I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 171


Chapter 171 Candle Snake

β€œWhere the monster beast dies, the smell in the air will change subtly, if time If it’s not too long, you can tell the difference just by smell without professional equipment… The content in the Second Volume of “Environmental Analysis of Forbidden Areas”.”

Shen Qian each minding their own business looked at the surrounding environment and answered Yuan You at the same time.

“Actually, Captain He also has the ability to discern, but he just wasn’t thinking about it.”


He Weichen was a little surprised.

This is what is in the “Environmental Analysis of the Forbidden Area”. He is also very familiar with it, but the problem is…

Shen Qian seems to know what he wants to say, and his head is numb. He raised his palm without looking back, only to see a cloud-edge badge in the palm of his palm, and the middle of the pattern surrounded by an eye.

“Scout badge!”

Everyone was shocked and looked towards Shen Qian in surprise.

The scout is not unusual or uncommon among the Nine Secondary Profession, but…

Shen Qian is already a hunter and a Medicine Refining Master, and now he took out a A scout badge, then it’s completely different.

There are many people with dual occupations, but people with three occupations are very rare.

After all, human energy is limited, let alone cultivation is the main business of all Martial Artists.

The meaning of the existence of Secondary Profession is only to better assist the main business.

Just as Yuan You wanted to open his mouth to continue his questioning, the wind whistled in the distance, and the weeds suddenly spread in an overwhelming trend, as if some terrifying existence was coming right next to the ground.

The unknown thing was moving very fast, and most of the people didn’t realize it was already near.

With He Weichen’s “be careful” shout, the soil more than ten meters away suddenly collapsed, and a Dao Body about seven or eight meters long broke out of the ground, roaring towards the crowd.

It was a large snake covered in turquoise scales, with a bulging forehead and narrow eyes flashing with crazy cold light.

“R-level monster beast, Candle Snake!”

Intense blood-reeking qi assaults the senses, Yang Ni’s exclamation made most people panic.

What is the concept of R level?

That is already close to the existence of Mountain And Sea.

Fortunately, at the critical moment, He Weichen stepped forward in time, shouted angrily, his vitality surged, his right fist became as dazzling as the sun, and he slammed it out with a heavy punch.


The sour collision sounded, the big snake whimpered, and its body rolled back and fell into the soil.

He Weichen was so powerful that everyone was very excited.

Only He Weichen frowned, his face stunned.

“What’s going on?” Yuan You also noticed something was wrong.

He Weichen is good, but he is only 6th dan as a high Martial Artist. Candle Snake is already a high-level Monster Beast Group body. He Weichen can barely compete with the strength above R rank. The trend is somewhat incredible.

“It’s hurt!”

At this moment, the tumbling candle snake exposed its belly, but a very thin but deep wound appeared on its body. abdomen.

The wound wasn’t too obvious, but even the internal organs were faintly visible as the candle snake tumbled.

At this time, everyone realized that the strong blood-reeking qi just now came from the candle snake itself.

“No wonder…it’s on the verge of death and still attacking us?”

Seeing that the candle snake was obviously an arrow at the end of its flight, Yuan You also sighed in relief, but then full of doubts.

“Perhaps, it wants to escape?”

Shen Qian stared at the big snake that was crawling on the ground and sprayed the crowd with letters, and suddenly interrupted.

“Do you remember, the shadow rabbit I met just when I entered Dawang Village…”

Yuan You thought of something again.

At this moment, everyone was inexplicably chilling their backs. Could it be that there is something terrifying in this area that made all monster beasts flee?

Before everyone could sort out the clues, one of the Dark Star Squad suddenly rushed out, but the target was the seriously injured candle snake.

The person who shot was Gu Yungao. He Weichen and Yuan You didn’t think about whether to stop him in a hurry, but there were two shouts before and after.



Shen Qian was a little distracted just now, and it was too late when he came back to his senses to stop him. Can shout.

