I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 180


Chapter 180 One Billion

Shen Qian fled from the Martial Arts Association.

He didn’t understand. He told Yuan You that he had a partner, but he couldn’t stop him from being a tiger and wolf.

Unfortunately, the system understands everything, but is a noob to women, so she can’t give Shen Qian any effective advice.

Shen Qian, who has a clear awareness of her own concentration, fled the scene before the situation got out of control.


Blown by the cold wind from the street, Shen Qian finally calmed down a lot, and the boiling blood on his body slowly subsided.

In fact, when I wanted to come to Yuan You, I was sure that he wouldn’t be so unscrupulous, which made Shen Qian feel nodded.

For a moment, he really felt a little wicked and timid, but his reason still gained the upper hand, and the timing and place were not right.

While passing by a newsstand, Shen Qian glanced inadvertently and then step one stopped because he saw his own photo.

It was probably taken by reporters on the day the college entrance examination results were announced. Shen Qian stood on the rooftop, looking up at the sky.

The headlines on both pages of the newspaper are all about him. The headline on the left is “The Star of Jing City finally has a choice, Jiang Zhongjun’s military success is a good start”, and the one on the right is “Suspected Shen Qian Becomes a Northern Martial Lecturer”.

“Have the admission lists of major universities been announced?”

Shen Qian thought so, took out her hat and sunglasses, and simply covered it up, then bought a newspaper and read it. stand up.

In addition to mentioning that Shen Qian went beyond everyone’s guesses and finally chose Jiang Zhongjunwu to reopen, all kinds of speculations were launched around the list of new year mentors announced by Northern Martial recently.

Shen Qian also had some understanding of this matter, but it was mainly from other people’s reports, among which Huo Linger was the most active.

Probably because Shen Qian has been avoiding her recently, she sends about 60 or 70 messages to Shen Qian every day, among which there are many comments about Shen Qian on the Internet.

The Northern Martial mentor list was announced a week ago.

Originally, this kind of thing would not cause a wide-scale discussion on the Internet. After all, it is probably only the freshmen who are about to enter Northern Martial who really pay attention to this.

The cause of the incident was that a new high-level lecturer of Northern Martial Pharmacy Academy was discovered in a boring online name, and he even collided with the national champion of martial arts.

She just jokingly commented on the Northern Martial forum, but a real-name certified student at Northern Martial replied to him, saying yes, that’s Shen Qian.

That’s enough, but the student even attached a picture, which is the scene of Shen Qian standing in the lecture hall of the Northern Martial, and below it was full of people, full of students .

One stone creates a thousand waves.

Most people are questioning the authenticity of this matter. After all, words can be said nonsense, and pictures can also be P.

Unfortunately, few Northern Martial students responded online, and Northern Martial has not issued an official certificate.

At present, this incident has not yet reached the level of being squeezed into the top ten of the hot search, but didn’t expect Jing City Daily reported it first.

Shen Qian has now somewhat experienced the troubles of being famous. He doesn’t even dare to go to the Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall. I don’t know which newspaper’s unscrupulous paparazzi are waiting there every day to capture him. Evidence of the Great Sword.

…a mental disorder!

Throwing the newspaper into the trash can, Shen Qian moved towards Heavenspan Pagoda.


Heavenspan Pagoda Seventeenth Layer.

Shi Dingyan, who was playing chess with himself, glanced at Shen Qian who entered the door, said with a smile: “What wind brought you here?”

“hehe, Third Senior Brother…I remember you have a channel to resell monster beast?”

Shen Qian leaned over and rubbed her hands together.

“Oh, I remembered it. I heard from Old Liu that you seemed to be out of town to practice a few days ago. It seems that you have gained something!”

Shi Dingyan waved his hand with a smile. , asked casually: “Don’t bother, just like last time, I’ll just accept it, what monster beast?” p> “Corpse?”

Shi Dingyan paused in his chess game, frowned and then pondered then said, “Well… a corpse is fine too, I can do some research as well.”

After Shi Dingyan finished speaking, he didn’t wait for Shen Qian’s text for a long time, and couldn’t help but glanced at Shen Qian who was hesitant.

β€œWhat’s the matter?”

β€œAhem, Third Senior Brother, you may not be able to eat…”

Shen Qian still told the truth idea.

“Huh, look down on me?” Shi Dingyan raised his eyebrows, picked up the teacup and said, “Tell me about it.”

“Candle snake…”

“You can write fine, it turned out to be an R-rated monster beast!”

Shi Dingyan’s tea-drinking action was a bit surprising.

