I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 178


Chapter 178 Old Days

According to the ancient Chinese book “Mountain And Sea ScriptureΒ·Great Desolate North Scripture”, Torch Dragon is the god of Zhangwei Mountain, with a human face and a snake body, covered in red, and his body is thousands of miles long.

In some Myths and Legends, Torch Dragon is also known as Zhuyin, Candle Dragon, Qilong, Fire Essence, with eyes open for day and eyes closed for night.

“teacher, this girl named Yuan You said… eh?”

Shen Qian originally wanted to bring out Yuan You’s rhetoric of “realization of fantasy”, please The boss made a high judgment, but when he turned his head, he found that Dao Jiu and Yuan You didn’t look at them at all.

They just stood there quietly, still in the shock of Torch Dragon’s appearance, but they didn’t seem to notice the existence of the boss.

“teacher, they…”

“I blocked me.” Gao Wenyuan briefly explained.

“Oh.” Shen Qian was not surprised by the ability of the boss, but he didn’t find it strange. He regained his concentration, and then repeated Yuan You’s statement, “teacher, this is Is it true?”

“Then have you ever thought that maybe someone actually saw them a long time ago, and then made them into legends or stories?”

Gao Wenyuan smiled indifferently after listening, and asked back.


Shen Qian was stunned.

He really hasn’t thought about it from this angle.

It’s actually a question of whether Myths and Legends came first, or Myths came first.

“This is just a statement. What I really want to tell you is, don’t worry too much about these issues, the important thing is that they do exist, right?” Gao Wenyuan said mildly with a smile.

“I understand.”

Shen Qian couldn’t help but ask, “teacher, Torch Dragon…what realm exists?”

“It, I haven’t dealt with it for a long time, but judging from the ‘snake curse’ just now, it may only be half a step away from the prince.”

Gao Wenyuan looked thoughtful said.

Half a step…a detachment from a prince?

These six words seem to be simple, but the amount of information contained in them is quite large, which makes Shen Qian a little lost.

In other words, Torch Dragon is actually still in the category of princes?

The prince… no, that’s not right, or is the top prince really so outrageous?

Mountain And Sea is like a baby in front of it, there’s no resistance, the difference is more than thousands of miles.

Who is better than the teacher?

Shen Qian endured it, and finally didn’t ask the question.

He was mainly afraid that if the big guy couldn’t beat Torch Dragon, it would be embarrassing to ask.

“You can go back to Jing City directly, and also, change the problem of provoking women everywhere… Of course, if you are not afraid of trouble, just ignore it.”

In Shen Qian When he was distracted, the boss said softly.

Waiting for Shen Qian to react, the boss Gao has disappeared without a trace.

Shen Qian was a little unwilling to ask why so many White Walkers appeared before he had time to ask.

Or maybe the boss is deliberately avoiding this problem.

Immediately, Shen Qian blushed and felt a little resentful when she thought of the “instructions” of the big brother Gao.

He glanced at Yuan You, whispered, this is not something I provoke, it’s her own.

“Shen Qian, let’s go back quickly.”

Yuan You walked over and said.

She didn’t seem to notice what Shen Qian was doing just now.


Shen Qian nods.

This time with Dark Star Squad out of the city, the improvement in the cultivation base is not large, but the harvest is not small.

Most importantly, Shen Qian saw the silhouette of “Torch Dragon” with his own eyes.

He vaguely felt that this was an important moment, but he didn’t understand why it was important.

Although the blizzard still exists and won’t subside in a short time, the inexplicable imprisoning force in it has disappeared, and the vitality of Shen Qian’s body has returned to normal.

The three of them rushed along the way they came, heading for Jing City.

When passing through Xiaowang Village again, Shen Qian suddenly stepped one stopped.

“What’s wrong?”

Yuan You cast a doubtful look.

Shen Qian didn’t say a word, just moved her right foot in the snow again, and then Shen Qian bent down and explored the snow, and soon, when Shen Qian’s palm When he took it out again, he directly grabbed a long black shadow.


Yuan You first exclaimed, and then realized that there was no danger.

In Shen Qian’s hands, it is a candle snake.

It’s just that its body is already stiff, but it has been dead for a long time.

Shen Qian put the captured candle snake corpse aside first, and then seemed to notice something, he called Dao Jiu to help together, and the two searched in this ravine.

Two, three… In just half an hour, the two dug through the snow and found more than 20 candle snake corpses.