At the same time, there was shouting loudly in the distance.

But Gu Yungao obviously ignored the voices of the two of them, and the punch that accumulated all his strength violently smashed the slow-moving candle snake Qicun.

The candle snake let out a whimper and was knocked several meters away. Then, its body smashed into the soil, and after wriggling a few times, it lost its voice, apparently dead.

Gu Yungao didn’t hesitate at all, took out the silver net pocket and wrapped the candle snake’s body directly, then swept it back.

“You…” Yuan You felt that Gu Yungao was a little reckless and couldn’t help frowning.

“A candle snake, even if it is dead, is worth close to ten million. This is clearly a wealth delivered to the door. Is it possible that just let it go?”

Gu Yun High said with a sneer.

Yuan You was speechless for a while, she had to admit that Gu Yungao said has several points of truth.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the shouts from Shen Qian and the distant call, she would probably have felt that Gu Yungao’s actions were normal.

As for why they didn’t catch the live ones…they didn’t catch the strength control of the R-level monster beast alive, even if the candle snake was seriously injured, one mistake could bring great disaster.

From these perspectives, there is nothing wrong with Gu Yungao’s approach, so He Weichen is just frowned, but he doesn’t say anything.

“Shen Qian, why did you stop Gu Yungao?”

But maybe there was doubt about Shen Qian’s voice, so He Weichen turned his head and asked.

“I was just thinking, maybe I can get some information from this candle snake…” Shen Qian said regretfully.

“What can you see?” Yuan You’s heart moved.

β€œI can’t die.”

Shen Qian glanced at Candle Snake’s body and shook his head.

“Can’t you die?”

Yuan You was even more confused.

Seeing that Yuan You still wanted to ask further, he shook his head and looked towards the depths of Dawang Village, “Let’s settle the trouble in front of us first.”

As Shen Qian finished speaking, I saw the direction of the great shout just came, and four silhouettes appeared one after another, moving towards this side at a very fast speed.

At this time, everyone remembered that there was a voice trying to stop Gu Yungao just now.

“These four people… are very strong.”

Yuan You’s facial expression grave, from the speed of the opponent’s rushing, it can be judged that these four people are not good stubble.

Finally, the four of them arrived and stopped a few meters away.

They wear uniform combat uniforms with a slasher-squad emblem on their chests with rock patterns on them.

“It’s the person from the rock square.”

Yuan You frowned, said in a low voice.

Shen Qian took a few more curious glances after hearing that the four were from the Jing City Ranked 1st squad.

Aside from the cold and arrogant look on his face, the three men and one woman in front of them are indeed very strong. No one is weaker than He Weichen, and even vaguely exceeds them.

Especially the man at the head, with long hair in a mess and a casual posture, but there is a hint of oppression lingering on his body.

The breath of “Dao”.

This long-haired man is on the verge of asking even if he is not Mountain And Sea.

“It’s you.” The long-haired man also recognized the Dark Star Squad’s man, frowned.

“Xiang Vice, hello!”

He Weichen showed respect and fear on his face, and bowed slightly.

“Vice Captain Xiang Qi of the Rock Squad is deep and unmeasurable.”

Yuan You whispered a popular science sentence.

“You don’t understand what we said to Captain, let you stop, why do you still kill this candle snake!” the drink asked.

He Weichen calmed down, opened the mouth and said, “We were suddenly attacked just now, and it was too late to react, so…”

“Captain, what is there to explain to them? ?”

Gu Yungao didn’t take it seriously, and suddenly said with a sneer, “Why, is it possible that the candle snake is still a protected animal, you said that it can’t be killed if it can’t be killed?”


Xiang Qi smiled, and his figure suddenly flickered.


The incomparably crisp voice sounded, and before everyone could react, there was already a bright red palm print on Gu Yungao’s face.


The Dark Star Squad raised their psionic guns in anger.

“To Captain, what do you mean?”

