I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 17


Chapter 17 Potential Index Ranking List

Near the big screen, many people gathered here, including Manager Zheng and Zhao Xin and their mother and son.

Noticing Shen Qian and Xiao Xuan approaching, Zhao Xin was startled at first, and then he was a little jealous.

Compared to the middle-aged uncle in a suit and leather shoes next to her, Xiaoxuan, who is wearing tight-fitting training clothes, obviously wants to be close to people.

Shen Qian ignored him and looked towards the big screen.

β€œNine Provinces Martial Arts Hall Student Potential Index Ranking List.”

This is the name of the list.

The list is divided into two, one is the total list of the five branches in Jing City, and the other is the list of Nancheng stores, showing the top 50.

“On the one hand, the establishment of the list is to motivate students, and on the other hand, it is also to promote the brand… Well, who do you think is the first in the overall list?”

Xiaoxuan is in Shen Qian explained in a low voice, and pointed to the screen at the same time.

“Jing City No. 1 Middle School, 17 years old, Wang Shuo, Beicheng Store, Martial Artist 3+ in realm, potential index 97.”

Shen Qian followed the sound and felt that This name is very familiar, but I can’t remember where I saw it for a while.

“It’s Wang Shuo who was on Jing City TV. Last year, we represented Jing City in the national youth Martial Arts tournament and got into the top 100!”

See Shen Qian one Confused, Xiao Xuan couldn’t help reminding.

It was him!

Shen Qian was taken aback.

He also watched the live broadcast of last year’s youth Martial Arts tournament and was very impressed with Wang Shuo.

He still remembers the introduction of the host at that time, this is a genius who has been bathed in various auras since he was a child.

Wang Shuo was a breakthrough Beginner Martial Artist at the age of thirteen, and he had already received olive branches from four prestigious schools including Northern Martial, Flower Martial and Shenwu before he even finished junior high school. Let him go, and he may become the youngest Wuhan University student.

Representing Jing City in the Junior Martial Arts tournament last year, if Shen Qian remembered correctly, he was already a cultivation base in the third rank of Martial Artist at that time.

A Martial Artist under the age of 18 will naturally become the focus of the focal point of ten thousands. Shen Qian seems to have heard his classmates talk about him more than once.

β€œHe is also a student of Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall?” Shen Qian came to be interested.

“Yeah, it’s a pity it’s from the Beicheng store, I haven’t seen him.” Xiao Xuan sighed.

“How is the potential value calculated? I don’t think it is simply based on the realm level?” Shen Qian glanced at the numbers at the back of the ranking and said strangely.

Shen Qian’s question is well-founded. For example, among the top ten, the fourth realm is a Beginner Martial Artist seven-dan, but the third is not even a Martial Artist.

“Of course not. Although most of the people who come to the Martial Arts Hall for cultivation are students, there are also some social Martial Artists. They are of different ages, and there are even high Martial Artists. Fair…”

Xiaoxuan explained, “There is a very complicated calculation formula, I don’t know the specifics, but in short, it must be that the younger the grade, the stronger the cultivation base, and the higher the potential index. !”

Shen Qian City was ranked No. 1, and glanced at the list again, and found that nearly 20 members of the top 50 were from Jing City, and only three of Jing City’s seventh members were from Jing City. The highest is a classmate named Zhou Xiaoguang, ranking seventeenth…

Of course, he doesn’t know any of these three people.

“It seems that Ding Yi did not cultivate in Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall.” Shen Qian muttered.

Otherwise, with Ding Yi’s innate talent, it is absolutely impossible to be on the list.

Immediately, Shen Qian glanced at the list of Nancheng stores and shook her head.

Compared with the general list, the list of Nancheng Store is extremely shabby.

Nancheng Store Ranked 1st is a social Martial Artist named Jiang Xiancheng, 20 years old this year, but only the cultivation base of Beginner Martial Artist 3rd stage, with a potential index of 81.

Ranked 2nd is a sophomore student, 17 years old, with an explosive strength of 143kg and a speed of 10.2s. He is still one step away from the threshold of Quasi Martial Artist, with a potential index of 79.

Seemingly aware of the change in Shen Qian’s eyes, Xiaoxuan explained a little embarrassedly: “Our Nancheng store has been established for less than half a year, and the source of students in Nancheng is indeed worse…”

After visiting the first floor, Xiao Xuan took Shen Qian to the second floor.

β€œFrom the second floor, there are all independent cultivation rooms. According to the level of cultivation room i, the specifications and facilities of each room are also different.”

From the second floor to the fifth floor, Shen Qian followed Xiao Xuan to read it carefully, and then she was satisfied.

The cultivation room here is divided into three grades: silver, gold and platinum. The platinum cultivation room can definitely meet all his needs.

“That’s basically it, and then we will provide a free experience for prospective students, you…”

“No need, just help me get a card.” Shen Qian interrupted Xiaoxuan.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to prostitute for free, but that the free trial time is only one hour, which is far from enough for Shen Qian’s plan today.

“Okay, then we… wait, you, do you want to apply for a card?”

Xiaoxuan’s subconsciously nodded, immediately reacted suddenly and asked in surprise.

“Why, don’t I look like someone who wants to apply for a card?” Shen Qian teased.

“Very different” almost blurted out, but Xiaoxuan held back.

Although she is only an intern, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to look at people. She originally thought that most of her saliva today was in vain, but she didn’t expect Shen Qian to be so refreshing.

“I’ll take you to the first floor to go through the formalities.”

Xiao Xuan’s steps downstairs were much more cheerful, and she couldn’t help whispered to Shen Qian, “Are you My first customer!”

The two returned to the first floor, Xiaoxuan took Shen Qian to another corner of the hall, where in addition to the card counter, there was a separate table next to it. instrument.

Shen Qian recognized it as a simple Martial Arts simulator at a glance, and couldn’t help but wonder, “This is?”

“Of course it is used to test the strength, if the potential If the index is high enough, there will be corresponding discounts, Shen Qian, it seems that this is your first time to the Martial Arts Hall, are you sure you have enough money?” When the voice came, Zhao Xin’s mother and son and Manager Zheng also came over at some time.

“So it’s not your first time here!” Shen Qian glanced at Zhao Xin in surprise, then at Zhong Xiaoli next to him, and suddenly said, “I see that you and Aunt are inseparable, I thought You’re afraid of life.”


Zhao Xin, who was being held by Zhong Xiaoli, shook his mother away like an electric shock, with a flash of embarrassment on his face.

“Okay, hurry up and check, what time is it!” Zhong Xiaoli glanced at Shen Qian coldly and urged Zhao Xin.

Zhao Xin held back his anger, and then stood on the simulator with a confident smile as if he had thought of something.

The simulator of Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall is the same as that of No. 7 High School in principle, but the model is far behind. It can only provide a single test scene, and the data that can be tested is only the most basic strength and speed. .

After Zhao Xin and other instruments were connected to the nerves, his body suddenly tense, he let out a low growl, and he moved towards the void in front of him and punched him.


“Age: 18 years old, explosive power: 131Kg, instant speed: 10.8s/100 meters, potential index: 68.”

Soon, a string of data jumped out on the next screen.

Zhao Xin took off his helmet, looked at the potential index of 68, and said regretfully, “It’s almost 70.”

Manager Zheng asked the staff next to him to record the data , said to Zhao Xin with a smile on his face, “If your potential index is over 60, you can get a 10% discount. In addition, your potential index is enough to be on the list of Nancheng stores, and you should be able to rank more than 30. Before the 10% discount On the basis of , you can get 20% off, and the final result is 22% off.”

(end of this chapter)

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