“This, this…”

Young Yuan was inexplicably shocked.

Although the appearance of the candle snakes is similar, the number is enough to show that this group of dead candle snakes is probably the one that everyone encountered before.

Just don’t know why, they all died here.

“It feels like I’m frozen to death… White Walkers… Candle Snake, Torch Dragon…so that’s how it is!”

No wonder the Torch Dragon looked like it was passing by, but lowered its head and destroyed all the White Walkers.

The names of Torch Dragon and Candle Snake have several points of similarity. Does it mean that they may have some kind of blood or ethnic connection?

If so, it makes sense.

The White Walkers who appeared here froze all the candle snakes to death by some strange means, angered their Old Ancestor, and then directly killed them.

“Is this the so-called causal cycle?”

Shen Qian let out a long sigh of relief, and this moment has several points of happiness.

Fortunately, when encountering a group of snakes, I did not choose to use violence to solve it.

Otherwise, even if Shen Qian was able to slaughter the snakes, he would not be able to escape being blown out by Torch Dragon.

Fortunately, he was more witty and learned all the Secondary Profession skills in advance, so that he had the capital to negotiate with the candle snakes.

In the dark, it seems that everything has been doomed.

“Shen Qian, we seem to have made a fortune!”

At this time, Yuan You finally reacted, and she hugged Shen Qian excitedly.

Shen Qian first started and then understood what Yuan You was talking about.

Although these candle snakes are dead, their corpses are also valuable.

The most appropriate thing is that these candle snakes died in the ice and snow storm, and the integrity of the body can be said to be perfect.

This is the highest price that can be sold on the market.

The market value of a single corpse of a candle snake ranges from five million to ten million, depending on its grade and size.

There are twenty-three candle snakes here, which is definitely an immense wealth.

…but wait, what do we call a fortune, it should be me, right?

However, seeing that Yuan You is still excited, Shen Qian can’t speak out against her, what if the family is really happy for herself?

At this time, Dao Jiu seemed to have made some kind of discovery.

He frowned, and then dragged a mutilated corpse from beneath a snowpack.

Yuan You saw the corpse belonging to Human Race, and his eyes became complicated.

This is Gu Yungao’s corpse… but the state of death can only be described as horrific.

“Let’s take his body back. After all, there will be a place to live.”

Yuan You finally couldn’t bear it.

Shen Qian agreed without hesitation.


Jing City, the headquarters of the Martial Arts Association.

At this moment, on the seventh floor, the exclusive gathering place for the slasher squash, it is unprecedentedly lively.

Even the bar dedicated to the slasher-squads can’t even sit down.

These adventurers, who have been out all year round, are gathering in small groups, or discussing something solemnly or enthusiastically.

“The Rock Squad, as well as Yeyun, Tianxiu, Dark Star… What happened today, the annual meeting of the Slashing Squad, how do you feel that the famous Jing City Squads are all gathered here? β€œ

A Martial Artist who just arrived was surprised.

“Brother, don’t you know, there is a major event outside the city, and the Martial Arts Association has issued a ban. All the slashing squats can’t go out of the city for the time being, and basically all those outside the city have been recalled.”


A Martial Artist with a wine glass heard this and said with a smile.


The newcomers were all surprised.

“Brother, I’ll buy you another drink and tell me in detail, what’s going on?”

“Hey, who knows what’s going on, isn’t everyone talking about this? , but I heard that there may be danger outside the city, and some people say that it has something to do with the huge snowstorm entrenched in the east of the city…”

On a nearby table, He Weichen, who was holding a wine glass, listened to the surroundings. The bustling discussion sounded, but the expression was a little dazed.

East of the city…

He had read the warning information issued by the Martial Arts Association, and the location of the strange blizzard was near Xiaowang Village.

I don’t know what happened to Shen Qian and Yuan You.

In the past two days, almost all the slashing squats have returned to the city one after another, but they have not seen their silhouettes for a long time.

But with a Mountain And Sea powerhouse following along, It shouldn’t be in too much danger.

Not to mention Shen Qian’s own mysterious…

Speaking of that Mountain And Sea powerhouse, when He Weichen thinks back on it, he always thinks that the other party has several points of familiarity, but how does he? I can’t remember where I saw each other.

“Captain.” Du Qiu, who went out to inquire about the information, came back and said a little depressed, “I still don’t know what happened. The Martial Arts Association gave too little information…”

“It’s okay, there are too many mysterious things in the restricted area, can you still figure out everything?”

