I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 152


Chapter 152 Women in the Ancient Age

Shen Qian facial expression grave, digesting this extra memory in his mind.

Shen Qian really “saw” the Dao Foundation of Tantai Qin.

It was a nearly broken sword.

The sword was as black as ink, with red marks on it, like blood.

Shen Qian doesn’t know how the system does it, but it guides the Essence Power in Tantai Qin’s body to follow a certain law, scouring the handle that exists in the spiritual platform over and over again. In the sword, repaired some extremely serious cracks one after another.

Essence Power is the advancement of vitality and one of the symbols of Mountain And Sea.

Originally, Shen Qian really came to watch the Dao Foundation of Tantai Qin, but Shen Qian found that she still couldn’t understand it.

The same dizziness and disorientation reappeared as I stared at Dao Shi for a long time.

Shen Qian, who broke free, felt that he was still impatient. Even if there was a possibility of seeking the Tao in advance, it was too early for him.

His battle strength is comparable to that of Martial Artist, that’s right, but his real realm is still just a scum of the second stage of Beginner Martial Artist.

After trying to observe it several times, Shen Qian gave up after trying to get in, opened his eyes, and returned his consciousness to reality.

Road stones, energy plus a Peak Mountain And Sea powerhouse’s avenue vein.

The system this time is full of rewards.

The only question is… Was Tantai Qin conscious at the time?

Taking away the space spar can barely be said to be offset by saving her life, but the matter of taking off the clothes…

I don’t want to think about the result, anyway, Tantai Qin did not know that he did it.

The two had never met before.

…But I have to say that this elder sister’s appearance is really top-notch, and she deserves to be a strange woman with hills and valleys.

After moving away from the Beidu boundary, the plane also became stable. About two hours later, the plane penetrated the clouds and moved towards Jing City below and landed.

Shen Qian put his head in front of the window, and for the first time, he could see the entire Jing City, including the restricted area all around, from a bird’s-eye view.

The economic level of Jing City is not high, but there are still very few high-rise buildings. The most eye-catching is naturally the Heavenspan Pagoda that reaches the sky.

Unfortunately, Shen Qian took a look for a while, but couldn’t find the silhouette sitting at the top of the tower. It looked hazy from this angle, presumably because of the weather adjustment system.

In Jing City all around, in the raging sandstorm, lakes, forests, and mountain peaks are vaguely visible, but they seem to be stained with white.

As it got closer, Shen Qian finally saw clearly that the whites were all snow. ‘


Shen Qian frowned, thinking of Fuya Valley for no reason.

Speaking of which, the other ghost didn’t know how to deal with it last time.

But soon, Shen Qian dispelled these messy thoughts again. With a big boss sitting in the town, Jing City as stable as Mount Tai, it was not his turn to worry about anything.

After getting off the plane with Dao Jiu, Shen Qian called Shen Liang.

After waiting for half an hour, Shen Liang drove a brand new black red flag off-road to pick up Shen Qian and Dao Jiu.

This is what Shen Liang specially requested before, probably because he thinks that there are four cars in the family now but they don’t need much use, which is a bit uncomfortable for the old couple who have never lived a luxurious life.

Shen Qian had heard Wang Xiaojuan murmur before that if the cars presented by these companies were not a symbol of her son’s honor, she would have sold them.

“Dad, I think my mother sent me a message two days ago. Did you mention the deputy director?” Shen Qian asked with a smile in the car.

“There is such a thing, the appointment just came down yesterday.” Shen Liang nodded, and said quite self-deprecatingly, “If I were still in the workshop now, where would I still have time to pick you up?”

Shen Qian heard that Shen Liang was in a low mood and didn’t know how to answer for a while.

Wang Xiaojuan’s information is very detailed with what he said. Regarding the relationship between seniority and qualifications, it was impossible for the deputy director to take Shen Liang’s turn. The reason is naturally because of Shen Qian.

For Shen Liang, who has always been diligent and down-to-earth, there will obviously be a psychological gap.

When Shen Liang saw that Shen Qian didn’t speak, he shook his head and smiled, patted Shen Qian’s shoulder, “Don’t worry, your father, I’m not that hypocritical, and it’s not bad for a father to be expensive, others want to learn. I still can’t learn it!”

“It’s just that I suddenly got idle and sat in the office all day drinking tea and reading reports, which is a bit unaccustomed to it.”

Seeing Shen Liang As if comforting herself, Shen Qian felt relieved.

