I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 165


Chapter 165 Nine Major Secondary Profession

“Help me find the way?”

Liu Changqing chewed these four A word, but his face slowly returned to calm.

The atmosphere in the room was a little weird, and both fell into silence.

After a long time, Liu Changqing took a sip of wine again, then Faintly smiled, opened the mouth and said: “It seems that you have other experiences in Daohai.”

“Well, I see There is more than one way.”

Shen Qian slowly nodded, “So I’m thinking…”

“Maybe there is a way that suits me in the way you see, Is that right? “Liu Changqing gently nods, indicating that it is clear.

Immediately, Liu Changqing glanced at Shen Qian with a faint smile, “You have already told me this kind of secret. Do you know what the consequences will be if I go out to publicize it?”

“…Even Master Xu, can’t keep you!”

Shen Qian was silent.

Liu Changqing is not alarmist.

Everyone knows that it is difficult to find a way, and there are ants under the Mountain And Sea.

And even in the Mountain And Sea powerhouse, there are still quite a large group of people who join the way Mountain And Sea, that is, directly inheriting the way others have already walked, which is equivalent to self-destructing the future.

If there is one person who can easily help others to find the way, it is equivalent to the possibility of mass-producing Mountain And Sea.

What a terrifying thing this is!

“I believe in Six Senior Brothers.”

Shen Qian also knows that she should not reveal her secrets easily, but if it can really help Liu Changqing, Shen Qian doesn’t mind revealing some properly. .

“You trust Lao Tzu so much?” Liu Changqing smiled.

“Didn’t the Six Senior Brothers also tell me the secret of Yuanyuan Qi?” Shen Qian also smiled.

“You brat…Okay, don’t be provocative, two big men, I’m getting goosebumps.”

Liu Changqing threw another bottle of wine to Shen Qian, “Let’s go after drinking.”

“The matter of seeking the Tao…” Shen Qian startled.

“My name is Liu Changqing, the everlasting evergreen, of course I walk my own way, do I need you to chirp?”

Liu Changqing laughed, “Have you ever seen someone who became a prince by others’ guidance?”

Shen Qian’s body trembled, but he didn’t expect Liu Changqing to say his ambitions so casually.


At the same time, Shen Qian also had a complicated feeling in his heart.

What about yourself, is it a puppet supported by the system?

The boy was lost for a moment, but quickly suppressed his thoughts.

“I see.”

Shen Qian stopped talking, chatted casually with Liu Changqing, and discussed some things about the Martial Arts Association and the restricted area. When a dozen beers bottomed out, he said goodbye and left.


As soon as I returned to the 99th floor, Shen Qian’s wristband rang.

Shen Qian glanced at the caller ID, then answered the phone, “Zifang?”

It was Gu Zifang who called.

Shen Qian, Gu Zifang, Ouyang Fei and the others haven’t seen each other much since the results of the college entrance examination were announced, but they still keep in touch online at all times.

“Shen Qian, are you in Jing City?” Gu Zifang asked.


“That’s good…I thought you forgot!”

“…well, what did you say? “Shen Qian said uncertainly.

“You really forgot!” Gu Zifang’s voice suddenly increased, “Didn’t we agree to go to practice together?”

“Of course I remember this. , I thought you were talking about something else.” Shen Qian lightly coughed, “When will you leave?”

“We will gather at the headquarters of the Martial Arts Association in three days, I will send you the specific time, you must be careful Don’t be late, we don’t have enough qualifications, we can only rely on other people’s slash-and-squad, Chen Peng has already made an appointment!”

Gu Zifang warned repeatedly.

“Got it.” Shen Qian nodded.

“By the way, have you passed the hunter’s occupational assessment?” Gu Zifang asked again as if remembering something.

“…Of course.” Shen Qian affirmed.

After a few more chats, Shen Qian couldn’t help but patted his head when he hung up the phone.

He still remembers the experience, but he almost forgot about the career assessment.

In order to enter the restricted area, you must have a corresponding professional badge. Hunter is the most common one. With the corresponding identity, it will be much easier to walk in the restricted area.

For example, Wang Shuo is an intermediate hunter, so he is eligible to buy a huge might psionic gun. Although it cannot be used in urban areas, there are no restrictions in restricted areas.

The slashing squid is actually the officially recognized hunting squid, and the registration and management belong to the Martial Arts Association.

Gu Zifang’s “affiliation” is also helpless.

It is the best choice to set up a slash-farming squad for going out to practice, and the official will give certain resource support, such as real-time map resources, and quick rescue in emergencies, etc., which are very practical.

However, the conditions for setting up a slash-farming squad are quite strict, and it is not enough to have hunters alone.

When it comes to slash farming, we have to mention the existing occupational system.

The so-called everyone has their own field of specialisation, and a slasher-ploughing squad is a team with a very clear division of labor.

According to Shen Qian’s knowledge, there are currently nine Secondary Profession systems in Martial Arts.

Medicine Refining Master, alchemist, scholar, Beastmaster, warrior, hunter, healer, singer, and scout.

