I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 177


Chapter 177 Shadow!

In the endless snowstorm, Heaven and Earth all turned white.

And at the end of that world staggered, there is an abrupt black.

On closer inspection, I realized that it was an army with no end in sight.

However, the strange thing is that there is no sound at all in this vast army with no end and I don’t know how many “people” there are.

They were standing in the snow, quietly watching Shen Qian and the others.

No, no…they’re not looking at me, but…

Shen Qian suddenly turned his head, behind him, it was the direction of Jing City.

The indescribable despair and depression assaults the senses. Shen Qian attached her spirit strength to her eyes, while Yuan You directly took out an optical telescope. Both of them could clearly see the appearance of the black army. .

“What kind of creature is that…?”

Young Yuan’s voice trembled.

It was a group of “people”, but they had no contact with people at all. In the front row of Knights, the rays of light of forest blue flashed in their eyes, and their skin was covered with a Covered in strange gray scales, he holds a sharp blade emitting blue rays of light in his hand.

And the soldiers standing silently behind them all looked like resurrected corpses, without the slightest bit of life.

There are even quite a few, with incomplete hands and feet, and even disembodied ones.

At a glance, there are at least tens of thousands of people in this army.

“No one in front…is weaker than me, my knife is warning me.”

Dao Jiu said solemnly.

“You mean the row of Knights in front…that row?”

Yuan You swallowed and asked incredulously.

Because of the row of Knights riding on the undead warhorses, at a glance, there are probably nearly a hundred people.

One hundred Mountain And Sea!

What is this concept?

Jing City’s Mountain And Sea doesn’t even have more than ten Heavenspan Pagoda on his face.

“It’s them…but that ‘door’ was clearly closed, where did they come from?”

Shen Qian’s eyes showed a deep look. Confuse.

“Have you seen this kind of creature?” Yuan You heard Shen Qian’s whispers, and couldn’t help turning his head and asking.

“Well, just last month, but only one appeared at that time, and that ‘door’ has been closed by many Mountain And Sea powerhouses.”

Shen Qian nods.

He recognized the creatures on horseback at a glance. They were exactly the same as the one he had seen in the Valley of the Tooth, but with a slight difference in appearance.

“I remember, my Senior Brothers called them ‘White Walkers’.”

“White Walkers?” Yuan You muttered, brows slightly wrinkle, she always felt like she was in Where have I heard this name, I just can’t remember it for a while.

“Shen Qian, we have to go back to Jing City to warn us. If these White Walkers are really coming for Jing City, at least it seems that there is no response from Jing City!”


Yuan You suddenly woke up, no longer remembering, but said seriously.

Shen Qian nodded slightly, but he still had one more doubt that he didn’t say.

If these White Walkers were shielded by the wind and snow in the sky, the top secret appeared only a few dozen kilometers away from Jing City, and it is normal for the average Mountain And Sea to be difficult to detect, then… What about teacher?

Didn’t the teacher notice it?

Shen Qian has no specific concept of princes, so I don’t know if the big brother Gao knows about this.

He took advantage of the fact that the White Walkers on the hillside had no intention of attacking them for the time being, and pulled Young Yuan to turn around and leave.

But Shen Qian was shocked by this step, “My vitality…”

Yuan You was puzzled at first, but after she tried to run the vitality herself, the complexion changed. .

There seems to be some kind of strange and inexplicable power in the wind and snow all around. The severe cold does not invade their bodies, but freezes their vitality.

The inability to lift the stiffness will slow them down considerably.

In short, they are not walking much faster now than the ordinary person.

At this moment, Shen Qian’s back felt a chill. He looked back, but found that the row of Knights who were looking at Jing City didn’t know when to turn their eyes away.

Shen Qian was sure they had locked themselves out.

“Kao Jiu, can you, take us back!”

Shen Qian said very fast.

<> Dao Jiu nodded slightly, and just as he was about to take the two up into the air, he suddenly remembered a roar that sounded like weeping.

The three of them raised their heads at the same time, and in the snow-filled sky, a huge black shadow penetrated the clouds and came straight to the ground.

It was a giant dragon in Western style, but it was covered in bones, with only the eyes and some flesh and blood remaining.

And those huge lantern-like eyes were also lit up with dim-blue rays of light, which were full of icy cold and destructive violence.

Before the three came back to his senses, three roars sounded in succession, and together with the first one, four giant dragons appeared in the sky.

