I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 176


Chapter 176 clichรฉd love story


An extremely cold voice came from Shen Qian’s mouth As soon as he sent it out, he took more than ten steps in a row, and the long knife in his hand drew a picturesque and cold arc, and slashed towards the red clothed woman who was still floating above the sarcophagus.

Just before the blade light came onto the body, the red clothed woman’s closed eyes suddenly opened!

It was a pair of extremely beautiful eyes, but unfortunately, after adding confusion, cruelty and resentment, the charming eyes became distorted.

Her hair fluttered, and with no difficulty, she wrapped around the long knife that Shen Qian slashed over.

But her body still froze.

A fissure emerged from her forehead and spread downward.

Her delicate face was split in two like porcelain, and with a silent and sharp cry, her figure shattered, turning into a little green light and disappearing.

This…is this the end?

Yuan You stared wide-eyed.

Is this really an existence that is infinitely close to Mountain And Sea?

Yuan You looked at the questioning pen in his hand suspiciously, and the questioning pen trembled, as if he was dissatisfied with Yuan You’s questioning.

“The ‘shadow blade’ of the flawless realm is more terrifying than I thought.”

Shen Qian, who is sharing consciousness with the system, couldn’t help but sigh.

It was only then that he realized that he still underestimated the highest battle strength that “self” could play.

With the help of the system, combined with the martial skill that is difficult to judge the star level, Mountain And Sea is already a bit invincible.

It’s just that the red clothed woman is gone, which is equivalent to the impossible completion of the task of “Prisoner’s Tears”.

But it’s not too bad, after all, I have harvested a bunch of cat’s eye Spirit Stones, and even if I can’t complete the task, as long as I come to Goddess’s tomb, I can take one third reward.

The most important thing is that Shen Qian has a new understanding of the restricted area and the “door”.

There are thousands of books to read and thousands of miles to travel.

Seeing that the danger was lifted, Yuan You “deng deng” ran to the sarcophagus, stuck out his head and looked inside, then turned his head in disappointment, “There is nothing.”

Shen Qian laughed, if there is, is it your turn to look for it?

The system has long since been looted.

He was about to greet Yuan You to leave, and a warning sign appeared in his heart. Next moment, the system activated the “Automatic AFK” mode again, directly taking over Shen Qian’s body.

The extreme cold shrouded Yuan You’s body, just like when she fell into the abyss, a silhouette directly carried her away from the sarcophagus.


The other palm, which was white and slender but bloodless, grabbed an empty space.

You Yuan, who was taken away by Shen Qian, looked at the red clothed woman who floated out of the coffin in disbelief, “She is alive again?”

Shen Qian Can’t explain what’s going on right now.

Because when the red clothed woman appeared, the Resurrection Lily all around went from blooming to withering and then blooming again, as if it had experienced life and death again in a very short process.

Fortunately, those mummified corpses that have been cut into sticks have not been “revived”.

Shen Qian pushed Yuan You aside and walked up again with a long knife.

Sen Han’s blade light flashed away in the air, just like the picture just now, the long knife was easily curled up by the hair of the red clothed woman, but the invisible Blade Qi still penetrated through the body, Once again, she was directly cut in half and turned into nothingness.

Everything calms down again, and the Resurrection Lily that blooms all around withers again.

But neither of them relaxed their vigilance. After all, the scene just now was really weird.

Sure enough, soon, Resurrection Lily bloomed rays of light for the third time, and the red clothed woman floated out of the sarcophagus again intact.

โ€œCanโ€™t kill?โ€

Shen Qian frowned and waved the knife again.

The fourth time, the fifth time…

At the tenth time when the red clothed woman was beheaded, Shen Qian looked at the red clothed woman floating out again. Man, finally stop.

โ€œHer strength has not weakened in the slightest, and she is like a freshman every time.โ€

Shen Qian concluded.

“Besides, there is another place that is very strange.”


Yuan You was at a loss.

“Look at your watch, what time is it now.”

“Ah?” Yuan You was stunned, but still glanced at her words, “It’s 17 o’clock now. 41 minutes.”

“Remember this time.”

Shen Qian finished speaking, and the long knife in his hand slashed out again.

The red clothed woman was cut off again, and the Resurrection Lily withered.

When the Resurrection Lily lights up again, Shen Qian opened the mouth and said: “Look at it now.”

Yuan You lowered his head, “No problem, it’s still 17:41 Ah!”

Yuan You suddenly reacted incorrectly, although it didn’t take long for the red clothed woman to come back from the dead, but at least two 3 minutes passed, how could the time have not changed?

