I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 174


Chapter 174 The Will of All Beings

Yuan You looked in the direction of Shen Qian’s finger, and was stunned.

I saw a lot of dark shadows appearing on the grassland, but because of the distance, I couldn’t see what they were.

“Strange, why didn’t you see it just now?” Yuan You asked in confusion.

“These dark nights don’t seem to move. Go and have a look.”

Shen Qian sensed it and saw that the shadows were just still, so she pulled Yuan You forward.

After walking for about two kilometers, the shadows gradually became clear, and it was a stone statue standing on the grassland.

The stone statues look like ancient soldiers, hugging their hands, about three meters high, and each face has an erect giant pupil.

Seeing Yuan You looked thoughtful, Shen Qian couldn’t help but ask, “Have you seen this kind of stone statue?”

“I have a little impression, but I’m not sure which book it is from. Now, I need a little time to find my memory.”

Yuan You nodded.

Shen Qian also understands what Yuan You means. After the memory or spirit strength reaches a certain level, especially when people can remember everything that happened, the operation of thinking will enter. Another mode.

Somewhat like the memory palace shown in some detective movies.

All the experienced pictures will be stored, but normally it will not occupy the memory of your head, you can browse and find it when you need it.

Seeing that Yuan You closed her eyes and started to recall, Shen Qian didn’t bother her either, and slowly released her hand to see that nothing happened, so she felt relieved to go all around to check.

Looking up, the sky is dark but clear, not at all like the usual chaos in restricted areas.

All around is rolling grassland, with some faint peaks at the end, but the distance is at least hundreds of kilometers away.

Apart from this, the entire grassland is empty, except for the statue of a soldier standing quietly.

“Is this a fantasy or what? I’m sure I’m not far from Jing City, but the surrounding scene has become completely different.”

It seems like a dislocation of time and space, so Shen Qian A desire to explore arises.

Is this the projection world of the “door”?

What will the real “door” look like?

Shen Qian remembered the “door” he saw in Fuya Valley, when there was a lot of snow around, and he believed a little bit of Yuanyou’s statement.

Perhaps, the environment around the “door” is really affected by the world inside the “door”.

While thinking about it, Shen Qian walked to a stone sculpture and tried to touch it with his hand.

Sen’s cold and real touch came, and he intuitioned that everything here should be real.


Shen Qian’s ears moved suddenly, as if he heard something, and he fell directly onto the grass.

weng weng!

The strange vague rumbling sound seemed to sound from the depths of the earth.

While Shen Qian frowned, the giant pupil statue in front of him suddenly trembled.


The stone statue collapsed suddenly and slammed into the grass, revealing a bottomless pothole.

The “weng weng” sound becomes clearer.

Before Shen Qian could react, the surrounding giant pupil statues began to collapse one by one, revealing more potholes.

Yuan You also woke up from her memory, and no matter what the situation was, she immediately ran to Shen Qian’s side.

Buzz!Buzz!Buzz! !

With the incomparably dense flapping of wings that made the scalp numb, a large black shadow suddenly appeared in a pothole not far from the two of them.

Shen Qian’s eyesight, he could see at a glance that it was a mosquito the size of a thumb.

In the dimness, their long, thin mouths still shone with the rays of light of forest blue.

“Murder grasshopper!”

Yuan You also exclaimed.

This should be an unpopular monster beast, at least Shen Qian had never seen it in the “Basic Monster Beast Illustration”, so he looked towards Yuan You in confusion.

Yuan Youyi pulls Shen Qian to signal him to run away, and at the same time speaks very fast.

“A type of Monster Insect that cannot be determined for the time being is a mutation of a common mosquito or a rare Monster Insect from another world. The level is Z, and it is common in the southwest, but… generally, there are at most dozens of them gathered together. Normally they live by sucking the blood of other Z-rank monster beasts.”


Shen Qian was stunned for a moment, then turned around and glanced at it. There were at least a thousand of them in the area where everyone rushed over!

What’s more terrifying is more than that. Just as the two of them escaped, the second group of murderous grasshoppers also emerged from another pothole.

Buzz!Buzz!Buzz! !

There was a sound from the front right, and soon a third group of murderous grasshoppers also emerged from the ground.

Shen Qian and Yuan You both realized the seriousness of the problem, and at a glance, there were more than a hundred statues of giant pupils falling down on the grassland.

This also means that at least hundreds of groups of murderous grasshoppers will appear.

Z-level monster beast is only comparable to Beginner Martial Artist Early-Stage, not worth mentioning, but if the number reaches hundreds of millions…

I’m afraid Mountain And Sea will not dare to despise it .

