I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 170


Chapter 170 I Can’t See You

Shen Qian opened the task scroll marked “Dusk” in the complex eyes of everyone.

This is a monster beast hunt quest.

This task is very common, but it is also recognized as one of the more dangerous.

Because hunting monster beast is only an established goal, but the situation in the restricted area is changing, and it is often more than a simple monster beast to deal with.

Another one, since Spiritual Qi’s revival, monster beast’s wisdom has grown over time.

Now in the vicinity of the main city, it is difficult to see the trace of monster beast.

The Twilight Bounty received by Dark Star Squad targets a monster beast called “Nightfin”.

Alive capture is required, and Nightfin is rated between W and R.

This represents the minimum and maximum strength of a monster beast like Nightfin.

The W rank is the same as the rank of the silver-stained beast that Shen Qian got from Wang Shuo, and its strength is roughly comparable to Martial Artist Peak, a human Martial Artist.

The R-level is five levels higher than the W-level.

“If it’s an R-level monster beast, we might give up a bit more. It’s already close to Mountain And Sea. If we insist on hunting, the casualties will be greater.”

Yuan You packed up the spiritual medicine and sat down beside Shen Qian again. She was obviously already familiar with the content of the task, so she opened the mouth and said directly.

“However, both W-level and R-level are relatively rare. W-level is equal to a juvenile, and R-level represents the possibility of mutation. Generally speaking, T-level is the most common, which is comparable to the middle of the high Martial Artist. “

Shen Qian slightly nodded>

In fact, he already knew all this, but there was no need to show anything.

“Hey, do you have a partner?” Yuan You suddenly touched Shen Qian.

“Huh?” Shen Qian didn’t expect the other party’s topic to change so quickly, and nodded after startled, “Yes.”

“How many?” Yuan Youfaint smile .

“…Where did this come from?” Shen Qian said solemnly.

“che, before I left, I saw you sent a message, it seems like there is more than one person?” Without concealing the curiosity in Xiumei’s eyes, “Those avatar styles belong to young girls at first glance!”

Shen Qian was speechless, and at the same time felt the oppression from smart women again.

…No wonder men want to find someone stupid when they get married.

“It’s coming, pull yourself together. Xiaowang Village is different from Santou Town. There are still some unexplored areas here.”

He Weichen’s voice suddenly sounded.

Shen Qian stood up first, and felt for the first time that the other person was actually a good person.

Under the gaze of He Weichen’s unfathomable mystery, Yuan You bared his teeth at him.

The door opened, but there was no sandstorm unexpectedly.

Shen Qian got out of the car behind Du Qiu. Seeing that there was nothing unusual, he simply took off his mask and narrowed his eyes, moved towards all around.

The armored vehicle was parked on a sloping hillside. Below the hillside, there was a flat area mixed with weeds and broken bricks. .

The wind and sand can still be seen in the distance, but the strange thing is that this area in front of you seems to be blocked, which seems calm and tranquil.

“It’s normal. The climate in the restricted area changes at any time, but because of the extreme changes, some vacuum areas occasionally appear.”

He Weichen seemed to see Shen Qian The doubts, took the initiative to explain a sentence.

“This narrow and long area surrounded by low mountains is Xiaowang Village. According to sporadic records, Xiaowang Village was a famous local mining village before the disaster. There are many mining tunnels in the village, so the terrain is far away. It’s more complicated than it looks, everyone must pay attention.”

Young Yuan’s voice rang in the headset, “We can only walk here, we will set off after lunch.”

The armored vehicles and the logistics team stayed on the hillside. As for the newcomers such as Shen Qian, they voluntarily chose whether to follow them into the village.

Of course, no one chose to stay.

In fact, it is enough to offer two or three high Martial Artists as a reward at dusk. This time, the Dark Star Squad’s elite forces are all dispatched, and the plan is to save new talents.

After having lunch with satiety pills and clear water, everyone walked into the ruins of Xiaowang Village.


Chen Peng suddenly exclaimed, watching the black shadow rush towards him at an unparalleled speed, but he couldn’t do anything.


A dull sound rang out, and He Weichen stood in front of Chen Peng and knocked the shadow away with a punch.

And Yang Ni’s vigorous silhouette has been thrown out at the same time, and a silver net opened in her hand, which instantly shrouded the shadow.

Everything only happened in a flash, most people didn’t react yet, Yang Ni had already walked back with silver’s net bag.

