I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 160


Chapter 160 Formation

After placing the order, Shen Qian entered the main hall to have a look, probably because it was late at night The reason is that there are not many people online, so he lost the mind of the water group, and after saying hello to Wanning, he directly exited the Hall of Hundred Kings.

After tidying up, Shen Qian was about to take a bath to wash away the residual blood smell, when the doorbell on the wall of the cultivation room rang suddenly.

Shen Qian walked over and pressed the call button, and Qian Weiyun’s face squeezed from the screen.

“Xiao Qian, what’s the matter?”

“Nine Senior Brother, you have a courier that needs to be signed by me, do you want him to come?”

Qian Weiyun’s face seemed a little weird.


Shen Qian startled, he hasn’t bought anything recently, no, he just placed an order at the Hundred Kings Highness…

Hi, No way?

Shen Qian thought of a certain possibility, but without asking any further questions, he let Qian Weiyun go directly.

This is in Heavenspan Pagoda anyway. For Shen Qian, there is no safer place in the world than here.

Passing through his mansion with thousands of square meters, just as Shen Qian reached the door, he saw a strange man in a cloak with a slightly hunched waist getting out of the elevator.

He was holding a package in his hands. After seeing Shen Qian, he lowered his head and handed the package over with both hands.

“Many thanks.”

Shen Qian was very polite, with surprise deep in his eyes.

Because the man in the cloak, if he didn’t sense the smell wrong… was a Mountain And Sea.

The Mountain And Sea courier sucks!

Is it Shen Qian’s illusion?

How come I feel that Mountain And Sea powerhouse is becoming more and more common recently.

The cloak Mountain And Sea couldn’t see his face clearly. After bowing to Shen Qian again, he turned and left without saying a word.

I don’t know if it’s Shen Qian’s illusion. I always feel that the other party’s walking posture is very strange.

After watching the other party take the elevator to leave, Shen Qian returned to the cultivation room with the package, and then checked the package.

There was a throne imprint on the package, which instantly convinced Shen Qian that it really was the package from the Hall of Hundred Kings.

…he only took ten minutes to place an order!

This delivery speed is also unmatched.

But obviously, Shen Qian is very satisfied with this.

After all, when the desire to buy is the strongest, it is also the time when you like the things you buy the most. If you can get it at that time, it is a kind of happiness in itself.

“Live broadcast to unpack 100 million packages!”

Shen Qian even recorded a video.

The outer packaging was torn open, revealing a black box about 30 centimeters long. There was no restriction on it, just an ordinary metal buckle, which opened the box with a flick.

Eleven small porcelain vases in cyan and blue, and three black jade stones sealed in a crystal box.

The black jade also has traces of blood-colored lines, which are fluttering slightly, extremely beautiful.

In terms of appearance alone, no one would have guessed that such a thing would cost Shen Qian 100 million.

After a quick rinse, Shen Qian and Dao Jiu said hello, then went to Shi Dingyan again, and immediately closed the door of the cultivation room and entered the retreat mode directly.


Under the bright light, Shen Qian sat cross-legged.

On the delicate plate in front of him, there was a pile of round chocolate-like pills.

One hundred Nayuan Pills are all here.

Normally speaking, although Nayuandan can take 100 tablets, it also needs to be done every 100 days.

But Shen Qian felt that she was not a normal person.

With the openness of his body, he should be more tolerant than the average Martial Artist.

So Shen Qian is not going to follow the steps.

If it really takes 100 days, what’s the point of spending a lot of money?

Thinking like this, Shen Qian squeezed a Nayuan Dan and stuffed it in his mouth, while he picked up the bottle next to him and took a sip of the packaged 77-year-old red wine.

The taste of medicine pill is not very good, slightly bitter, but it is quickly washed away by the mellow aroma of red wine.

Shen Qian closed his eyes and carefully felt the changes brought about by Na Yuandan.

He was really curious as to how much vitality a tael had.

The coolness spread from Shen Qian’s stomach and reached his whole body in the blink of an eye.

A subtle itch is constantly passing through the meridian.

The pain is moderate, the itching is weak, add a little salt…Bah, it’s not as uncomfortable as Shen Qian imagined.

