I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 169


Chapter 169 High level Medicine Refining Master

The unfathomable mystery is a bizarre scene where a person disappears and no one notices Let everyone look at each other in blank dismay.

“Let’s search separately, can a big living person still evaporate?”

Seeing that everyone was silent, Yuan You, who was browsing slightly wrinkle, was the first to open the mouth and said, ” He must be in the vicinity.”

“We came out to do the Bounty Mission, not to play hide-and-seek. When the situation is unclear, I don’t agree to spread the force to find someone!”

Another tall young man in the team directly rejected the road.

The tall young man has the same surname as Gu Zifang, and his name is Gu Yungao. He is ranked third in the team. He has also broken through the high Martial Artist in the cultivation base, and normally has a voice in Dark Star Squad.

“Don’t we just do nothing?”

Yuan You frowned, “Just give up without even trying, when did our Dark Star Squad become so cold-blooded? Is it?”

“It’s the principle not to make meaningless sacrifices.” Gu Yungao shook his head.

“Sacrifice?” Yuan You said with a sneer, “In Trifling Three-Headed Town, a place where X-level monster beasts can appear at most, would you talk to me about sacrifice?”



He Weichen saw that Yuan You was really angry and stopped the quarrel between the two in time.

“Let’s find it.”

He made the decision directly.

“But Captain…” Gu Yungao seemed a little unwilling.

He Weichen ripped off the headset, stared at Gu Yungao and coldly said: “I know you used to have several points of friendship with that Wang Shuo, I won’t stop you from having any opinion on Shen Qian, and I don’t bother to care about you. Is it mixed with selfishness, but you have to remember that this is Jing City…”

He Weichen got closer and said softly: “The city owner will watch us.”

Hearing this sentence, Gu Yungao was startled, he came to his senses and tore off his headset, “Captain, you mean that the city owner has searched for…”

“How could he not?” He Weichen Glancing at Gu Yungao, “Put away your careful thoughts and remember, unless Shen Qian really makes a mistake, if you deliberately target him, you will only cause trouble for yourself!”

Gu Yungao A cyan color appeared on his face, but in the end he didn’t say anything, just bowed his head and said nothing.

He Weichen ignored him and put on the headset again, “The newcomers stay where they are, and the rest are divided into four groups, with a search range of three kilometers, no more than…”

“Shen Qian!”

Before He Weichen’s words were finished, Yuan You suddenly shouted in surprise.

Everyone turned their heads and saw that at the edge of the woods, a silhouette was walking out. He was carrying a sack in his hand, and there was still some thought on his face.

It was Shen Qian.

Shen Qian raised his head, saw everyone staring at him, and had a sad look on his face, and quickly walked over a few steps.

“Where did you go, do you know that we are going to find you, have you forgotten what we said to you before?”

Yuan You came over first, While sternly scolding, he winked at Shen Qian.

Shen Qian glanced at Gu Zifang and the others with a worried look behind her, as well as Gu Yungao and the others with a gloomy face, and immediately reacted, Yuan You seemed to be blaming, but in fact it was for the sake of getting ahead. To defend himself, he quietly nodded.

“Sorry, I had a stomach ache just now. I couldn’t hold it anymore and went to the toilet in the woods.”

Shen Qian explained.

“There is a compartment in the armored vehicle for convenience, why don’t you ask me first?”

Yuan You said angrily, “Besides, you should also tell us, Acting alone in the restricted area is a taboo.”

“I’m sorry, Sister Yuan, I’ll pay attention next time!”

Shen Qian sincerely admitted her mistake.

He really didn’t want to be a “thornhead”, but he just became a demon when he arrived at the local system, and Shen Qian couldn’t control it.

It seems that Yuan You has said everything that should be said, which makes Gu Yungao, who is trying to teach Shen Qian a lesson, a little uncomfortable, but He Weichen’s focus is obviously different.

He stepped forward and stared at Shen Qian, “You said you went to the toilet in the woods, how did you get there, and why didn’t anyone find you left?”

I don’t know how the system got there…

“I just walked over like this. As for why no one saw me, I don’t know too well.”

Shen Qian expressed Even more “dazed” than He Weichen.

β€œYang Ni?”

He Weichen looked towards Yang Ni.

Yang Ni reluctantly shrugged, indicating that she didn’t know what was going on.

She swears that she really hasn’t let down her guard, but she doesn’t really notice that Shen Qian has walked into the woods.

No, she didn’t even notice that one person was missing.

But Shen Qian did come out of the woods.

At this moment, Yang Ni is a little unconfident…

Could it be that she is really negligent?

“Shen Qian, do you think we’re here for an outing?”

Gu Yungao did not hide his disgust, said with a sneer, “Do you know that you How much trouble will this ridiculous behavior of the gang cause everyone?”

“It’s my fault that I didn’t follow the rules, but it’s ridiculous, right?”

Shen Qian startled , then put away the politeness and said with a blank face.

“Okay, let’s end this matter.”

He Weichen let Gu Yungao go and said a word, as a warning to Shen Qian, and then waved his hand to stop Gu Yungao’s words head.

