I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 148


Chapter 148 Challenge

In the Hall of Hundred Kings, after telling the news on the 41st, there was a brief silence It was quickly broken by the sound of heated discussions.

“Tantai Qin actually did something to destroy the ‘door’?” No. 9 seemed quite shocked.

“What’s so strange!” No. 56, who had been silent before, said with a sneer, “Everyone here knows what Dao the Duke of Yanshan pursues, otherwise he wouldn’t have been with Jing City Marquis back then. Such a fierce conflict has arisen.”

“I still think…this is too brutal.” No. 66 sighed, “And it is easy to lead to unknown consequences, after all, we really understand the ‘door’ It’s not enough.”

“Maybe, Tantai Qin is just exploring the way?”

“Damn, that bitch is a natural killer, most of them are harvesters. If you don’t stop, you will kill them all, hey, you are blind with such a nice name.”

“No. 80, you should be more restrained, how do you know that Tantai Qin is not among us?”

The reminder from No. 21 made the Hall of Hundred Kings quiet again.

Everyone looked at each other with unclear expressions in their eyes.

Although Shen Qian knew a little about everyone’s conversation and didn’t know who Tantai Qin was, he felt the subtle atmosphere at the moment, and he suddenly understood why everyone didn’t want to be in this Hundred Kings Palace. Revealing his true identity.

Once you are connected with your real identity, who can speak so recklessly?

Or, everyone is maintaining a tacit understanding and jointly maintaining this “network environment” where they can speak freely.

“Hey, big guys, you can’t just play with yourselves, you have to bring a bunch of new ones!”

Zhao Keyi couldn’t help shouting, “‘The door ‘I probably know, but what does it mean to destroy the ‘door’?”

Zhao Keyi’s loud noise finally broke the stagnation just now, No. 9 chuckled lightly: “I forgot to There are you two newcomers, No. 98, do you know the existence of ‘door’?”

“If you don’t know, you can find your exclusive attendant to check the information, you should still have these basic information. Permission.”

“I know ‘door’.” Shen Qian complied.

“It’s easy to handle if you know it.”

No. 9 Popular Science Road, “Each ‘door’ is connected to a different space, and since it is an independent environment, there are naturally living creatures. , the so-called annihilation of the ‘door’, as the name suggests, refers to…”

“Destroy everything within the ‘door’.”

“Kill all living creatures?” Zhao K was stunned.

Shen Qian was also a little shocked. Although he didn’t know what was behind the ‘door’, even if it was a Small World, as long as there was life, it must be a huge group.

“It’s superficial, but it’s not just that.”

No. 9 said in a complicated tone, “We have to kill all the probability of rebirth, or more vividly, kill it. The way of life in that world.”

“From the Buddhist point of view, this is a monstrous sin that can’t be washed away in ten reincarnations!” No. 47 said in a low voice.

“Isn’t it true that the existence of the ‘door’ is the scourge of Human Race?”

Zhao Keyi asked inexplicably, “In that case, it is not my race, Killing is killing, isn’t it a sin?”

“Good question.” No. 47 chuckled, “Unfortunately…not all ‘doors’ are hostile to Human Race.”

Shen Qian and Zhao Keyi are both startled.

“Because not all ‘doors’ are artificially opened, and there are also ‘doors’ that are opened naturally, of course there will be worlds that do not want to be enemies with Human Race.”

No. 66 leisurely said, “There are even some friendly dimensions that have reached an exchange agreement with us.”

Shen Qian was shocked, but it was the first time she heard this kind of secret.

Immediately he realized something and couldn’t help but ask, “What kind of ‘door’ did Tantai Qin kill?”

“This is the problem. “No. 41, who first broke the news, sighed, “That should be regarded as a neutral ‘door’. It has been open for several years, but it has been with me Human Race everyone minds their own business.”

Shen Qian and Zhao Ke Yi was shocked by the shock. If he said that, Tantai Qin’s act of smashing into the ‘door’ and destroying everything would be a little bad.

“Otherwise, why do you think her actions will cause such a turmoil in the Northeast?”

No. 41 shook his head, “From what I heard, this move is also controversial among princes. Incessantly, except for Jing City Marquis who clearly expressed their opposition, the other princes have not expressed their opinions.”

Teacher … is against this kind of slaughter?

Shen Qian silently digested the signal revealed.

“Speaking of which Tantai Qin also took advantage of Jiang Huan’s departure from the northeast ten days ago, and one man one sword entered the ‘door’, otherwise if Jiang Huan was there, I would be afraid. I won’t let her succeed so easily.”

No. 41 continued to talk about the news that she knew.

“Is Jiang Huan not here?”

No. 9 suddenly said, “I said, if Jiang Huan is here, how can Tantai Qin dare to be so impudent?”

“Both of them are Heaven’s Chosen, Jiang Huan is strong terrifying, but Tantai Qin is not bad, otherwise if it were an ordinary Mountain And Sea, I’m afraid the princes would not be so condoning.” No. 66 commented fairly. .