“Reincarnation?” Yuan You muttered, “As long as a red clothed woman dies, the time and space here will undergo a reincarnation, this…”

“It turns out that the ‘prisoner’ is That’s what it means.”

Shen Qian, who had regained self-control, had stopped and sighed.

Although the system was always in AFK just now, he also witnessed the whole process.

“I will forever be imprisoned in this Goddess of all black, no daylight, trapped in this coffin, neither living nor dying, even if I die, I will still come back to life…”

Yuan You shuddered as he talked.

Eternal life is supposed to be a gift, but what a torture it is in this situation!

“And she doesn’t seem to realize the problem, every time she looks at me, all of her expressions don’t change, which means she’s likely to forget the fact that she’s been killed. This is the real torture. , keep repeating everything…”

Shen Qian stared at the red clothed woman with closed eyes on the opposite side, and suddenly felt that the other side was also pitiful.

“Then what should we do, we won’t be able to get her tears even if we kill each other…” Yuan You frowned and thought.

The red clothed woman once again sent out that strange sound wave attack, but Shen Qian was already prepared, and ran the “Hunyuan spirit refinement” according to the system method to visualize the taboo projection, and at the same time blocked Yuan You. behind.

During this process, Shen Qian was constantly thinking.

He always felt like he was missing something.

He began to look back on his memories after stepping into Xiaowang Village.

Suddenly, Shen Qian’s heart moved, thinking of the rough stone statue he saw in the middle of Xiaowang Village.

He remembered that the carving of the stone statue was very strange. Instead of using conventional tools, there were many fine scratches on it…


Shen Qian’s eyes suddenly narrowed, and he fixed on the long nails on the white palm of the red clothed woman.

Those fingernails looked carefully, but there were many irregular gaps, and there were blood marks on the fingers.

Shen Qian understood something, he looked at the red clothed woman and said slowly: “See how lord, this hatred will never end!”

red with flying hair The clothed woman and the body trembled, the sharp sound also stopped.

“Thinking See how, this hatred will never end!”

Shen Qian’s voice became a little louder when she saw the effect, and at the same time she slowly walked forward.

“Thinking See how Jun…”

Over and over again, Shen Qian’s voice grew louder.

And the body of the red clothed woman trembled more and more, her slender eyelashes kept shaking, as if she was struggling with something.

“…no end!”

When Shen Qian recited it for the ninth time, the red clothed woman’s body finally stopped, and her eyelashes trembled. , then slowly opened his eyes.

The resentment and cruelty are all disappeared, and the eyes of the red clothed woman are just blank.

But soon, it was dazed and hidden, and she looked around as if she had remembered something.

“Xiao Lang, Xiao Lang…”

Just looking around, she couldn’t seem to find the silhouette she was looking forward to, and her expression became anxious.

“Why, I’m here… Xiao Lang, why hasn’t he come yet…”

Her expression was a little confused, sometimes confused, sometimes painful, and sometimes confused.

โ€œcough cough!โ€

Shen Qian made a sound in time to see that she was not in the right state.

The red clothed woman turned her gaze, and the browsers slightly wrinkle looked towards the two of them.

But soon, she looked away again, wandering around looking for it.

โ€œHello? Hello?โ€

Shen Qian tried to communicate with her again, but she completely ignored her.

Seeing that the woman was gradually starting to go crazy, as if she was about to fall into that ignorant state again, when Shen Qian was having a headache, Yuan You suddenly said.

“We know where your Xiao Lang is!”

The woman’s frantic voice stopped abruptly, and appeared in front of the two in an instant, staring at them.

“Where is he!”

Shen Qian glanced at Yuan You, gave her a witty gesture, and then took the initiative to take over.

“Before we tell you, you need to tell us why you’re here?”

“I…I can’t remember.”

The red clothed woman brows tightly knit, a little dazed.

โ€œWhat about Xiaowang Village? Where is the stone statue?โ€

Shen Qian began to guide.

The woman in “Xiaowang Village” had no response, but when she mentioned “stone statue”, her eyes became more radiant.

“The stone statue… yes, the stone statue was carved by me.”

“What is it for?”

Shen Qian asked immediately.

“Use… to remind myself, I can’t forget, can’t forget… Xiao Lang… Xiao Yuan!”

It seems that the memory valve has been opened, the brilliance in the eyes of women more and more.

Shen Qian has been watching her eyes, those eyes were longing and sweet at first, but soon they were occupied by disbelief, and then slowly turned into resentment.

“Shen Qian…”

Yuan You also noticed that her state was not right, and could not help holding Shen Qian nervously.