In the net pocket, is a creature with a whole body covered with barbs and a head that resembles a rabbit.

It was still struggling, and the silver net made a harsh rubbing sound.

“What is this?” Chen Peng was shocked.

“W-level monster beast, Shadow Rabbit.” Shen Qian stared at the rabbit and said, “The damage is only at the beginning of the middle Martial Artist, but the speed can instantly kill most Martial Artists in the middle Martial Artist Peak.”

“No wonder I didn’t react…” Chen Peng sighed in relief, the annoyance in his heart went away, and finally he didn’t feel too embarrassed.

“I did quite a lot of homework.” Gu Yungao glanced at Shen Qian and said something incomprehensible.

No one finds it surprising that these common monster beasts are marked on the Exclusion Zone Guide.

Shen Qian didn’t bother to care about Gu Yungao, he had long noticed that the other party seemed to have some kind of hostility towards him, although he didn’t know where it came from.

I just walked into Xiaowang Village and walked a few steps when I encountered a W-level monster beast, which also made everyone vigilant. in depth.

Time ticks by in silence.

Shen Qian looked up and saw that there was no change in the clouds above and the light shining through, but for some reason, as everyone went deeper into the weeds, all around was also constantly changing. dark.

Shen Qian felt it again. So far, neither the system nor the black scroll in his space ring had any response, and he became calm.

This shows that at present, there is no uncontrollable danger in this area of Xiaowang Village.


At this time, He Weichen, who was waiting in front of him, signaled everyone to pause and frowned.

In addition to being a mid-level hunter, he is also an intermediate-level scout, shouldering the responsibilities of guidance and warning.

At this time, everyone was near a broken dry well. Looking back, they could no longer see the hillside at the entrance. There were mountains on both sides and mottled weeds everywhere.

In the silence, Yuan You seemed to have sensed something was wrong, and frowned, “Something’s wrong.”

“Why didn’t I notice the abnormality?” Gu Yungao wondered. solution asked.

“It’s too calm, don’t you think?”

He Weichen’s sharp eyes swept all around, “Except that when I first came in, I met a shadow rabbit, and then I haven’t seen any trace of monster beast, let alone monster beast, the weather in this world seems to be frozen, and it has been kept in an ordinary cloudy day…”

“This dry well is already deep. The demarcation line at the place should not be so peaceful.”

Everyone woke up.

Xiaowang Village is a red danger area on the map marker, how can it be possible that there is no situation at all?

“Everyone should be more vigilant, load their weapons, and be ready to deal with emergencies at any time.”

Hunters are basically equipped with such guns. Although heat guns are relatively inflexible and have charging limitations, the instantaneous destructive power must exceed them.

Gu Zifang, Ouyang Fei and Chen Peng also pulled out a psionic gun. Of course, it’s just an entry-level model, but its destructive power is comparable to that of Martial Artist.

Only Shen Qian took out an ordinary alloy long knife.

“You didn’t buy a psionic gun?” Yuan You was a little surprised.

β€œI don’t have enough money, so I didn’t think about it for the time being.” Shen Qian laughed and explained briefly.

Young Yuan is a little strange. Although he doesn’t know the inside story, the dignified national champion in martial arts can only get an astronomical sum of rewards. How can he have no money to buy a psionic gun?

She didn’t know what Shen Qian said was the truth.

A normal psionic gun meant nothing to him, and the one he saw in the psionic store was ridiculously expensive, so Shen Qian really couldn’t afford it for the time being.

Everyone walked slowly for more than ten minutes, the surrounding mountains became denser, and it seemed that they gradually turned into a corridor.

Shen Qian looked up and felt that the shape of the mountain walls was a bit strange, but for a while he couldn’t tell what was strange.

“The scroll is getting hot.”

At this time, Yuan You said suddenly.

The crowd was awe-inspiring.

There are special magnetic cards on the quest reels that raise the temperature as soon as you get close to the target area on the map to remind the person doing the quest.

At this time, everyone finally passed through the narrow corridor, and a small open area appeared in front of them. Amidst the overgrown weeds, a pavilion and a stone sculpture suddenly appeared strangely.

Everyone was a little scared.

Because the pavilion is somewhat dilapidated, but the main building is intact, which is impossible in the restricted area.

The stone sculpture standing beside the pavilion is a little blurry, but it can be vaguely seen that it is a woman.

“Captain, have you seen… this?”

Yuan You asked with a solemn expression as he asked He Weichen.

He Weichen shook his head and walked over step by step.