Fortunately, Shen Qian was fast enough to pick up Yuan You, dodge a few lightly, and quickly escaped the siege of three groups of murderous grasshoppers.

But no matter how fast Shen Qian is, unless he can escape from this area in an instant, with the constant addition of new murderous grasshoppers, the range that can be avoided will only get smaller and smaller.

When the number of murderous grasshoppers on the grassland exceeds 20, it becomes difficult for the two to escape.

“What should I do, it must be ugly to be bitten to death like this…”

Although Yuan You looked pale in fear, she was still thinking of ways.

“It’s a pity that I didn’t bring a flamethrower, but flamethrowers are not good either. With so many murderous grasshoppers, how much energy is needed to kill them all.”

Seeing that Yuan You was actually worried about the ugly appearance of death , Shen Qian somewhat didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, but when he heard the other party’s last sentence, his heart moved.

“They’re afraid of fire?”

“Well, but ordinary fire won’t work…”

After Yuan You finished speaking, she saw Shen Qian’s eyes flashing He got up, as if he was in some kind of entanglement.

After a few seconds, Shen Qian stopped abruptly.

Yuan You looked at the killing grasshoppers all around getting closer and closer, and was almost driven mad by the buzzing sound, so she couldn’t help urging, “Shen Qian, why are you in a daze, why didn’t you run away? “

Shen Qian took a deep look at Yuan You, just when Yuan You didn’t know why, Shen Qian suddenly spoke softly.

“In the future…if you can’t think of a way to make me trust you, I’ll kill you.”


When Yuan You was stunned, Shen Qian put her down, then opened her hands and pointed at the sky.


The first group of murderous grasshoppers poured down from the top of Shen Qian’s head, and when it was about to drown him, a light appeared in Yuan You’s eyes.

The light came from Shen Qian’s palm, which turned into a red and white flame after a brief blazing bright, and spit out.

chi chi!

The sour zira sounded, a scorched smell resounded in the air, and pieces of mosquito corpses fell from the air .

Yuan Youxiao looked at this scene with her mouth slightly open. It was obviously a disgusting scene, but at this moment, she felt a sense of relief for no reason.

Waiting for came back to his senses, looking at the man bathed in flames, Yuan You is somewhat absent-minded.

…he is actually an original Martial Artist.

Yes, she knows that there is a source of vitality in this world, which should belong to the category of Mountain And Sea, but there are always some geniuses who can break this limitation.

But on Shen Qian, Yuan You felt that it was not surprising.

At this moment, she suddenly understood why Shen Qian said that first.

Gaining trust…

Yuan You pursed her lips.

From Shen Qian’s point of view, there is nothing wrong with her. She knows too many of his secrets. Even ordinary relatives and friends will not share them easily.

Yuan You, who had some headaches, sighed, feeling that she had sold herself this time.

She stopped worrying for the time being, but quickly took out a shorthand book and a silver pen with a strange pattern.

This pen is very famous, and it is also the most famous “weapon” of scholar, called “asking the heart pen”, which can only be obtained by scholars who have passed a certain test.

It is said that the lines on the pen are the blessings of the princes.

For example, at this moment, with Yuan You’s thoughts turning, the pen actually started to write on the stenograph.

“On July 13, 2297, at the boundary of Xiaowang Village, the outer east area of Jing City, with coordinates 26Β°N, 106Β°E, there was a sudden thick fog, follow Shen Qian to explore, see…”

omits some details, but just for a moment, the event is recorded.

“Stop writing first, and then think of a solution.”

At this moment, Shen Qian raised his hands like the god of fire and suddenly opened the mouth and said.

“What’s wrong?”

Young Yuan stood up and looked at the corpses of murderous grasshoppers piled up all around, with lingering fears, and in the air, there were still a few. Unknown murderous grasshoppers attack like moth flies into the flame.

“This is not the way to go. The number of these murderous grasshoppers is endless, but my vitality… is limited.”

Shen Qian said solemnly.

In fact, he also brought a lot of medicine pills to replenish his vitality, but Shen Qian didn’t want to waste it here.

Yuan You hearing this frowned and fell back into thinking.

Perhaps away from danger, Yuan You’s thoughts became bright again. With the light of the fire supported by Shen Qian, she carefully looked all around, especially focusing on what she had just ignored

“You said…is there a Formation here?”

Yuan You said slowly.

Shen Qian also looked towards the surroundings carefully after startled, and finally smiled a little self-deprecatingly, “In terms of the importance of experience, I didn’t even think about it just now.”

