I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 151


Chapter 151 Shen Qian: ? ? ?

Shen Qian was suddenly awakened by the violent jolt.

He woke up to find himself lying face down on the floor, and the floor was still spinning.

Slightly stunned for a second, Shen Qian realized that he was on the plane.

People around were also exclaiming, as if the plane had encountered some kind of strong air current, and the entire fuselage was tilting.

Soft and Q bombs hit Shen Qian’s arms.

Shen Qian, who came back to his senses, stood up with a strong balance, while straightening the frightened stewardess in his arms.

β€œThank you.”

The flight attendant thanked Shen Qian.

“What’s the matter!”

“It scared me to death…”

The first class guests couldn’t bear it after the plane stabilized again Live to complain.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

Apparently the flight attendant was confused and could only keep bowing and apologizing.

Soon, the captain’s announcement from the cockpit rang.

“Dear passengers, I’m very sorry for the shock caused by the accident just now. It has been confirmed with the tower that the reason for the violent turbulence of the plane is an unknown accident in Beidu…”

Unknown accident?

Shen Qian couldn’t help but walked to the window and looked, but couldn’t see anything through the thin clouds.

But when you think about the northern capital, there are more than one prince, and there should be no major event.

Shen Qian, who was sitting back in his seat, was about to take a sip of the hot coffee brought by the flight attendant when he was stunned.


…why am I on the plane?

Shen Qian stood up abruptly, turned his head and looked around. There were only eight seats in the first class, and he quickly found Dao Jiu who was sitting in the back row.

Dao Jiu didn’t seem to be affected by the bump just now, and was tearing up a piece of steak and eating it really delicious.

Shen Qian patted his head, since Dao Jiu is also there, it means this is not a dream.

But Shen Qian clearly remembered that he was saying goodbye to Ding Yi a second ago and was about to give him a good night kiss.

The memory after that disappears.

The next moment is when Shen Qian opened his eyes just now.

This familiar feeling made Shen Qian realize something.

He touched a bag by accident. Shen Qian looked down and looked around. The seats in the first class cabins were some distance from each other. Judging from the position, the burlap bag should be his own. of.

But…it looks so unfamiliar.

And the sack was stained with blood.

What’s wrong with the system?

Shen Qian was afraid to open the sack and found a bloody human head inside, so instead of being reckless, he lied on the seat like a fake, and then he sank his consciousness into the system interface.

In the bookcase where AFK Records are stored, there is indeed a folder with rays of light shining brightly.

Generally speaking, the stronger the rays of light on the AFK file, the more energy the system consumes.

Such bright rays of light are very rare in past AFK Records.

Shen Qian is both curious and puzzled. Don’t you claim that you have insufficient energy, why are you so extravagant?

Concentrating, the folder with the date “22970705” was opened, and a line of text appeared.

“Remarks: This AFK has no combat experience and no training memory. In order to save energy, except for the ‘Arrangement’ part, only text records are left for the host to browse.”

breaking the formation?

Shen Qian was taken aback, what kind of formation did he break?

However, seeing that she has no combat experience, Shen Qian is also relieved, it seems that no one’s body is in the sack.

He continued to read.

β€œYou say goodbye to Ding Yi (22:32)

Ding Yi wants to stay overnight on the grounds that the dormitory might be closed (22:34)

You refuse (22:34)


Shen Qian: ?

The wide-eyed Shen Qian couldn’t recover for a long time, and the sudden sense of loss completely drowned him.

…system Are you still a man?

Oh, sorry, forget you’re not human.

Feeling that she missed the peak of her life, Shen Qian, her heart aches so hard to breathe.

I don’t know how long it took for Shen Qian to recover from that depression.

He chose to forget about it for a while and read on.


Ding Yi left in a bad mood (22:35)


I have to think again way explained.

Speaking of which, does Ding Yi feel that he has any hidden problems?

Shen Qian rubbed his eyebrows.


You booked a second day ticket and asked Daojiu to wait at the airport in advance (22:39)

You took a taxi to Vantone Shopping Plaza Qingnian Road Store (22:51)

You found a closed diving equipment store (22:53)

You broke in (22:56)

You picked out a complete set of professional diving equipment (23:02)

You read the equipment manual (23:07)

You found it in the container Dive Instructional CD (23:08)

You begin to meditate (23:09)

Your comprehended advanced diving skills (23:10)

You follow The price of the signage was 88% off and the glass door with compensation for damage left a total of 48,733 yuan (23:12)

You left the Wantong Shopping Plaza (23:15)


Shen Qian’s corner of the mouth twitched.

Although I am glad that the system still remembers that you have to pay money for buying things at such a time, it is very good to give yourself a discount.

At the same time, deeper doubts also emerged in Shen Qian’s mind.

What do you do when you buy diving equipment?


You walked around the surveillance and came to the Wuding River (23:31)

After you put on your diving equipment, you jumped into the Wuding River (23:31) :34)

You dived into the bottom of the Wuding River and entered the underground water vein along the undercurrent (23:39)

You came to the underground of Meiyuan through the water vein (00:13)




Isn’t this the residence of Duke Yanshan?

