I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 182


Chapter 182 Under the Mountain And Sea

“Are you really going?”

Yuan You is pulling She stopped Shen Qian, turned her body over by the way, bit her lip from the ground and looked at Shen Qian.

Shen Qian’s eyebrows twitched, “Otherwise?”

“It’s still early…”

Yuan You’s crisp voice was hoarse.

“It will take more than two hours to get to Jing City from here. It’s getting late.”

Shen Qian remain unmoved.

“Are you a man?”

Yuan You raised his eyebrows and pulled the zipper directly.


Shen Qian sneered back at Yuan You’s questioning, threw out a piece of clothing with a wave of his hand, and the wind brought down the curtain at the entrance of the cave.


Set the time back to twenty-eight days ago.

It was a dark and windy night.

Probably on a plain on the north side of the Western District of Chu, Shen Qian dragged a U-class monster beast back to the makeshift camp.

“Captain Shen, something happened to Miss Yuan!”

Shen Qian had just walked back to the camp when the driver in charge of driving, Old Zhang, greeted him anxiously.

Shen Qian was stunned for a moment, but he wasn’t too nervous. After all, he was in the camp. Even the ordinary persons like Old Zhang, who were his followers, were all right. What major event could Younger Yuan have?

However, Shen Qian realized the seriousness of the problem only when she saw Yuan You, who was dying and hot all over, in the innermost tent.

“What’s the matter?”

Shen Qian looked towards the only woman in the entourage, a girl who was an intern herself.

Actually, most of the followers who follow the slash-and-squad to do odd jobs are people who are not capable enough to become professionals, but want to learn from experience.

“Just now after supper, Sister Yuan said she wanted to take a walk beside her, so I went with her. Then, Sister Yuan didn’t know what was biting her, so she fainted in pain, and I took her. She carried it back, but I couldn’t help it, she… her breathing is getting weaker and weaker…”

The girl sobbed complexion pale for fear that Shen Qian would blame him.

Shen Qian frowned, the timing is too coincidental.

Today, he only went out to hunt U-level monster beasts, which was a reward offered at dusk. Shen Qian went alone if it wasn’t too difficult.

As for Dao Jiu, because he happened to pass through Chu City, he took another armored vehicle to Chu City to supply supplies.

Just at this juncture, Yuan You was bitten by an unknown monster beast.

This kind of doubt just flashed away in Shen Qian’s heart. After all, life was at stake, and he didn’t think much about it. After letting the girl back away first, he checked Yuan You’s condition.

The one who bit Yuan You should be some kind of highly poisonous monster beast, but Shen Qian turned over and over but couldn’t see where the wound was. When she was wondering, the girl next to her pointed with a red face. Yuan You’s chest.

…good guy.

Shen Qian could only check it out calmly.


Shen Qian frowned when she saw the two small but blackened openings.

His current knowledge can be described as broad, snake venom is a special kind of monster beast venom, both easy to deal with and not easy to deal with.

The reason why it is easy to deal with is that snake venom only spreads in the blood, as long as the snake venom is cleaned up in time, it can be saved.

It’s not easy to deal with it because snake venom is contained in the blood. The conventional method is not easy at all. Instead, it is most effective to suck it out of the mouth that looks very rude.

However, it is possible to heal the wounded, and the person who sucks snake venom is not good.

There is also a timeliness issue.

A person like Yuan You, who is estimated to have spread to most of his body, is basically hopeless.

Fortunately, she met Shen Qian.

Although Shen Qian still can’t show his spirit strength, but after days of ascetic practice and daily visualization of forbidden statues, Shen Qian’s spirit strength has long reached a new level.

Now, Shen Qian has been able to use vitality as a medium to allow a trace of spirit strength to attach to it to achieve the effect of detection.

Without too much delay, after letting the girl out first, Shen Qian buried her head and started sucking.

…It’s just that the taste of this snake venom is a bit weird, the poison is not too strong, but somehow, it’s a bit over the top.

And Yuan You also exudes a faint aroma, as intoxicating as wine.

With the deepening of the treatment process, Shen Qian gradually became hot all over.

He suddenly realized something.

In some ancient legends, there is an unwritten saying that “snakes are inherently promiscuous”.

For example, Nuwa, who gave birth to the first generation of human beings, is the image of a snake tail in many Totems. The characteristics of snakes symbolize reproduction. The Fuxi Nuwa mating diagram left by the ancient Chinese also has a double helix with DNA. The structural diagrams are strikingly similar.

