I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 164


Chapter 164 Cause and Effect

“I suddenly thought of a question.”

In the silence, Ling Xiao Suddenly frowned, “Since Little Junior Brother has successfully searched for the Tao, it has entered the stage of ‘opening the Tao’, but…” Shi Dingyan and the others startled, and immediately reacted that Ling Xiao was in say what.

Once the way is clear, it means…

Step into Mountain And Sea!

But, Shen Qian is still a Beginner Martial Artist, and his body is far from enough to carry “Dao”.

Doesn’t this become self-contradictory?

“I don’t think I’ve reached that point.” Shen Qian shook his head.

“How to say?” Ling Xiao raised his eyebrows.

“Although I can step on that path, there is a huge resistance, and I can’t step on the Second Step anymore. I just stand on it for a long time, and I feel like I can’t hold it anymore. “

Shen Qian This is not a lie.

He could see the Tao easily, walk up easily, and even exit easily.

But he’s not realm enough.

He couldn’t carry the weight of “Dao”.

Shen Qian can also figure this out. After all, his cultivation time is too short.

“This makes sense.” Shi Dingyan and the others were suddenly sighed in relief.

It’s okay, at least it’s not really a step into Mountain And Sea…

That’s not right!

Is this also something to be thankful for?

Thinking that Shen Qian is a Beginner Martial Artist, he completed the questioning and questing in one day. After walking the road that others may not be able to walk in 20 years, a few people became interested again. Disappointed.

“Life is so joyful, death is so painful, there are always beasts that disturb my heart, this world is boring after all, it’s better to go back, it’s better to go back…”

Wu Jun murmured , and the figure floats like a light smoke.

Shen Qian’s face darkened.

……Fourth Senior Brother, wait, who is the beast, please clarify before you go!

“I went for a walk in the bar and suddenly wanted to drink.”

Ling Xiao disappeared after speaking.

Shen Qian swallowed “Would you like to be together?”

Shi Dingyan turned around and picked up the scroll.

“…Third Senior Brother, you don’t have to do this, do you?” Shen Qian sighed and complained.

“Oh, I’m fine, if you want to stay here, you can do it yourself.”

Shi Dingyan smiled faintly, and continued to read, but his face was full of “” Lao Tzu is very inconvenient” expression.

Shen Qian took a last look at Liu Changqing, who was still a little stunned, and dismissed the idea of waking him up.

He doesn’t know about other people. After Old Liu sees him upset, he might find a reason to beat him.

It might be called…increased stress resistance.

So Shen Qian could only leave Seventeenth Layer silently.

But before leaving, Shen Qian asked one last question.

“Third Senior Brother, can you see the end of your path?”

“What do you mean?” Shi Dingyan was taken aback.

“It’s the literal meaning.” Shen Qian thought about it and described it, “Isn’t that saying that before walking a path, no one knows what the end of the path is, such as the signs of the fire such as the fire , it’s just a direction, but not a definitive end…”

“I understand what you mean.” Shi Dingyan suddenly said, “You want to ask me if I can clear comprehension when I stand on the road. Is this the way to go through?”

After Shen Qian.

said, Shi Dingyan couldn’t help laughing.

“Of course this is impossible!”

“The Tao is discovered step by step, even if it is a top-level prince, maybe he didn’t expect that he would become a prince at the beginning, but I don’t know about it. How many hardships and hardships we have to go through.”

“If you have to describe it, when we stand on the “Dao”, you look farther, and all you can see is the fog…”


After returning to his 99 Layers and locking himself in the cultivation room, Shen Qian put out a long breath, and his eyes were full of thoughts.

What he told Shi Dingyan and the others today is the truth, but…

It’s only part of the truth.

Until now, recalling the scenes she saw in AFK Records, Shen Qian still felt unimaginable.

Yes, he can’t figure it out himself.

It’s not wrong that he succeeded in his search for the Dao, and that the Dao is also the same as Fire Dao.

But there are two facts that Shen Qian didn’t say.

First, that road from Fire Dao was just the first road Shen Qian looked for.

Secondly, his way…there is no so-called fog.

Shen Qian didn’t know how the system did it, but Shen Qian was shocked to find that there were so many ways he could go.

So much…that he was at a loss.

At that time, Shen Qian was standing under Daohai, looking up, all directions were “Dao”.

The specific number is…217.

This is a number from AFK Records.

And Shen Qian can feel that if time is not enough, the system can still find more ways.

The most terrifying thing is that every road is straight up, without any forks.

According to Shi Dingyan and the others, the road without forks is a lonely road, and it is not a good thing to take such a road.

But all the ways the system finds can clearly see the end.

For example, in the Great Dao of Fire, which corresponds to the Seven Absolutes Spiritual Flame, Shen Qian just needs to follow that path, without any thought, and without any so-called obstacles. Easy to reach the end, touch the highest.

