I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 150


Chapter 150 system: The big ticket

Northern Martial Pharmacy Academy.

Cheng Shanhe, who had been away for several days, finally returned with Wei Sijian.

Wei Sijian couldn’t wait to find Shen Qian, and Cheng Shanhe, who was sitting alone in the office waiting, finally slowly cooled down from that abnormally excited state.

With his experience and cultivation base, it’s unbelievable to be in a state of excitement for days like this.

But Cheng Shanhe felt it was normal, because not only him, even Qiu Zhijian, the dean of the Pharmacy Academy and the dean of the Huaxia Pharmacy Research Institute, was as excited as he was. Days.

At this moment, the other party is still in the laboratory, waiting to bring Shen Qian to see him.

“You are such a genius, you should be admitted to the Chinese Academy of Sciences.” Qiu Zhijian, who has always acted in accordance with the regulations, sighed and directly issued a letter of appointment specially approved by the dean.

As long as Shen Qian signs it, he will immediately become the youngest academician in the history of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The “good fortune” medicine recipe has become a reality, which is a monstrous feat.

I don’t know how many dying Mountain And Seas will be in the future, so they will avoid the doom of complete extinction.

If you can make good use of medicine recipes, you will really have countless merits and countless good things.

However, what shocked a group of academicians even more was that the theory proposed by Shen Qian would completely overturn the third theorem of refining medicine.

Although this point is still under discussion, and there are many disputes within the Academy, Cheng Shanhe has a vague feeling that Shen Qian should be right.

The seven theorems of refining and pharmacy are all proposed by Alchemy Sect and have been demonstrated in every way.

Now, it was overthrown by a seventeen-year-old boy.

This is the major event that truly shakes the refining world.

Once Shen Qian is right after careful argumentation, all Medicine Refining Masters will remember Shen Qian’s name.

While Cheng Shanhe’s thoughts were flying, Wei Sijian, who was gasping for breath, finally turned back.

Seeing the empty space behind him, Cheng Shanhe couldn’t help but stunned, “Where’s the person?”

“I can’t find it.” Wei Sijian said helplessly, “I’ve looked everywhere. , even if there is no sign of Brother Shen, he can’t get through on the phone…”

“Has he left Beidu?” Cheng Shanhe frowned.

“But he didn’t tell me either.” Wei Sijian scratched his head, “Could it be that Brother Shen did it on purpose?”

Cheng Shanhe’s heart moved, and he sighed suddenly : “I guess he guessed that his move to come up with the ‘good fortune’ medicine recipe will inevitably cause a storm. This is a deliberate escape!”

“Brother Shen is worthy of being a role model for our generation. Go, don’t care about these false names!”

Wei Sijian couldn’t help showing a look of admiration.

“I’m superficial. I originally wanted to directly fight for the Associate Professor position for him, so let’s put it off.”

Cheng Shanhe thought about it, and felt more and more that Shen Qian was worthy of her. Medicine refining genius, low-key and introverted, probably only a person with such a character can achieve such success in refining medicine.


At this moment, a sound like a muffled thunder resounded through Heaven and Earth, followed by The earth shook and the mountain quivered, the windows and doors in the house shattered, the tables and chairs tilted, unexpectedly. Wei Sijian almost fell to the ground, but fortunately Cheng Shanhe supported him in time.

“What happened?”

Wei Sijian, who came back to his senses, was stunned, “An earthquake?”

“Beijing underground With thunderstone reinforcement, it wouldn’t be an earthquake.”

Cheng Shanhe had a facial expression grave, shook his head and said, “And the sound seems to come from the ground.”

Cheng Shanhe let go of Wei Sijian walked out of the room quickly, Wei Sijian also quickly followed, and the two came to the corridor.

As far as the eye can see, from south to north, everything is a mess.

There are even some old buildings with signs of cracking in the walls.

Many people were so frightened that they ran outdoors, their faces dazed.

“Yanshan Gong, what do you mean!”

At this moment, the sky was a changeable situation, and then it condensed into a big face covering a thousand meters, with vivid facial features , asked angrily.

“It’s Minister Wu!”

Many people recognized this big face that often appeared on TV and exclaimed.

And what he said made everyone even more shocked.

The movement just now was caused by Duke Yanshan?

At this moment, a silhouette appeared in the sky south of Beidu. He was wearing black clothed, standing with his hands behind his back, and his face was still extremely cold.

“I… lost self-control, sorry.”

Duke Yanshan seemed to be restraining a certain emotion, he took a deep breath and said slowly: “Today’s loss, Mei Yuan will take care of it, and if there is any injury, he will compensate.”