And in the western creation fable, it is the snake that lured Adam and Eve to eat the apple.

Shen Qian didn’t know if these statements were correct, but at this time he did feel an extremely primordial agitation from the snake venom tumbling in his body.

Although Shen Qian didn’t lose her mind, Yuan You suddenly woke up and threw Shen Qian down in a wild beast.

So something happened naturally.


The bonfire in the cave swayed for two hours.

Yuan You held Shen Qian’s arm and was still absent.

Shen Qian was also a little distracted.

In fact, he has since reminisced about it, and also checked some information.

The snake that bit Yuan You at that time was called “Red Pear”. Although it is comparable to the W-level monster beast of Martial Artist Peak, the offensive of this monster beast is not strong, let alone Said to jump up and bite in that 404 position.

The most important thing is that although there are also red pear demon snakes in the southwest, they are basically in Xicheng and other places on the edge of the border, and the probability of appearing in Chucheng is so low that it can be ignored.

But what can Shen Qian say?

He probably guessed some of Young Yuan’s thoughts.

Shen Qian once said before, let Yuan You think of a way to gain his trust.

Although Yuan You didn’t say it directly, it is clear that this is actually her “method”.

On the surface, it seems that Yuan You is “devoting himself”, but in fact Shen Qian also has another choice.

That is to give up saving her.

Dead people are actually the safest and can keep all secrets.

Yuan You was gambling with her life and handed everything over to Shen Qian.

This woman’s decisiveness and intelligence made Shen Qian helpless and admirable.

Of course, Shen Qian doesn’t put all the blame on Yuan You, it happens when it happens.

Shen Qian is quite calm.

He is a full of vigor teenager after all, especially after the recent rapid progress of Martial Arts, the boiling blood often makes Shen Qian wake up in the middle of the night.

The ghost knows if there is any “Yin-Yang Harmony” in it, but it is indeed torture for Shen Qian.

On second thought, he didn’t have any cultivation or Young Boy Art, and he didn’t seem to need to avoid anything.

…the only problem is ethics.

But it seems that becoming a prince can solve this problem from a social level.

“You’re thinking about other women.”

When Shen Qian’s thoughts were scattered and wandering, Yuan You suddenly came over and put her chin on Shen Qian’s shoulder , staring at him with burning eyes.

It’s not a good thing for a woman to be too smart.

Shen Qian, whose scalp was numb, was not afraid, and blurted out the thoughts that had been brewing in his heart for a few days, “You can help me manage my money in the future.”

“What? “Yuan You was really confused by the rapidly changing topic, and she forgot what she was about to say.

“I will have a sum of immense wealth soon, and this number may increase once again in the year. The wealth that circulates is the wealth, and I should not be able to spend so much money for the time being. So I need someone to take care of it for me.”

Shen Qian pondered then said, “I think you are a good fit.”

Shen Qian this remark is not a whim, but a real of thoughtful consideration.

As a high level scholar, Yuan You also holds multiple degrees at the same time, including a master’s degree in finance, finance and an Academician degree. Not only that, she is also a consultant for two groups, which itself It is also one of the reasons for the high income of scholar.

Coupled with a relatively close and stable relationship, Yuan You is indeed very suitable to help Shen Qian manage her property.

Shen Qian had been thinking about this for a long time, but the candidate Shen Qian expected was the late Ning of the Hundred Kings Palace.

Because Wanning is also Kochi, and proficient in various disciplines, there is a contract with the Hall of Hundred Kings, and there is no need to worry about the other party’s betrayal or something.

It’s just that before I could see Wanning first, a young gardener appeared first.

“Really?” Yuan You’s eyes suddenly became bright, “Do you want me to help you manage the money?”

After Shen Qian nodded again, Yuan You said Immediately excited, I jumped up again in the Shen Qian unfathomable mystery.

“I rely on…”

It was planned to leave in the afternoon, but the actual departure time was already the next morning.

Shen Qian practiced for a while in the morning after waking up. He recently found that “Yin-Yang Harmony” is really useful, and the efficiency of his cultivation has improved a little.

In this month alone, he broke through four times.

After Young Yuan finished washing up, Shen Qian called out Dao Jiu, who was hiding in the high-altitude alert, and the three of them packed up and went down the mountain.

After finding the camp parked in the safe area, call all the entourage, two armored vehicles one after the other, moved towards Jing City and drove away.