The R-level monster beast is already close to Mountain And Sea. Although Little Junior Brother doesn’t have the strength, he should team up with others to hunt down, but since he can successfully separate the corpses, it means at least that. He made a great contribution to it.

“However, I said, did you underestimate me too? Even if it was a candle snake, the corpse would cost 18 million, so I wouldn’t be able to afford this amount of money?”

Shi Dingyan shook his head and drank the tea said without thinking.

“…There are twenty-three.”

“pu…cough cough!”

At the edge of the unsprayed, as Mountain And Sea’s Shi Dingyan was choked by himself.

He wiped the tea leaves from the corner of his mouth, and raised his head in amazement, “What did you say?”

“I said there were twenty-three dead candle snakes.” Shen Qian After thinking for a while, he added, “There are two Q-level ones in there.”


This time Shi Dingyan really couldn’t help being sucked in a cold breath.

There is no need for Shen Qian to lie to him.

Twenty-three candle snakes are conservatively estimated to be a fortune of about 200 million. No, no, Q-level candle snakes are completely another concept. The value of a Q-level candle snake is at least equal to Get ten R-rated Candle Snakes.

This is a fortune that may even exceed four hundred million.

“You brought a whole candle snake nest?” Shi Dingyan asked in disbelief, “How did you do it!”

“Good luck, it was all picked up on the road. .”

Shen Qian speaks frankly.

Shi Dingyan had an expression like “you and I are still hiding our relationship”. No matter how Shen Qian explained it, he refused to believe it. In the end, Shen Qian had no choice but to give up.

Although there is some resentment, Shi Dingyan did not hesitate to help Shen Qian after calming down.

“How is the integrity of the body?” Shi Dingyan asked.

“It’s good.”

“What is ‘good’?” Shi Dingyan frowned, “Roughly quantify, you need to know that even if it is a 5% difference, the price It may also be completely different.”

“It’s basically… 100%.”


Shi Dingyan was silent for a while and then said with a sneer, “Guess I’m believing or not?”


In a warehouse near the outskirts of the city.

Shi Dingyan looked at the corpses of candle snakes all over the ground, looked at Yuan You, who was very well-behaved next to him, looked at Dao Jiu who was standing guard at the door, and finally turned his attention to Shen Qian, who was smiling dryly. .

“You guys…just you two?”

Shi Dingyan asked.

Shen Qian nods.

“Really picked it up?” Shi Dingyan asked again.

Shen Qian nodded again.

Shi Dingyan didn’t speak for a long time.

After a while, he walked out of the warehouse a little less interested.

“I will find someone to take over the warehouse, you don’t have to worry about other things, I will help you contact the auction person, but if you want to maximize the profit, it is not recommended that you make a one-time shot, so you need to wait Wait.”

“It’s all up to Third Senior Brother, by the way, Third Senior Brother…you’re handsome again today!”


Shi Dingyan was sneered, ignoring Shen Qian’s rainbow fart, taking a step and quickly disappearing into the air.

Shen Qian kept smiling and waving, until Shi Dingyan left, sighed in relief.

He was really afraid that Third Senior Brother would not help him “in a rage”.

Although this batch of candle snakes is a huge wealth, it is indeed a headache for how to deal with it. The formalities alone are enough to toss, and there is also the issue of liquidity.

Fortunately, with Shi Dingyan’s help, these are no longer problems, and the benefits of Candle Snake’s corpse can also be maximized.

Shen Qian also thought about taking out these candle snakes through the channel of Baiwangdian, but he gave up after thinking about it, because he didn’t want to be too ostentatious in it, and secondly because he was temporarily Not so much contribution value.

Treasure is not the more expensive the better, but more suitable for the current self.

“Shen Qian, what are your plans next?”

Yuan You, who watched Shi Dingyan go away, turned his head and looked towards Shen Qian.

She didn’t explore the relationship between this mysterious Mountain And Sea powerhouse and Shen Qian… She already knew enough secrets, and she felt that she should not bear too much for the time being.

“You go back and pack your things. I’ll go to the Martial Arts Association again. We’ll leave tomorrow.”

Shen Qian already has a plan in mind, hearing this.

“In addition, if you hire some people, remember to find a good cook. The salary can be appropriately higher, but tell them to be prepared to leave home for a long time.”

When Yuan You heard that Shen Qian was going to continue her practice, she was excited at first, and then she heard something was wrong.

“Ah, how long are we going?”

“A conservative estimate…two months.”

Shen Qian pondered then said.

“Two months?” Yuan You’s red lips rose slightly.

β€œYou have a problem?” Shen Qian glanced at her.

“Of course…no.”

