I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 15


Chapter 15 Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall

Jing City is roughly divided into four areas: East, South, West, North, due to historical reasons , prosperity has nothing common with each other.

The Northern Part of City is the most affluent area in Jing City, and the living conditions are excellent. Shen Qian, like many angry youths in the south of the city, scolds the people of Beicheng for being rich and unkind, but after knowing that Ding Yi actually lives in the Northern Part After the single-family villa in the city, Shen Qian has calmed down.

What is her family and my family’s prosperous, that’s obviously our family.

Wang Yangming is a native of Jing City, and his home is in the old community in the center of the city. The location here is excellent, but it seems so out of place when surrounded by high-rise buildings.

The soundproofing of the old house is relatively poor. Wang Yangming, who had just walked upstairs, had not yet opened the door when he vaguely heard the quarrel of his parents.

“…Pharaoh, tell me today, what kind of bath can wash off a thousand dollars!” A sharp voice came first.

“I’ve said it several times, this is a necessary entertainment, do you think it’s so easy to talk about business now!” followed by a man’s impatient voice.

“I don’t care, my son’s special effect mixture has not been obtained yet. You’d better spend a lot of money outside. Have you considered this home?!”

“Is it not for making money? Did you just go to the party? Do you know how much the special effect mixture is? Two hundred thousand… They want me two hundred thousand! At this price, I have to wait in line, if you want to buy it, just buy it! With our little savings, we bought the medicine Don’t even think about living! Let me ask you, when the time comes, what about the money for your son’s college education? Huh?!”

The man suddenly turned up the volume, and the woman stopped talking. There came the sound of sobbing.

“Or let him study medicine…”

“Women’s opinion!” The man reprimanded, “As long as he is admitted to the Wu Ke University and successfully graduated, no matter how bad it is That’s also the middle class, is it possible that you also want him to be like me, in order to lower the performance, Laozi’s fatty liver is drunk…”

The man said a few more words, and the room gradually disappeared sound.

Wang Yangming waited for a while, waiting for his parents to calm down, but also waiting for himself to calm down.

After a while, he took out the key and opened the door, “Dad, Mom, I’m back.”

Wang Yangming’s father was sitting on the sofa watching TV, while his mother was Busy in the kitchen, both of them greeted him with a smile, and there was nothing unusual on the surface.

Wang Yangming was hesitant to say anything, but he finally expressed his thoughts while eating, “I don’t want to study martial arts anymore, I want to study medicine.”

As expected, He got a scolding from his parents.

Wang Yangming, who struggled to no avail, locked himself in the bedroom after eating and lay down on the bed in a daze.

He hates that his innate talent is not outstanding enough, he also hates the burden he has added to the family, and even hates the time and energy he wastes in the VR hall…

“How can I I couldn’t wake up sooner, if I spent all that time training my body, why would my parents be so embarrassed now?”

Tears of remorse flowed from Wang Yangming’s eyes, he thought about it, and gave it to his brother Shen Qian He sent a five-hundred-word message to express his will.

After doing all this, Wang Yangming turned over and was suddenly chrome.

He touched his trousers pocket and took out a small bottle. It was the “AD calcium milk” that Shen Qian gave him after school.

Wang Yangming twisted open the bottle cap, and a faint fragrance wafted out.

“Hey, it smells pretty good, what kind of drink is this… Even if Shen Qian makes fun of me, it shouldn’t be poisonous…”

Thinking about it, Wang Yangming raised his head and dried the calcium milk in his hand.

Five minutes later…

“Dad, Mom! Help me, I hurt…ah…it hurts to death…”

Bedroom Wang Yangming’s heart-wrenching howl came from inside.



The bracelet vibrated, Shen Qian took it out and took a look.

Is this old man trying to confess to me?

Shen Qian’s scalp tingled as soon as she saw the long message, and she quickly turned off the bracelet.

β€œNine Provinces Martial Arts Hall Nancheng Store!”

Shen Qian returned his attention to the building in front of him.

This is a small building of fifth layer, covering an area of hundreds of square meters, and a garden is built around it. Even if the land price in the south of the city is not too expensive, it still looks very stylish.

After breaking the clothesline three times in a row, Shen Qian finally realized that the rooftop is not an ideal place to practice martial arts.

In addition, his progress in recent days has been extremely weak, even with the help of the system, it is not easy to make it work. Besides the medical power of the physical energy mixture has been exhausted, there is another very important reason…


He lacks professional equipment.

After tasting the thrill of rapid progress, Shen Qian couldn’t stop.

For his situation, Martial Arts Hall is the best choice.

Of course, the school’s physical examination hall is really awesome, but the school is not his family’s, so he can only settle for the next best thing.

According to the information reviewed by Shen Qian, in addition to those top private Martial Arts Halls that are not accessible, large chain Martial Arts Halls such as Nine Provinces all over the country can temporarily meet all his needs.

Following the stone steps extending to the roadside, Shen Qian walked into the main entrance of Martial Arts Hall.

There are two little elder sisters in plain and elegant training suits at the front desk. They are average in appearance, better than they are in a good figure and sweet smiles.

“Hello VIP, please show your Membership Card.” The petite delicious and pretty girl with a pear vortex on the left greeted her.

“I don’t have a card, I just came to apply for a card.” Shen Qian shook his head, “but I want to visit first.”

“Okay, VIP.” The girl smiled sweetly , “Here, please, there are a lot of guests today, I’ll take you to the reception area to sit for a while.”

The girl caused Shen Qian to come to the next reception room, but Shen Qian frowned as soon as she entered the door. Just a wrinkle.

Because there are many people sitting in the huge reception room, most of them are the combination of parents and children.

“These people are all here to apply for cards?” Shen Qian hesitated for a while.

He was most afraid of queuing in his life. His classmates often asked to check in at those internet celebrity restaurants, but Shen Qian never went there. The wait was a few hours, and the delicious food changed. So boring.

“Yeah, are you also a senior in high school?” The girl saw Shen Qian’s hesitation and said with a smile: “You also know that the college entrance examination is approaching, this time is the peak season, our The reception is really short of staff…but don’t worry, it won’t take too long.”

“It’s similar even if you go to other Martial Arts Halls.”

Sister The last sentence convinced Shen Qian, he nodded to find a seat and sat down.

“My name is Xiao Xuan, you can come to the front desk if you need me.” The girl brought Shen Qian another glass of water, smiled sweetly and turned away.

Drinking hot tea, Shen Qian waited quietly while thinking about how to break the cultural divide in his mind.

He already has a vague idea, but it has yet to be verified whether it works.

Time passed, and people came and went in the parlour, but there were not many people in line before Shen Qian.

Suddenly, two silhouettes walking into the reception room caught Shen Qian’s attention.

This is a mother and son, and the boy with a shaved head and a brand name is very familiar, Shen Qian quickly remembered who the other was.

Zhao Xin!

Shen Liang’s former colleague Zhao Guangzhi’s son, half a month ago, father and son came to Shen Qian’s house and took the 20,000 yuan that Shen Qian’s parents put together to help Shen. Qian entered the military relationship.

didn’t expect to meet each other here, Shen Qian patted his head and almost forgot about it.

“I have to get the father to get the money back.”

To this day, Shen Qian naturally doesn’t need to go through any backdoors.

(end of this chapter)

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