“Well, Dad, have you ever thought about picking up Martial Arts again?” Shen Qian pondered for a while, then asked suddenly.

“Huh?” Shen Liang started, and said unexpectedly, “I’m so old…”

This is an era of martial arts for all people, at least in Before the college entrance examination, everyone dreamed of being a Martial Artist.

It was only after the college entrance examination that the civil and military were divided, and most of the people, like Shen Liang, gradually became mediocre.

Although the number of Martial Artists in the society is huge, most of them are Beginner Martial Artists.

Shen Liang also broke through Beginner Martial Artist when he was in his twenties, but with the passage of time and lack of exercise, his vitality disappeared long ago.

Now listening to Shen Qian mention this, Shen Liang is still a little bit moved.

Shen Qian didn’t do it on a whim. As his horizons gradually increased and his contacts became more and more popular, Shen Qian also had his own ideas.

Although my parents are old, they are not so old that they are completely out of touch with Martial Arts.

And Martial Arts is not only a competition of innate talent and age, but also a competition of resources.

Of course, the upper limit is there, and Shen Liang also has an impossible how big achievement, but with his own support, he uses Martial Arts to temper his body, improve his blood, avoid diseases, and achieve a basic The effect of prolonging life is still feasible.

Like Old Liu’s grandmother, who is over a hundred years old, and is still alive and kicking… Well, this adjective is said by the Six Senior Brothers himself, and it is because of Old Liu’s support.

Compared to the huge resources needed for their own breakthrough, it is only a drizzle to support their loved ones.

“Damn, you’re only in your forties, you’re not old at all. Which of those Mountain And Seas didn’t start at the age of fifty, I’ll help you find a suitable cultivation technique and give you some medicine pills. Not to mention, there is still hope for middle Martial Artist and even high Martial Artist.”

Shen Qian said with a smile, “And after the teacher helps mother heal her body, you can also bring mother to practice together. , Quan should be exercising, and it can be considered a pastime.”

“That’s fine, I’ll try it!” Shen Liang readily agreed when he heard that it made sense.

Seeing the rays of light in father’s eyes, Shen Qian also smiled.


Shen Qian, who returned to Jing City, stayed at home for three days honestly, and Shen Liang and Wang Xiaojuan seemed to have a hunch, and they pushed everything away in these three days, A family of three… and Dao Jiu, spent two happy days.

During the period, Shen Qian took her parents to a farmhouse in the countryside.

The farmhouses of this era are pure high-end luxury products. There are only three or two families in the entire Jing City. Although they are very close to Jing City, they are still within the protection range of the protective cover, but also not ordinary people can operate.

The per capita consumption of playing a day is about 50,000.

Shen Liang and Wang Xiaojuan opened their eyes to the orchard that contained more than a dozen kinds of fresh fruits that could be picked at will.

On the morning of the fourth day, Shen Qian went to school first.

After returning from school, Shen Qian, who had packed some luggage, just walked out of the bedroom door when she saw Shen Liang sitting in the living room waiting.

“Going?” Shen Liang’s expression was complicated.

That is not only a kind of gratification for my son to fly away when he grows up, but also a kind of well-hidden reluctance and some worries.

“en.” Shen Qian nodded, looked around and didn’t see Wang Xiaojuan, she said, “Where’s the mother?”

“She was afraid that she couldn’t help crying, a big one. I went to the training class in the morning.”

“As for it, I will definitely come back once before I go to university.” Shen Qian helplessly said.

“But anyway, your time at home is getting less and less now, and it will only be less in the future.” Fill it out, where are you going?”

Shen Qian went to school in the morning just to fill in the application form, which Shen Liang could still guess.

With Shen Qian’s achievements, he really looked at the whole of China or the whole world, and all the colleges and universities were chosen by him.

“Go to Jiang Prefecture, military force.” Shen Qian didn’t hide it.

Shen Liang’s expression became more complicated, “I really want to join the army… Then I won’t tell your mother for the time being.”

“Well, then I’m leaving, I guess I’m going to stay outside for a month this time, and mother will be taken care of by you.”

After saying goodbye to Shen Liang, Shen Qian took Dao Jiu out of Xingfu Community, and bypassed the The number one archway where many people check in, went straight to Heavenspan Pagoda.

The idea of going out to practice sometime came when the college entrance examination was over. All colleges and universities don’t start school until after September. If it’s just monotonous ironing during this time, it would be too boring. .