The discourse on No. 9 was obviously biased towards Jiang Huan, but it was caught by Shen Qian.

Will this 9 meet Eldest Senior Brother?

“Big guys, off topic, you haven’t said what ‘Dao Shi’ and ‘The Array’ is?”

Zhao Keyi couldn’t help it asked.

He considers himself to be from the Aristocratic Family, but he has never heard of these two terms.

“The Dao Stone is a very rare stone. In terms of its preciousness, it is probably comparable to the Heaven Patching Stone. How it is produced and how it exists is a bit difficult to explain when it comes to the principles of the Dao.”


“You just need to know that the main purpose of Tantai Qin destroying the ‘door’ is probably for those Dao stones.”

No. array.

“The main function of the Dao Stone is to arrange ‘Duotian’, ‘Duotian’ is a very proven Formation, even a prince can’t even think about it, but once it is successfully arranged, it can benefit All people of cause and effect.”

“The most intuitive function is to force enlightenment, increasing cultivation base.”

“Forcing enlightenment?” Shen Qian and Zhao Keyi stared again and again Doubtful eyes.

“The two brats are exploring so much and what to do. Let’s talk about it when you have a stone.”

No. 9 yawned, “Well, our treasure house of the Hall of Hundred Kings There are also Dao stones in it, and there are ten thousand catties in stock, so cheer up.”

Ten thousand catties?

Shen Qian was surprised and opened the Exchange System directly.

After searching, I found “Dao Shi”.

For a pound of stone, the contribution value of demand is 100 points.

Hey, it doesn’t look like much.

“Friendly reminder, Dao Shi wants to play a role, start with a hundred pounds, you have to find a prince who can set up for you, oh, by the way, you have to gather all kinds of Heaven and Earth Treasure Assistant, if you want to change it, you will need thousands of contribution points…”

As if to know what Shen Qian was thinking, No. 9 Faintly smiled and said.

Excuse me.

Shen Qian shut down the Exchange System very simply.

“Oh, no matter what the outside world commented on, this matter is a foregone conclusion. Duke Yanshan will set up the battle in person, but the people in Meiyuan will be blessed. Further, even…”

He didn’t say what was behind.

But everyone seemed to understand, and some people couldn’t help sighing, but they didn’t know whether it was envy or what.

Shen Qian thinks more.

Benefiting all the people of Yanshan Gong, then Wang Shuo, Nie Han and the others will probably be promoted as well.

And if Tantai Qin is as guessed, he has already pointed his sword at the prince, and after the breakthrough, the Eldest Senior Brother who could have suppressed her might be a little bit hanging.

It means that the original balance of power between Yanshangong and Jing City Marquis is broken.

I don’t know what will happen next.

Unfortunately, Shen Qian couldn’t interfere.

After spending a while in the group, Shen Qian left the group chat and returned to his personal space after seeing that there was no more valuable news.

Wanning was still waiting, and when she saw Shen Qian’s return, she cast an inquiring look.

“I remember that cultivation progress is also rewarded with contribution points, right?” Shen Qian asked.

“Mr. Shen, have you broken through?” Wanning said with a smile, “Congratulations, yes, you open the detection panel, it will automatically test your strength.”

Shen Qian Yiyan found the “Detect” button on the personal interface. After touching it, a faint current seemed to penetrate Shen Qian’s body.

A moment later, under Shen Qian’s gaze, the balance changed from 200 contribution points to 400 points.

“Wanning, do you know how the rewards are calculated?” Shen Qian, who was quite surprised, asked astonished.

He clearly had to have said before Wanning that Beginner Martial Artist only increased by 10 contribution points.

How come to him, but it is directly turned 20 times.

β€œBeginner Martial Artist has a basic reward of 10 contribution points for each level of improvement, but there is also a multiplier increase rule, that is, the lower the level of your breakthrough, the higher the multiplier of the increase.”

“For example, 1st to 2nd stage is the highest reward of 20 times, 2nd to 3rd stage, it is only 15 times, and it will continue to decrease after that.”

Wanning brief He explained, and then there was a flash of brilliance in his beautiful eyes, and he covered his mouth and chuckled.

“Mr. Shen, you are really the person with the highest innate talent I have ever met. Beginner Martial Artist was included in the Hall of Hundred Kings in one paragraph. You should be Number One Person.”

“The higher the cultivation base, the less the reward?”

Shen Qian didn’t care about Wanning’s praise. He started it at first, but he soon woke up.

This is the same reason that Baiwangdian only recruits top geniuses under the age of 20.

Many things can’t just be seen on the surface. In the Hall of Hundred Kings, the lower the realm when entering the hall, the greater the potential from a certain point of view.

Like when Shen Qian joined the club for the first time, everyone was horrified because of his cultivation base in Beginner Martial Artist.

And Zhao Keyi, although he doesn’t know the specific realm, at least he is in the late stage of Beginner Martial Artist and even has already broken through Martial Artist.

Shen Qian smacked his lips, feeling that the hidden benefits of this rule were just for him, and he could eat it all.

