a tall silhouette full of mature charm appeared on Shen Qian’s side.

“Dear members of the Hall of Hundred Kings, good afternoon, the exclusive attendant Wanning will serve you.”

Wanning, who is wearing a professional dress and black silk, bows slightly, his face still That professional smile of thousands hammers, hundred refinements, is not flattering, but also makes people feel like spring breeze.

The pleasing Shen Qian also said hello to the other party, and then took a look at his personal information first.

“Balance: 200 Contribution Points.”

Sure enough, it arrived.

Shen Qian clicked on the details, and the settlement result displayed was “Automatic Confirmation of Bounty System”.

Did Zhao Keyi confirm it manually?

Did the other party realize something?

Shen Qian thought for a while and said to Wanning, “I’ll take a look online first, and I’ll find you later.”


Wan Ning replied, and then she waved her hand to help Shen Qian connect to the community.

It is still the familiar great hall, with stars as the top, a round table above, and thirteen shimmering thrones.

That is the Council of the Stars and the position of the princes.

But at the moment all the thrones are empty, obviously the princes who are extremely high are busy with their own affairs, and no one comes up to the water group.

But the great hall is going to be much more lively. I don’t know if Shen Qian came at the right time. At this moment, there are more than forty thrones in the great hall.

According to Shen Qian’s guess, the Hundred Kings Hall has a maximum of 98 people, which means half of the people are online today.

The number 9 and 66 who talked to Shen Qian last time were there, and there was also Zhao Keyi who was equal to the number 97 of the Ming card. Besides, Shen Qian also remembered that number 56 was there.

This person wasn’t there last time, but at No. 9, No. 56 was a big Silver Coin, but Shen Qian was impressed.

“Fuck, number 98 is online!”

“I was talking about him a while ago, really speak of the devil and he will appear, oh, yes, everyone. You know Cao Cao, I’m reading an ancient book “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” recently, Cao Thief is very interesting, I recommend it to everyone…”

“No. 66, don’t digress, wait a minute. What should I do if No. 98 took the opportunity to slip away?”

“That’s right, today must pull out No. 98’s underwear!”

“The plaintiff, No. 97, is still here, just in time. Everyone gets what they get…”

Shen Qian didn’t expect that his online launch would cause such a big commotion. Seeing many eyes, it is not easy to escape, lest he be considered guilty. .

“Shen Qian little brother, you’re here!”

A laughing voice sounded, almost making Shen Qian think she was really exposed.

But then he felt that something was wrong, because the voice was clearly from No. 9. Last time, No. 9 was very fond of teasing others, so Shen Qian quickly calmed down.

“What is the elder sister No. 9 talking about, who is Shen Qian? Is that the national champion in martial arts?”

Shen Qian pretended to be surprised and said, “He is here too? “

“Yo, brat, you dare to call elder sister directly, what if I’m a big guy?”

No. with a smile: “Come on, No. 97, repeat what you just said, and tell him!”

Zhao Ke, who was sitting next to Shen Qian, had a blurry face, but his voice was still familiar. Smell, he stared at Shen Qian with burning eyes, “My reward was fulfilled by you, right?”

“Yes.” This cannot be denied, and Shen Qian is also a bachelor.

“That’s it!” Zhao Keyi said firmly, “You are from the southwest. According to the guesses of the big brothers, elder sisters, you are not very old, and you completed the reward ahead of time, just stuck on the day when the results of the college entrance examination were announced…”

“Combining all of the above, you, No. 98, is Shen Qian!”

The clues themselves are very obvious, and it is also within Shen Qian’s expectation that everyone would have such speculation.

However, Shen Qian naturally would not admit it easily, as long as there is no direct evidence, there is room for defense.

Since everyone hides their identities, there must be some hidden rules involved. Shen Qian doesn’t want to be as miserable as Zhao Ke, one after another, to be stripped down.

“Then have you ever thought that because I’m in the southwest, I get the news faster?”


Zhao Ke one after another was stunned.

“Furthermore, it seems that I fit into some of the characteristics of the national champion in martial arts, but there is another key point. Have you ever thought about it?” Shen Qian said calmly.