The big face in the sky frowned at first, but soon, he seemed to see something, and his face quickly turned to surprise.

“You…hey, what happened to Meiyuan?”


Yan Shangong’s face turned gloomy again, he didn’t want to. Besides, the next moment figure has disappeared into the sky.

And Wu Wei’s big face also slowly dissipated in the looked thoughtful.

Cheng Shanhe and Wei Sijian looked at each other and saw the confusion in each other’s eyes.

They weren’t stupid, and they still heard something from their brief conversation.

Obviously, something happened to Meiyuan, and it was a very serious matter, that made Duke Yanshan lose self-control, and even failed to control the severity, causing a storm like venting.

Not only the two of them, but countless people’s curiosity has been hooked, and they can’t wait to go to Meiyuan to explore.

Unfortunately, no one dared to do so, for fear of being slapped to death by the furious Duke Yanshan.


At this moment, the plum garden is dead silent.

The ten Mountain And Sea powerhouses responsible for guarding the courtyard wall were crawling on the ground. Although they were silent, their slightly trembling figures still revealed their fears.

The cold spring is bubbling, and there are traces of cold air, floating in this garden.

Yanshan Gong stood beside the cold spring, his face was indifferent, but deep in his eyes, there was a faint pulsing anger.

On the other side, several of his Disciples are standing.

The Duke of Yanshan has taken in eight people in his life. Except for Tantai Qin, who was in retreat, and the three who have not returned, the remaining four are all here.

At this moment, they all bowed their heads slightly, unwilling to face the Master’s fiercest anger.

With the teacher’s temperament, he couldn’t control the power in his body. If Duke Yanshan hadn’t poured most of his power into the void at the last moment, I’m afraid that within a kilometer of the plum garden at this moment, it would have turned into a piece of land. ruins.

They can tell Teacher Bai’s anger.

In order to set up the sky-high formation, the teacher did not hesitate to come forward in person and visit the princes everywhere, but he did not know how much he paid and promised to exchange all the materials.

But all this came to nothing with half an hour ago, when the teacher finally returned after traveling thousands of miles, only to find that the stone that should have been in the cold spring was gone.

This kind of blow, even the princes are unlikely to be indifferent.

“It’s been another half an hour, so who can tell me, how did the Dao Shi… get lost?” ringing.

After hesitating for a while, the leader of the Mountain And Sea powerhouse still stood up and said respectfully but firmly: “Meiyuan is stolen, I’m waiting for the death penalty, but… please Yanshan Gongmingjian!”


“Whether it’s these few days and nights, or the countless days and nights before, we have received the grace of Duke Yanshan and shouldered the responsibility of guarding the Meiyuan, and have never dared to slack off!”

“I dare to swear by Dao Heart that from last night to today, no outsider has ever entered or exited Meiyuan. Even just now, I have thoroughly investigated all corners of Meiyuan and found no signs of invasion!”

That Mountain And Sea powerhouse finished and waited with his head bowed.

Duke Yanshan was silent for a while, then looked towards his own Disciples.

Three Disciple Guo Zhouyuan can understand the mind of Duke Yanshan best, and now opened the mouth and said: “teacher, I have been reading in my residence from last night to today, and I didn’t find anything unusual.”

With Guo Zhouyuan taking the lead, Nie Han and Wang Shuo took the initiative to report their whereabouts.

The Duke of Yanshan was silent.

“teacher, could it be someone inside Meiyuan…”

Six Disciple Ren Zihan couldn’t help opening the mouth and said.

The Duke of Yanshan shook his head and said with certainty, “Meiyuan is no different.”

These simple words directly extinguished this possibility.

And Guo Zhouyuan and the others did not question either.

Duke Yanshan is the Peak powerhouse among the princes, and he has the ability to see everything. At least if someone in the Meiyuan has harbor ulterior motives, or does something, he will definitely not be able to hide it from his eyes.

He said no, that is no.

Including the ten Mountain And Sea powerhouses guarding the periphery, if he really lied, Duke Yanshan would surely notice.

No one can lie to a prince.

Yanshan Gong took a deep breath, just about to use the deduction technique to find the only truth, suddenly, a lie and graceful silhouette appeared in the garden.

Instead of wearing a long black dress, she changed into a plain-colored training suit, which made her look taller and plumper.


Tantai Qin’s voice was cold, even though he was facing Duke Yanshan, he didn’t have much expression.

“Why not continue to recover from the injury?”