And the Dark Star Squad has dispersed into battle formation, watching all around with vigilance.

Ouyang Fei and Gu Zifang were also affected by the atmosphere, and they were a little nervous for no reason, but Shen Qian remained relatively relaxed.

For no other reason, the system still doesn’t respond.

…Unless there is something beyond system perception, there should still be no danger.

Just when Shen Qian was thinking about it, Yang Ni in front of her suddenly let out a cry out in surprise.

Everyone moved when they heard the wind, but they all took a peek at the psionic energy.

I guessed wrong?

Shen Qian was surprised at first, and then realized that there was no danger, but that Yang Ni seemed to see something that surprised her.

After the alert was lifted, everyone gathered near the pavilion.

On the side of the pavilion, in a low-lying area covered by weeds, there was a large fish-like corpse lying there.

This suspected monster beast has colorful colors on its body, but at this time, perhaps because of the loss of vitality, those colors are extremely dull.

apart from this, it also has a pair of nearly transparent wings as thin as cicada wing.

Just staring at the flickering wings, everyone felt a chill down their spines, this is something that can clearly comprehension how sharp it is at a glance.

“Night Fins!”

Yuan You also exclaimed in disbelief.


Everyone was shocked, and only then did they understand why Yang Ni’s face was so shocked.

It turned out that the unknown monster beast corpse in front of everyone was the target of their reward this evening, the corpse of Yefin!

“Yang Ni, confirm the cause of its death.”

Although He Weichen also felt very strange, he was still calm, opened the mouth and said.

Yanni nodded, put on rubber gloves and stepped forward, looking down cautiously.

When everyone’s attention was drawn to Nightfin’s body, Shen Qian came to the blurred statue.

He touched the chisel marks, and could feel that the knife work was very rough, and there were many marks of failure. He felt that it was carved by a layman who is not good at this.

Apart from this, there are still many fine and strange scratches on the statue.

Somehow, Shen Qian felt uncomfortable looking at those scratches.

Shen Qian’s eyes suddenly narrowed, then he squatted down and scraped the bottom of the soil, only to see a line of slanted red small characters on the base of the stone carving.

β€œThinking See how Jun, this hatred will never end!”

Shen Qian looked at the ten small characters that seemed to flow like blood, and an inexplicable chill hit her heart , the system seems to be agitated.

“It should be a T-rank nightfin, but it’s a bit weird, it doesn’t look like it died in the battle between monster beasts, it’s likely that other Martial Artists pierced its heart with sharp weapons… “

Yang Ni stood up at this time and said with a serious face.

“But if it’s another Martial Artist, why do you want to kill the hand, and don’t take the body after the hand?”

I heard that it should be a Human Race Martial Artist, everyone Instead, sighed in relief, but Yuan You raised her doubts.

“Yes, aside from other things, the night fins alone are worth millions. Who can turn a blind eye?”

Du Qiu nodded echoed.

No matter how rich people are, it is impossible to ignore a million-dollar sum, not to mention that the wings of the night fin are almost weightless and easy to carry.

Shen Qian stood up, closed his eyes slightly, and immediately began to feel and observe everything here from another perspective.

About ten seconds later, Shen Qian spoke, interrupting the discussion, “There are other corpses here.”


He Weichen and the others turned their heads in amazement.

Shen Qian didn’t say a word, just swept forward, came a few meters away, and kicked a boulder nearly two meters in diameter.

The boulder tumbled, revealing another monster beast corpse buried below.

Shen Qian kept moving, and soon found two other monster beast corpses all around, covered by weeds and mud.

Yang Ni and Yuan You were the first to react and stepped forward to check.

“U-rank monster beast black-faced sheep, and two V-rank shadow rabbits.”

“The cause of death is eighty similar to Nightfin…”

Soon both Yuan You and Yang Ni came to a conclusion.

“What the hell happened here?” Gu Yungao frowned, “Could it be that some Mountain And Sea Martial Artist passed by here and killed them?”

“If only If you pass by, do you think these monster beasts have the courage to stop Mountain And Sea?” Du Qiu shook his head.

When everyone was discussing intensely, Yuan You’s beautiful eyes turned, but it was fixed on Shen Qian again.

“How…how did you discover the traces of these monster beasts?”

Everyone heard this is all startled, and then they realized that, yes, obviously even as a professional scout He Weichen didn’t notice anything just now…

Shen Qian, how did you find out?

(end of this chapter)

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