Soon he will be able to break through Beginner Martial Artist 3rd stage, and then he will receive 150 contribution points.

Shen Qian was about to research whether there was anything worth redeeming when he heard Ding Yi’s voice faintly in his ears, he had to give up the idea, and hurriedly went offline after saying hello to Wanning.


Consciousness returned to reality, Shen Qian opened his eyes and saw Ding Yi who was looking at him curiously. Shen Qian was about to explain, but Ding Yi shook his head.

“I’m hungry.”

“Chinese food and Western food?”

“Chinese food.”

Ding Yi tilted his head slightly and thought After thinking about it, he said.

It was impossible to tell others about the Hundred Kings Palace. Ding Yi didn’t have the thought to ask questions, which saved Shen Qian’s efforts to explain.

After a simple decision, the two walked out of the cultivation room side by side.

The afterglow of the setting sun sprinkled on the campus of Northern Martial. Shen Qian held Ding Yi’s tender hand and moved towards the restaurant on the other side of the campus.

I don’t know if it’s because the tastes of northerners are so different from those in the south. After the initial freshness, Shen Qian lacked interest in the restaurants outside the school, but Northern Martial’s own cafeteria was quite suitable for him. appetite.

Ding Yi himself is not a person who likes to be lively.

Different from what I expected before, except for the public class that day, not many people usually watch Shen Qian on the road.

Northern Martial students are all geniuses and naturally have their own pride.

Occasionally there were some pointing fingers and taking pictures, and most of them came from other schools to watch the fun.

“Tomorrow, I will go to training.” Ding Yi suddenly opened the mouth and said.

“en?” Shen Qian turned his head in confusion, “Don’t you have one more day off?”

“Although the teacher allows me to take more time off, I don’t want to, after all, other people Not at all.”

Ding Yi shook his head, bit his lip again, and there was a hint of complexity in his eyes looking towards Shen Qian, “I can’t be too slack…”

Shen Qian is not good at commenting on the fact that she is too self-motivated and has set herself a goal for her girlfriend, so she can only go with her.

“Alright, I should go back and fill it out.” Shen Qian agreed. “I’ll book a ticket for tomorrow.

After coming to Japan, I will be a lecturer at Northern Martial. , Shen Qian must come to the Northern Martial to give lectures on a regular basis, and there are not many opportunities for the two to meet.

Wei Sijian didn’t know where he went for the past two days. He disappeared after the open class that day, which saved him the time to say goodbye.

If there is any regret in coming to Beidu this time, it is probably that I have not seen Jiang Huan.

Shen Qian is very interested in the legendary Eldest Senior Brother.

At least Shen Qian has never seen Shi Dingyan show such a sincere admiration when he is talking about someone.

Heaven-blessed Genius.

This is Shi Dingyan’s evaluation of Eldest Senior Brother.

Unfortunately, Shi Dingyan had already made an appointment for Shen Qian, but when he came to Beidu, Jiang Huan had to rush back to the northeast.

Contacting the news learned today, it is not difficult to guess that most of the incidents were caused by Tantai Qin, so Jiang Huan had to rush back to deal with it.

Suddenly, Shen Qian stopped, brows frowned.

“What’s wrong?” Ding Yi startled.

“Kao Jiu… seems to be gone.”

Shen Qian looked around and said at the same time.

For the mysterious Mountain And Sea escort, Shen Qian explained that he was a bodyguard sent to him by Jing City Marquis, and Ding Yi easily accepted this statement.

Shen Qian and Ding Yi have been inseparable these days. Although Dao Jiu doesn’t show up, he usually follows from a distance.

As long as Shen Qian looks back, he will definitely reveal his figure.

But at this time Shen Qian stopped for a long time, but did not perceive the other party’s breath.

This is very wrong.


When it’s time to cook.

Let’s not talk about whether Dao Jiu is a qualified bodyguard, at least the other party may be late for dinner, but he will never be absent.

Shen Qian strongly suspects that this has a lot to do with his lack of food all year round.

If it weren’t for Shen Qian’s small savings, he would not be able to support a rice bucket in the Mountain And Sea Realm world.

But this is the northern capital, a dignified Mountain And Sea, could there be any accident?

Shen Qian was about to try to contact her with her bracelet, when she suddenly felt something, she turned her head to look, but saw a silhouette that was not there on the tree-lined path in front of her.

“Northern Martial is a great philosopher, please enlighten me with the champion!”

The young man cup one fist in the other hand, finished speaking aloud, and then body moved moved towards Shen Qian rushed over.

A challenger?

Shen Qian raised an eyebrow.

Speaking of which Shen Qian The biggest advantage of bringing Dao Jiu to Beidouxing this time is that it avoids many possible troubles.

For example, some potential hot-blooded young people who want to step on Shen Qian’s famous name.

Every time there is such a person, Knife Nine will immediately clean up.

At this moment, just as Dao Jiu disappeared, someone came to the door immediately. Is this a coincidence?

(end of this chapter)

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