He Weichen’s face also turned cold, he put away his respectful gesture and asked.

“What do you mean?” Xiang Qi sneered and winked at another team member next to him, “Xiao Qi, show them.”

The young man called Xiao Qi Glancing at the crowd indifferently, a reward scroll was already unfolded in his hand.

The specific text is a little unclear, but the vivid picture of the candle snake below is clearly identifiable.

The folks in Dark Star Squad are complexion changed, guns subconsciously drooping in their hands.

The people of the rock squid took out this quest scroll, and the meaning was already obvious.

This candle snake is their prey.

For a time, everyone looked towards Gu Yungao, who covered his cheeks and had yet to break free from the anger.

Gu Yungao’s complexion changed too, “I…”

“You what are you!” Xiang Qi sneered, “I tracked the prey all night, but you cut me off, Giving you a slap is considered light!”

“To Captain, we were attacked suddenly just now, so it’s understandable to make a hurried move, we can’t let this candle snake attack us, but we Are you indifferent?”

Young Yuan took a step forward and explained calmly.

“Oh, is it excusable?” Xiang Qiliang lit the optical telescope in his hand, “Do you think Lao Tzu didn’t see what happened, or that you are all deaf and can’t hear me and I told you to stop ?”

Yuan You was speechless for a while.

When He Weichen saw this, he pulled La Yuanyou, took a deep breath and said, “To Captain, this matter is our fault, we are willing to return this candle snake to you.”

Having said that, He Weichen gestured to Gu Yungao and asked him to hand over the candle snake.

Gu Yungao was very unwilling, but he knew that he couldn’t deny it, so he could only throw the candle snake in his hand into the open space between the two teams.

Who knows, Xiang Qi just glanced at the candle snake on the ground without any movement.

“Hahaha…” Xiang Qi laughed loudly, “He Weichen, you have been in the restricted area for so long, why are you so naive?”

“What do you mean?” He Weichen frowned .

“The task I received is to live, do you understand?” Xiang Qi’s face sank again, “You give me a dead snake, and I can’t complete the reward even if I go back, you know that Loss?”

“We Dark Star Squad will bear it.”

He Weichen gritted his teeth.

“Okay.” Xiang Qi seemed to be waiting for Gu Yungao’s words, he extended the hand and pointed, “I won’t take advantage of you either, this candle snake is worth nine million, The reward I received is Eight Stars at dusk, the total value of the reward is 25 million, you will pay me another 16 million, and this matter will be over!”

The people of Dark Star Squad are complexion greatly changed.

A reward for the eight stars at dusk?

The star level ranges from one star to nine stars, and the eight stars at dusk have almost caught up with the level of the night, which is an extremely difficult task.

The focus is on the 25 million reward, Dark Star Squad has to spend 16 million to subsidize the other party.

This is by no means a small sum.

Normally speaking, Dark Star Squad has to get out of the penalty area two or three times to get this reward, and it is the income of the entire team.

Gu Yungao’s face was also a little pale, and he looked towards He Weichen with a little pleading.

To put it bluntly, he is actually the most responsible, but if he is asked to pay for the money himself, it will be more uncomfortable than killing him.

“This…to Captain, can we discuss it again?”

He Weichen ignored Gu Yungao, but did not put the blame on him, he just tried to negotiate.

“No negotiation!” Xiang Qi said indifferently, his imposing manner looming.

The meaning of the other party is very obvious. If this matter is not handled well, it will be difficult to be kind today.

He Weichen and Yuan You glanced at each other, both caught in a dilemma. When the two of them didn’t know what to do, a silhouette came up.

“This…to Captain, can I say a few words?”

“Shen Qian?”

Young Yuan looked at him in confusion. The boy who went out was too late to stop him.

“You look familiar, okay, listen to what you have to say.”

Xiang Qi glanced at Shen Qian, all shrugged.

“Forgive me to speak bluntly, although this candle snake is your prey, but… the injuries on its body have nothing to do with you, right?”