The colorful Spiritual Qi around seemed to be attracted by some kind of strong and poured into Shen Qian’s body.

Shen Qian did not waste this short time while running “Immemorial Body Refinement Art” to maximize the effect of the medicine pill.

After all the changes were over, Shen Qian felt the vitality in her body, probably because these two vitality had spread to the whole body, so there was no obvious feeling.

After waiting for a while, Shen Qian came to the simple simulator in the corner.

Shen Qian came to the Third Senior Brother for alms. He originally wanted to borrow it, but Shi Dingyan no longer needed it, so he found it in the warehouse and gave it to him. Shen Qian.

On the simulator, there is still a row of test data.

“Strength: 2039 Kg

Speed: 2.0 s/100m


This is Shen Qian for twenty minutes The data from the previous test was regarded as an accurate reference for comparing the effects of Nayuandan.

The strength has broken through the 2000 level, but the speed has been stuck for a long time.

Re-login to the simulator, considering that this was in Heavenspan Pagoda, Shen Qian still restrained a little, did not use Old Liu as the target, and replaced it with the kind Wang Yangming.


As Shen Qian blasted Pharaoh with one punch, after a brief stagnation, a new line of data jumped out.

“Strength: 2050 Kg

Speed: 2.0 s/100m


An increase of 11Kg?

Shen Qian touched the chin.

After thinking for a while, he sat back and took the second Nayuandan. After the medicine efficacy was completely digested, Shen Qian got up again and came to the simulator.


After a punch, the data reappears.

“Strength: 2062 Kg

Speed: 2.0 s/100m


Shen Qian was finally determined.

Maybe the effect of Nayuan Dan will vary from person to person, but on him, each pill will probably increase the strength of about ten kg.

One or two Yuan Qi is converted into ten kg, so if he digests all these hundred Na Yuan Dan, he will increase his strength by about a thousand kg.

This result is not bad.

Equivalent to Shen Qian being able to span two small realms.

So Shen Qian stopped paying attention to the data of the simulator, sat back attentively, and started eating Nayuandan one by one.

After eating five or six more, Shen Qian disliked it being too slow, so he grabbed a handful and stuffed about seven or eight into his mouth.


Shen Qian clearly overestimated herself.

Seven or eight Nayuan Dan collided together, and Shen Qian had the illusion of dying.

His taste buds lost sensation almost instantly, as if a grenade exploded in his mouth, and the flames spread all the way, burning directly into his stomach, and then his limbs.

When Shen Qian was burnt out of consciousness, he heard the sound of “Auto AFK” from the system, and he passed out with relief.


When Shen Qian woke up again, it was already the morning of the second day.

He opened his eyes, sensed his extremely weak body, and shook his head.

He swallowed nearly ten medicine pills in one go. If there is no system, this is purely a death act.

But fortunately, although the physical condition is not good, there is still a burning pain in the meridian skeleton, but the vitality flowing in the body is much more vigorous.

The system is worthy of being a system, it never disappoints, and it has forcibly suppressed the medical power of so many Na Yuandan.

But on the other hand, if the system feels that it can’t cover it, it probably won’t let Shen Qian be so reckless.

Shen Qian shook his dizzy head and sat up from the ground. He found a few satiety pills from the space ring and took them. He poured three liters of water in one breath. Much better.

After breathing for a while, Shen Qian came to the simulator when she felt that her body movement was no longer hindered.


“Strength: 2273 Kg

Speed: 2.0 s/100m


Shen Qian touched the chin , examining this line of data.

It’s okay, there is no waste of medical power, and his power has increased by more than 200Kg again.

Judging from the quality of his vitality, he should have stepped into the third stage of Beginner Martial Artist.

Looking at the half plate of Nayuandan left on the table, Shen Qian thought about it, but gave up and continued eating.

…at least give the system a little time to slow down.

Although Nayuan Dan can’t be eaten temporarily, Juding Dan can still be eaten.

After swallowing a Juding Pill, she set herself up with a cultivation buff. Shen Qian ran the Immemorial Technique and quickly immersed herself in cultivation again.


