I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 185


Chapter 185 The first half of Gao Gao’s life

Shen Qian is still standing on the stairs, but the scene around is completely different.

All the walls are melting, slowly disintegrating into a vast expanse of wilderness.

Shen Qian looked down and confirmed that the stairs under his feet had not changed, but what he saw and felt was different.


Shen Qian was not sure, but could feel the wind from the wilderness.

This is an incomparably vast grassland, the sky is a clear and vast blue, and you can vaguely hear insects noises and bird cries, which does not conform to any place in the current Earth in Shen Qian’s cognition.

He waited for a while, but did not wait for any change, so he set foot on the Second Layer again.

The scene of all around changed, and a huge dark shadow swept past Shen Qian.

Shen Qian was startled, and subconsciously stopped, only to see that it was a giant elephant.

The height of this elephant is at least over 100 meters, but it is strange that its eyes are as gentle as an ordinary wild beast, and there is no fluctuation of Spiritual Qi.

…not monster beast.

This thought flashed in Shen Qian’s mind.

However, can a pure wild beast grow to such a large size?

After the giant elephant passed by Shen Qian, the all around scene fell into a stagnation again.

Shen Qian took another step forward.

The all around scene comes alive again.

Shen Qian understands, this is like a slideshow, and only if he keeps going up can he see more things.

So Shen Qian, who didn’t notice the danger, no longer hesitated and walked up the stairs step by step.

This is a world that Shen Qian has never seen before.

The vegetation is exuberant, the lake water is clear, and everywhere is full of vitality, and the wild beasts that appear in them are also huge in size.

As Shen Qian continued to move forward, he finally saw “people”, or primates.

The reason why Shen Qian is not sure if they are human is because they are quite different in appearance from modern people, with deeper facial features and taller stature.

They wore simple clothes to cover their shame and built a tribe-like existence on the grassland.

They wrestle with all kinds of huge wild beasts, with a crude but functional approach to body refinement.

This seems to be a world without Spiritual Qi or people have not awakened Spiritual Qi innate talent. Children can only temper their strength through various cruel methods, and the mortality rate is extremely high.

“Is this…Ancient Era? Or is it a parallel world?”

Shen Qian recalled some historical materials she had read, but was not sure.

Until…Shen Qian saw a child.

It seems that these pictures, which may be like reminiscence scrolls, directly bring Shen Qian’s perspective to the child.

His eyes were clear and his eyes moved with Spiritual God, and he seemed out of place among the more rugged children.

The most important thing is that Shen Qian looked at him inexplicably with several points of familiarity, but for a while he couldn’t match whoever he remembered.

With Shen Qian’s footsteps, the children are growing.

He not only has outstanding innate talent, but also has wisdom that ordinary children do not have. When he was a child, he already knew how to use the right time and place to hunt more powerful wild beasts.

Until… one day, when the boy returned from a hunt, his tribe was drowned in a fire that filled the sky.

The child didn’t get close, just watching from a distance, the firelight jumped in his dark eyes, reflecting a monster beast resembling a Flood Dragon raging above the tribe.

It was no longer an ordinary wild beast, but a monster beast that could really call the wind and summon the rain and control Spiritual Qi.

Tears dripped from the child’s eyes, watching his parents, relatives and fiancee who ordered a baby kiss slowly perish in the fire, but his face was always calm.

While carrying hatred, he also saw the wider Heaven and Earth from the dragon body.

He turned away.

Shen Qian kept walking up the stairs, and followed the children across thousands of mountains and rivers, crossing many obstacles.

During this period, the children experienced several life-and-death crises, but each time they turned their backs on bad luck, and even mastered the roughest use of Spiritual Qi.

When the child came under a suspended mountain range, he had grown into a teenager, and he could vaguely see some shadows that made Shen Qian very familiar.

At this moment, Shen Qian’s eyes were extremely complicated.

This child… turned out to be a boss Gao!

Yes, although the face is still very different from now, the warm but firm eyes are of common origins.

What is this, Big Brother Gao’s memory?

Is this his childhood?

But… not right!

The big guy brilliant is obviously a native of the Southwest. He only emerged after Spiritual Qi’s recovery. Although he has lived for more than two hundred years, two hundred years ago…it was the modern society.

Where is this? Or, this is just an illusion, and the boss Gao in it is not the real boss Gao?

While Shen Qian was making wild guesses, the suspended mountain range suddenly moved, and a staircase that seemed to reach the sky extended down from the foot of the mountain until it was in front of Gao Wenyuan.

Gao Wenyuan didn’t seem surprised, or maybe he finally got where he wanted to.

So Gao Wenyuan walked up the stairs, and Shen Qian, who had a great desire to explore, quickly followed.

The two followed suit and came to the end of the steps, the top of Hanging Mountain.

It seems that there is only a line of distance from the starry sky. The stars are hanging upside down, and the wind, thunder, water and fire are filled. Among the thousands of colors, a touch of white has become the only focal length.

The huge shock of hard to describe rose in Shen Qian’s heart, making him forget to move forward for a while.

Just dumbfounded, looking at the silhouette standing at the end of the mountain, under the Star River.

The man with flying long hair, wearing white clothed, stood with his back to Gao Wenyuan, but there was a kind of heaviness that he had been standing here for thousands of years.


Shen Qian was really shocked.

Because this white clothed man, at this moment, actually overlapped with the white clothed man who had appeared in his dreams several times.

Shen Qian knelt down without saying a word when she saw Gao Wenyuan walking over.