“It’s fine.”

Shen Qian remained vigilant, but she vaguely felt that although the woman was resentful, she did not lose her sense as before, so she did not rush to make a move. reaction.


The red clothed woman burst into laughter, her long hair was scattered, but crystal tears fell from the corners of her eyes.


Shen Qian reacted in time, and without being polite or impolite, he quickly took out a small bottle and rushed over, successfully catching the tear before it fell.


Tears poured into the bottle, but they made a crisp sound. Shen Qian took a closer look, only to find that the tears had turned into transparent beads with soft rays of light. spar.

“No wonder there is only one drop, this tear should have some special purpose…”

Shen Qian put away the glass bottle, only to find that she was under the red clothed woman’s skirt .

ย โ€ฆhh, it’s the Buchuan underwear monster again.

Shen Qian jumped up quickly, waiting for the woman’s cries and laughter to stop gradually.

“You come from the same place as him, right?” The red clothed woman returned to her icy appearance and stared at the two of them.

“Don’t have that look, you can’t beat me. You have been killed seventeen times by me just now, don’t waste your time.” Tears arrived, and Shen Qian became indifferent.

“But if I don’t want to, you will never get out of here.”

The red clothed woman was silent for a while, and as her voice sounded again, the entire cave suddenly became silent. become bleak.

Shen Qian frowned and looked all around, all the way out was hidden, as if there was only one stone platform and boundless darkness left here.

Shen Qian tried to ask the system to find a way out, but the system didn’t respond.

So difficult?

Shen Qian thought that it might have something to do with the inexplicable Samsara Power here.

“If you want, you can tell your story, maybe, I can help you out.”

Shen Qian opened the mouth and said after thinking.

“It’s just you?”

“I may not be able to, but my teacher is very good, cracking this tomb is a piece of cake, he is a prince powerhouse, and he is the top powerhouse among princes, do you know what a prince is… โ€

Shen Qian pulled the tiger skin of Big Brother Gao.


The red clothed woman slowly nodded, as if hesitating.

“Even if I don’t agree, you can’t do anything with me. This place will definitely not trap me. I just don’t want to waste time.”

Shen Qian calmly said.

“…My name is Nayiroli.”

The red clothed woman spoke up, “I…not from your world.”

“You come from behind the ‘door’?” Shen Qian heard the point.

“Do you call that place the ‘gate’, we call it ‘Shinto’.” Nayi Luoli said after startled.

“Shinto?” Shen Qian said curiously.

“People in our place all cultivate a secret technique called witchcraft, and believe in great witch gods for generations, and ‘Shinto’ is said to be the traces left by the witch gods…”

“Is this witch god real?”

Yuan You seemed to be very interested in this topic, and took the initiative to interject.

“I… don’t know, but the brilliance of the Witch God has shone on our land for thousands of years. His legends are everywhere, but no one has seen him.”

Nairoli shook her head.

“About thirty years ago, the ‘Shinto’ on the Witch God continent reopened after being closed for endless years. The Great Elder of the Witch God Religion declared that it was a sign of the Witch God’s revival, and decided to send Saintess Pre- Go and communicate with the ‘Wizard God’.”

“Let me guess, you are that Saintess?” Shen Qian interjected.

“Well, I shouldered the great mission of exploring ‘Shinto’ to find the witch god, and I did succeed. I passed through ‘Shinto’ and came to your world.”

Nayiroli recalled.

“But I didn’t see the ‘Wizard God’. Instead, it was besieged by many people as soon as it appeared. The witch powerhouse I led was dead and wounded. I had to flee… On the way to escape, I I met him.”

“It turned out to be a love story, I really didn’t expect it.”

Shen Qian probably understood something, he and Yuan You looked at each other, They all saw the surprise in each other’s eyes.

The love story itself is very clichรฉ, but it is clear that the hero Xiao Yuan in this story is a serious Human Race, as for this Nayi Luoli, it is an alien.

This is a bit bizarre.

“Afterwards, he betrayed you?” Yuan You looked at Nayi Luoli’s current situation, already understood something, and frowned, “Did he imprison you here?”

Na Yiluoli shook her head again, sadly said with a smile.

“I fell in love with Xiao Yuan and gave everything to him. I forsake my beliefs and my race for him…”

“This tomb It’s a curse from the witch god, I can’t live or die, I can’t even have memory, I can only be trapped here, and I can’t be freed forever!”


Na Yiluoli suddenly paused, “I don’t care, I really don’t care, I just want him to come and see me, like he said, stay with me forever.”

“Why, why? He never came again…why!”

