I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 163


Chapter 163 The Man Who Can Turn Back

Heavenspan Pagoda Seventeenth Layer.

In the garden surrounded by Birds, Speech, Flowers, Fragrances, Shen Qian sat on the small bench, looked at Shi Dingyan and the others sitting all around, and shrank his neck uncomfortably, Finally he couldn’t help but speak.

“Fourth Senior Brother, can you please stop floating on my head, it feels weird…”

“It’s all stinky, why should I care?”

Wu Jun spoke quietly, but in the end she drifted behind Shen Qian in the unkind eyes of Shi Dingyan and the others.

β€œLittle Junior Brother, what exactly did you experience?”

Seeing that the atmosphere returned to normal, Shi Dingyan asked impatiently.

“I probably maybe… I saw ‘Daohai’.”

Shen Qian coughed a few times. He still had some doubts to ask for advice, so he didn’t hide it. .

…The big guy Gao Xian slipped away because Shen Qian didn’t expect.


Shi Dingyan and the others hadn’t said it yet, Liu Changqing immediately jumped up and questioned.

He still couldn’t accept that Shen Qian had really reached the stage of “seeking the Tao”, wouldn’t that mean that the two were standing on the same starting line?

As for the physical gap, the gap that can be easily smoothed out with time is also called the gap?

After calming down, Liu Changqing also thought about it carefully, how could anyone have so many kinds of Dao Rhyme.

Illusion, it must be an illusion!

“That’s probably not the ‘Daohai’.”

Shen Qian gently nodded, thinking about it now, “Thinking about it now, that place is nothing more than surrounded by stars. , All Heavens Myriad Manifestations reincarnation, as soon as you look down you can see the Life and Death Wheel turning, the sun and the moon are changing, such an ordinary place is definitely not Daohai!”


Liu Changqing clenched his fists and put them down, and finally sat back silently.

Shi Dingyan and Ling Xiao chuckled, but they couldn’t hide the admiration and shock in their eyes.

“Beginner Martial Artist sees Daohai, it’s like a fantasy story to say such a thing.” Shi Dingyan sighed.

Ling Xiao laughed and then became serious again, “Little Junior Brother, you absolutely must not reveal this to anyone, not even close relatives!”

Shi Dingyan is also serious nodded , “Yes, this matter is very important, you should understand that people will appreciate you to a certain extent, but if it is beyond the scope of understanding, then … and ‘heterogeneous’ is just a fine line.”

Liu Changqing also seemed to remember something, frowned, “Does anyone dare to contact Shen Qian in that direction, when the teacher doesn’t exist?”

“Just be prepared.” Shi Dingyan shook his head.

“Several Senior Brothers, what are you talking about?” Shen Qian strangely said.

“Well, since you know the existence of the door, it’s okay to tell you something.”

Shi Dingyan said, “There are thousands of worlds behind the door. , the creatures also have nothing common with each other, but there are some races, but they are very close to our Human Race, of course, only the outer skin, but the core is a completely different creature.”

β€œ In the past, such aliens have sneaked into the Human Race and caused great losses, so…”

Although Shi Dingyan didn’t finish his sentence, Shen Qian understood it.

“Third Senior Brother is afraid that someone will classify me as this kind of alien?”

“The probability is very small, after all, you are the teacher’s Disciple, but the trees seem beautiful in a forest, but are easily toppled by the wind, you already have enough halo, it’s not a bad thing to be properly restrained.” Shi Dingyan said with a smile.

“I see.” Shen Qian nodded.

“Since you have passed the questioning stage as a Beginner Martial Artist, then when you really want to be promoted to Mountain And Sea, the seeking will be much faster.”

Ling Xiao said with emotion, “Don’t underestimate this step, it will save you at least three or five years.”

“Yes, step by step is fast, I don’t bother to be jealous of a freak like you. “

Liu Changqing seems to have adjusted his mentality as well. After taking a sip of wine, he said lazily, “I have been wandering on this step of ‘seeking the Tao’ for nearly four years, and I have some experience recently. If you have any doubts, you can ask me at any time.”

“Changqing, it seems that this time is really about to break through?” Ling Xiao heard the difference and asked with a smile.

“The teacher helped me again today, that’s almost it.” Liu Changqing also had some self-satisfaction on his face, “Dao’ of Lao Tzu will definitely make you startled!”

“Then we’ll wait and see.”

While a few people were chatting and laughing, Wu Jun, who had been turning her back on Shen Qian, noticed Shen Qian’s strange face, and suddenly opened the mouth and said: “Little Junior Brother seems to have something to say?”

Shi Dingyan and the others stopped talking and looked over.

“That what…”

Shen Qian looked a little shy, “I think I’ve already searched the way.”


In an instant, the room was terrifying, and only the lark in the corner made a crisp chirping.

“Little Junior Brother, what did you say?”

