I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 161


Chapter 161 Preference

Jing City Heavenspan Pagoda, from the outside it is still clear and clear, and there is nothing unusual.

But only those within Heavenspan Pagoda can feel the surging momentum.

The sky above became pitch black as soon as the Formation was activated, and then one star after another, incomparably clear, appeared, hanging above the Heavenspan Pagoda.

Heavenspan Pagoda, from the 2nd to the 10th floor, is where the Tongtian Academy is located.

At this moment, all the glass planks are full of people.

Qian Weiyun and Wu Hongxu wandered among the many academy Disciples wearing white robes. Like everyone, they looked up at the Star River in the dark sky, with excited expressions on their faces.

They all know today is the day Formation kicks off.

The formation of the sky can benefit all people of cause and effect.

The Tongtian Academy is also the cause and effect of Gao Wenyuan.

It’s the same as they can benefit.

In the front of the Disciple of the Hundreds of Schools, there are four old men in old gowns and grey-white hair. Their faces are serious, but they are different from the excitement of the students behind them. They seem to be discussing something in a low voice. .

As if there had been some kind of tacit understanding in advance, the four of them quickly nodded at the same time, ended the discussion, and returned to their own positions, waiting quietly.


In the center of the top floor, Gao Wenyuan, who was standing with his hands behind his back, felt a little bit down, glanced down, a sigh flashed on his face, and then shook his head no longer paid attention to , turned his eyes back.

“What is Duotian?”

Although Gao Wenyuan’s voice was soft, it seemed to echo in the ears of everyone in Heavenspan Pagoda.

“Seize the Worlds’s good fortune too!”

Gao Wenyuan stretched out his palm, as if he was holding the entire void.


Between Heaven and Earth, an unknown rumbling sound sounded, a Dao Pattern lighted up on the ground, and finally all gathered at Gao Wenyuan’s feet.

The Heaven and Earth system in Jing City is temporarily stagnant, the clouds above are cleared away, and the Star River on the top becomes brighter and brighter.

Shen Qian stared at the stars that seemed to be within reach, wondering if it was his illusion, as if the Star River was getting closer.

It’s like…forcibly being telephotographed by Gao Wen.

How can human beings compete with an entire starry sky?

Just when Shen Qian unconsciously had this kind of question in his heart, Gao Wenyuan stretched out his palm and began to clench it a little bit.

His clenching motion was slow and slow, as if he had encountered some kind of blockage.

But Shen Qian was dumbfounded for a moment.

Because with the movement of Gao Wenyuan’s hand, the Star River near his head shook violently.

Yes, shake.

Perhaps because the Star River was too far apart, Shen Qian couldn’t hear any sound, but the little stars in the magnificent Star River were clearly shaking violently.

No, no, it’s the Star River swaying.

Shen Qian couldn’t describe the weird feeling.

Compared to the Infinite Star River, the Heavenspan Pagoda where they are at the moment is so insignificant, but on the top of the platform, there is a white clothed, and with every gesture, they captured that piece. Star River.

“Is this the true strength of the top prince?”

The gap between Mountain And Sea and the prince is too big…

No. A side view of Gao Wenyuan’s shot, Shen Qian’s heart swayed, Gao Wenyuan’s silhouette suddenly became infinitely taller in his eyes.


At a certain moment, Gao Wenyuan’s hand finally clenched completely, and he spit out a word.

The extremely complicated and dazzling formation marks on the platform instantly became dazzling, and even the Heavenspan Pagoda trembled slightly, as if it could no longer bear the Formation pattern.

The top floor also lit up a little bit, Shen Qian looked carefully, it was the one after another stone inlaid in the Formation.

As the boss raised the word “come”, a scene that completely subverted Shen Qian’s cognition and imagination appeared.

The Star River above the sky suddenly stopped after shaking to a certain extent.

The next second, the starlight falls and the Tianhe tilts!

The boundless Star River seems to have been forcibly torn off a piece. The power of countless Star Rivers crossed time and space, and moved towards Heavenspan Pagoda.

Shen Qian thought it was just a visual effect at first, until the sky cracked and the stars really poured over the Heavenspan Pagoda, Shen Qian realized that he still underestimated the power of this sky-shattering formation.

This is truly amazing!

All the powers of Star River converged on Gao Wenyuan, who seemed to be a black hole. Gao Wenyuan stretched his arms, browsed slightly wrinkle, and seemed to feel some kind of pain.

His body was dyed by more and more Star River power into a bright golden, like a god.

One after another The golden-stained star rays reflected from Gao Wenyuan’s body again. Before Shen Qian could react, one of the extremely thick star rays reflected on his body.


Shen Qian felt that her mind was instantly filled with starlight.

Immediately, his most refreshing moment since his cultivation came.

Under the infection of those astral rays, the vitality in his body was expanding at a speed visible to naked eyes.

That speed has even exceeded the time when the Nayuan medicine pill is released.

In addition to being shocked, Shen Qian finally fully understood the insufficiency of the Heavenly Array.

