I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 184


Chapter 184 The first day of September

The cold mechanical voice still haunts the great hall, making everyone stunned Incomparably cast a glance at Shen Qian.

“Core member?!”

Zhao Keyi turned to look at Shen Qian with a bewildered face, “You…you broke through Mountain And Sea?”

Zhao Keyi’s words finally made everyone react, and they were all in an uproar.

“tsk tsk, you’re a bit outrageous on the 98th, you’ve only been in the club for less than three months, right?”

“Did he say last time that he’s not yet twenty? Old?”

“Impossible, twenty-year-old Mountain And Sea…”

Everyone discussed spiritedly, all in shock.

Which one here is not a peerless genius?

But a Mountain And Sea under the age of 20 is still a fantasy story.

The rule of the Hall of Hundred Kings is to become Mountain And Sea at the age of 30, which is actually very strict.

Almost all the core members who stayed were Mountain And Sea who broke through in the range from twenty-five to thirty-years-old. Occasionally, they were very good and could do it before the age of twenty-five. .

But… Twenty years old, let alone seen it, never even heard of it.

Shen Qian was also somewhat completely unprepared by the sudden scene, but he quickly calmed down.

“Everyone big brother elder sister!”

Everyone fell silent when they heard Shen Qian speak.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but I have to make it clear that I’m not a Mountain And Sea Martial Artist.”


#66 suspiciously.

“It’s true, if it’s true, why should I hide it?”

Shen Qian said sincerely.

This is also true when everyone thinks about it. After all, they don’t know each other’s true identities. The original intention of the Hall of Hundred Kings to let everyone use the digital code is also to allow everyone to be free here.

…except for the naive Zhao Keyi.

“I think I know.”

At this time, No. 9 hehe said with a smile, “Do you remember, being a Mountain And Sea before the age of 30 is not the only condition, It is also possible to make a major contribution to the development of the Hundred Kings Palace, for example, on the 21st, you seem to have become a core member.”


A man in the corner The voice rang, “Actually, to put it bluntly, as long as it is approved by the Council of Stars, it is possible to change the position ahead of time.”

Everyone was stunned. With more guesswork.

What kind of contribution does it take to make Shen Qian, a newcomer who has only joined the club for a few months, immediately become a core member?

Among the thirty or so people present, there are not a few who are still temporary members.

“You’re safe, Ahhh, I’m still scared, I’ll be embarrassed if I get kicked out in the future.”

Zhao Ke made no secret of his envy.

Shen Qian laughed without talking, and was lost in thought.

If there is any contribution, it is probably the matter of the martial skill discussion forum.

He solved the confusion of many people, and in a sense, indeed promoted the development of the Hall of Hundred Kings.

In addition, Shen Qian’s own battle strength, in fact, strictly speaking, should be able to compete with Martial Artist who is new to Mountain And Sea.

It’s just that Shen Qian is not sure whether the Council of Stars also has this consideration.

ka ka!

Shen Qian was awakened by the sudden movement from the throne, and he watched in amazement as his throne suddenly began to move forward, passing Zhao Keyi and the others. Road in the vicinity of the silhouette, into the inner stairs.

It’s just a few meters of movement, but the meaning is obviously completely different, which represents the approval of the Hall of Hundred Kings.

“Congratulations, you have become a core member, then the authority will be completely different.”

No. 9 said with a laugh, “The most obvious thing is that your contribution value is more It’s valuable!”

Shen Qian also wanted to know more curiously, and chatted with the netizens who had obviously become closer, and he went offline in a hurry.

Everyone could understand his urgency, and after a few jokes, they didn’t bother him anymore.

When I returned to my private space, the first thing I met was Wanning’s surprised eyes.

She obviously also knew about the change of Shen Qian’s identity, and showed her joy from the bottom of her heart.

“Mr. Shen, congratulations…Thank you too!”

“Congratulations, I understand, what does thank you mean?”

Shen Qian strangely said .

“Mr. Shen, from the day you joined the Hall of Hundred Kings, I began to have the value of existence, but… from a certain point of view, if you fail, or you are expelled When I leave the Hall of Hundred Kings, I lose the meaning of my existence.”

“What will happen then?”

Shen Qian frowned.

Ning Ning was silent.

Shen Qian understood something and could not help frowning, “Is this…isn’t it too cruel?”

“No, Mr. Shen, you may not understand, being an exclusive attendant is a Our own choice, and in fact what the Hundred Kings Palace gave me is worth doing for me.”