Simply put, with the same starting point and ending point, others are cultivating as they walk, and they do not know when they will be able to repair the road, and there is still the possibility of getting lost at any time in the middle.

But Shen Qian, walking a road that has already been completed.

Shen Qian asked Shi Dingyan’s last question, which also made him understand a fact.

It seems…only his way, or the way the system helped him find it.

At this moment, Shen Qian’s mood was extremely complicated.

Although he had to step into the Mountain And Sea Realm to verify his conjecture, if his conjecture is true, it means…

From Beginner Martial Artist to Princely realm, he will have no bottleneck.

The only thing that limits Shen Qian is time.

Shen Qian has always avoided thinking about the origin of the system. After all, it doesn’t make any sense.

But at this moment he found himself underestimating.

The capabilities of the system were far beyond his expectations, and Shen Qian couldn’t see where the upper limit was.

system … where did it come from?

Shen Qian couldn’t help thinking of that dream, the white clothed man with blurry eyes in the dream, but he hasn’t had a similar dream for a long time.

Just sitting in the cultivation room for a long time like this, Shen Qian took a deep breath, and stopped worrying about whether it was or not.

I am mediocre, so what should I be afraid of?

He was at peace, Shen Qian went out again and took the elevator directly to the 33rd floor of Heavenspan Pagoda.

Although I feel that everyone needs to calm down at this time, Sister Ba Senior gave herself the opportunity that belongs to her, and Shen Qian is naturally impossible and indifferent.

When Shen Qian came to the quiet ancestral hall, she saw that Ji Ruoshui was not meditating and reciting scriptures as usual, but standing by the window with his hands in his arms, staring into the distance in a daze.

She brows slightly wrinkle, seems to be in some kind of trouble, and her beautiful profile looks like a sculpture in the sunlight.

The robe tightened by the arms has a nice curvature, smooth and yet round.

“Eight Senior Sister…” Seeing Ji Ruoshui didn’t seem to notice her arrival, Shen Qian who waited quietly for a while could only lightly coughed.


Ji Ruoshui woke up like a dream, turned her head to see Shen Qian, she turned around in a panic, her ears were already flushed.

“Little Junior Brother, you, what are you doing…”

“Sister Eight Senior, don’t be nervous, I’ll just stand here, it won’t go away.”

Shen Qian was also afraid that she couldn’t control her “self”, so she just stood by the door with a wry smile.


Ji Ruoshui heard this and relaxed a little, she glanced at Shen Qian quietly, and quickly turned her head back.

“Sister Eight, I don’t understand, why did you give me the opportunity of ‘Duotian’?”

Shen Qian asked the doubts in her heart.

“Because this opportunity doesn’t work for me, I… I can’t cultivate.”

Ji Ruoshui hesitated for a while and whispered.

β€œCan’t cultivation?”

Shen Qian startled.

He vaguely heard the Third Senior Brother say that the Eight Senior Sisters do not have Essence Power. Originally, Shen Qian thought it was Ji Ruoshui’s “Dao” special, but now it seems that it is not just that. Simple.

“But Sister Ba Senior, you clearly have a strong power, and you threw me out of Heavenspan Pagoda before…” Shen Qian said puzzled.

“Then, that’s because my physique is special…”

Perhaps aware that Shen Qian still wanted to ask, Ji Ruoshui shook his head and whispered: “Little Junior Brother, don’t ask if it’s okay, I don’t want to say this.”

Ji Ruoshui’s tone was inexplicably low, Shen Qian knew that this might arouse something in her mind, so she could only bear it Live the curiosity in my heart.

“Anyway, Sister Ba Senior, thank you!”

Shen Qian said sincerely, “If Sister Ba Senior needs my help, feel free to speak up anytime, anywhere. “

Shen Qian finished speaking, seeing that Ji Ruoshui was only gently ready to nod, and there was no other words, he waited for a while, then turned to leave, but a very weak slightly trembling voice came from the ancestral hall. Spread out.

“You… do you want to eat peaches?”

Shen Qian froze in place, then turned her head in disbelief, looking towards the one who still turned her back to herself. Ji Ruoshui.

The slender fingers she held by the window looked pale due to excessive force, which seemed to reveal her extremely nervous heart.

Is Eight Senior Sister trying to keep me?

Shen Qian was very surprised.

He hadn’t figured out how to deal with it yet. Ji Ruoshui, who was staring at Shen Qian, couldn’t hold it anymore. She waved her hands in a panic, and ran into the inner hall as if she was escaping.

“Next time… Next time!”

Shen Qian saw Ji Ruoshui disappeared in an instant, so she could only put down the hand she just raised and stood there again After a while, he took a breath and turned to leave.