“Well, it’s been almost twenty minutes late. The task is urgent.”

“The monster beast resources in Santou Town are relatively few, but the soil here is special, but it is rich in some spiritual medicines. Both the dawn mission and the daylight mission are to find the corresponding spiritual medicine, but the target medicinal herb of the sunshine mission, There may be an accompanying monster beast…”

Yuan You was about to explain the details of the Bounty Mission, Shen Qian hesitated a bit, but interrupted.

“That, Sister Yuan…”


Young Yuan was a little displeased. Shen Qian interrupted herself, but thought the other party was there. What doubts, or patiently asked.

“Let’s take a look here, are there the two types of spiritual medicine you mentioned?”

Amid the bewildered expressions of everyone, Shen Qian handed over the sack in his hand .

Yuan You actually noticed the bag with dirt in Shen Qian’s hand just now, but he didn’t have any association, but it was startled at this time.

She subconsciously took the sack and opened it.

A mixed aroma unique to spiritual medicine wafted out of the sack, and inside the sack, there were dozens of different kinds of spiritual medicine.


Yuan Youhong’s lips parted slightly, and she didn’t know how to react for a while.

And He Weichen and the others are also dumbfounded.

Yang Ni took a few steps and stared at the medicinal herb in the sack, also shocked.

As a physician, although she is not as professional as the Medicine Refining Master, she still has the basic ability to discern.

These medicinal herbs look like they have just been picked, and Spiritual Qi spills out on the surface, so the aroma is the strongest at the moment.

And, it’s all spiritual medicine in Three Heads Town.

Yes, these spiritual medicine impossible grow together?

Yang Ni fell into a huge confusion.

“Three-bearded ginseng, moon licorice…and red and white currant grass, purple peach kernel…”

After confirming one after another, Yang Ni raised her head to He Weichen and the others said with a bitter smile, “There are all the spiritual medicines that may exist in Santou Town, and there are even several that I can’t name.”

He Weichen and the others fell into was silent.

Yuan You was the first to react. She raised her head and looked towards Shen Qian, her beautiful eyes full of inquiry.

“You… just picked it?”

“Well, I saw it on the way to the toilet, so I picked some by the way.”

Shen Qian lightly coughed said.

…Of course, he didn’t take out the few plants that the system picked first, and that was the real valuable stuff.

The rest of these are ordinary spiritual grass, and the value is not high.

Considering that the road ahead is still long and the limited space of the space spar cannot be wasted, Shen Qian simply took it out.

There are some things he can’t hide anyway.

“How do you know all this?” Yang Ni asked after thinking of the key point.

“Basic operation.”

Shen Qian said, and took out a badge.

The base of the badge is hexagonal, with a graphic in the shape of a medicinal herb on it, and the edge is surrounded by flames, which is very delicate.

“Medicine Refining Master!”

“Are you a Medicine Refining Master?”

Although most of this badge is missing, it is not unfamiliar to anyone. All of a sudden he exclaimed.

In terms of rarity, among the nine Secondary Profession, in addition to the Beastmaster and singer, it is the Medicine Refining Master.

In terms of the difficulty of getting started, it ranks first among the nine Secondary Profession.

The basics are at least three or five years old.

If nothing else, the vast catalog of medicinal herbs is enough for ordinary people to drink a few pots.

“en. ”

Shen Qian nodded and was about to put away the badge when Yuan Youhu stepped forward and grabbed Shen Qian’s hand.

“Wait a minute, give me another look.” Yuan You’s eyes were bright, and there was a hint of excitement deep in his eyes.

Shen Qian couldn’t refuse, so he could only let Yuan You, who suddenly became extremely powerful, take the badge.

“Young Yuan, is there something wrong with the badge?”

Gu Yungao thought he had guessed something, and asked directly with some excitement.

Other people are also surprised, fake badges?

This is a serious matter.

Once discovered by the Martial Arts Society, the penalties are extremely severe.

Yuan You didn’t speak, just turned the badge to the back and looked at it carefully for a while, then she looked up in amazement and looked at Shen Qian in disbelief.

“Young Yuan?” Gu Yungao couldn’t help it, and said again.

“What are you thinking?”

Yuan You came back to his senses, first glared at Gu Yungao, then let out a breath, then looked towards the others, Ignoring Shen Qian didn’t know whether to cry or laugh’s expression, he announced extremely solemnly.

“Shen Qian is not only a Medicine Refining Master, but also… a high level Medicine Refining Master!”

If the voice hadn’t come from the headset, everyone would think they were listening wrong.

Even so, the scene fell into an eerie silence.

High level Medicine Refining Master…

Let’s not mention the particularity of the profession of Medicine Refining Master.

The word “high level” alone is enough to make people lose their minds.

All Secondary Profession pre-Level 3 assessments are the same, namely primary level, Basic, Middle and High.

How hard is it to get to a high level?

Dark Star Squad, as Jing City’s top ten slash-farming squad, among the Secondary Profession of everyone in the team, only Yuan You is a high level scholar.

Even for the top ten slashing squads, there will be no more than five high-level occupations on the team.