“I know. It’s useless if it’s Formation, I know a little bit of Feng Shui at most, if you’re a warrior…”

Yuan You suddenly shut up, because she remembered all the magic before Shen Qian, so she looked at Weird looked over.

That’s pretty obvious…you don’t really, do you?

“Gannan, Kunbei, Lidong…”

Shen Qian answered her with practical actions, glanced all around with sharp eyes, and kept calculating, all the giant pupils The position of the statue gradually became three-dimensional in his mind.

“Over there, there is the birth gate!”

Shen Qian quickly locked his eyes in one direction, and the flame in his hand closed, next moment picked up Yuan You and ran wildly. go with.

Yuan You resigned herself to Shen Qian’s shoulders, and became numb.

Shen Qian quickly crossed the kilometer distance and came to a giant pupil statue standing alone. Surrounded by a group of fallen statues, this statue was particularly conspicuous, but Shen Qian had didn’t notice at all.


The statue was kicked down with one kick, and Shen Qian led Yuan You down.

The pothole was very deep, and Shen Qian stepped on the solid ground after descending more than 20 meters.

After landing, Shen Qian looked up and looked towards the bright hole.

Buzz!Buzz!Buzz! !

All the murderous grasshoppers that followed were just hovering at the entrance of the cave, but they seemed to be restricted in some way and did not follow.

“Finally out of trouble.”

Yuan You was also sighed in relief when he saw this, but then his face flushed, and he said in a small voice, “How long will you hold me for? ?”

Shen Qian was surprised at first, but then he realized that the position of his hand was a bit wrong, he hurriedly coughed and put you down.

Yuan You straightened up the wrinkled tactical uniform, but her face quickly turned serious, “I probably know where this place is.”

“oh?” Shen Qian Seeing that Yuan You finally remembered, she also showed a curious look.

“Although the data of the three ‘doors’ in the east of Jing City are all closed, there will be different signs when each ‘door’ appears. If you check some records in the past, you can still have superficial learn. “

Yuan You explained, “In my impression, a ‘door’ that was closed 23 years ago once turned the day into night in a certain area, and there were many Ghost image. “

“A ghost?” “

Shen Qian frowned, he still hates these supernatural things.

“There is a legend that the ‘door’ leads to the underworld.” “

“The Underworld?” Shen Qian frowned, “Is there really a place in this world where people can reincarnate? “

“I don’t know, but I’m more inclined to think that this is a boring guess by some middle-level Martial Artists. If it really is an underworld related to life and death, it will definitely cause a big stir, but it seemed that there was only one A prince shot. “

Shen Qian nods, Yuan You continued.

“There are many theories about the origin of the ‘door’, but I have always been interested in one of them. “

“Which one? “

Shen Qian has also read some records of Heavenspan Pagoda, and is not as unfamiliar with “door” as before.

“Have you heard of ‘the will of all beings’? ? “

“Well, there are thousands of avenues, and some of them are related to the will of all beings, such as the city master’s way of public opinion. “

“It can be considered an explanation, but the term ‘will of all beings’ actually has a more general concept. I interpret it as a kind of mysterious power formed by the convergence of the spirit willpower of many people. “

Yuan You sorted out his thoughts and said, “This kind of mysterious power can be called belief in ancient times, but after Spiritual Qi’s recovery, it has been distorted and strengthened, maybe… maybe it can be realized.” “

“Representation? Shen Qian’s eyes narrowed, “You mean that imagination becomes reality?” “

“The most common and easy-to-understand statement is this. The grasslands, stone statues and murderous grasshoppers we experienced just now, if you have read a novel before the cataclysm, you will find these elements in that novel. All have. “

Yuan You said with a bitter smile, “I read it when I was bored, so I couldn’t remember it for a while, I thought I was reading a classic book. “

“Then this novel should be famous, right?” “Shen Qian looked thoughtful, “If your theory of ‘the will of all beings’ is true…”

“Well, very famous and influential. “Young Yuan let out a long breath and said, “Of course, to verify whether this is true or not, it will be clear by looking at where we are now. “

“Where should we be?” “

Shen Qian’s hands lit up with fire.

“A man named… The place of the tomb of Goddess. “

As Yuan You’s voice fell, the fire in Shen Qian’s hand also flew forward, getting bigger and bigger, illuminating the darkness all around.

This is a There was a long and narrow underground corridor, and at the end of it more than ten meters away, as the firelight fell, a huge bronze gate with a height of ten meters appeared in front of the two of them, with Stone Beast standing on both sides, impressively…

It is an entrance to a tomb.

(end of this chapter)

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