“Come and listen.” No. 72 opened the mouth and said.

“According to my guess, everyone’s serial number is actually the order in which they joined the Hundred Kings Palace, isn’t that correct?”

No one spoke, which was equivalent to default.

Shen Qian went on to say, “If that’s the case, how talented is Shen Qian, who is the national champion of martial arts, is it possible that he will join the Hundred Kings Hall in the end like me?”

Shen Qian continued. p>

“What if he has been hiding before?” Zhao Keyi retorted.

“Hidden?” Shen Qian sneered, “No matter how talented you are, you need resources, how can you hide it, and how well-informed the Hundred Kings Palace’s news channels are, I think everyone here should have a deep understanding of who Can it be hidden all the time?”

“Unless this Shen Qian went from a mediocre talent to a genius in just a few months, then the Hall of Hundred Kings may not be able to react, but… how high is this probability? ?”

After Shen Qian finished speaking, everyone couldn’t help but fall into contemplation.

Shen Qian is keenly aware that there are many people who are slightly nodding, apparently agreeing with Shen Qian’s statement to some extent.

After all, based on their own experiences, they all felt that what Shen Qian said was very reasonable.

Only the possibility thrown by Shen Qian is the most impossible.

Zhao Keyi was also a little confused.

“Or 97, you can think so, you are still in the temple before me, if I say that I am really Shen Qian, doesn’t that mean that I am not as good as you, do you believe it yourself?”


Shen Qian’s leisurely remarks finally made Zhao Keyi give up his obsession.

“Well, if you say that, you’re not necessarily Shen Qian.”

Zhao Keyi was a little disappointed.

“tsk tsk, even if No. 98 isn’t Shen Qian, this agility will not lose to the champion!”

Obviously not everyone is completely convinced by Shen Qian’s statement, 9 No. is meaningfully laughed.

But the real hammer failed, No. 9 didn’t hold on to it, and instead said: “It’s boring, I thought I could catch another person today… Let’s talk about other things, No. 41. , what did you just say, there will be a big move in Beihui?”

Shen Qian, who was confused by black and white, wanted to see the reward panel first, but when he heard the key words, he couldn’t help but pricked up his ears.

The northern capital?

Isn’t he in the northern capital?

“Well, there’s no need to hide this from you, after all, many people already know about it.”

No. 41 opened the mouth and said, “It’s just that I’m in the Northeast, so I know earlier, speaking of which, this matter is related to Meiyuan.”


Shen Qian listened and became more focused.

Plum Garden is the residence of Duke Yanshan, and Heavenspan Pagoda of Da Laogao is a place of nature.

In addition, there is another key point, that is, Duke Yanshan and the boss Gao do not deal with each other.

The Disciples on both sides are also mostly antagonistic, and the battle of life and death will not end, but small frictions are constant.

For example, Liu Changqing and Duke Yanshan’s fifth disciple, Nie Han, are the ones who would fight when they meet.

Only last time, Liu Changqing, whose realm was not as good as the other party, seemed to be pressed to the ground… No, he pressed it in the air and rubbed it fiercely.

In addition, Jiang Huan, the Eldest Senior Brother who only heard of his name, seems to have blocked the gate of Beidu once for himself. Shen Qian didn’t know the specifics, and he heard what Old Liu said casually.

“Just yesterday, Duke Yanshan’s elder disciple Tantai Qin destroyed the ‘door’ in the northeast, and found a hundred jins of ‘Dao Shi’. I went out to visit friends in person and wanted to exchange all the materials for the ‘Heaven’s Array’, no surprise, but this time Meiyuan is going to be a real chicken and a dog.”

This news seems to be very exciting, once again Shocked absolute silence in the Hall of Hundred Kings.

Only Shen Qian was confused.

Can anyone tell me…

Which door is the extinguish sect?

What is the road stone?

What the hell is the Heavenly Array!

How come chickens and dogs ascend to heaven?

Just finished one more update, ‘The night is beautiful and desolate’ is coming again.

Me: …

Thank you, and celebrate the birth of the first Hall Master in this book.

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