I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 172


Chapter 172 Snake Language Level 8

Candle Snake is a monster beast of R level or above.

And the R-class is already close to the existence of Mountain And Sea.

At this moment, there are more than thirty candle snakes surrounding everyone.

This is equivalent to thirty late-stage high-level Martial Artists, not to mention that there may be Q-level candle snakes that are comparable to those who entered the Mountain And Sea Realm world.

Xiang Qi threw away the net bag in shock, but no one laughed at him.

Actually the others weren’t much better either.

For example, Gu Yungao was fighting between two forces and could only barely stand.

Because everyone knows that if one is not handled well, today is a dead end.

But… what can be done about it?

In particular, the candle snake is still a standard cold-blooded animal. Although it is intelligent, it is impossible to reason with people.

Despair spreads in the hearts of everyone.

After the people from the Rock Squad reacted, they immediately merged with the people from the Dark Star Squad, watching the candle snakes all around vigilantly in a defensive formation.

“To Captain, Yuan You, do you have any way to get out?”

It is not necessary to think about the rival, so He Weichen asked directly.

Xiang Qi is a high-level hunter, and Yuan You is a high-level scholar. If there is any way to get out of trouble, I can only count on the two of them.

“If I try my best, I may have a little hope of survival, but it’s also very slim… Xiaowang Village used to be a mining farm, and the underground terrain is far more complicated than the surface. This is their home ground.”

Xiang Qi has regained his composure at this time, but his face is still ugly.

Young Yuan was silent for a while, then sighed, “I have observed it just now, that is, looking towards Captain throwing away the corpse of the candle snake, the hostility in their eyes has not weakened…”

“Furthermore, I can’t tell who is the head snake. Otherwise, if the thief is captured first, there may be a possibility of a struggle.”

“It seems that I can only do my best.”

He Weichen took a deep breath, said solemnly.

Everyone was hearing this, and the despair on their faces was even worse.

It is said to be desperate, but in the case where the strength gap is large enough, in fact, there is no difference between desperate and dying.


At this time, all the candle snakes raised their heads slightly, the snakes vomited, and their bodies began to circle forward.

This is clearly a prelude to the attack.

Everyone was nervous.

“Shen Qian, is there anything you can do?”

Yuan You didn’t know why, and finally turned his attention to the young man whose expression had not changed much from beginning to end.

She could see what Shen Qian was thinking, maybe it was all the mysterious teenagers along the way, which made her inexplicably look forward to it.

“What can he do?”

I don’t know if he was infected with despair, or if he wanted to vent. Before Shen Qian could speak, Gu Yungao roared angrily.

“I want to say that this time is because of this bearer of bad luck. We have been to Xiaowang Village so many times before, why did something happen this time!”

Shen Qian ignored the crazy Gu Yungao, just looked up at the sky and spit out a word.



Yuan You startled.

โ€œDonโ€™t worry, even if itโ€™s too late, at leastโ€ฆI can keep you from dying.โ€

Shen Qian laughed.

“Ridiculous!” Gu Yungao laughed heartily, as if he was laughing with tears, “You fucking Martial Artist in a trifling…wu wu!”


Gu Yungao’s laughter stopped abruptly, he covered his cheeks blankly, feeling the burning sensation from it.

Before he could react, the boy who appeared in front of him like a flash had already stretched out a hand and grabbed his throat.

Gu Yungao’s body lifted off the ground uncontrollably, and all the laughter turned into a strange whimper.

Even in this precarious situation, everyone froze for a moment.

Gu Yungao is a powerhouse of the third section of Gao Martial Artist!

Even if it was a sneak attack, how could he not react in front of a Martial Artist?

What’s even more outrageous is that at this time, Gu Yungao had obviously exhausted all his strength to struggle, but he couldn’t break free at all.

His complexion turned from bluish-red to bluish-purple, and then turned into a bloodless pale.

There was resentment, disbelief, anger in his eyes… and it all turned into fear.

Because Shen Qian’s hand was still tightening inch by inch, the young man’s face was expressionless, as if he was really going to kill him.


Gu Yungao swayed frantically, making a strange guttural sound that was either cursing or begging for mercy.

Shen Qian finally let go, letting Gu Yungao’s body slump to the ground like mud.

“Killing you is like killing ants, but I have to write dozens of pages of materials to report… Forget it, it’s not worth it.”

It seems to be talking to himself, Shen Qian shook his head and stopped looking at Gu Yungao on the ground.

Gu Yungao opened his mouth, but he didn’t dare to say anything after all, he could only stare at Shen Qian’s back resentfully.

“Shen Qian, what do you mean by ‘wait’ just now?”

Yuan You came back to his senses and didn’t bother to ask why Shen Qian was so strong Horrible, but with more hope in his eyes, he walked over in a hurry and hugged Shen Qian’s arm.

ย โ€ฆHey, you don’t wear underwear.

Shen Qian glanced down calmly, coughed, “I’ve already asked for help, just wait.”

When she heard that Shen Qian’s solution turned out to be asking for help, she asked for help. Kai and the others were greatly disappointed.