Yuan You came back to his senses, but blushed inexplicably. She glanced at Shen Qian quietly, then stroked the hair on her temples. , “For such a long time, I really need to prepare well. I’ll go first.”

Yuan You walked away in a hurry, and Shen Qian didn’t bother to think about the little Jiujiu in her heart, just Spat out one mouthful of impure air, and began to sort out if there was anything else I missed.

Jiang Zhongjunwu will start school on the 8th day of September, which is the 23rd of October in the Gregorian calendar. There are still almost two and a half months left, so Shen Qian naturally wants to make good use of it.

Cultivation is one aspect, and experience is also the top priority.

After going out of the city with Dark Star Squad once, Shen Qian has already tasted the sweetness inside.

Only one visit, Shen Qian’s income, if you count the expectations, that is, the corpse of the candle snake that hasn’t been sold and the dragon’s saliva that hasn’t turned into the Evergreen Pill, I’m afraid it’s already approaching. billion.

A billion!

Although Shen Qian spent 100 million yuan on a wave of cultivation before departure, this is still an immense wealth that is unimaginable.

At least Shen Qian thinks that there should be no problem until the end of the freshman year… right?

Recalling that just two or three months ago, he was still complacent about being a member of the Millions Club, Shen Qian had a feeling that his life was like a dream.

He has experienced more than half a year in his entire life.

Of course, every Bounty Mission of Impossible has such an exaggerated harvest. After all, it is not the norm, but it must be enough to accumulate two months to make your family property much stronger again.

Cultivation is not only more important than innate talent, but also resources. Especially after seeing the shadow of Torch Dragon, Shen Qian deeply felt his insignificance.

Even if he burns money, he has to make his progress faster, to see the truly vast Heaven and Earth.


Before leaving, Shen Qian thought about it and decided to go home again.

After having a warm dinner with my parents, and by the way, I stuffed a bank card for Wang Xiaojuan, Shen Qian did not stay at home, but packed some more clothes and prepared to go back to Heavenspan Pagoda cultivation one. In the evening, the second day departs directly.

When passing by the security booth at the gate of the community, Shen Qian glanced at the pitch-black room.

After the talk that day, I saw that Shen Qian was not very motivated, and Old Hu never bothered him again. He had already left Jing City first, and probably went straight to Jiangzhong.

I don’t know what the other party will think when he learns that he is enrolled in Jiangzhong Junwu, but Shen Qian has long made up his mind that he will not pay attention to the bad things that are not his own.

He only needs to take good care of Xiaoxuan.

β€œShen Qian!”

A somewhat excited silhouette jumped out from behind the street light and was about to pounce on Shen Qian.

“What the hell…why are you here?”

Shen Qian held the excited Huo Linger with one hand.

“I told Aunt, notify me as soon as you come back, and she will notify me.”

Huo Linger chuckled.

Shen Qian didn’t expect that it was his own mother who betrayed him, he felt helpless, “Okay, I have something else to do, then let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

Huo Ling He hugged Shen Qian’s waist tightly, “You lied, you’re going out of town again, right? You’ve already collected two big boxes of clothes, so there must be something wrong!” Stiff, but almost forgot that he was still dragging two suitcases.

“That has nothing to do with you, right, what is our relationship?” Thinking of the old moves used to deal with Huo Linger, Shen Qian said without thinking.

But this time, this move didn’t work. Huo Linger not only didn’t hesitate, but held Shen Qian’s hand even tighter.

“…Shen Qian, I like you.”

A quiet but firm whisper sounded from behind.

 …Am I a life-threatening peach blossom recently?

Shen Qian whispered in her heart, and sighed after being silent for a while, “Actually, I have a partner.”

“I know.”

“en ?”

This time it was Shen Qian’s turn to be surprised.

“It’s the Senior Sister named Ding Yi, right? Actually, I’ve known it for a long time, I’ve always known…”

Huo Linger put her head gently on Shen Qian’s back. Go up, said softly: “My aunt said I want to stay away from you, but… but I can’t do it, you are so annoying, Shen Qian, you are so annoying, why are you so… so dazzling, I even want to ignore you Can’t do it, wu wu wu…”

Listening to the girl’s sobbing, Shen Qian was speechless for a moment.

There are so many things in this world that are unanswered.

Shen Qian couldn’t answer Huo Linger’s question, which was a bit out of line for him.


At this moment, Shen Qian heard an inexplicable chuckle.

His face was a little green, and if he heard it correctly, it seemed like… the voice of a big boss.

teacher, listen to my sophistry!

Shen Qian wanted to cry but had no tears.

(end of this chapter)

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