Shen Qian knows that his shortcoming will never be in cultivation. He needs more knowledge to improve his experience and temperament.

But before going out to wave, there are still some things that need to be settled, so Shen Qian plans to go to Heavenspan Pagoda to stay for a few days.

For example, the road stone in the hand.

Shen Qian has also thought about how to deal with the hundred kilograms of stone.

Currently, there are four options.

First, through the channel of Shi Dingyan, it is publicly sold at the large Martial Arts treasure auction, which should be the method with the highest economic benefits, but it is also very risky.

It’s the same as having a hard face with the Duke of Yanshan.

There is basically no way to hide it, as long as this hundred-pound stone appears on the market, Duke Yanshan will definitely know about it.

And there is no excuse.

There is no reason at all for a prince to be enmity with you.

Second, give it directly to the Hall of Hundred Kings in exchange for contribution points.

According to the listed price, 100 pounds of road stones can be exchanged for 10,000 contribution points. What is the concept?

The Qilin Egg that no one cares about is priced at 9999 contribution points.

It is equivalent to Shen Qian who can exchange for a legendary Divine Beast egg as long as he gives the Dao Stone to the Hall of Hundred Kings.

This is a living three billion wealth.

From this point of view, the system this time has really achieved a lot of votes, and it is no wonder that the Yanshan Guild is so angry that it lost self-control…

Yes, Shen Qian From Wei Sijian’s mouth, he probably knew what happened in Beidu that day.

Thirdly, keep it for yourself, and then make plans when one day you have the ability to set up a sky-shattering formation or clear comprehension of other uses for the stone.

But this choice is stupid, because it does not meet the timeliness and maximum value of resource utilization.

And there are a lot of variables.

Fourth, hand over the Dao Shi directly to Big Brother Gao.

The fact that Shen Qian can’t play the role of Dao Shi does not mean that the boss can’t either.

But there are two issues involved. First, how will the boss, Gao, react when he learns that he has actually robbed Meiyuan’s Dao Shi, and the second is whether he can get practical benefits from it.

After thinking about it, Shen Qian could actually choose between two and four.

On second thought, Shen Qian also ruled out the second.

The reason is actually quite simple. Selling to the Palace of Hundred Kings is as risky.

That is equivalent to confessing to the Hundred Kings Palace that he is the “thief”, even if other people don’t know it, the Hundred Kings Palace itself must know.

In fact, there are still many mysterious things for Shen Qian in the current Hall of Hundred Kings.

There are unknown hidden dangers in this disclosure.

He touches on Shen Qian’s biggest secret.

On second thought, the boss Gao is the one who most impossible to harm himself.

Shen Qian can only respect Gao, who has helped him a lot.

It was Shen Qian himself, who never gave anything back to sect.

With such an analysis, Shen Qian is suddenly enlightened, yes, then turn it over to the organization.

At Heavenspan Pagoda, the gatekeepers are still Qian Weiyun and Wu Hongxu, who are already familiar with Shen Qian.

“Nine Senior Brothers!”

The two of them looked solemn and loudly shouted.

“What are you guys doing with your sullen faces?”

Shen Qian, who was taken aback, saw the two of them have a composed bearing, and even changed the long-distance running on her body. , which is very different from the past, can not help but Strangely said.

“Third Senior Brother said that the Disciple we were guarding was too lazy, and directly ordered the Academy to make corrections, which was linked to the end-of-year assessment results. We can’t be serious!”

The two looked bitter, but they were already familiar with Shen Qian’s easy-going personality, so Qian Weiyun complained directly.

“What’s even more exaggerated is that we also invited professional security guards and hostesses to train us. Brother Jiu Senior, if you talk about this, we are not real doormen. Is it?”

Shen Qian was amused, but thinking about Shi Dingyan’s character, he could really do it.

The accommodating nature of Third Senior Brother is only valid for those who are close to him. In fact, he is quite rigid in the bones and pays more attention to the rules. From all the Disciples of Jing City Marquis, only Shi Dingyan has not been raised. It can be seen when Lao Gao passes the little black house.

…Of course I have to add a Shen Qian now, but Shen Qian’s time in the sect is too short to count.

“Speaking of which, Brother Nine Senior is your fault…” Wu Hongxu said faintly.

“What do the rules set by the Third Senior Brother have to do with me?” Shen Qian was a little confused.