Not only that, but countless unknown birds are constantly flying out of the clouds.

They are also terrifying skeletons, hundreds of thousands, and they have the potential to cover the heavens, shielding the sun.

Shen Qian’s heart sank, and a sense of crisis that he had never had before spread in his heart.

There is no door in the sky, no way in the ground, and the opponent’s strength is impossible.

This situation…is really hopeless.

What puzzled Shen Qian the most was why the system just had a momentary response and then lost its movement.

is it possible that is there any way out?

Shen Qian looked around, but couldn’t find a turning point.

“Shen Qian…”

Yuan You seemed to know that she couldn’t escape, so she clenched Shen Qian’s hand tightly and murmured, “I’m so unwilling… …The old lady has lived for more than twenty years and is still a virgin!”

Even under the current atmosphere, Shen Qian didn’t know whether to cry or laugh when she heard this sentence.


The White Walkers on the hillside didn’t move, but the giant dragon that swept down from the sky came straight towards the three, and there were still several hundred The distance of meters opened its hideous mouth, and green flames were gathering in it.

“Mr. Shen, do your best to escape, and I’ll help you break through.”

At the critical moment, Dao Jiuyi’s always simple and honest face turned calm, he laughed, surrounded him His nine long knives trembled wildly, looming blood.

Aware that Dao Jiu was going to work hard, Shen Qian’s heart was extremely complicated.

If it is said that Dao Jiu is for the so-called 500,000 yuan a month and a princely contract, he will not believe it.

Critical moment, what is fatal?

And if Dao Jiu escaped by himself, his grasp must be greater than the two of them.

Although I am usually not a reliable bodyguard, I can really see a person clearly at this time.

……not wasted his hundreds of thousands of meals a month.

“It’s okay, this time… we’ll fight side by side.”

Shen Qian let out a long sigh and gave up the idea of running away.

It’s better than a war!

At this moment, Shen Qian was a little surprised. He realized that he was not as afraid of death as he thought.

“I’m actually a virgin too.”

Shen Qian, laughing at Yuan You, then took a hand from the other person’s neckline, and said in a low voice, “…So that’s how it feels. “

Yuan You was stunned for a short time, and then rolled her eyes at Shen Qian, but after being silent for a while, she said lightly with a smile: “It turns out that being touched by a man is what it feels like.”

Both of them laughed.

Just as the three of them united their thoughts and were about to fight to the death with the giant dragon whose bad breath had spread, there was a sudden bang in the sky.

It’s like muffled thunder, but it’s mixed with an indescribably strange screeching sound.

It wasn’t very loud, but it shook the sky and shuddered, as if Heaven and Earth were shaking.

In Shen Qian’s stunned eyes, the giant dragon that was about to spit out the Fireball seemed to have been frightened by some kind of fright.

Not only it, but the other three giant dragons hovering in the sky, as well as the countless corpse birds, all stopped shiver coldly in the air, and many even dared not even have wings. Fanning, it fell straight down.

This inexplicably funny scene did not make Shen Qian and the other three laugh, because in addition to Shen Qian, Yuan You and Dao Jiu were shaking uncontrollably.

Originally, Shen Qian also felt a kind of fear that came from in the bones, which was the complete suppression from Life Level, but the system quickly responded and helped Shen Qian resist that kind of lingering. The sense of awe that doesn’t go away.

So Shen Qian was the only one who could stand up straight.

Including those White Walkers on the distant hillside, no longer sculptural, they looked around blankly, with instinctive fear on their faces.

“F… What happened?”

Dao Jiu tried to control the trembling of his body, but found that he couldn’t do it at all, he asked aggrieved and angry.

Shen Qian was about to shake his head, indicating that he didn’t know, but the sky suddenly turned dark.

No, no…it wasn’t dark…

It was something above the clouds.

Shen Qian stared at the boundless black shadow in the sky in a stunned manner. The reason why he knew that it was not dark was because… the black shadow was moving.

Yes, just like the water flow, the dark shadows invaded little by little, covering the sky on this side.

The sound of rubbing and muffled thunder is more intense, and when the shadows are completely above, all around has become dim.

Then the shadow paused and slowly pressed down.

That look, as if it was looking down from the body.

So Shen Qian saw… its shadow.

The sky is like a lake, and Shen Qian and the others are like standing at the bottom of the lake, Shen Qian can clearly see its reflection.

Shock and curiosity completely occupied Shen Qian’s mind.