These astral rays are all the purest energies that can be directly absorbed by the human body.

No cultivation technique and medicine pill are needed as a medium.

They seem to be some primordial but supreme purest power.

Not only Shen Qian, Shi Dingyan, Liu Changqing and the others are all bathed in starlight at this moment, even the most calm Shi Dingyan has a happy look between his eyebrows, obviously he has gained a lot.

More astral rays penetrated Heavenspan Pagoda again, moved towards the academy Disciples below and refracted away.

A dozen or so astral rays left Heavenspan Pagoda and moved towards the unknown distant projection.

Shen Qian guessed that those starlights corresponded to the cause and effect of the big bosses, such as the Eldest Senior Brother and the others who did not return, but the distance was far away, and the starlights seemed to have a weak trend. It will lose a lot after the actual projection.

The feeling of the astral infusion is unbearably refreshing, and there is no pain. The only drawback is that the duration is a little shorter.

After only half a minute, Shen Qian noticed that the starlight on his body was beginning to thin.

He turned his head to look, and the stars on the rest of the people were still bright.

Shen Qian secretly guessed that this was because the time he had been in the sect was a little short, so the cause and effect were not important.

But Shen Qian is content.

Although only half a minute.

But according to the level of vitality, he at least increased his strength by more than 500kg.

This is the effect that only fifty Nayuan Pills can achieve.

In addition, Shen Qian found that the stars also have thicknesses. For example, the stars projected on him and several Senior Brothers are relatively thick, while those projected on the Disciples of the Academy below are very small.

Just when Shen Qian was distracted, among the starlights projected into the distance, two starlights suddenly turned back in mid-air, and then in Shen Qian’s astonished eyes, It was projected onto him.


“It’s your Eldest Senior Brother and Seventh Senior Brother who gave you their chance.”

Standing Liu Changqing next to Shen Qian, the starlight on his body also began to fade, he opened his eyes just to see this scene, opened the mouth and said.

Liu Changqing’s complexion is extremely complicated.

He looked at the starlight on Shen Qian’s body that merged into one, the size of a bucket, and then looked at the starlight on his body, the thickness of the water pipe, and turned his head silently, it was unexpectedly. The tip of the nose feels sour and astringent.

Shen Qian stood there in amazement, Eldest Senior Brother and Seventh Senior Brother gave me their stars?

This result made Shen Qian didn’t expect anything.

“Don’t be distracted, quickly absorb the stars, and don’t waste the kindness of the Eldest Senior Brothers!”

Shen Qian came back to his senses with Shi Dingyan’s advice. He also knew that this was not the time to shirk, and just as he was about to concentrate on absorbing the starlight, another extremely thick starlight shone on him.

“Eight Senior Sister…”

Shen Qian’s complexion instantly became extremely complicated, he looked towards Ji Ruoshui, who appeared at the entrance of the stairs at some point, his gaze fixed on him. Full of doubts, helplessness and emotion.

Ji Ruoshui lowered her head slightly, not looking at Shen Qian, but her green fingers pinched a strange handprint.

Therefore, there seemed to be an invisible mirror in front of her, reflecting all the stars flowing towards her to Shen Qian.

β€œWhy did you…”

Shen Qian didn’t have time at all, the incomparably strong starlight had drowned him.

This is not the end.

Four more medium-thick stars suddenly refracted from below Heavenspan Pagoda and converged on Shen Qian.

“You, you…”

Liu Changqing rushed to the edge in surprise, pointing at the four old men standing at the gate of the school, with an expression of disbelief.

“Don’t be surprised, Changqing, I have been trapped in Mountain And Sea and haven’t entered the country for many years. What is the use of this opportunity?” Indifferently opened the mouth and said.

“Yes, it’s better to give the opportunity to youngster.”

“The future is yours after all…”

“The bath of starlight is more suitable for youngsters. Martial Artist of Mountain And Sea, Jing City Marquis waiting for me is as heavy as a mountain, how dare I be selfish?”

The remaining three old men also smiled freely and opened their mouths and said.

Liu Changqing was silent for a while after listening, and then said Faintly: “I don’t mean to ask why you gave up the opportunity, I mean to say… Have you forgotten something?”

“What?” The four old men were all startled.

“I haven’t been to Mountain And Sea yet!” Liu Changqing finally couldn’t hold it any longer and growled, “I’m also a youngster, I’m only thirty-two this year, only thirty-two! “


The four of them were hearing this, all of them embarrassed.

“Sorry, we forgot.”


Liu Changqing’s eyes went black and he almost vomited blood on the spot.

Eldest Senior Brother, Second Senior Sister, Seven Junior Brother, even Little Junior Sister, he endured it.

tentatively blame him for indulging in uninhibited love for freedom, and he used to shoot a little less flattery.

But these four old men… obviously don’t have a bad relationship with him!

As for Shen Qian, I don’t think they have met formally.

Why is that?

What happened to this world… Forget it, destroy it!

