I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 159


Chapter 159 Little children make choices

“Don’t be fooled by Chai Haotian’s directness.”

When Shen Qian was distracted, Ling Xiao drank a glass of red wine and suddenly said, “No one can sit on the seat of the city lord easily.”

“Huh?” Shen Qian heard Fifth Senior Brother has hidden meaning, can’t help but ask: “What does Fifth Senior Brother mean?”

“He seems to be heart-to-heart with you, and the city lord who wants to help you sit down for a term is true, but he still He didn’t say it for a very important reason.”

Ling Xiao leisurely said.


“Normally speaking, once the Lord of the entire City leaves office, the people’s roads will stagnate and even collapse, but there is also a Exception.”

Ling Xiao saw Shen Qian looked thoughtful and couldn’t help saying with a smile, “It seems that you have already thought of it.”

“Personally appoint an heir?” Shen Qian asked .

“That’s right.” Ling Xiao nodded, “If the heir you designated is recognized and you personally support him, your morals will be preserved to the greatest extent, and there will be a symbiotic relationship with you. , your morality can feed back his morality.”

β€œIn other words, the better you manage Jing City in the future, the more he will benefit.”

β€œso that’s how it is.” Shen Qian said suddenly.

I can fully understand why Chai Haotian pushed himself to the top.

“Of course, being selfish doesn’t mean denying his character. He does think for Jing City. Humans are complex creatures, and this is not a black and white world. You decide for yourself.”

Ling Xiao lightly said with a smile.

“I know.”

Shen Qian nodded, turned towards the blurred lights under the Jing City night sky, and was a little ecstatic, “Fifth Senior Brother, would you have …responsibility?”

“en?” Ling Xiao started.

“Isn’t it often said in old movies that with great power comes great responsibility?”

Shen Qian muttered, “I’ve been a little confused recently, I’m obviously not a Saint, and I’m not even a Saint. There are many shortcomings, but I don’t seem to see too much suffering, I may have the ability to change a little thing…”

“Maybe some things are not my responsibility, but there is still a kind of inexplicable Guilt.”

“Fifth Senior Brother, you have lived so long and you are strong enough, do you have this strange feeling of righteousness?”

Shen Qian turned head, staring at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao first raised his eyebrows, but after a short thought, he seemed to understand something, he said with a smile: “Is it because of… those sergeants in Fuya Valley?”

“en. “Shen Qian nods.


Ling Xiao smiled carefreely and poured a glass of wine for Shen Qian.

“Humans are complex creatures, but they are also social creatures. Your fetters are the meaning of your being a human being.”

“It is better to say that with great ability comes great responsibility. It is said that the greater the responsibility, the greater the ability.”

“Little Junior Brother, I am very pleased that you will always examine your heart, and I hope you will keep it up and not become an ‘inhuman’ monster in the future. “

“Fifth Senior Brother means… the Ministry of Martial Arts?”

Shen Qian remembered the scolding that Sunstone made.

“The Ministry of Martial Arts, I’m not very good at evaluating it, let’s leave it to those princes to judge.” Ling Xiao shook his head, “As for your confusion, it’s not actually a major event, just follow your heart. “

“It’s like that ancient poem, it’s still tenacious after a thousand hardships…” Ling Xiao recited aloud.

“Ren Er East, West, North, and South wind!”

Shen Qian blurted out, and immediately looked at Ling Xiao, laughed, and toasted together.

“Let’s go, it’s time for the teacher to be angry.”

Ling Xiao called the Boss to check out and said at the same time.

“Why is the teacher angry?” Shen Qian was taken aback.

“I just came back to Jing City and didn’t report to him first, but came to fool around with you. Of course the teacher has reason to be angry.”

Ling Xiao said angrily.

“Don’t look at the teacher who seems to be very enlightened, in fact, in the bones pays great attention to etiquette, so only the Third Senior Brother who knows the most rules can always accompany the teacher, understand?”

The last sentence Ling Xiao lowered his voice, almost humming. Fortunately, Shen Qian’s ears and brains were very smart, so he probably guessed what Ling Xiao was talking about.

Shen Qian originally wanted to refute, because the boss was still very easy-going in front of him, but when he thought about Liu Changqing’s tragic past, he became unsure.


Shen Qian and Ling Xiao returned to Heavenspan Pagoda, Ling Xiao went to see the boss Gao first, Shen Qian and Shi Dingyan exchanged a few words and returned to their 99th floor.

Although the boss Gao has returned, it will take a day or two to set up the Heavenly Array, and other senior brothers and senior sisters will have to wait.

There is not much time, and Shen Qian is too lazy to go out to toss. It happened to be two days of retreat to improve his strength.

The cooling-off period for the decoration on the 99th floor has passed, and it has become a state where people can live. Shen Qian directly came to the private cultivation room with an area of 100 square meters.