Yan Shangong frowned, only he knew how serious Tantai Qin’s injury was, almost touching the foundation.

She and Jiang Huan did not simply “fight for a while”.

Genius of this level, even if they have no intention of life and death, it is impossible to keep their hands.

The closer the difference, the more dangerous the confrontation.

Jiang Huan was injured in that battle, but Tantai Qin almost fell directly.

So even if it was such a big thing as the theft of Dao Shi, Duke Yanshan didn’t think about asking Tantai Qin to come forward.

Tantaiqin’s expression is a little weird, and it is rare to show a look of hesitant to say anything, but she still said indifferently in the end: “Come and share the worries for the teacher.”

“en? “Yanshan Gong startled.

“Since the cold spring is living water, has the teacher ever checked the bottom of the water?” Tantai Qin expressed his thoughts.


As soon as these words came out, everyone in the garden was stunned.

“Impossible!” Guo Zhouyuan shook his head directly, “I also thought about this possibility at first, after all, the cold spring is connected to the water veins of the northern capital, but I have just entered the cold spring to check, the underground Formation is not No sign of damage.”

Others, including those of the Mountain And Sea powerhouse, were also slightly deputed.

Hanquan is inside the Meiyuan, they are not responsible for patrolling, but it does not mean that the defense of the inner courtyard is really weak.

Let’s not mention that under normal circumstances, Duke Yanshan will sit in the inner courtyard. It is impossible for someone to sneak in. Even if Duke Yanshan is not there, the interior of Meiyuan is also surrounded by various Formations, and those who do not leave imprints can enter it. Equal to walking right into a trap.

And the underground of Hanquan was also guarded by Duke Yanshan himself.

Even if Duke Yanshan is not a prince specializing in Formation, but a prince is a prince, even if the Formation is arranged casually, it is no trivial matter, not to mention the formation of guards like the bottom of the cold spring must be carefully arranged by Duke Yanshan.

Mountain And Sea is also unbreakable.

“Is brute force the only way to pass a Formation?”

Tantai Qin said indifferently.

With a word that woke the dreamer, Duke Yanshan raised his brows and waved his sleeves, “Get out of the way.”

Everyone instantly retreated into the distance.


Emperor Yanshan stretched out his hand to take a picture, and in the shocking eyes of everyone, the entire cold spring was floating.

It was as if there was an invisible big hand that firmly supported the cold lake.

The water of the cold spring is more than 10,000 tons. It is magnificent after the whole picture is exposed in the air, especially the fishes wandering in it can be clearly seen.

The spring water was lifted up, revealing the ground covered with all kinds of beautiful stones.

The Duke of Yanshan flicked his sleeves again, the Dao Pattern lighted up, and a hidden Formation emerged from the bottom of the lake.

The one after another rays of light is combined vertically and horizontally, vaguely forming a gossip figure.

Gossip is the basis of Formation, and most of the Formations currently used by Human Race are in the shape of gossip.

Duke Yanshan’s gaze continued to extend along the lines that implied Heaven and Earth, and suddenly, his gaze stopped.

“teacher?” Tantai Qin, who understood that Duke Yanshan might have found something, asked aloud.

“There are traces of movement of the stone formations here. Although it is not obvious, it does not match the subtleties in my memory.”

Duke Yanshan stared at the place, said softly.

Everyone in the hospital was shocked.

“teacher, did someone really pass the Formation without destroying the Formation or disturbing your perception?”

Guo Zhouyuan’s unimaginable face is obviously incomprehensible How does this happen.

The Duke of Yanshan didn’t change his face, but he grabbed it with his hand, and the round stone, which was light blue in color, the size of a grinding plate, and shaped like a chess piece, flew up and fell straight to the shore. .

“After I checked carefully, I found that this stone formation has lost its charm due to the day and night washing of the spring, but I didn’t notice it before.”

Duke Yanshan shook his head, indifferently said .

Everyone stepped forward to take a closer look, and sure enough, many of the formation marks engraved on the boulders had become blurred.

“Teacher, you mean, someone discovered the loophole in this stone formation and passed the Formation from here?”

Nie Han asked.

Seeing Duke Yanshan nodded, Nie Han couldn’t let it go. He couldn’t help walking to the edge of Hanquan and looked down.

At this moment, at the bottom of the temporarily dried up spring, where the rays of light are vertical and horizontal, there are more than a thousand stones like this!

“Is there only a problem with this stone formation?” Nie Han couldn’t help but ask again.

“Nonsense, if it wasn’t like this, how could the teacher not have noticed beforehand?”