Two days went by in a flash.

“Wake up.”

Shen Qian was suddenly awakened by the loud voice of the boss.

He opened his eyes, but Gao Wenyuan was nowhere to be seen. Immediately, the clear comprehension teacher used the method of sound transmission.

“The formation is complete, come over in an hour.”

Gao Wenyuan said again briefly, and then there was no movement.

Has the Heavenly Array completed?

Shen Qian was a little excited.

Perhaps it was due to the fact that Duke Yanshan’s success as a top lord always made Shen Qian feel uneasy, but now the dust has finally settled.

Smelling the stench on her body due to breakthrough, Shen Qian disliked it frowned, and hurried to wash it well.

Shen Qian, wrapped in a bath towel, heard the doorbell ringing, thinking it was Old Liu calling him, but didn’t care, so she went to open the door with her upper body naked.

Look into each other’s eyes.


Ji Ruoshui criticized out in surprise, his face flushed instantly, and he quickly covered his eyes.

“cough cough, Eight Senior Sister, how is it you?”

Shen Qian was also a little embarrassed.

“I…I’m afraid that you will delay the time, so I’ll call you.”

Ji Ruoshui turned his body sideways and whispered.

The noon sunlight penetrated the gap in Ji Ruoshui’s body, forming a slightly exaggerated silhouette on the smooth floor.

After Ji Ruoshui finished speaking, seeing that Shen Qian didn’t make a sound for a while, he was about to turn around to take a look, but suddenly his body froze.

A pair of extremely powerful arms embraced her from behind.

Ji Ruoshui was extremely nervous and shy, and was about to break free when he suddenly remembered the last time he accidentally threw Shen Qian out of Heavenspan Pagoda, and couldn’t help but hesitate.

She already knew that Shen Qian was “sick”, and her mentality was naturally different.

It was at such a moment of hesitation that her body was suddenly smashed away, and her dazed and dazed eyes flashed across the star-like black eyes. She saw that Shen Qian’s face became more and more Get closer.

She also saw Shen Qian’s eyes.

At this moment, Ji Ruoshui was somewhat absent-minded.

There were both light and darkness in those eyes, indifference and eagerness, and even Shen Qian’s face suddenly became familiar and unfamiliar.

In the last 0.05 seconds, when Ji Ruoshui reacted, she saw a humanized surprise in Shen Qian’s eyes.

Yes, humanized.

In this second, Ji Ruoshui’s unfathomable mystery flashed through this absurd word that should not have been used to describe Shen Qian.

Under the physical inertia, Shen Qian couldn’t stop.


Humans are born singers.

Maybe you don’t need to know any rhythm, you will always make some wonderful sounds at some specific times.

Such as “wú wú wú”, such as “gujiguji”.

After several minutes, Shen Qian became sorry.

…… Sister Eight Senior, why haven’t you responded yet?

He couldn’t play anymore, so he quickly let go of Ji Ruoshui, but when he let go, he found out that Sister Ba Senior almost fell, and he quickly supported him.

With this staggering, Ji Ruoshui seemed to finally break free from a certain state.

An indescribable red covered her skin.

She covered her cheeks with her slender fingers, panting rapidly, after a brief silence, she didn’t say a word, didn’t look at Shen Qian, just lowered her head and disappeared in the original place. land.

Shen Qian was taken aback.

It’s not that Ji Ruoshui hides his face and escapes to surprise him, but, what kind of trick is Sister Ba Senior, why is there no fluctuation in vitality?

Shen Qian frowned, suddenly remembered that he never knew what realm the Eight Senior Sisters were, and Shi Dingyan and Old Liu didn’t mention it either.

…forget it, now is not the time to care about that either.

Shen Qian’s brain hurts.

I don’t know if it was because the energy was restored, and the system began to extend its sinful hand towards Sister Hachi Senior again.

What’s wrong?

Shen Qian regained control of his body at the last moment, but it was too late… Although Shen Qian admitted that it was his own fault in the next hundred seconds, he was really wronged at the beginning. .

In addition, the state of Eight Senior Sisters today is also full of strangeness.

“Little Junior Sister was finally beaten by a pig.”