“Originally, Third Senior Brother basically didn’t go out, but since you started at Nine Senior Brother, in just two or three months, Third Senior Brother has gone out four or five times, and we were also caught. I’ve been arrested four or five times.”

Seeing Wu Hongxu’s face full of resentment, Shen Qian thought about it carefully, and it really made sense.

Like the last time Shi Dingyan went to Fuya Valley to rescue Shen Qian, and the big banquet after his champion, Shi Dingyan did give Shi Dingyan more reasons to go out.

“My credits will be given to you at the end of the year assessment.”

Although she knew that the two of them had a little bit of performance, Shen Qian gave a generous promise.

So in a series of rainbow farts such as “Nine Senior Brothers are handsome again”, “Shocked”, “Even the bodyguards are so tall and mighty”, Shen Qian walked in. Heavenspan Pagoda.

Still didn’t have time to experience the stairs of Heavenspan Pagoda, Shen Qian took Dao Jiu to the 99th floor by elevator.

After placing Dao Jiu in his mansion, Shen Qian walked to the top floor.

Under the dome, several domestic cats chased and ran across the grass under their feet. At the end of the platform, at the level of the sky, they sat quietly in white clothed, staring at the white clouds. Cang dog.

Time flies, he seems to have never left, or has been waiting here for Shen Qian.

A strong illusion appeared in Shen Qian’s mind.

It seems that I am lucky, the boss Gao happens to be there.

Thinking about this, Shen Qian walked over in a composure, first respectfully gave a salute, “teacher.”

“North Capital…how about?” Big boss Gao Yi waved his hand , changed Shen Qian’s seat before asking with a light smile.

“Not bad.”

Shen Qian’s mind reverberated with the places he had walked with Ding Yi.

The kisses in the sunset under the Great Wall, the kisses behind the pillars in the Forbidden City, the kisses behind the bookshelves in the library, the kisses in the woods by the Weiming Lake…

Oh, no , I can’t think about it anymore, it’s going to be too sweet.

Gao Wenyuan suddenly burst into laughter, but that expression just disappeared for a moment, and he glanced at the sack in Shen Qian’s hand.

“Bring it?”


Shen Qian, who was still thinking about things, put the sack on the table subconsciously.

Shen Qian, who came back to his senses, was taken aback.

This means… the boss Gao already knows that he has brought Dao Shi?

No, no, with the high ability of the boss, he might have known it when he walked into Heavenspan Pagoda.

And this stone can’t be put into the space spar for some reason, so the boss Gao will definitely know in advance.

But the problem is, the teacher’s response is too dull.

Now that he knew about the existence of Dao Shi, he couldn’t hide the matter in Beidu. It was only at this time that Shen Qian realized what the big boss asked about “How is Beidu”? Thinking about love, love, love…

“You’re so bold, you even dare to grab something from Han Chi.”

Gao Wenyuan grabbed a stone, smiled and said Faintly.

Shen Qian reacted for a while, and then roughly guessed that Han Chi was probably the real name of Duke Yanshan.

Shen Qian didn’t know how to answer, so she could only scratch her head sadly.

“The cause and effect of these stones are too heavy, but they are not easy to deal with.” Gao Wenyuan said thoughtfully.

“Huh?” Shen Qian startled, “Can’t it be used?”

“It’s just a little bit of work, but it’s not at worst.”

Gao Wenyuan indifferently said .

Shen Qian couldn’t understand the meaning behind the words of Big Brother Gao, only vaguely felt that this sentence had an inexplicable domineering meaning.

“You come back to me in seven days.” Gao Wenyuan continued.

Seeing that Shen Qian was still confused, Gao Wenyuan smiled, “Although I have some inventory, I still need to go out for a walk if I want to set up the Heavenly Array.”

Heavenly Array!

Shen Qian’s body trembled, and his heart couldn’t help but surprise.

Undoubtedly, based on the information obtained by the Hall of Hundred Kings and the actions of Duke Yanshan, the known way to maximize the effect of the Dao and Stone is to smash the sky.

And the teacher can also be arranged.

In this way, Shen Qian’s trip was well worth it. She didn’t die in vain, and she could get huge benefits from it.

“The teacher, I’ll go first.”

The contented Shen Qian bowed, hesitated for a while, and then said goodbye.

He had a momentary entanglement just now, should he consult Big Brother Gao about the context of the Great Dao?

But this doesn’t explain how he knew about Tantai Qin’s avenues. For Martial Artist, it’s the same as underpants.