The lowest level of slash farming also requires more than four occupational divisions to register.

As for Ouyang Fei and the others, it seems that apart from Ouyang Fei who is an alchemist, everyone else can only choose hunters.

After all, the hunter only needs to make up for some common sense in the restricted area, and it is the easiest to get the certification if his own cultivation base is not bad.

Shen Qian pondered, and quickly opened the official website of the Martial Arts Association, and made an appointment for a career assessment two days later.

“Mr. Shen Qian, you have successfully reserved the third primary level hunter career assessment on July 8th. Please take the exam on time. I wish you a happy life!”

The appointment is completed Afterwards, Shen Qian was about to quit the official website, when suddenly, he clicked on the official website for a detailed introduction to the major Secondary Profession systems.

After reading it for a while, Shen Qian was lost in thought.

The primary level assessments for all occupations are relatively simple, and they are basically theoretical.

It seems…you can try it all by yourself!

Is something that can be done by reading a book?

So Shen Qian staggered the time again and made an appointment for the primary level assessment of all Secondary Profession two days later.

After finishing everything, Shen Qian closed the official website of the Martial Arts Association and walked into the cultivation room.


Shen Qian benefited from the Heavenly Array.

The first is that he completed the questioning and questing ahead of time, but he does not have the ability to open the way for the time being, and this important benefit will be reflected in the future.

The second is the immediate effect of improving the cultivation base.

Until then, Shen Qian could calm down and feel the harvest of this time carefully.

But don’t rush to test, because Shen Qian can probably feel that there are still some unabsorbed astral rays left in his body.

After taking a Juding Dan and another Nayuan Dan, Shen Qian sat cross-legged and directly ran “Immemorial Body Refinement Art”, and soon entered the cultivation state.

The Sun sets and the Moon rises, soon the night will pass.

Shen Qian woke up from the third meditation, opened his mouth, and spit out one mouthful of impure air.

She closed her eyes again and used spirit strength to feel it for a while. After confirming that there was no starlight left in her body, Shen Qian stretched her limbs and stood up.


The sound of popping beans came from Shen Qian’s body, and there were many black stains visible to naked eyes on the floor of the cultivation room.

Shen Qian tried to jump and once again felt the sense of incongruity in the body when the system was AFKing for the first time.

Shen Qian’s eyes flashed with surprise, which only meant that the improvement at this time was far beyond his expectations.

Shen Qian couldn’t help pinching his muscles, a soft and firm mixed feeling came, he took out a dagger and stabbed himself.

After the dull sound of the symphony of gold and iron, Shen Qian only felt a slight tingling, and when he looked down, there was only a small white mark on his belly, not even blood.

Obviously, this great improvement brought his physical strength to a new level.

“Is this the feeling of becoming detached…”

Shen Qian murmured.

In a way, he is now no longer a physical body and mortal flesh, starting to break away from the category of “human”.

It’s really easy to bloat.

Shen Qian can understand the aloof and remote feeling of some Mountain And Sea powerhouses, and all living beings are ants.

shook the head, Shen Qian put away his thoughts and came to the simple Martial Arts simulator in the corner.


After holding her breath, Shen Qian stepped out, leaving a string of afterimages in place, instantly crossing ten meters away, and punching Wang Yangming who was smiling.

Some old simulators were stuck for a while, and then a line of data jumped out with a “ding” sound.

“Explosive power: 3729 Kg

Instantaneous speed: 1.9 s/100 meters


Nearly 4,000 punches kg!

Although there were some conjectures, Shen Qian was still stunned by his own strength.

You must know that just two or three days ago, he just broke through the 2,000 level.

And the effect of the medicine pill, coupled with a good fortune, directly doubled Shen Qian’s own strength!

What is the concept of explosive power close to 4000Kg?

Taking the general Martial Artist as an example, the explosive power range of the Beginner Martial Artist is between 150kg and 999kg, the medium Martial Artist is between 1000kg and 3999kg, and the high Martial Artist is between 4000kg and 9999kg. .

This means that, even without the use of the system, Shen Qian has already approached the Martial Artist Peak with his own explosion.

After thinking about it, Shen Qian started AFK mode again.


After punching, Shen Qian opened his eyes and looked towards the data that popped up on the screen.

“Explosive Power: 4604 Kg

Instantaneous Speed: 1.8 s/100m


The result was expected by Shen Qian among.

If the system is allowed to take action, it means that Shen Qian already has the strength of a high Martial Artist 1st to 2nd dan.

In fact, Shen Qian’s battle strength is even more exaggerated than this.

Because he still has a killing move, that is, the unknown star-level martial skill he just learned two days ago… Shadow Blade!

Shen Qian doesn’t know how much the Shadow Blade will increase the battle strength at the moment, but according to the results of the last system shot, he is about 5th dan Martial Artist in the middle, even if it is against the top. In the powerhouse of Martial Artist Jiudan, it is basically a second kill.

Roughly speaking, if the system is shot and the shadow blade of the flawless realm is added, it may be able to touch the powerhouse of the third or fourth stage of the high Martial Artist.