That’s…a big snake.

Its shadow is a little blurry, but the incomparably huge inverted triangular head is unique to snakes, and it is somewhat similar to the candle snake I just saw.

It’s just body size, not only billions of times that of ordinary candle snakes!

Shen Qian saw two suns, and immediately overreacted, those were its eyes.

Shen Qian also saw the boundless scarlet, but the scarlet started as a line and then expanded at an exaggerated speed.

This is… its mouth!

Shen Qian reacted suddenly.

He remembered for no reason what Zhu Deyong, the manager of the Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall, had boasted about.

“Its body is covering the heavens, shielding the sun, its body is entrenched on the ground, its head is on top of the clouds, its mouth is open, and there is nothing left between Heaven and Earth Scarlet…”

It turns out that Old Zhu wasn’t bragging.

Shen Qian wakes up.

This shadow is very likely to be the legendary snake, the…a big snake that engulfed his hometown Lucheng in one bite!

Although she only saw a vague reflection, Shen Qian was shocked.

Because of the real body of this snake, I am afraid it will only be more terrifying than what Zhu Deyong described.

What the hell is this?


Just when Shen Qian’s thoughts froze, he heard a hoarse and indifferent voice.

The tone of the voice was strange, but the majesty contained in it was like the constitution of heaven.

Immediately Shen Qian reacted, this is snake language!

It’s the big snake talking.

But…what does it mean to “disappear”?

Next moment, Shen Qian will understand.

Because a corpse bird that happened to fall near them suddenly turned into fly ashes.

puff puff puff!

This is just the beginning, and soon, all the corpse birds on this snowy field, including the four giant dragons, are turning into ashes in a flash.

The invisible Destruction Aura that could not resist any resistance was still spreading, and the White Walkers on the hillside didn’t even have time to escape, and also turned to ashes one after another in an instant.

Dao Jiu and Yuan You both turned into sculptures, watching this scene in disbelief.

The anger in Knife Nine’s heart was disappeared in the blink of an eye, and even the White Walkers for Mountain And Sea have no resistance, so he is no different from ants.

So Dao Jiu put down his restraint and trembled with peace of mind.

Shen Qian has been feeling the invisible Destruction Aura, and only after making sure that the three of them will not be affected will she be sighed in relief.

And the big snake above the cloud layer continued to move forward after dropping such a word, as if it was really just passing by, and continued on its way after killing a group of miscellaneous fish.

Shen Qian stared at the shadow as it went away like a stream of water, looking a little dazed.

I have to say that the scene just now left an indelible impression on him.

He always thought… no, in everyone’s opinion, Mountain And Sea is already a true powerhouse.

But what is all this that just happened?

What kind of realm is that big snake?

A prince?

Can a prince really be so strong…

Innumerable confusion haunts Shen Qian’s heart, he has never been so eager, eager to become stronger , to see the true appearance of this world.

“Mountain And Sea, in a sense, is just the beginning.”

A gentle voice suddenly sounded in Shen Qian’s ear.

Shen Qian turned around in surprise and saw the big guy Gao standing beside him.

He was still wearing a long white suit, standing in the snow with his hands behind his back, his deep eyes followed the big snake above the clouds, leaving only Shen Qian with a handsome profile.

“teacher!” Shen Qian finally relaxed completely. After salute, he remembered what the boss said just now, and hurriedly raised his head again, “teacher, what did you mean, Mountain And Sea is just the beginning?”

“You will know in the future.” Big boss Gao didn’t mean to explain.

Shen Qian couldn’t ask any more questions, but he immediately remembered something and said in surprise, “teacher, where is the big snake going?”

With the horror of the big snake Strength, no matter where it goes, it will only be a disaster.

Gao Wenyuan shook his head and smiled: “It’s okay, it’s actually walking in the dimensional wall. It was just a shadow cast over, and it didn’t really come to Earth.”

Shen Qian suddenly, Immediately, it was shocking again. A shadow across the dimensional wall is so strong. How exaggerated is the strength of this big snake?

“teacher, this big snake… what is it?” Shen Qian couldn’t help asking.

“It has many names, but in ancient Chinese legends, there is a mythical creature very similar to it, and we usually call it that.”

“What is it? ?” Shen Qian was even more curious.

Gao Wenyuan had a look of memory on his face, but he didn’t know what he was sighing, and then spit out two words.

β€œTorch Dragon.”

(end of chapter)

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