In order to achieve high level, not only the basic knowledge must be solid enough, but also at least one high level skill must be mastered, and even creative inspiration has been obtained.

A high level Medicine Refining Master can do even more.

For those in need, the status of high level Medicine Refining Master will not be much lower than Mountain And Sea powerhouse.

In fact, Shen Qian himself didn’t expect to get a high level Medicine Refining Master badge directly.

Even, he was directly exempted from the test.

I later asked the staff of the Martial Arts Association to learn that the badge was given directly based on the Northern Martial’s identification of his professional title.

Shen Qian was taken aback.

He had received a formal offer from Northern Martial last week.

Since July, Mr. Shen Qian has taken on another role as a high-level lecturer at the Northern Martial Pharmacy Academy.

This position is only one step away from being a professor.

Although whether the “good fortune” medicine recipe can really be realized, after all, it is not a child’s play, and the people from the Academy of Pharmacy have not come up with a formal conclusion, but Cheng Shanhe has been inspired enough by Shen. Qian is justifiably qualified as a lecturer.

If it weren’t for Shen Qian’s age and the possible disturbances, Cheng Shanhe would have wanted to directly give Shen Qian a “visiting professor”.

The appointment of Shen Qian has not been officially posted on the official website, it will probably wait until the school starts, but the matter inside Northern Martial has been known by many people, and several fantasy versions have been circulated.

Shen Qian didn’t bother to bother, and originally only planned to reveal the identity of the Medicine Refining Master.

However, he didn’t expect Yuan You to be too keen, and even noticed the nuances of the badge.

“I know you have a secret, but you are…a bit too much.”

Young Yuan stared at Shen Qian with a complicated look.

She is a high level scholar, and she is destined to know a little bit about everything. She understands how rare it is to be a high level Medicine Refining Master better than everyone present.

At least, she has never seen a high level Medicine Refining Master under the age of thirty.

Not to mention that Shen Qian still has multiple identities, such as the national champion in martial arts, the champion in southwestern literature, and a suspected prince Disciple…

The most fatal attraction to Yuan You is Shen Qian of origin.

She also struggled from the bottom, she knew the difficulty.

If her IQ is not high enough, her Martial Arts innate talent may be buried forever.

She seems to be only a Beginner Martial Artist eight dan, but she has less than three years of cultivation Martial Arts, and she can’t compare with Gu Zifang who have laid the foundation since childhood…

He Weichen opened his mouth, but he still didn’t know what to say. He just patted Shen Qian’s shoulders with a little force.

While Du Qiu and the others were much more enthusiastic, the most enthusiastic was Yang Ni.

The doctor and the Medicine Refining Master have something to do with each other, and Yang Ni dreams of becoming a real Medicine Refining Master, and now she has an expert in front of her, she can’t hold back.

“Let’s go to the next place.” He Weichen waved his hand and let everyone get on the bus.

The two missions in Santou Town were unexpectedly completed in a way that everyone didn’t expect. After getting back on the car, the atmosphere in the armored car became inexplicably relaxed.

Ouyang Fei looked at Du Qiu, who took the initiative to talk to him, a little flattered, and then looked towards the other side with a wry smile.

There, Shen Qian sat in the center, Yuan You, who smiled sweetly, was on the left, and Yang Ni, who listened to it frequently and agreed, was on the right.

Ouyang Fei didn’t know whether to envy Shen Qian or pity him.

“Don’t worry, you found all these spiritual medicines. We basically didn’t do much, so most of what you deserve will be yours.”

Yuan You from Shen Qian He took the sack in his hand, sealed spiritual medicine one after another with a special vessel, and then said with a smile.

“Sister Yuan, just follow the rules.”

Shen Qian nodded, but she really didn’t care.

He was just a little troubled by Yang Ni’s questions at the moment.

But fortunately, she has been nurtured by the system for a long time. Even in terms of ability, Shen Qian at least has the level of an intermediate Medicine Refining Master. It is not too simple to answer the doubts of a primary level doctor.

The armored vehicle continued to move towards the depths of the restricted area. Shen Qian keenly noticed that the speed of the vehicle began to slow down, because the further forward, the worse the road conditions.

β€œCaptain Yang, where is our next stop?”

β€œGo to a place called Xiaowang Village, of course, this is the name of the place before the cataclysm.”

Yang Ni restrained her smile, “But when you get there, you really don’t want to run around by yourself, because there is a place where a reward is offered in the evening.”

“This evening reward is offered. What’s the specific content?” In order to guard against the unexpected, Shen Qian planned to ask about the situation first.

Yang Ni was about to shake her head when He Weichen suddenly raised his hand and threw a scroll over.

Shen Qian caught the scroll after being taken aback.

The people around looked at this scene with complicated expressions.

The non-core team members will not know the details of the mission in advance, which is also considered a basic confidentiality requirement, and He Weichen’s move obviously means that he truly recognizes and accepts Shen Qian.

It’s a little better today, but it’s still not very comfortable, sorry, but taking care of your body will definitely speed up.

In addition, I bow again and thank you for the “I am obedient and thin” for the reward, the second Hall Master is here, and thank you for your subscription.

(end of this chapter)

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