He Weichen waved his hand indifferently, “Since I can’t leave the city for the time being, I can It’s time to take a break.”

“By the way, I asked around again, almost all the slashing squash in Jing City are here, and no one admits to taking that night bounty, you say It won’t really be…”

Du Qiu lowered his voice and hesitated.

Regarding what Shen Qian did by leaving the team alone, the two are not fools. Although they couldn’t react as quickly as Yuan You, after Shen Qian showed a variety of Secondary Profession skills, they also There was some kind of guesswork.

Just this guess, something shocking.

“But Shen Qian has Mountain And Sea to follow, so it wouldn’t be difficult to do such a task, right?” Du Qiu tried to refute at the time.

But He Weichen’s light-hearted words shattered his self-comfort.

“If it wasn’t to experience himself, why would he need to join other slash-and-squads first, even more how… If he hadn’t accidentally encountered a group of candle snakes, he wouldn’t have let that Mountain And Sea powerhouse come to the fore. ”

β€œThe national champion in martial arts…he really deserves his name.”

Nowadays, Du Qiu has long lost the senior that he faced Shen Qian. The general sense of superiority leaves only endless sighs.

It can only be said that this unprecedented laurel crown is really not something that anyone can afford.

Just then, there was a commotion in the hall outside.

The martial artists who have been here all the year round already have some kind of sensitivity. As soon as they hear the sound, they know that there is a major event happening, and they all run out immediately.

He Weichen and Du Qiu are no exception.

“…that night reward ‘Prisoner’s Tears’ has come to an end!”

As soon as I walked into the hall, I heard someone shouting.

Everyone immediately became interested.

After all, “The Prisoner’s Tears” is the only night bounty that has appeared in the past two months. It was previously accepted by the slasher squad from mysterious. of curiosity.

“The bonus of the night bounty to the ranking of the squad should not be underestimated. Look at the Ranking List of the squid to know who received it!”

Someone shouted again, reminding crowd.

For a while, everyone’s eyes shifted, looking towards the slashing squad Ranking List on the left.

It was also at this time that the list was refreshed.

“Hey, that’s not right, there is no change in the top ten squares, and there is no sign of night in the completed tasks!”

“Hey, look there, look That newly-appeared 12th-ranked squad!”

Everyone looked down and quickly found the newly-appeared slashing squad on the Ranking List.

“Old days?”

“What the hell is this name…”

“It’s really a newly established slasher-ploughing squad, you see it’s already The completed mission is marked with only a lonely star in the night.”

At this moment, someone shouted, “Damn…how is this possible!”

“What do you do to make a fuss about nothing? Although this squid is very strong and has the ability to complete the bounty of the night, it is still a little worse than the old strong team?” said someone with an unfathomable mystery next to it.

“Yeah, the Rock Squad has completed the Night Bounty three times.” Someone echoed.

“No, not this…” The exclaimed Martial Artist pointed to the electronic screen and said loudly excitedly, “You really can’t see the point, look at the number of people in this square! ”

β€œNumber of people?”

Everyone was puzzled. When their eyes turned around and saw the number of people marked in the squid information, they all lost their voices for a while.

In the hall, it was eerily quiet.

“Two…two people?”

Someone stammered out the number.

Soon, everyone came back to his senses, exclamations and heated discussions came one after another.

“How can there be a two-person slash-farming squad?”

“Yes, this is not in compliance with the rules!”

“I say everyone, this is It’s not a matter of rules and regulations, isn’t it, the problem is you tell me… how the fuck did two people finish the night bounty?”

“Is there a Mountain And Sea in it?”

“Mountain And Sea also registered a shitty slash-and-squad. People’s right to benefit from walking in the restricted area is different from ours. The Rock Squad’s Mountain And Sea broke through later.”


In the midst of the noisy discussion, He Weichen and Du Qiu looked at each other and saw the wry smile in each other’s eyes.

He Weichen sighed and showed Du Qiu his bracelet, which happened to have a message from the Martial Arts Association 3 minutes ago, indicating that You Yuan had quit Dark Star Squad.

Their guess was confirmed.

And they also know that the truth behind it is far more outrageous than everyone is talking about.

Because there are not two people in this new old squash, but Shen Qian guessed that it was for the convenience of reporting the battle results and pulled Yuan You into the squash.

So this old squid that jumped into Jing City’s cutting-edge, actually…

Only one.

(end of this chapter)

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