I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 18


Chapter 18 Tough Guy Shen Qian

Shen Qian glanced at Zhao Xin unexpectedly.

He didn’t expect the other party to have this strength. To be honest, this is already considered to be at the upper-middle level among peers.

The other party clearly has the standard to easily pass the martial arts college entrance examination, why should he go to the army?

Shen Qian had doubts in her heart.

What’s not good about martial arts colleges?

Is the Senior Sister not flirty enough or Junior Sister cute enough?

“This is your student card, please keep it.”

Zhao Xin, who was smiling, had already made the card. He waved the silver-textured card in his hand. Glancing at Shen Qian provocatively.

At this time, there was a change on the big screen that displayed the ranking, and Zhao Xin’s name had already appeared, ranking 38th.

Zhong Xiaoli was also very satisfied with her son’s performance. She was about to greet Zhao Xin to leave, but Zhao Xin did not move. He stared at Shen Qian, and the meaning in her eyes was self-evident.

Listening to the compliments from Manager Zheng and the staff of Martial Arts Hall, Zhong Xiaoli did not leave in a hurry, and stood by and waited with Zhao Xin.

Want to watch me make a fool of yourself?

Shen Qian, shrugged indifferently, also set foot on the simulator.

Putting on the helmet, and waiting for the spine to connect to the instrument, Shen Qian’s eyes dimmed, and she appeared on a clearing with a wooden stake that would not move in front of her.

He didn’t deliberately hide his strength. After two weeks, Shen Qian also wanted to see how much he improved.

the thoughts got to this point, and he bounced out, punching the stake.


Shen Qian took off his helmet and looked towards the value that appeared on the screen.

“Age: 17 years old, explosive strength: 126Kg, instant speed: 10.8s/100 meters, potential index: 70.”

“How is this possible!”

Before everyone could react, Zhao Xin was the first to get angry.

His potential index is only 68, while Shen Qian has 70… The difference of two points makes him as disgusting as eating flies.

He is only a little stronger than Shen Qian, but before the one-year age gap, 5Kg is not worth mentioning at all.

This result also surprised Manager Zheng and the others, who didn’t expect Shen Qian in a shabby dress, and the potential is still higher than Zhao Xin.

“Wow, you are amazing, the potential index of 70 can be discounted 30% off on top of 10% off!” Xiaoxuan was sincerely happy for Shen Qian.

“Are you sure it’s not a problem with the simulator?” Zhao Xin asked incredulously, “Let him test it again!”

“Student Zhao, the simulator is impossible. It’s a problem.” Manager Zheng explained patiently to Zhao Xin and whispered, “Let him test again, it’s not in line with the rules.”

Manager Zheng and the others couldn’t understand Zhao Xin’s shock, shame and anger With mixed feelings, the young man in front of him was still showing a polite smile to himself two weeks ago, intending to make friends…

Wait, since he has this strength, he should not be able to get into a martial arts university. The question is, why are you still in the military?

Zhao Xin had the same question as Shen Qian just now.

Did he know…that news?

Shen Qian watched Zhao Xin’s complexion change for a while, and finally pulled Zhong Xiaoli, who had an ugly face, to leave, wondering if it was some kind of stimulation.

Shen Qian can finally apply for a card with peace of mind.

“This is a Gold-level Membership Card. After you recharge it, you can enjoy a 6.3% discount on spending with this card. Our billing is based on time periods. Hours range from 88 to 888, and you can also book a time slot, which will give you a lot of discounts. All members in the public area on the first floor can use it freely without additional charges…”

Shen Qian said after listening to it. Understand, in fact, the billing principle of Martial Arts Hall is similar to that of VR Hall. The only thing that bothers Shen Qian is the additional fee of 1,000 yuan to apply for a card. At the same time, the charge here is 5,000 yuan…

The 10,000 yuan bonus from the police station was used by Shen Qian to buy the raw materials for making the potion, which cost more than 2,000 yuan. Now Shen Qian has less than 8,000 yuan, and most of it will be removed in an instant.

rich fight while the poor write, the ancients did not deceive me.

DiDi, the 10,000-dollar household experience card expires… Shen Qian looked at the bank card that was shriveled, and felt a little sad.

“I want a 288 gold cultivation room, half a day.”

Originally, Shen Qian planned to use a 588 platinum cultivation room, but he gave up after calculating the price. With this idea, the golden cultivation room is barely enough.

“Okay, the original price of the golden cultivation room package for half a day is 3,000 yuan, and then 6.3% off, the total is 1,890 yuan.”

Wait for the money on the card to be deducted, small Xuan led Shen Qian to the third floor and opened the door of the cultivation room for him.

Enter the cultivation room and close the door, the lights will automatically turn on, there is a huge electronic clock at the door, and the twelve-hour countdown will start when the door is closed.

Shen Qian looked at the bracelet, it was only after seven o’clock in the evening, and it was just right to have breakfast at the Martial Arts Hall restaurant at seven in the morning and go to school.

The golden cultivation room in front of you is about 70 square meters. In addition to the hall where various Body Refinement equipment is placed, there is also a lounge with a private bathroom next to it.

Apart from this, there is a glass cabinet inlaid on one side of the wall, which contains various foods and drinks to supplement physical strength, and even a miscellaneous brand of Body Refinement mixture…

Of course, just like the hotel, only mineral water, bread and paper towels are free.

Shen Qian was not in a hurry to start Body Refinement, he had to take medicine first.

Shen Qian took out a thermos cup from his bag, and inside it was the second dose of strength potion that he had refined in the early hours of the morning.

Wang Yangming was given only a small amount of the diluted essence.

It’s not entirely because Shen Qian is stingy. The medicine efficacy of “Body Refinement Mixture” produced by Canglang Pharmaceutical takes two months to be fully absorbed, while the strength potion produced by system has a quick effect. But it was ten times more violent.

The last time Shen Qian was in the state of system AFK, she fainted from pain, and it is conceivable to be an ordinary person.

The dose that Shen Qian gave to Wang Yangming is the dose that normal people can digest at one time, and the next course of treatment will be carried out after seven days… This is clearly recorded in the medicine recipe.

Only Shen Qian can do his best to absorb the medicine efficacy while in a coma.

So Shen Qian, who has a system father to rely on, still decides…with a dry mouth.

He couldn’t feel the pain anyway, so he could only look at those boring written records and say to himself that it was hard work.

Opening the bottle cap, a strong medicinal fragrance wafted out, but under the thick wall isolation, nothing could get out…including the screams that Shen Qian might make.

This is also a big benefit of Shen Qian’s fancy independent cultivation room.

After taking off his clothes and jumping into the large bathtub with a diameter of two meters, Shen Qian raised his head and drank the strength potion in the thermos cup in one gulp.

Shen Qian stood still, with a determined look on his face.

He wants to try to feel the medicine efficacy of the strength potion in a awake state. If he can handle it, it will be a rare hammer for his will and spirit strength…hh!

The great pain of hard to describe swept through his limbs and bones in an instant, and he yelled without thinking: “Hang on!”

The world was quiet.

Shen Qian’s consciousness plunged into darkness with great satisfaction, but Shen Qian’s body still stood upright, like a tough guy.

(end of this chapter)

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