Shen Qian’s eyes narrowed, it was clearly over, but his heartbeat was still a little faster.

After all, this is the residence of a top prince!

system What to do at Meiyuan?


You sneaked under the cold spring of Meiyuan (00:14)

You were blocked by the ‘Ten Square Star Locking Array’ (00:15) ( Note 1)

An unknown danger is detected and you go back the same way (00:17)


Shen Qian startled, the system gave up?

Not true.

Shen Qian looked at the sack on the ground again.

The system is definitely not for nothing, otherwise he would not be running away on the plane with Dao Jiu now.

Shen Qian continued to read patiently.


You went ashore from the Wuding River (00:55)

You took a taxi and arrived at the Hua Xia Country Home Library (01:09)

You cracked the security system and entered the building (01:14)

You came to the 18th floor of the library (01:16)

You cracked again Got the door and entered the restricted area (01:18)

You found the ‘formation diagram area’ (01:19)

You looked at the room full of Formation books and got stuck Contemplation (01:20)

You continue to contemplate (01:21-03:24)

(system energy drops to 20%, triggering red warning)

You wake up from contemplation (03:25)

You comprehended the ‘Ten Square Lock Star Array’ layout method (03:25)

(Click to get the ‘Arrangement’ method and related Formation experience)



Shen Qian finds it difficult to express her feelings at the moment.

What is this?

If there is no way to go, build a road yourself?

Although she had already experienced the mythical learning ability of the system, Shen Qian was still shocked.

He didn’t know what level of Formation “Ten Fangs Locking Star Array” was, but it was Meiyuan!

It is very likely that this Formation was arranged by Duke Yanshan himself.

How can a Formation engraved by a prince be simple?

Formation Dao is very popular because the knowledge in it is extremely difficult. For example, Shen Qian’s Third Senior Brother Shi Dingyan has a wide range of knowledge and is also proficient in Formation Dao.

But in his words, he spent twenty or thirty years studying Formation Dao, but it was just enough to get started.

Even if there’s an element of humility in it, it’s enough to illustrate the profound mystery of Formation Dao.

But here in the system, it took only two hours to learn this Formation directly from scratch.

It’s just the price to pay, but the energy of the system drops directly to the 20% red line. If it drops again, the system will directly turn on the self-protection mode and enter the stage of forced energy replenishment.

But think about it in reverse, the computing power of the system is unparalleled, and since it costs so much, it can only show that there are more worthwhile gains in the plum garden.

What can Meiyuan have?

Thinking of the news he got in the Hundred Kings Palace, Shen Qian actually already had some guesses.

He took a deep breath and read on.


You re-entered the underground water vein and came to the underground of the Meiyuan Hanquan (04:19)

You found the ‘Ten Fang Lock Star Array’ through calculation ‘The loophole (04:27)

You successfully passed the ‘Ten Fangxing Star Array’ (04:39)

You entered the cold spring and got 112 pounds’ Dao Shi’ (04:40) (Note 2)


It really is Dao Shi!

Shen Qian took a deep breath.

It was self-evident what was in the sack.

When no one was paying attention to herself, Shen Qian couldn’t hold back her curiosity, opened the sack and took a look.

In the sack is a kind of irregular stone with a pale blue color, each about palm-size, at first glance it looks like an ordinary stone, but after looking at it for a long time, it is a strange kind of stone. Feelings began to surface in Shen Qian’s mind.

Shen Qian forgot what year it was and where she was, and gradually had an illusion of detachment.

The taboo projection suddenly appeared in Shen Qian’s mind, awakening Shen Qian before he was completely lost.

Shen Qian woke up in a cold sweat and didn’t dare to look again, so she covered the mouth of the sack again.

It’s not that the stone itself is something evil, but the light azure patterns on those stones, which seem to be fragmented, but seem to hide some kind of Heaven and Earth truth.

For Martial Artist, who is devoted to Taoism, as long as they watch it for a long time, they will unconsciously indulge in it.

However, the realm itself is not enough to support the digestion of such a high-level Heaven and Earth principle, and there will be a situation of being backlashed.

Shen Qian came back to his senses with a sigh of relief, and then contacted the inexplicable earthquake in the northern capital just now, and suddenly woke up.

 …Isn’t it about myself?

The preciousness of Dao Shi can be imagined, otherwise it would not have caused heated discussions in the Hall of Hundred Kings.

Even everyone is more or less envious.

After all, this is the treasure that Tantai Qin annihilated the world.

Emperor Yanshan did not hesitate to run for the Daoist stone… It’s no wonder that he succeeded smoothly. It is estimated that Duke Yanshan was probably not there at that time.

Otherwise, no matter how powerful the system is, it is impossible to steal successfully under the eyes of a top prince.

As for Mountain And Sea, it’s easy to say, even Mountain And Sea, it is impossible to always put out spirit strength to perceive all around, especially in my own home…

Yanshan Gong, most of them are Outraged.

Fortunately, I have slipped away.

As long as you return to Jing City, there will be no more surprises.