In the silence, a cold sigh suddenly sounded.

“Who do you call a pig?”

Shen Qian turned his head furiously, looking towards the silhouette in the corner.

After scolding, Shen Qian realized that something was wrong. He looked at the strange thin man in amazement, “You are…”

Shen Qian thought that the other party was right Ji Ruoshui’s name can’t be probed: “Fourth Senior Brother? Seventh Senior Brother? Eldest Senior Brother?”

“How about Senior Brother, how about Junior Brother, you and I are all travelers, the world is dirty, and the false name is also That’s it.”

The thin man in the black robe sighed again, then drifted past Shen Qian, then floated all the way up the stairs and disappeared at the top floor entrance.

A gust of cold wind blew through, and Shen Qian shivered for no reason, only then did she feel that all around was gloomy.

This Senior Brother who doesn’t know how many Senior Brothers he is, how can he feel a little creepy?

shook the head, Shen Qian hurried to the top.

When we reached the top floor, the inexplicable gloom finally disappeared. Under the clear sky, the big guy in the distance sat alone and sipped tea. On the other side, Liu Changqing and Shi Dingyan were discussing something, and Ling Xiao stood a little further away. On the edge of the rooftop, he was holding a bottle of wine and drinking slowly…

It was harmonious.

“It seems that it was just a hallucination.”

Shen Qian relaxed.

I’m glad that no one saw the scene just now. Well, Sister Eight Senior’s “innocence” is still there.

Just as Shen Qian thought about it, a gloomy feeling began to surround her again. Even the clear sky and the scorching sun couldn’t make Shen Qian feel warm.

“Life is an illusion made up of countless illusions. Where did it go, where did it come from?”

Shen Qian, who was covered in goose bumps, just stared at him in black. The robe floated past him, the soft fabric brushing across his cheek.

Shen Qian could only run to the boss Gao and sit down, which gave him a little sense of security.

“Your Fourth Senior Brother’s Dao’ is rather strange, so don’t worry about it.”

The boss, Gao, was still drinking tea, just said something softly.

You call this bizarre?

This is weird!

Shen Qian secretly slandered.

But seeing the black clothed man is not his own illusion, but really his Senior Brother, Shen Qian is also relieved.

…although Shen Qian found himself unable to find where the Fourth Senior Brother was at all.

“How do you feel?” The boss asked in a hurry when Shen Qian was looking around.

“It’s very sweet…”

Shen Qian subconsciously replied, and immediately woke up, looking towards Big Brother Gao, “teacher, what are you asking?”

“Of course you bought Nayuandan, otherwise what do you think I’m asking?” Gao Wenyuan smiled.

“cough cough cough…” Shen Qian blushed, thought about it, and said solemnly, “I think it’s not bad, maybe eating one can increase your strength by ten kilograms.”

“Ten kg…”

Gao Wenyuan raised his head slightly.

Shen Qian is not quite sure, but the boss Gao looks like he is distracted.

“teacher, is this good or bad?”

“It’s okay.”

Gao Wenyuan quickly regained his calm, not waiting for Shen Qian to ask any more questions , he stood up suddenly, “It’s almost time.”

He seemed to be talking to himself, but Shi Dingyan and the others stopped what they were doing and looked over.

A dark shadow also floated over.

“Are the Eldest Senior Brother, Second Senior Sister and Seventh Senior Brother not coming?”

Shen Qian looked towards Liu Changqing who came over.

“Eldest Senior Brother doesn’t need it, Second Senior Sister can’t go away, as for the seventh…” Liu Changqing hesitated.

Shen Qian was about to ask, when the sky suddenly turned pitch black.

He lifts the head, and then his heart is full of shock.

Countless Star Rivers seemed to be revealed in the dark sky just in an instant, and there seemed to be some kind of strange ancient song resounding.

Seeing that the expressions of the Senior Brothers around him became solemn, Shen Qian also quickly calmed down, looking towards Gao, the big brother who was standing in the middle of the rooftop without knowing when.

He was clearly aware.

The soaring formation, which is difficult for princes to set up, is finally about to unveil its mysterious veil at this moment.


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