Heavenspan Pagoda 52 floors.

This is Liu Changqing’s residence.

Compared to Shi Dingyan’s quaintness and bells and whistles, the Eight Senior Sisters are unusually simple, but the place where Old Liu lives is somewhat chaotic.

If I have to describe it, it is the messy style of the apartment and the office building.

Half of the 3,000-square-meter space is rough, and the other half is full of pragmatism. There is no extra furniture. Except for the sleeping bedroom, there is only one cultivation room that looks a bit like.

speaking of which Although he has known Old Liu the longest, this is the first time Shen Qian has come to his place.

Liu Changqing in a singlet came out of the cultivation room in surprise.

β€œWhy did you brat come here?”

Liu Changqing said a little angrily, β€œI didn’t say hello in advance when I came, fortunately I didn’t open the door today, otherwise I would have to ask you for half an hour. My life.”

“I just went to the academy, and I suddenly remembered the Sixth Senior Brother, so I came to sit down.” Shen Qian said with a smile.

β€œJust sit down.”

Liu Changqing dragged a sofa and threw it to Shen Qian, took out two more cans of beer, opened it and took a big gulp. Find a chair and sit down.

“Going to Xue Gong? Is it to thank you?”

“Yes.” Shen Qian nodded and sighed: “The behavior of the fourth elder of Xue Gong was beyond my expectation, But since it’s a foregone conclusion, of course I still have to express it.”


Liu Changqing nodded, “Don’t listen to what they say about chance against them. It’s useless, how can it be useless, but you brat can’t just talk about it, and if you have a chance in the future, you can still come up with something practical.”

“I know.”

After Shen Qian finished speaking, the two were speechless for a while.

“Anything else?”

Liu Changqing seemed to notice Shen Qian’s hesitant words and raised his head in surprise.

“Sixth Senior Brother, in fact, I didn’t come to you for small talk.” Shen Qian seemed to have finally made up her mind and said solemnly.

“Why are you brat so serious?”

Liu Changqing shook his head, said without thinking, “If you have something to say, just say it… Beforehand, don’t ask me to borrow money, Lao Tzu is poorer than you!”

Liu Changqing suddenly seemed to remember something, and immediately turned his head to give a warning.

Shen Qian didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, he put down the beer in his hand, thought about it and asked: “Six Senior Brother, I want to know, you really want to ‘seek the way’ Did it succeed?”

“What do you mean by this?”

Liu Changqing was suspicious at first, then his face changed, “You look down on me?”

“I didn’t mean that, Six Senior Brothers, you tell me first, it’s very important.” Shen Qian shook his head.

“Of course it’s true.” Liu Changqing coldly snorted and said.

“Then you swear.”

“What the hell do you brat mean and why should I swear?” Liu Changqing unfathomable mystery.

“Anyway, Brother Six Senior, if you didn’t lie to me, you swear to prove it.” Shen Qian seemed reluctant.

“Fuck you…”

“Sixth Senior Brother, don’t you dare?”

“Fart, what’s wrong with me? If you swear, you swear…”

“A liar will never do it for the rest of his life.”


Liu Changqing stared fiercely at Shen Qian, Shen Qian’s face was calm, but he didn’t mean to back down.

“Sixth Senior Brother, I remember that you are a person who disdains lying, so how can you tell me the truth?”

“Okay, I tell you, it’s still a little bit better, right? !”

Liu Changqing gritted his teeth and said, “You brat just want to see Lao Tzu’s jokes, don’t you?”

“Even if you get good luck today, is it still a little bit worse?” Shen Qian Ignore Liu Changqing’s bad attitude and just ask.

“You brat knows shit.”

Liu Changqing probably recalled at this time, Shen Qian didn’t seem to have the intention to laugh at him, so he calmed down a lot, just rolled the eyes, “The Dao’ that Lao Tzu wants to go is extremely special, almost no one has succeeded, and it is normal to have difficulty.”

“I can help you.”

“You It’s useless to ask me, now you’ve searched for the Tao yourself, anyway…what did you say?”

Liu Changqing, who was still complaining, was stunned, then turned his head slowly, staring at Shen Qian with a fierce face, but with some daze.

Shen Qian just remembered for no reason at this moment. On the day he joined the sect, the boss Gao once said that Liu Changqing’s way is very special, but he may be able to help him in the future.

Shen Qian was in a trance.

Did the teacher anticipate this day long ago, or… just unintentional words?

Shen Qian doesn’t know.

But, looking at Liu Changqing’s complicated face at this moment, Shen Qian felt a sense of satisfaction for no reason.

Maybe he’s still not that strong, but at least he can finally give back to his senior brothers.

And Old Liu was his first step.

“I said…I should be able to help you and help you find the Way.”

Shen Qian repeated word for word.

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