Shi Dingyan asked subconsciously, he thought he had hallucinations.

But then Shi Dingyan realized that something was wrong, how could he have auditory hallucinations?

Looking at Ling Xiao and the others, they were all sluggish, even Wu Jun forgot to keep floating and fell to the ground dumbfounded.

Shi Dingyan immediately realized that the words just now were not his hallucinations.

“It’s impossible!”

Liu Changqing jumped up again irritably, the sound was so loud that it almost overturned the roof, and the wine bottle in his hand was crushed.

“You fucking say it again?”

Liu Changqing gasped, his eyes widened, staring at Shen Qian.

“It should be, I’m not too sure, so I want to ask some Senior Brothers.”

Shen Qian scratched his head.

He knew that this question might make it difficult for several people to accept it, but if she didn’t understand it, Shen Qian would feel very uncomfortable.

The teacher is not here, so I can only ask a few Senior Brothers.

“Tell me in detail.”

Shi Dingyan and Ling Xiao looked at each other, and their faces became solemn.

Shi Dingyan waved his hand, as if nothing had changed, but the sound of the wind outside the window disappeared instantly.

β€œWhen I stood there with Daohai, I unconsciously wondered how I could go to a higher place and touch the All Heavens Myriad Manifestations.”

Shen Qian opened the mouth and said.

Several people listened quietly, all of them listening slightly, this is indeed a sign of seeking the way.

“Later…somehow, a road appeared in front of me.”

Shen Qian recalled the scene in AFK Records, and the expression on her face was also unimaginable. .

“What does the road look like and how does it face?” Liu Changqing asked immediately.

“Straight, if it’s facing the sky, of course.”

Shen Qian has some unfathomable mystery about Liu Changqing’s problems.

Aren’t all the avenues facing the sky?

“No, Shen Qian, you need to describe in more detail, what kind of straightness is straight, how many forks are there, in addition, what is the angle to the sky, how many degrees of inclination… these are all very important !”

Liu Changqing said eagerly.

Seeing that Shen Qian was still ignorant, Shi Dingyan made a “don’t be impatient” gesture to Liu Changqing and explained.

“There are thousands of great roads, there is nothing common with each other, but the Tao is also divided into the true Tao and the false Tao, and the false Tao is also called the illusion, which is destined to be a dead end, but you can’t see it at the beginning. It came out.”

“There is no way to identify it?” Shen Qian was stunned, only to realize that there is such a statement.

“Theoretically not, unless…”

Shi Dingyan shook his head, did not continue speaking, and instead said: “In addition, there is also a particular point of view. It is better to walk closer to the upright road, and you should understand the reason.”

Shen Qian thought for a while, and then suddenly realized.

Although “Dao” has no entity, it is the road to the highest. Naturally, the shorter the road, the better.

And even elementary school students know that a straight line is the shortest between two points.

“What’s the point of that fork?”

Shen Qian said curiously.

He thought of Tantaiqin’s avenues, which were not only nearly upright, but also had many forks.

“The fork is the probability. After all, no one can guarantee that their path will reach the sky, but the path cannot be turned back. When you go wrong, the fork is your chance to remedy.”

Ling Xiao explained it in the most straightforward way.

Shen Qian nods, which solves a lot of doubts.

Seeing several Senior Brothers still waiting, Shen Qian said uncertainly: “The road in front of me…seems to have no forks.”

“No forks? “

Shi Dingyan and the others’ faces turned ugly.

There is no fork in the road, which means that the road is a “lone road”.

Mountain And Sea, who took the solitary path, ended up not so good.

From the expressions of Shi Dingyan and the others, Shen Qian also got the signal, probably knew that this kind of way was bad, but he was still confused.

Could the system find a bad way for him?

Shen Qian didn’t quite believe it.

On the contrary, system’s unconventional style made Shen Qian more confident.

“Little Junior Brother, you didn’t set foot on it, did you?” Ling Xiao asked hurriedly with a move in his heart.

Shi Dingyan and the others also reacted and looked towards Shen Qian nervously.

Although Shen Qian found a lonely road in her first quest, it is not irresistible. As long as Shen Qian does not take the first step, she can find a new direction.

“I… stepped on it.”

The second doubt that concerns him, Shen Qian is still nodded, truthfully.


Shi Dingyan and the others looked at each other, and their expressions became heavy.

Even Liu Changqing had no intention of taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune, instead he pointed at Shen Qian and scolded: “Are you a fucking pig, you dare to leave without knowing anything, what if What are you going to do!”


Shi Dingyan stopped the excited Liu Changqing and sighed in his heart.

Liu Changqing’s temperament seems to be casual, but for some reason, he is actually a bit alienated from their senior brothers.

Only for Shen Qian, although Liu Changqing had to teach him a few words from time to time, Shi Dingyan knew that it was a sign of intimacy.