It’s like a fucking idiot opening the door for the bull…the bull is home.

In addition, the speed data caught Shen Qian’s attention.

Finally… After being stuck for a long time, his speed entered the stage of less than two seconds.

Don’t underestimate the shackles of 0.1 seconds. Due to certain physical rules, it is difficult for most people to break through for two seconds. A slight lead is sometimes the difference between life and death.

Shen Qian walked around in the cultivation room, and it took a while to digest the excessive excitement caused by the skyrocketing strength.

He calmed down and re-examined the quality of his vitality.

“…If I look at the level of strength of my vitality, my realm is only about the sixth dan of Beginner Martial Artist.”

Shen Qian stammered, and at the same time a little bit. Confused.

The textbook said that the explosive power of 9999Kg is the upper limit of a genetic rule. Mountain And Sea can burst out more power because of the blessing of “Dao”.

Only calculating its own explosive power, Mountain And Sea can’t break this limit.

But Shen Qian continues to cultivate according to this trend, I am afraid that the middle Martial Artist stage may approach the limit.

Then what is he?

Whether the body of ten apertures can break the genetic restriction, or whether his genes have changed in some way, Shen Qian also has no answer.

After taking a shower, Shen Qian stopped cultivating.

After saying hello to Dao Jiu so that he doesn’t have to follow him today, Shen Qian went to the mall first.

After spending nearly 400,000 yuan, Shen Qian first purchased seven or eight sets of clothes, including formal clothes, regular clothes and two sets of tactical clothes suitable for the field.

Then Shen Qian bought some outdoor supplies such as tents.

After shopping, Shen Qian turned to the bookstore.

Xiahua Bookstore is a national chain of official bookstores, and it is the only place where you can find all the books that Shen Qian needs.

However, it is a bit troublesome to enter the restricted area. Even if the staff knew Shen Qian, the top martial artist, Shen Qian had to make another trip to the Martial Arts Bureau to go through a service called “Special Book Purchase.” Qualification” certificate.

The nine Secondary Professions officially certified by the Martial Arts Association. Needless to say, hunters are recognized as the easiest professions to pass the assessment.

The Medicine Refining Master has something in common with physicians, and for Shen Qian, who already has a solid foundation, there is no need to make any further preparations.

Alchemist and Medicine Refining Master have something to do with each other, but primary level alchemist is all theoretical stuff, just to read… System has more books to read, there are eleven.

And then there is the Beastmaster that Shen Qian is very interested in.

It’s also a lucrative career.

There are not many people who raise monster beasts at home in this world, but all wild monster beasts, even cubs, need to be specially domesticated after being hunted so that they can get along with humans normally.

One of the roles of the Beastmaster is here.

For example, the silver-stained beast that Shen Qian sold to Shi Dingyan last time sold for more than one million yuan, but after the buyer bought it, if a Beastmaster helped to domesticate it, it would cost at least fifty ten thousand.

Scholar… It is an intellectual occupation, and theoretically, people without any cultivation base can also be certified scholar.

Learn astronomy on the top and geography on the bottom.

From the officially recommended primary level scholar book list, there are fifty-three books of various kinds, which shows how profound a scholar’s knowledge is.

As the name suggests, Martial Artist is the Martial Artist who masters Formation.

But in fact, the warriors at the primary level are not that mysterious. As long as they understand some things such as mountain geography and Feng Shui metaphysics, they can pass the assessment.

Scouts are actually somewhat similar to assassin.

The requirement is to be fast enough, and to master all kinds of concealment and pathfinding skills.

And then there is the rarest profession among the nine Secondary Profession, the singer.

The reason why singers are rare is not because they are difficult to test, but because the positioning of singers is a bit like an assistant in the game.

In simple terms, it is to use a relatively powerful spirit strength, and then provide some gain status to others through a specific medium.

The disadvantage is that after doing this, you will become weak.

It is equivalent to placing all hope on your teammates.

Everyone likes a singer, but everyone doesn’t want to be a singer.

After one selection, when Shen Qian checked out from the bookstore, she bought nearly 200 books in total, filling three shopping carts.

After driving back to Heavenspan Pagoda’s house, Shen Qian prepared another box of white cattle and entered the study.

After learning 200 books, you still need a little level of practical operation. Although the system can do it in an instant, Shen Qian still has a process of self-digestion.

The human brain has an upper limit. Too much knowledge pours in. If the limit is exceeded, it will probably only turn Shen Qian into an idiot.

Shen Qian is still very self-aware that a box of white cows is prepared for him.

After getting ready, when the system AFK was completed, Shen Qian clicked to extract “knowledge memory”, and soon sank into the sea of knowledge, unable to extricate herself.

My eyes are still a little sore. I should have two days off when I went to see a doctor today, but I feel uneasy when I think of yesterday’s promise. I’ll try to perfunctory everyone with one more chapter, and try to evolve into two more next week. beast.

I owe six chapters, I am so difficult (灬灬)

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