“I immediately sent the rescue information, but it’s impossible, unless a powerhouse happens to pass by…” Xiangqi shook his head.

“si si!”

The candle snakes all around got closer, and they seemed to enjoy the feeling of playing with their prey, and the snakes threw their letters faster and faster.

Finally, a candle snake entrenched on the stone statue couldn’t hold back, bared its fangs and rushed towards Yang Ni.

He Weichen clenched the teeth just as he was about to shoot, the candle snake, which had already thrown out half of its body, suddenly stopped again.

In the face of deathly pale Yang Ni’s stunned eyes, all the candle snakes all around suddenly retreated a little, then they raised their heads looking towards the sky and issued a rapid “si” si” sounded, as if alerting to something.

At this time, everyone realized something and looked up.

The wind was blowing violently, and a dark-skinned man with a black cloth bag was rapidly falling from the sky.

Although his face was plain, there were surprises in everyone’s eyes.

Take the air…Mountain And Sea!

This is a genuine Mountain And Sea powerhouse.

Xiang Qi was also a little stunned, he just said casually, is there really a powerhouse passing by?


The dark man fell to the ground, causing smoke and dust all over the ground, and the candle snakes all around felt threatened and stepped back a little.


Xiang Qi tidyed up his appearance, just wanted to go up to say hello, but soon stared wide-eyed again.

Because the dark man walked directly to Shen Qian after landing, and then lowered his head slightly.

“Mr. Shen!”

…Actually, to be honest, Shen Qian didn’t like the feeling of the needle falling.

But it seems that many times, he can’t avoid it.

“You’re here.”

Shen Qian nodded, patted Knife Jiu’s shoulder.

As a 24X7 bodyguard, Shen Qian went out to practice in the restricted area, and naturally, it was impossible to leave Dao Jiu.

There must be a degree of experience, especially when you haven’t grown up yet, don’t pretend to be unnecessary.

So Dao Jiu has been following Shen Qian not far or near, ensuring that he can deal with emergencies at any time…such as in front of him.

Although there is a system, these candle snakes are also impossible to endanger Shen Qian’s life, but he is not alone at the moment, Ouyang Fei and Gu Zifang are both friends, Shen Qian will think more.

Yuan You was still holding Shen Qian’s arm, her red lips were slightly open at this time, her eyes were full of shock, and she looked a little silly for no reason.

But no one cared about her attitude, and everyone was in the same mood.

Shen Qian…there is actually a Mountain And Sea bodyguard!

No, looking at the appearance of the two of them, Dao Jiufen is very respectful to Shen Qian, and already has some vague intentions of his subordinates.

“Could it be that if you pass the Wu Zhuang Yuan exam, there will be Mountain And Sea to follow?”

Ouyang Fei muttered, “This is too damn cool!”

“It’s definitely more than that.” After Gu Zifang relaxed, hearing this rolled his eyes, “Do Mountain And Sea care about geniuses? It’s all up to you.”

After Xiang Qi was embarrassed, he opened the mouth and said, “I swear to Qi that I will give you enough in return.”

Shen Qianp shook his head again, “It’s not that simple.”

“What do you mean?”

He Weichen heard Shen Qian The words mean more than they say and couldn’t help but ask road.

“You probably didn’t look carefully, three of the candle snakes are Q-level.”


Everyone heard this face All change.

“Of course, Dao Jiu is not afraid of them, but the premise is that there are not many burdens.”

Everyone is silent, although it is said to be burdensome. It’s uncomfortable, but in this case, they really seem useless…

“Maybe they can win, but 70% of the people here are going to die. I’m afraid this is not what you want.”

Shen Qian shrugged.

“Then what do you mean?”

Yuan You calmed down, remembering her demented appearance, she couldn’t help but curse herself as good-for-nothing, but hugged Shen Qian’s His hands tightened a bit.

โ€œWe have to try other methods.โ€

Shen Qian didnโ€™t continue to sell off, he broke free from the โ€œshacklesโ€ from Yuan You and took a few steps forward.

Dao Jiu followed suit, and the candle snakes all around became obviously nervous, and the sound of “si si” continued.

Just when everyone was confused about what Shen Qian could do, the scene that almost dropped everyone’s jaws reappeared.

I saw Shen Qian leaning forward, staring at a candle snake whose body was mostly buried in the soil, and suddenly began to speak.

โ€œsi si hissingโ€ฆโ€

No one could understand what Shen Qian was saying, because what he spit out from his mouth was like a candle and snake. “si si” sound.

Snake language!

Shen Qian can speak snake language!

And depending on the level of fluency, I’m afraid it’s Level 8…

Even though I have accepted Shen Qian’s “versatile”, this scene is still very impactful.

โ€œsi si!โ€

The candle snake that was named and communicated by Shen Qian seemed a little surprised, but as the communication between one person and one snake continued, its body also broke free Dirt, almost standing upright.

At this time, everyone discovered that this candle snake was nearly 20 meters long, more than twice as long as the dead candle snake!

“It’s a head snake!”

Yuan You woke up and exclaimed in a low voice.