Outside the floor-to-ceiling glass of the cultivation room is an infinity pool connected to the balcony.

The layout of the mansion is such a cow.

…just a solitary cultivation blanket in the huge cultivation room, which looks very empty.

Shen Qian couldn’t help it either.

Although Mr. Gao paid for the decoration fee and the decoration company also sent some basic household furniture, he could only solve the problem of eating and sleeping.

Just a little bit of furniture, obviously doesn’t match the temperament of a mansion.

However, if all this area of more than 3,000 square meters is equipped with high-end furniture, the cost will be equally huge, and Shen Qian does not have the spare money for the time being.

Not to mention that cultivation equipment is the most expensive, such as a high-frequency treadmill, which costs hundreds of thousands for any pheasant brand.

If you follow the standard configuration of the diamond cultivation room in the Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall, how can there be a starting point of 5 million.

Considering the speed of Shen Qian’s progress, the replacement is a huge problem.

“It’s still not enough, and millions have to struggle…”

Shen Qian just sighed when the bracelet vibrated.

“Your bank card ending in 1024 will be credited with 100,000,000 Huaxia Dollars, and the balance will be 34,791,522.78 yuan. Dear Mr. Shen, our bank’s latest launch…”

Shen Qian was refreshed.

Yes, City Lord Chai is efficient.

It’s as efficient as being heard.

At this moment, Shen Qian was still a little bit in a trance, unconsciously, he had accumulated a lot of wealth.

At the end of the college entrance examination, Shen Qian only had 2 million yuan. After that, the Ministry of Education awarded 3 million in cash, and the Martial Arts Department awarded 5 million.

Then Jiang Zhongjunwu gave 10 million yuan, plus today’s 10 million yuan, as well as some fragmentary rewards from schools in some places, the total is close to 35 million now.

apart from this, Shen Qian also has a useless five million exchange coupon, a space ring…

plus fixed assets, it has become about fifty million the rich.

Oh, I almost forgot, the contribution value of the Hall of Hundred Kings can be exchanged for 20 million, which is 100 million per minute rounded up!

Thinking of the Palace of Hundred Kings, Shen Qian couldn’t sit still again. He took out the golden ball and logged into the virtual space.

Just to see if the last reply was accepted.


Shen Qian opened his eyes and found himself sitting on the throne.

Before he could say hello to Wan Ning, who was wearing a short skirt with suspenders, he was stunned by the sound of “ding dong ding dong”.

“Dear members of Baiwangdian, you have new community news, please check it in time!”

“Your reply has been automatically adopted by the system, and the contribution value has been 50 points. Automatically added to the balance, please check in time!”

“Dear member of the Hall of Hundred Kings, you…”

The series of prompt sounds made Shen Qian a little confused.

At a cursory glance, his unread messages in his community mailbox were actually displayed as “99+”.

What kind of hornet’s nest is this?

Shen Qian realized later that it should have something to do with her replies.

He glanced at it roughly, and among the thirty messages in the entire interface, six were the messages that the replies were accepted with a reward, and nine were messages that the replies were unlocked by other people spending their contribution points. The next fifteen articles are all private messages from the martial skill discussion forum.

The content of those private messages is also myriad.

“Martial God? Post the location.”

“Big brother, weakly ask if you are a prince, can you read my post, Mengxin kneels to ask questions !”

“What number are you, if you dare to call yourself Martial God, don’t hide it!”

“I read your post, and I have a question I want to discuss, twin martial I have been researching skills for decades, but you said that the end of the twin martial skills is still one, can you explain in detail why, I am willing to spend 100 contribution points and look forward to your reply!”

“Martial God, do you want to try how soft Mountain And Sea’s waist is?”


Some are provocative, some are dissatisfied, some are asking for advice, discuss Yes, hiss, there’s something about that…Although it is estimated that the probability of fishing is greater,

Shen Qian re-studied the martial skill discussion area, and then it suddenly dawned on him, because he didn’t turn off the privacy Settings, so others can view his reply record.

He has responded to so many posts in a short period of time, and it is no wonder that he has attracted a lot of attention.

Shen Qian ignored those private messages for the time being, but clicked into her community profile and looked towards her balance.

Even with some psychological predictions, Shen Qian stayed for a while.

“Contribution value balance: 1032 points.”

In just two or three days, Shen Qian’s contribution value soared by more than 600 points.

While Shen Qian was staring like this, his balance jumped again and became 1033 points.

Shen Qian realized that these 600+ points are not only the sum of the “beam repairs” he got, but also many, which are the contribution points paid by others for viewing his replies.

1000 points, converted into Huaxia coins, that is 100 million of genuine.

No need to round up, Shen Qian realized that he already had 100 million.

Shen Qian almost couldn’t resist the urge to order the most expensive set of body refinement equipment.