Shen Qian’s The sound was not loud, but it made the scene instantly silent.

The people in the Dark Star Squad are dazed, while the other three in the Rock Squad are complexion slightly changed.

“How to say?” Xiang Qi narrowed his eyes.

β€œIt has only one wound on its body. From the depth and shape of the wound, it does not conform to any kind of weapon used by human Martial Artists.”

Shen Qian pointed to Pointing to the candle snake on the ground, he immediately raised his head, “The most important thing is, if you really caught up with it before, with your strength, I don’t think it should have a chance to escape.”

Xiang Qi Dingding looked at Shen Qian for a few seconds, then smiled, “You’re a goddamn talent!”

“You’re right, in fact, it was my first time when I asked you to stop. When I saw a candle snake.”

He Weichen and Yuan You both saw the surprise in each other’s eyes when they came back to his senses.

In fact, they did have a misunderstanding in their thinking just now. Under Xiang Qi’s first move, they all subconsciously believed that this candle snake was the prey they had been tracking for a day, and even the wound was caused by them.

But in fact, Xiang Qi and the others only discovered the trace of this candle snake.

In this way, things are completely two natures.

“What’s your name?” Xiang Qi didn’t take it seriously, looking at Shen Qian and said.

“Shen Qian.”

“That Wu champion?” Xiang Qi also seemed to remember something after a stunned moment, and suddenly said.

The other three members of the rock square also looked surprised and looked at Shen Qian a few more times.

“Sure enough, there is something special about it. I will have a chance to have a drink with Lao Tzu.”

Xiang Qi laughed, picked up the net bag on the ground, and no longer mentioned the matter of compensation. He waved his hand and left with the other three.

The loss of Candle Snake’s wealth made the people of Dark Star Squad a little helpless, but it is not a bad thing for Dark Star Squad to end this matter.

Therefore, although he was unwilling, neither He Weichen nor Yuan You meant to stop him.

powerhouse is respected  …is the unwritten rules of the restricted area.

However, they didn’t speak, but Shen Qian spoke again.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t take the candle snake.”

The people of Dark Star Squad are all stared wide-eyed, they admire Shen Qian’s courage, Think the other party is crazy.

Does he really think this Xiang Qi is a good talker?

Even if there is no danger to life, but being humiliated by the other party, it is impossible for him to have a chance to regain his position.

“Shen Qian…”

Yuan You just wanted to speak worriedly, but Xiang Qi had already stopped and turned around.

“Why, for the sake of your glory for Jing City, I have given you some face, but you really don’t know where you are?”

Xiang Qifaint Smile, but there is a chill brewing in his eyes.

“Not because of the money, but because if you take it away…you will die.” Shen Qian shook her head, said in a tranquil voice.

The scene fell silent again, and Xiang Qi wondered if he was hallucinating.

A Martial Artist threatens himself with life and death?

Just as he was about to attack in rage, Shen Qian suddenly raised his head, pointed with his hand, and sighed, feeling a little helpless.

“I said, can you really not hear?”

Everyone was startled, and at this time, with the subconsciously listening gathering, they finally heard something.

“si si!”

The weird sound that can make one have one’s hair stand on end keeps getting closer and clearer from all directions.


The rock on the surrounding mountain wall collapsed, revealing one hole after another.

All around, the grass is also collapsing, and one after another shadow emerges from it.

The air seemed to freeze, and the temperature dropped sharply. Except for Shen Qian, everyone looked around and lost their expressions in shock.

As a result, one after another candle snake was carved around this pavilion, and at a glance, there were no less than thirty.

They occupy all directions, or they are condescending, or they are lying on the ground… The only thing that does not change is the long and narrow cold and violent eyes.

At this time, most of the candle snakes’ eyes were fixed on Xiang Qi.


Drenched in cold sweat, Xiang Qi subconsciously threw away the net bag in his hand.

(end of this chapter)

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