Snake language can be mastered, and it is not at worst to recognize a snake. This time everyone is very calm, just nervously waiting for the result.

They could probably guess that Shen Qian was having sex with a snake.

About five minutes later, Shen Qian straightened up and looked back towards the crowd.

“How is it?” Xiang Qi couldn’t help asking.

“The results are alright, they agreed to retire…” Shen Qian nodded.


“very good!”

Everyone could not help but clench their fists, showing an uplifting gesture.

The kind of happiness that avoided a catastrophe on the brink of death began to spread in the heart.

“But…” Shen Qian was very helpless, I haven’t finished my words yet, you are in a hurry.

“What’s the matter?” Everyone was a little nervous when they heard that there was more to come.

“They have two demands.” Shen Qian glanced at the head snake waiting with its head held high, “The first condition is that they will take away all the monster beast corpses here, as well as those on you. Snake fruit…”

Shen Qian glanced at Xiang Qi.

The day of the rock-squad tracking Candle Snake was clearly not without success, with the other three all carrying a bulging marching bag.

“Okay, who asked me to hunt down its kin.”

Xiang Qi quickly nodded decisively, saying with a smile rather self-deprecating.

But he was still relatively relaxed.

A few million counts as a ball compared to getting a life back.

“We have no opinion, what is the second requirement?” He Weichen asked after nodded.

Shen Qian let out a small breath and glanced blankly at Gu Yungao, who was still sitting on the ground.

Gu Yungao seemed to realize something, and the panic expression on his face just surfaced when he heard Shen Qian’s indifferent voice, “Murder… ah, it’s the killer who killed the snake and they have to take it away. “

After everyone started, they all looked towards Gu Yungao who was stunned, and their eyes became complicated.

“No!” The pale-faced Gu Yungao shook his head and muttered as he stepped back, “This is definitely not true, it’s… it’s Shen Qian, yes, it’s him, he’s borrowing. Get revenge on me!”

Gu Yungao roared wildly, “That’s it, don’t trust him, don’t trust him!”

No one answered.

Even Yang Ni, who is relatively close to Gu Yungao, is only lightly sighed and can’t say anything.

She is very reluctant to admit it, but Gu Yungao seems to have only oneself to blame. If he really obeyed Shen Qian at that time, don’t be in a hurry…

Yuan You turned her head and couldn’t bear to look anymore, she just suddenly remembered, no wonder Shen Qian said “I can’t die” at that time, it turned out that Shen Qian wanted to find out information from the mouth of the candle snake.

“Captain, don’t, don’t let the candle snake take me away…Save me, you save me!”

Gu Yungao climbed to He Weichen’s side and hugged his leg , pleading with snot and tears.

โ€œsi si!โ€

At this moment, the snake hissed again rapidly.

“It’s…a bit rushed.”

Shen Qian volunteered to translate.

Everyone was silent, but they all looked towards He Weichen.

He Weichen closed his eyes, then suddenly shot, knocking Gu Yungao unconscious.

“This will make it somewhat easier…” He Weichen looked at Gu Yungao, who had fainted, and whispered.

“Don’t worry, this time I’m here to be the villain, it’s just a fifty-page report, I wrote it!”

Xiang Qi came over suddenly, picked up Gu Yungao and threw it into the snake group.

A candle snake rolled its tail with its tail, and soon pulled Gu Yungao into the mud, disappeared.

The rest of the candle snakes also retreated with spills of war. As the sand and stones rolled, the grass and trees flew, and under the leadership of the head snake, all the candle snakes quickly disappeared.

all around Be quiet, as if nothing had happened.

“Today’s incident is really fucking bizarre, no, I can’t stand anymore, I want to take a break.”

Xiang Qi broke the dullness and sat down on the ground. Seeing that He Weichen and the others were still in a certain mood, he couldn’t help sneering.

“I said what about you, how many people are dying in the restricted area every day, since you have chosen to join the slashing squad, you should have a similar consciousness…”

“Normal Said that in such a situation, sacrificing oneself to save everyone is the normal operation, but this is too cowardly.”

“If he can really take the initiative to stand up.”

Shen Qian Hearing this suddenly opened the mouth and said, “Perhaps, I will choose to save him…”

Everyone was startled, and for a while it was unclear why.

Yuan You took a deep look at Shen Qian who was standing with her back to the crowd. For some reason, she felt that Shen Qian might really be able to do it.

It’s just that the other party chose the easiest way to deal with it.

Shen Qian withdrew his gaze from the distance, and when everyone wanted to sit down and rest for a while, he opened the mouth and said, “Don’t rest, even if there is no candle snake, it will not be the same here. Safe.”

“What?” He Weichen was taken aback.

“Have you forgotten, the fleeing candle snake, and the dead monster beast…”

The people of the Dark Star Squad are all terrified, but the Rock Squad remains Somewhat confused.

Shen Qian touched the hot scroll in his arms, spat out one mouthful of impure air.

“You’d better leave. If I’m not mistaken, Xiaowangcun… should no longer be the place you remember.”

(this chapter end)

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