“Now is not the time to blame Little Junior Brother, let’s discuss what to do.” Shi Dingyan opened the mouth and said.

“I’m afraid we have nothing to do. We can only ask the teacher about this.” Ling Xiao shook his head.

“How about I…”

“Don’t even think about it!”

Wu Jun was interrupted by Ling Xiao before he opened his mouth, he rolled the eyes, ” Fourth Senior Brother, Little Junior Brother, what an innate talent, need to take risks?”

Wu Jun stopped talking.

Shen Qian was confused, but seeing Shi Dingyan’s worried look, he couldn’t help it, “Third Senior Brother, it’s okay…”

” You don’t understand, it’s about the height you can reach in the future, no matter how dazzling you are now, but Mountain And Sea is the most important thing on your Martial Arts road…”

“I quit. “Shen Qian had to say.

Shi Dingyan, who was speaking earnestly, was taken aback, “What are you?”

“I said I quit, that’s the way, I did step in, but I didn’t. I’ve quit.”

Shen Qian repeated it, and explained it more clearly.

Therefore, the house fell into dead silence again.

This time, even the lark doesn’t call anymore, it’s just pure dead silence.

After a while, Shi Dingyan took a deep breath and said slowly, “You said you quit a path?”

“Is this…impossible?”

Liu Changqing this time controlled the volume, but the trembling in his voice still revealed his chaotic heart.

Ling Xiao was even more direct, and came to Shen Qian’s side in a flash, pinched his wrist, and felt it carefully.

“How?” Shi Dingyan asked.

Ling Xiaoshook the head.

Shi Dingyan frowned while sighed in relief, “No, if the road collapses, you will definitely be damaged, but the road can’t be turned back, this is a public opinion… Little Junior Brother, are you sure you read it right? ?”

“No.” Shen Qian shook his head with certainty.

“It’s not difficult to verify.”

Wu Jun, who was silent for a long time, suddenly said, “Little Junior Brother, where did the road you set foot lead to?”

Shi Dingyan and the others also understood what Wu Jun was going to do, and they all looked towards Shen Qian.

“First… um, the end of that path should be a colorful flame.”

Shen Qian recalled and said.

“Colorful flames?”

Shi Dingyan closed his eyes and pondered for a while, then his figure was illusory for a while, and when it was solidified again, there was already a thick and simple style in his hand. books.

“What is this?” Seeing that there was no name on the book, Shen Qian asked curiously.

“This is the teacher’s own collection, it was borrowed by me and never returned.”

Shi Dingyan said with a smile, “This book records what the teacher knows or has seen. There are many kinds of Dao signs, flame is a relatively common Dao, and maybe there will be an answer on it.”

Speaking, Shi Dingyan opened the book, searched several times, and soon his eyes were fixed on a certain page. .

“Tell me more about the flame.”

“The middle is colorful, but the edge is pitch black like ink. If you look closely, it looks a bit like a big bird. “

“I found it.”

Shi Dingyan let out a sigh of relief, shook his head, said with a smile, “As expected of you, this is one of the nine great fires in the heavens.” The Seven Absolute Spirit Flames, the ambition is not small.”

Ling Xiao and the others also smiled, but it wasn’t too surprising.

Although the Tao can reach the sky at the end, the Tao also has strengths and weaknesses.

And this kind of strength is likely to be decided at first.

For example, it is the same as the way of fire. Some people are walking the most common Ming Fire Dao, and some people are walking the Zhutianli Fire Dao. Naturally, they are not on the same level.

It’s just that the simpler the way, the better.

“Since such a high-level Fire Dao, then I understand, Little Junior Brother, may the flames purify your ugliness.”

Wu Jun recited softly.


Next moment, Shen Qian’s whole body was on fire.

Shen Qian, who hadn’t reacted yet, was startled at first, and then said “Yi”.

Because he found that although the fire was big, he did feel the scorching heat, but there was nothing on his body…except his clothes were burned.

“Sure enough!”

Shi Dingyan and the others were shocked because their conjectures were verified.

“You have indeed stepped foot in the way of fire, and you still have Dao Rhyme on your body, otherwise it would be difficult to explain this scene…”

It was really confirmed, and Liu Changqing was a little lost.

He could sense that Shen Qian really didn’t use any vitality, so he used his fleshy body to withstand the attack of the flames.

Even if it’s just a normal flame, it’s an impossible thing below Mountain And Sea.

Verifying what Shen Qian said, Shi Dingyan and the others fell into some kind of absent-minded state.

Probably because they didn’t expect, what Shen Qian said was actually true.

Is there really a way to go back in this world?

No, exactly, there are people who can turn back on the road?

Shi Dingyan felt extremely absurd when he imagined Shen Qian jumping back and forth on the “Avenue”.

What the hell is that…


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