Wanning said with a smile, “Although we cannot cultivate for some reason, but However, it will have a life essence that is far beyond ordinary people, and every gift will have a price, right?”

Shen Qian slightly nodded.

Although it feels a little weird to have a person who exists by himself, he didn’t explore the story of Wanning too much.

All the gifts of fate have long been marked with prices.

It’s just… maybe I don’t know the price yet.

“Mr. Shen, you seem to have something on your mind?”

Wanning did not hesitate at all, walked to Shen Qian’s side, stretched out her green fingers to help Shen Qian press on her temples.

…Although it is a virtual space, all the senses are very real.

Wanning’s technique was first-rate, so Shen Qian didn’t refuse, and relaxed a little, he shook his head and didn’t bother with the fleeting thoughts of deep in one’s heart, and instead said, “Be the core. After I became a member, what changes have I had in my authority?”

“Mr. Shen, please look…”

Wanning pointed her finger, swiped in the virtual space, and began to keep giving Shen Qian explained.

After ten minutes or so, Shen Qian understood clearly.

In fact, to sum up, there are still a lot of changes.

The first is the change in the exchange rate of contribution points. In the past, if Shen Qian used money to buy contribution points, it was 300,000 yuan for 1 point, but after becoming a core member, it became 200,000 points.

If Shen Qian needs to exchange money for contribution value, it will save a lot.

Secondly, in the treasure house system of the Hundred Kings Palace, there are a lot of treasures that were not there before, but Shen Qian can’t understand it, and it is obviously something he can’t use at this stage.

Thirdly, after becoming a core member, Shen Qian will have an additional authority called “Major Information Notification”.

In short, the news will be more informed than before, if there is any major event that may be related to him, the Hundred Kings Palace will immediately notify him.

The last point is that Shen Qian will be eligible to recruit “Mountain And Sea Attendants”.

Before Shen Qian could recruit “Mountain And Sea Bodyguards”, attendants and bodyguards, the difference between the two words represented completely different meanings.

The bodyguard is independent of the employer, and the only thing binding the two is the spiritual contract from the prince.

In fact, Mountain And Sea also has the power to terminate the bodyguard relationship after expiration.

But once the “Servant Treaty” is signed, the Mountain And Sea Martial Artist loses the right to choose. It can be said that he truly shares the honor with Shen Qian, lives and dies together, and follows him all his life.

Only the premise is that the Mountain And Sea Martial Artist volunteers to be Shen Qian’s squire.

Shen Qian thought about it for a while, and didn’t need to think about it for the time being. Even Dao Jiu might not be willing to be his attendant now, let alone other Mountain And Sea Martial Artists.

All in all, becoming a core member of the Hundred Kings Palace has many benefits.

But correspondingly, the constraints also become different.

When Shen Qian was still a temporary member, he could quit the club at any time, as long as the relevant memory was erased, but now Shen Qian wants to quit the club, only with special approval from the Star Council, otherwise… Always obliterate.

It is equivalent to Shen Qian being tied to the ship of the Hundred Kings Palace, but Shen Qian is not very resistant at this stage.

After all, the benefits of the Hundred Kings Palace to Shen Qian can already be described as huge.

Shen Qian has become a core member, and can clearly feel that Wanning’s intimacy with him has increased sharply, as if he really regarded him as a master, and chatted with Wanning for a while, After a little better understanding, Shen Qian withdrew from the Hall of Hundred Kings.

However, before quitting, Shen Qian went to receive the reward contribution value of the cultivation base breakthrough.

According to the rules of the Hundred Kings Palace, Beginner Martial Artist will be rewarded with 10 contribution points for each breakthrough stage, and 20 points for each breakthrough stage of the Martial Artist.

But there’s a hidden multiplier rule inside.

That is, the lower the rank of breakthrough, the greater the multiplier increase.

Beginner Martial Artist will reward Shen Qian with 150 Contribution Points for 2nd to 3rd dan, 120 Contribution Points for 3rd to 4th dan, and 100 Contribution Points for 4th to 5th dan…

After Shen Qian revised the realm of his personal interface to “Medium Martial Artist 2nd stage”, his contribution balance directly increased by 630 points.

It’s the same as getting another 60 million…comfortable.

The satisfied Shen Qian went offline.


The time to leave Jing City has entered the countdown, and Shen Qian has become busy.

This busyness does not refer to cultivation, but mainly comes from “humanity”.

Humans are social animals, and no princes are exempt in this regard, and Shen Qian is naturally the same.