…forget it, the Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall is for me.

Shen Qian, who was not swollen, calmed down and opened the martial skill discussion forum again.

At a glance, Shen Qian saw the bright red post: “Who is Martial God?”

Clicking in and looking at it, the replies have been close to 200, although many of them are Duplicate ID, but enough to illustrate the popularity of this post.

Shen Qian looked down and looked at it, all kinds of guesses and ridicule, but no one guessed No. 98.

It’s also normal. In everyone’s consciousness, they basically think that this “Martial God” is a new vest for an old member. The more discussion is whether “Martial God” is a prince or not.

It’s great to make a fortune in silence.

Shen Qian re-screened golden posts and found two answers with a contribution value of more than 30 points.

This time he was more restrained and didn’t reply to many posts in one go.

After finishing, Shen Qian returned to the personal interface and opened the Exchange System.

One thousand contribution points should be enough for a good consumption.

There are a lot of treasures in the Exchange System, including the psionic equipment that Shen Qian needs to use recently, and the prices are also different.

In fact, although the contribution value of 1000 points is a lot, it still needs to be cautious about how to spend it.

Shen Qian was lost in thought.

What is he missing the most?

The psionic equipment can be slowed down for a while, and he still has five million exchange coupons that are useless.

The martial skill is no longer needed. Shen Qian estimates that with his current strength, he can learn a two-star martial skill at most.

What 2-star martial skill can have a “Shadow Blade”?

β€œA treasure to quickly increase your strength!”

Shen Qian suddenly realized what she needed.

The speed of his progress is really not slow, but if others can improve his strength by 100Kg, he may need ten times.

So Shen Qian felt unhappy with this feeling.

Shen Qian looked towards Wan Ning, who had been waiting quietly beside him, forced himself to look away from Bai Shengsheng’s thigh, and asked, “Wan Ning, is there anything that can quickly increase vitality?”

“According to your needs, there are 29 treasure options in the Exchange System, and after excluding various restrictions, there are three most suitable for Beginner Martial Artist realm, please check.”

After a night of operation, I screened out the three suitable for Shen Qian in the Exchange System.

Shen Qian looked at it and couldn’t help but stare. There are three types of treasures, two are medicine pills and one is Spirit Treasure.

The so-called Spirit Treasure is a rare treasure born after the recovery of Spiritual Qi.

The first medicine pill is “Nayuandan”.

After seeing the introduction of Shen Qian, it is clear that Nayuandan is an advanced version of Rongyuandan, but because the refining materials cannot be artificially cultivated, it is not common in the market, and only flows in a small area. .

Rongyuandan has negligible effect on Shen Qian today, but Nayuandan is different, it can increase the amount of vitality fixedly.

A piece of Yuandan will increase your vitality by one or two.

This “two” is used very spiritually, and Shen Qian was not quite sure how much vitality one or two had.

Beginner Martial Artist realm can be taken at most 100 capsules, after which it will no longer be able to be taken due to the precipitation of medicinal properties, otherwise there is a risk of being backlashed by vitality.

One is sold for three contribution points.

Shen Qian Forget it, this means that in the outside world, a Nayuan Dan will sell for close to one million!

Hey, what a luxurious medicine pill!

You must know that this is the medicine pill of Beginner Martial Artist realm.

A million will increase vitality by one or two.

No wonder this medicine pill is so unpopular.

The second medicine pill is “Juding Pill”.

The name means Three Flowers Gather on Crown. After taking it, it can increase the body’s magnetism in a short time and absorb vitality faster.

There is no limit to this, but the valid time varies from person to person. The maximum is a few days, and the shortest is a few hours.

The price of one piece is five contribution points.

…and another million medicine pills.

The Third Type rare treasure is a jade stone called ‘Black Jade’, with only three remaining in stock.

The effect of black jade is similar to that of Judingdan, and it lasts longer, which can reach more than one month, but the growth rate is not as much as that of Judingdan.

The price is 40 contribution points.

It costs 10 million for such a thing?

Shen Qian bared his teeth, and once again deeply felt what is called “rich fight while the poor write”.

If it wasn’t for his 1,000 Contribution Points, he would really only have to look at it.

As for what to choose?

Shen Qian soon had an idea…

It was the little child who made the choice.

Of course he wants it all.

One hundred Nayuan Dan, ten Juding Dan, and three black jade.

After clicking Redeem, Shen Qian’s contribution value was directly deducted by 470 points.

It’s equivalent to just feeling that I had a 100 million Shen Qian, and I spent 100 million in a blink of an eye…

Thinking about how extravagant I am in the second stage of Beginner Martial Artist, Shen Qian has nodded pain.

Then wait until you are promoted to Martial Artist and spend billions of minutes without scoring?

(end of this chapter)

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