Shen Qian saluted and turned to leave until he reached the entrance of the corridor. Suddenly, a lightly said sounded in Shen Qian’s ear.

“You, it’s better to provoke less women from the ancient times, it’s a lot of trouble.”

Shen Qian staggered, turned around and looked, the boss Gao Zao Zao disappeared.

If it weren’t for the fact that his hearing ability was changing day by day, and it was impossible for him to hear it wrong, he would almost doubt whether the voice just now was his own hallucination.

…but what does teacher mean?

What is the meaning of the ancient law era?

Who is the woman referring to, Tantai Qin?

How could the teacher know that he was involved with her?

Shen Qian was full of questions, but Gao Wenyuan obviously didn’t give Shen Qian a chance to ask questions. With such a mindless and seemingly kind reminder, Shen Qian very doubted that the big guy Gao was deliberately giving it to himself. The reason for insomnia.


Liu Changqing didn’t know where to go, Shi Dingyan was in retreat, Shen Qian went to Ji Ruoshui to sit for a while, and rubbed some peaches to eat. Just left Heavenspan Pagoda.

I still have to stay in Jing City for seven days. Shen Qian is planning this seven-day itinerary in the heart. Suddenly saw a flash in front of her, and then a tall silhouette stood before Dao Jiu could react. in front of Shen Qian.

Shen Qian stopped Dao Jiu, who was moving, and greeted someone unexpectedly.

“Commander Yu!”

“Shen Qian, classmates, we meet again.”

middle-aged man in a straight suit, staring at Shen Qian with a smile , it is the commander of Jiang Zhongjun Lushu Camp who had dealt with Shen Qian once, and also the new dean of Jiang Zhongjunwu’s academic affairs, Yu Shousi.

“Commander Yu came so fast, I clearly only filled out the volunteer in the morning.” Shen Qian didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“I’ve been waiting day and night for this decision of Shen Qian, so naturally there will be no delay.”

Yu Shousi said sincerely, “Thank you to Shen Qian for her final decision. Choose, I believe Jiang Zhongjunwu will not let you down.”

Speaking, Yu Shousi handed over an admission letter with a black background and a gilt border with the Junwu logo on it.

“Commander Yu is too polite. This is a two-way choice. How dare you send the admission notice in person?”

Shen Qian was touched.

A Mountain And Sea powerhouse runs around for himself, such an attitude is really hard to fault.

“It’s not just a notification letter.”

Yu Shousi smiled and took out a sealed document bag and handed it to Shen Qian.

“This is?” Shen Qian startled.

“Inside is a bank card with 10 million yuan, and the appointment order that I promised before, which has been stamped with the seal of the military.”

“As long as Shen Student Qian signed on it. From today, you are the Hundred-Men Commander of the 9th Company of the 9th Company of the Lushu Battalion of the Jiangzhong Army, and have the qualification to fight independently.”

“Ten million?” Shen Qian startled.

After he became the national champion, major colleges and universities also raised their prices when they contacted him again.

No matter how high it is, it is not a matter of whether Shen Qian is worth it or not, but a problem with the upper limit of the school’s rules and regulations.

However, Jiang Zhongjunwu was still as generous as last time, directly from 3 million to 10 million.

“Actually, it’s not too much, because it actually contains some compensation for Shen Qian.” Yu Shousi shook his head.

“Compensation?” Shen Qian didn’t understand.

“The position I promised to Shen Qian was Hundred-Men Commander. Originally, you won the national champion in the military, so the treatment in this area should also be increased, but the army has its own rules after all, and neither can I. A higher military rank is given, but the military rank that can be awarded to Shen Qian is mentioned as Level 1, which is directly awarded to ‘Lieutenant’.”

“Apart from this, it means that the cash reward will be increased, which is considered a Compensation.”

After listening to Yu Shousi’s explanation, Shen Qian accepted Yu Shousi’s explanation, and said no more, he stepped forward, took a deep breath, and took it with a solemn expression file holder.

Lieutenant, Hundred-Men Commander…he doesn’t really care.

He just wanted to experience the road that Song second brother once walked.

Perhaps, Shen Qian can also find his own way.

She declined Shen Qian’s invitation to stay for dinner, and Yu Shousi, who had other important tasks, jumped into the air and said goodbye to Shen Qian with a smile.

“On the eighth day of September, Hou Jun in Jiang Prefecture!”

(end of this chapter)

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