The armored vehicle penetrated the fog and entered Jing City’s shield.

The weather became brighter all of a sudden, and all the entourages sighed in relief, looked at each other, and showed knowing smiles.

Every time they go out of the city with a slasher, it is actually a very risky behavior, and their mortality rate is much higher than that of hunters.

This time is two months away, and everyone actually wrote a suicide note in advance.

After all, Shen Qian is generous, everyone is paid 200,000 yuan, and bonuses will be paid according to performance. If the money is not returned, it will be used as a settlement fee.

But at this time, there were no casualties. Except for Yuan You’s accident, the journey was smooth.

This is simply incredible.

“You have received a total of 127 Bounty Missions, our completion rate is about 73%, the night bounty has been completed, the dusk bounty has been completed fourteen, and then…”


“Stop, you can handle these matters by yourself.”

Shen Qian interrupted Yuan You who was summarizing, and then shouted to the driver, “Stop! “

“Where are you going?” Yuan You startled.

“Of course I’m going home. I just turned on my wristband. My mother has almost a thousand messages. I have to go back and check.”

Shen Qian greeted the knife Jiu got out of the car and said at the same time.

“Ah, you don’t have to go to the Martial Arts Association to hand in tasks?”

“It’s up to you for these things, and you should calculate your own share. , and then you can go home and take a look.”

Yuan You’s home is in Mingcheng, so Shen Qian said this.

“Then when will you go to college?” Yuan You realized that this was the separation, and quickly asked, “When the time comes, I’ll find you.”

“About how long? In the days ahead, I have to go to Jiangzhongcheng in advance, and I haven’t bought the equipment for admission.”

Shen Qian didn’t hide it, and immediately said, β€œIf you ask me, what will happen to your own studies? ?”

“I’m in my senior year since the beginning of school, where are there so many classes, and Jiangnan is not far from Jiangzhong!”

Yuan You hehe said with a smile.

“Whatever you want.”

Shen Qian couldn’t find a reason to refuse for a while, waved his hand and left with Dao Jiu.

“hmph, you have to see how many goblins are around you…”

Yuan You watched Shen Qian disappear into the crowd at the end of the street , whispered.


Shen Qian went home and stayed with her parents for two days, then came to Heavenspan Pagoda.

He couldn’t wait to test his current strength.

In these two long months, with seven breakthroughs in a row, it should be the one that Shen Qian has made the most progress except the last time.

I didn’t choose to go to Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall, not only because Xiao Xuan was already not in there, but also because Zhu Deyong also resigned, Shen Qian still had to pay attention to protecting his privacy.

Back on the 99th floor, Shen Qian entered the cultivation room and came to the Martial Arts simulator in the corner.

After adjusting her breathing, Shen Qian punched Wang Yangming who jumped out and smiled.

…Speaking of Pharaoh, it’s been a long time since I got together with my high school classmates. Maybe we can make an appointment before leaving.

Crazy thoughts flashed, and after a while, a line of data jumped out on the simulator.

“Explosive power: 7128 Kg

Instantaneous speed: 1.5 s/100 meters


passed the 7000 mark !

Although I have had a deep experience these days, Shen Qian felt very happy when the real numbers were presented in front of her.

The last test was 4609kg in terms of data strength before joining the slash-farming square. In two months, the improvement was about 2500kg.

If this speed is spread evenly every day, it will be less than 50kg a day, which seems to be not as fast as the previous progress, but Shen Qian knows that this is very exaggerated.

After all, Martial Arts theoretically slows down as it goes forward. There is also credit for the Judingdan and Heiyu purchased by Shen Qian before. So far, 100 million cultivation resources have been almost used. Shen Qian was exhausted, and only one and a half pieces of black jade remained.

From the perspective of the quality of vitality, Shen Qian’s real cultivation base has also broken through the threshold of the middle Martial Artist, about reaching the second stage of the middle Martial Artist.

Of course, the real battle strength is another concept entirely.

Because Shen Qian’s progress is too fast, the degree of power control has declined to a certain extent. If the system takes action…


Shen Qian punches again Blast the king.

“Explosive power: 8193 Kg

Instantaneous speed: 1.3 s/100m


Light from the data point of view Look, the system is already comparable to the powerhouse of the later high Martial Artist.

In addition to the system’s battle awareness, combat skills, and martial skills, Mountain And Sea is invincible…

It’s not imaginary.

(end of this chapter)

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