The only thing that puzzled Shen Qian was that there was still a long list of AFK files in his mind, obviously system seemed to be doing something else.

Curiously, Shen Qian continued to look down.


You hid the ‘Dao Shi’ in the water vein (04:42)

You entered the back garden of Meiyuan through the cold spring ( 04:44)

You gathered your breath and slowly bypassed Nie Han and Guo Zhouyuan’s residence (04:59)

You climbed over the wall and entered Tantai Qin’s residence (05: 03)



Shen Qian instantly stared wide-eyed.

Who is Tantai Qin?

That is the terrifying existence, the ceiling in Mountain And Sea, which is juxtaposed with my Eldest Senior Brother.

It’s not like this is the way to die!

However, what shocked Shen Qian even more was later.


You came to Tantai Qin’s secret room (05:05)

You cracked the defense Formation on the door (05:08)

You found Tantai Qin who was meditating and healing at the bottom of the secret room (05:09)


Seeing this, Shen Qian Unconsciously sighed in relief.

It turned out that the other party was injured.

And judging from the fact that he is intact, the other party’s injury is not too light.

Shen Qian wasn’t sure whether Tantai Qin could sense his existence, but estimated that the other party was in a state of being unable to act at that time.

But the question comes again, what does the system do to find Tantai Qin?

Judging from her past experience in dealing with women, Shen Qian suddenly had a bad feeling.


You took off Tantai Qin’s shirt (05:10)


Shen Qian :”…”

I, Shen Qian, am an upright gentleman, why are you doing this?

Shen Qian confused.

…but then again, what about the video? Pictures are fine too!

Shen Qian felt that the system was always missing the point.

Jokes aside, Shen Qian still couldn’t understand why system was blatantly acting like a hooligan.

He settled down and continued to look down.


You took the space spar from Tantai Qin’s chest (05:11) (Note 3)

Shi Zhong received energy replenishment (05:12)

(system energy replenished to 54%, alert disarmed)

You helped Tantai Qin heal Dao Foundation’s injury (05: 19) (Note 4) (click to get the ‘healing’ memory fragment)

You helped Tantai Qin get dressed (05:23)

You left the secret room and went the same way Return (05:29)

You swim out from Wuding River and take a taxi to the airport (06:25)

You and Dao Jiu board the plane to Jing City (07:59) )

You fell into a deep sleep due to excessive exhaustion (08:01)

(system energy has been replenished to 81%, in good condition)


Note 1: The Shifang Locking Star Array was created by Duke Yanshan based on the Eight Trigrams Locking Star Array, and the Formation rating is A.

Note 2: The Dao Stone is the legacy of the Dao’s birth and death The product is extremely rare.

Note 3: Tantaiqin’s space spar contains a lot of Originium from the foreign world (Original stone is the companion of Dao Stone, which is the crystal after the energy is highly compressed. It can help the system to replenish energy).

Note 4: Dao Foundation damage can be life-threatening and extremely difficult to cure. The system deduces the Dao context of Tantai Qin during the healing process. Watching the memory clips can help the host in advance. ‘Seeking the Tao’.”

The last paragraph is not too much, but the amount of information contained in it is enormous, and Shen Qian couldn’t digest it for a while.

It turned out that the reason why System was playing a rogue was because the other party hid the space spar in his chest.

Shen Qian’s heart moved, he picked up the sack again, reached in and flipped through it. After a while, his palm froze, and when he took it out, there was already a necklace in his hand.

The style of the necklace is extremely delicate, with a slender silver chain and an irregular heptagon azure base at the end, which is inlaid with a black spar that is as black as a star and has a fist sized .

It turns out that Tantai Qin’s space spar style is a necklace, no wonder it hangs in clothes.

Shen Qian suddenly smelled a faint fragrance.

This space spar is more than a circle bigger than Old Liu’s, and it is different as heaven and earth than Shen Qian’s.

It’s a pity that the style is too feminine, and Shen Qian didn’t dare to actually use it.

However, Shen Qian can also be considered a clear comprehension of the system’s persistent purpose. It turns out that the key to energy replenishment is hidden in this necklace.

This was not the time to check what was in it, so Shen Qian put the necklace away first.

Another surprise to Shen Qian was that system took the initiative to help Tantai Qin treat his injuries.

It seems that under the influence of myself as a moral gentleman, the system has learned to exchange equivalently, and there is a tendency to be good…not right.

How can a good person strip someone’s clothes off?

Thinking about this, Shen Qian felt very contradictory again.

But in any case, from the description of the system, Tantai Qin’s condition at that time was very bad, and it could be regarded as a life-saving.

Of course, what really lifted Shen Qian’s spirits was that the system finally learned to record videos at key points.

Don’t get me wrong.

What Shen Qian is interested in is definitely not the picture of healing, but the context of the Great Dao as mentioned by system.

This is an area that only Mountain And Sea can reach, but listening to the meaning of the system, it seems that I have the possibility to seek the way in advance.

This is outrageous.

So Shen Qian sat upright with the attitude of observing and learning, and retrieved the memory fragment with a serious face.

Hey, this avenue of veins… so white!

(end of this chapter)

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