First, I got together with a group of students from No. 7 Middle School, but they were mainly Shen Qian’s acquaintances. Except for Zhou Xu, who had already gone to Shencheng to go to university ahead of time, acquaintances such as Lao Wang and Zhang Liangwei were all acquaintances. exist.

Unfortunately, Shen Qian found out that although he tried his best to blend into their atmosphere, he couldn’t let Zhang Liangwei and the others let go of their restraints.

Probably only Pharaoh can play the “father and son game” with himself after he drinks too much.


It was a lot of fun to meet Gu Zifang, Ouyang Fei and the others.

The top students in Jing City have already made their choice, Gu Zifang went to Shenwu, Chen Peng went to Northern Martial… What surprised Shen Qian most was that Ouyang Fei also chose Jiang Zhongjunwu.

Shen Qian was quite happy, at least she had an acquaintance before school started.

However, Ouyang Fei’s parents wanted to send him there, so the two of them could only make an appointment to reunite in Jiangzhong.

Gu Zifang was a little unhappy. Later, she learned from Ouyang Fei that she actually wanted to go to military martial arts, but her parents didn’t agree at all, and threatened that if Gu Zifang went to military martial arts, she would study miscellaneous things by herself. cost.

Although a few people have followed Dark Star Squad in the past two months, they still made a lot of money, but obviously it is not enough to fully bear all the expenses.

β€œShen Qian, you really don’t plan to lend her some money?”

When the meeting was over, Ouyang Fei still couldn’t hold back and asked what happened to Shen Qian just now, β€œDon’t Say no, I know you have…”

Shen Qian was silent for a while before shaking her head, “You know the reason.”

“Sure enough…” Ouyang Fei said with a bitter smile, “Did you see that too?”

Shen Qian didn’t answer.

This fact is hard to say, but Shen Qian is not a fool, so she naturally feels some subtleties.

“From a friend’s point of view, this is not the result I hoped for, but… well, it will fade away from a distance.”

Ouyang Fei grows In one breath.

β€œYou yourself, cheer up too!”

Shen Qian said something meaningful before leaving.

Ouyang Fei was stunned for a moment, then looked at Shen Qian’s leaving back, helplessly whispered: “It’s really getting sharper…”

In addition to gatherings with friends, the rest are some relationships that need to be maintained.

Such as Song Ye, and City Lord’s Mansion, Shen Qian even got together with members of the Dark Star Squad.

After all, he is a guide. He Weichen has already invited him several times, and the other party is also tight-lipped, not revealing some of his own affairs, which saves Shen Qian a lot of trouble, and Shen Qian still has to accept this.

After Yuan You delivered all the completed Bounty Missions, Shen Qian’s local ranking of the old squash has jumped directly to the second place.

But in fact, in many people’s minds, this squad from mysterious is actually a well-deserved first.

…after all, there are only two people.


In the last three days, Shen Qian left all the time for her parents.

Before, with the help of Shen Qian, Wang Xiaojuan and Shen Liang both tried to start cultivation. Although the progress has been slow to the current position, the physical strength of the two is only about 100 breakthrough, but Essence, Qi, and Spirit have improved significantly.

In Wang Xiaojuan’s words, the more you live, the younger you become.

No shortage of money and good health.

It sounds simple, but it’s actually something that many people yearn for something even in dreams.

What makes Shen Qian the most happy is that at least in the days when he is away, his parents will have their own pursuits.

He had a strong hunch that once he left this time, maybe there would be less and less time to come back in the future.


October 16, 2297 in the Gregorian calendar, which is the first day of September in the old calendar.

On this day, Shen Qian opened his eyes early, and after saying goodbye to his parents, he came to Heavenspan Pagoda with a simple pack.

After the final farewell banquet here, Shen Qian will set foot on the plane to Jiangzhong, and Dao Jiu has already gone to the airport to wait.

I don’t know if it’s a psychological factor or not, Shen Qian has been to Heavenspan Pagoda countless times, and it seems that in this brief moment, it has become different.

There was no one in the clean, clean lobby on the first floor, as if everyone was already waiting for him on the top floor.

Shen Qian’s heart moved, and she suddenly gave up the idea of taking the elevator and turned to the spiral staircase.

I heard Liu Changqing say that the stairs in Heavenspan Pagoda are special, but Shen Qian has never walked through it, so I just made up for this little regret today.


As Shen Qian stepped forward and stood on the stairs of the First Layer, the world in front of him suddenly underwent a change like Heaven and Earth turning upside down.


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