Na Yiluoli showed signs of losing control again.

“Wait, send us away before you go crazy, don’t worry, I, Shen Qian, always do what I say, and I will come back to help you free!”

“You all should be damned, you think I don’t know, you took my tears just to save him, he’s not worthy, you stay here with me too…hahahaha…”

Na Yiluo Li’s pupils were once again occupied by resentment and cruelty, she let out a sharp laugh, and suddenly rushed towards the two of them.

Shen Qian had to send out a blade once again, “resulting” her.

“Shen Qian, can we still go out?”

Young Yuan looked worriedly at the darkness all around.

“It’s okay, Dao Jiu should be here soon.”

Shen Qian said, turning on the locator, and there really was a red dot that was approaching crazily.


At this moment, the darkness was broken somewhere, and a brutal silhouette with Nine Blade Lights suspended all around rushed in, it was the knife nine in a desperate posture.

“It’s just right.” You Yuan showed a happy look.

Shen Qian just rolled her eyes.

You didn’t show up until the fuck was over!

If Shen Qian was really just an ordinary Martial Artist, he would probably have died hundreds of times.

This tomb can’t stop Mountain And Sea, the ghost knows how Dao Jiu took so long to find it.

Dao Jiu seemed to be a little sorry, but kept scratching his head, “Then…there are too many holes in the grassland, I can only find it one by one, and it takes a little time.”

“You don’t understand Formation, but what about your spirit strength? It’s not so slow to detect with spirit strength, right?” Shen Qian speechless saying.

“I used it!” Dao Jiu felt a little aggrieved, “but my spirit strength can only reach 20 meters away, the grass is too big, and the locator has no signal!”


Twenty meters?

It’s better to see with your eyes!

You fake Mountain And Sea!

Shen Qian rubbed his brows, and didn’t want to talk to Dao Jiuduo anymore, so as not to be infected with his IQ, he waved his hand before Nayi Luoli was resurrected again, “Get out!”

The dark fog of all around is almost incomprehensible to Mountain And Sea, but it is not difficult for Mountain And Sea. Following the road opened by Dao Jiuyi Road, the three returned to the same path, and soon saw Light from the ground.

Through the light, the three of Shen Qian reappeared on the grassland with the giant pupil stone statue.

It’s just that the killer grasshoppers are gone.

The three fell silent immediately.

Shen Qian couldn’t stand He Daojiu’s big eyes staring at small eyes, so he could only open the mouth and said, “So what’s the way out?”

This grassland is ” The projection of the world behind the door is not the real world, that is to say, the three people just escaped from the tomb, but are still trapped in the projection.

“I don’t know!” Dao Jiu said blankly.

Shen Qian, who had already expected something, sighed and was about to discuss it with Yuan You, when an extremely strong agitation suddenly came from the back of his mind.


Shen Qian’s eyes flashed with surprise after a moment’s surprise.

He had never felt such a strong reaction from the system, an extremely dangerous signal spreading in his brain.

Just as Shen Qian was about to flee, the restlessness subsided suddenly, like an illusion.

Shen Qian frowned, and when she was a little confused, Yuan You suddenly creded out in surprise, “It’s snowing!”

Shen Qian also felt the coldness on her cheeks. Feeling, he lifts the head, and sure enough, big snowflakes float up in the sky.

The snowstorm started to become strong in a very short period of time, and in the blink of an eye, the entire grassland turned into a vast white.

“I see the world outside!”

Dao Jiu suddenly yelled excitedly, pointing in front of his fingers.

In fact, there is no need for him to point it out, because Shen Qian and Yuan You both saw it.

In all directions, Above the Heavens and Under the Earth, this “Heaven and Earth” is melting as the blizzard intensifies.

To be precise, the grasslands, the sky and the distant mountain range are melting all around.

It’s like the “inner world” is shattering, the real world is squeezed in bit by bit, as if you are in a painting, and the surrounding pictures are constantly shattering.

“Why do I have a feeling that it’s obvious that it’s coming out, but it doesn’t seem to be a good thing?” Where does the suffocation of senses come from.


Finally, the grassland they were in shattered like a mirror, and several people reappeared on the outskirts of Xiaowang Village.

It was still snowing and snowing all around, but Dao Jiu appeared in front of Shen Qian in an instant. All the nine swords were unsheathed, and they looked at a certain direction extremely solemnly.

Shen Qian has never seen him look so serious.

So Shen Qian looked in the direction he was facing, and then stayed for a while, then couldn’t help sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Then… what are those?”

Yuan You also saw it, and her voice trembled in shock.


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