Guo Zhouyuan was afraid that Nie Han’s continuous questioning would make the teacher live, so he exited the scolded first.

In fact, why didn’t Nie Han not understand this truth?

It’s like you have a thousand hairs, and one of them is white, it’s hard to notice, or even if you notice it, you won’t care.

Because it doesn’t affect the whole.

“This person must be an expert from Formation Dao.” Tantai Qin said softly.


Duke Yanshan shook his head, as if at this moment, he had just broken out of a certain state, and his tone was complicated and incomprehensible.

“He is the Grandmaster of Formation Dao.”

Guo Zhouyuan and the others were shocked when they heard that Duke Yanshan gave the other party such a high evaluation, but then fell silent.

Because what Duke Yanshan said is the truth.

Although none of the people present were proficient in Formation, the basic principles were understood.

The protection Formation under the spring will change at any time with the surging of the spring, and the position of the stone formations will also change. In such a tangled and complicated situation, it is necessary to find the only barely visible tiny loophole. , and then instantly pass the Formation.

The difficulty is comparable to heavenly ascension.

And obviously, this thief has only one chance.

“Teacher, it’s our fault, I shouldn’t be so slack, if someone keeps beside the spring water all the time, with spirit strength outside to guard the Taoist stone, this kind of thing will definitely not happen.”


Guo Zhouyuan said with shame.

The Duke of Yanshan shook his head.

Even Mountain And Sea is impossible to put out spirit strength from time to time, it will be exhausted.

“This is the end of the matter.”

Duke Yanshan made a concluding remark.

“teacher, do you just let that little thief go?”

Wang Shuo, who didn’t speak the whole time, finally couldn’t help speaking. The spring exposed at the bottom of the lake is full of unwillingness in his eyes.

Anyone who has waited for more than ten days with full expectation, a good fortune is about to come, but it turns into nothing at the last moment, I am afraid that they will be extremely unwilling.

Nie Han and the others did the same, but they were well hidden.

“Naturally not.”

The coldness in Duke Yanshan’s eyes spread, “King Zhou Yi hasn’t come back yet, wait a while, I’ll go ask for favor in person.”

The voice fell, and Duke Yanshan disappeared in place.


The cold spring returned to its original position, splashing countless waves.

“King Zhou Yi?”

Wang Shuo, who was standing there, was a little dazed.

King Yi of Zhou was one of the first nine kings, and one of the two or three who still have traces of activities outside. Wang Shuo vaguely knew that the teacher and King Yi of Zhou had a special relationship.

But he didn’t understand, what’s the use of asking Zhou Yi Wang for this kind of thing?

“Little Junior Brother, you may not understand… the first nine kings are all extremely terrifying beings with real power to reach the sky.”

Ren Zihan explained, “And King Yi of Zhou has a Great Divine Ability that is unparalleled in the world.”

“What Divine Ability?”

“Reverse the cause and effect and go back to time and space.”

Ren Zihan spit out eight words.

The simple eight characters shocked Wang Shuo.

Whether it is cause and effect or time and space, it is obviously not a level that mortals can touch.

“Back in time and space?” Wang Shuo said in shock, “Sixth Senior Brother, you mean… King Zhou Yi can reproduce everything that happened here?”

“Not bad.” Ren Zi Han nodded, “As long as Zhou Yi Wang is willing to help, the mysterious thief will have nowhere to hide, but the teacher will have to pay a certain price.”

Wang Shuo was relieved when he heard this, but The unwillingness in his heart has not diminished in the slightest.

After all, unless King Zhou Yi takes action now, most of those Dao stones will never come back.

This unprecedented opportunity is, after all, a bamboo basket to draw water.

Tantai Qin left without saying a word.

“Third Senior Brother, have you noticed that Eldest Senior Sister’s expression seems a little strange?”

Nie Han, who had been quietly following Tantai Qin, approached Guo Zhouyuan, whispered .

“en.” Guo Zhouyuan nodded gently>, indicating that he had noticed it too, “Especially after teacher said that he was going to look for King Zhou Yi to fight back in time and space, Eldest Senior Sister’s face became unnatural, I I’ve never seen her like this before…”

The two couldn’t talk about it, so they stopped exploring.

Everyone dispersed. When the edge of the cold spring fell silent, another tall silhouette returned to the edge of the cold spring, staring at the clear water of the cold spring, and did not move for a long time.

The light of the water vaguely reflected the flawless face, but at this time, the pretty face was occupied by chills and a touch of inconspicuous shame.

“I, Tantai Qin…will kill you for three lives.”

(end of this chapter)

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