As soon as the tired Liu Changqing closed his eyes, he fell back with such a straight body, and instantly disappeared on the edge of the rooftop.

Shi Dingyan and the others didn’t know whether to cry or laugh watched this scene, and also disinclined to pay attention to Liu Changqing’s “suicide”.

Can a man who can fly still fall to his death?

At this time, the sky changes again.

Heaven and Earth trembled. Above the Heavenspan Pagoda, there were thunderclouds that were pitch black to the extreme. There was some kind of great terror brewing in them, and even the surrounding air changed. Gotta be suppressed.

Shi Dingyan and the others facial expression grave.

This is the price of arranging the sky-high formation.

To snatch good fortune will surely anger Heaven and Earth!

As for the Thunder Tribulation in the cloud, Shi Dingyan had the privilege of seeing it once, and any one of them was enough to kill Mountain And Sea.

Gao Wenyuan, who was dyed a golden man, opened his eyes and glanced at the thundercloud above him indifferently, but he didn’t care. He waved his sleeve and spilled a piece of golden beans.

Those golden beans like Spirit Treasure rose in the wind and turned into miniature stars with bumps on the surface one after another.

Gao Wenyuan stretched out his hand again, and an unknown monster beast blood with a little aroma flew out from his cuff and attached to those miniature stars.

“Stars” began to become inexplicably agile.

This is not the end, Gao Wenyuan continued to stretch his fingers and used dozens of different treasures before and after to add spirit to those stars.

When Gao Wenyuan stopped, the miniature stars floating above were almost identical to the stars in Star River except that there were no stars attached.

The dark thundercloud finally took shape, and when he was about to show his power, Gao Wenyuan raised his hand slightly.


Dozens of tiny stars rolled back toward the gap in the sky.

At the same time, Gao Wenyuan also stopped taking astral light.

Those man-made miniature stars are flying higher and higher, and they are getting bigger and bigger.

The sky healed, and the torn Star River was supplemented by those artificial stars, and it returned to its original appearance.

As for the stolen star, it’s just a drop in the ocean for that piece of mysterious Star River, and naked eye can’t tell the difference at all.

The pitch-black thundercloud swirled, but it became hesitant, as if not sure whether the attack should continue.

Under the nervous gaze of Shi Dingyan and the others, the thundercloud slowly dissipated.

“Hide the technique heavenly…it’s done!” Ling Xiao let out a long breath, and then relaxed.

As Gawain receded, the fog that enveloped Heavenspan Pagoda silently dissipated and the weather system resumed operation.

The residents of Jing City are still confused and ignorant, unaware that just above their heads, Good Fortune of Heaven and Earth has just been forcibly plundered.

β€œteacher…” Shi Dingyan looked towards Gao Wenyuan worriedly.

It seems that everything is going well today, but they all know that whether it is the arrangement of the sky-high formation, or the surrounding fog, or the concealing technique that Gao Wenyuan performed just now, it is a huge burden. ‘s technique.

Not to mention, Wen Yuan has undertaken the endless Star River power with his fleshy body.

What Shen Qian didn’t know was that he was able to directly absorb the starlight because the starlight had been purified by Gao Wenyuan first.

Otherwise but the Law Power contained in it is enough to make him body dies and Dao disappears.

At this moment, the golden light on Gao Wenyuan’s body dimmed, revealing his slightly pale face.

“It’s okay.”

Facing the concerned gazes of several Disciples, Gao Wenyuan waved his hand, and then looked towards Shen Qian.

With the end of the Heavenly Array, in the entire Heavenspan Pagoda at this moment, only Shen Qian still has stars jumping around.

Seeing Shen Qian’s body shining bright enough to absorb the starlight for a long time, even Shi Dingyan and the others couldn’t help but feel a little jealous, but they could quite understand why Liu Changqing jumped off the building.

The clear comprehension of Ling Xiaohu, who has not returned to Jing City for a long time.

It seems that Little Junior Brother…is the teacher’s favorite person.

He was still stupid, even the Eldest Senior Brother who had never seen Shen Qian saw it, otherwise he wouldn’t have given up his chance to Shen Qian so happily.

And the performance of the four professors in the Academy is enough to explain everything.

But Ling Xiao suddenly felt a little heavy in his heart.

Because he knows that teacher is not a person who likes to forcibly help others in increasing cultivation base.

Especially when dealing with his own direct disciple, the teacher will only guide the direction and answer his doubts. He hopes that his Disciple will experience more hardships.

Like Liu Changqing, stuck at half-step Mountain And Sea for a long time.

If Gao Wenyuan is willing, guiding him into Mountain And Sea is just no effort at all.

Only treating Shen Qian, it seems that the teacher is afraid that his progress is not fast enough.

Only one explanation is plausible.

That’s the road that Shen Qian is going to take, I’m afraid it will be much harder than any of them.

Ling Xiao glanced at Gao Wenyuan, who was staring at Shen Qian gently. At this moment, he couldn’t help but start to think, in front of the unknown, what did the teacher “see”…


(end of this chapter)

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