Under Shen Qian’s wide-eyed gaze, the stagnant figure of the white clothed man finally moved, and he turned around slowly.

However, when Shen Qian was about to see his face clearly, everything around him began to collapse in an instant.

The impatient Shen Qian wanted to keep walking to make the screen move again, but it was useless.

Next moment, all the pictures were broken instantly, Shen Qian, who was sweating, woke up, only to find himself standing on the steps of Heavenspan Pagoda.

He turned his head and glanced.

At this moment, he has just reached the Ninth Layer.

Shen Qian raised his foot to try again, but when he took a step, saw a flash, he came to 99 Layers in an instant, and the sound of laughter and conversation faintly came from the top floor.

Shen Qian smiled bitterly, not sure if the boss had teleported himself to him.

But it seems that apart from teachers, most people don’t have this Divine Ability anymore.

Shen Qian calmed down, remembering what he had just experienced, and still had endless doubts lingering in his mind.

Is that the real memory of Big Brother Gao?

Who is that white clothed man, what is the relationship between Big Brother Gao and him, why does he appear in his dream…

No, Shen Qian frightened and scared.

He suddenly remembered that Shen Qian had wanted to ask the boss for a question when he dreamed of the white clothed man for the third time before.

But the strange thing is that every time she sees the big guy Gao, Shen Qian forgets it.

Maybe he is about to reach a certain critical point of spirit strength now, will he forget this kind of thing?

One or two times is fine, but it’s weird every time.

While Shen Qian’s thoughts were spinning, a voice suddenly sounded in his ear.

“What are you thinking?”

Shen Qian, who was startled, turned around and saw a black clothed figure floating in front of him, staring at him. .

“Fourth Senior Brother.”

Shen Qian, who already had some immunity, greeted Wu Jun.

Immediately, Shen Qian thought of what he had just seen, and he asked, “Fourth Senior Brother, did you walk up the stairs of Heavenspan Pagoda?”

“So what? So what if you haven’t walked past, it’s easy to climb the stairs, but the price is to bow your head.” Wu Jun sighed.

The corners of Shen Qian’s mouth twitched, “Fourth Senior Brother, can you speak well?”

Wu Jun sighed again and was about to speak, but her mouth froze, because Shen Qian placed a crystal clear and near-transparent jade green gem in front of his eyes.

Wu Jun calmly accepted the Spirit Stone, “What questions?”

Shen Qian rolled the eyes, you can still communicate normally!

“I want to know, what did Fourth Senior Brother see when he was walking up the stairs?”

Shen Qian asked.

“Well, the stairs were built by the teacher at the beginning, and some Dao Accumulations belonging to the teacher were left unconsciously on it. What everyone will see varies from person to person, but there is something that tempers Dao Heart. It works.”

Wu Jun explained very quickly, “In short, it allows you to exercise spirit strength before Mountain And Sea.”

“Then… …”

“Money, wealth, and common things are all dung. Little Junior Brother will not be photographed again in the future.”

Shen Qian wanted to ask something else, but Wu Jun sighed abruptly. Without waiting for Shen Qian to say anything, he walked away and floated up to the top floor.

The corner of Shen Qian’s mouth twitched again.

…Then you’re going to give me back my dung!

In fact, Wu Jun explained it clearly, but it only made Shen Qian more confused.

Everyone sees it differently?

Does that mean that it is not actually controlled by the teacher.

And there is a more possibility that among the people who walked through the stairs, only they saw the memory just now.

And Shen Qian didn’t feel the effect of honing spirit strength. Is it because the stairs are no longer effective for him?

It would be a bit strange to stand down any longer, so Shen Qian had to put away these rambling thoughts and walked up to the top.

On the wide rooftop, although there are no lights, it is obviously redecorated. There are seven or eight tables on this rooftop. Shuttle among them to prepare a banquet.

“The Nine Senior Brothers!”

“I have seen the Nine Senior Brothers!”

“The Nine Senior Brothers are really skeletons and strange, you are handsome again today It’s over…”

Along the way, many Academy Disciples warmly greeted Shen Qian, and Shen Qian, who had endured a lot of rainbow farts, finally came to the innermost main table.

Shi Dingyan and the others have been waiting here for a long time, and they all smile when they see Shen Qian coming.

“Third Senior Brother, Fourth Senior Brother, Fifth Senior Brother, Eighth Senior Sister…Hey, old…Sixth Senior Brother, are you here too?”

Shen Qian followed Greetings, suddenly saw a familiar silhouette, almost called “Old Liu”, but fortunately corrected it in time.

Liu Changqing nods with Shen Qian, but his face is not very good.

“Today is to see you off, so the teacher let him out temporarily, and he will return to the ground after eating.”

Ling Xiao calmly rushed to Shen Qian sound transmission sent a sentence.

No wonder he looked so bad.

Shen Qian wanted to laugh, but he held it back.

Finally, Shen Qian turned his attention to the white clothed silhouette sitting on the edge of the top floor, still overlooking the wind and rain of Jing City.

…Hey, the boss Gao also wears white clothed.

Shen Qian suddenly thought of something.


He thought wildly, but Shen Qian walked over and saluted respectfully.

“Here it is.”

The boss turned his head high and nodded to Shen Qian with a gentle face.

On the surface, Shen Qian couldn’t be sure if Gao knew what he saw on the stairs just now.

“Let’s all take your seats.”

Shen Qian didn’t have time to test it, but the boss Gao had already opened the mouth and said.

The Academy Disciple, which had all the drinks and dishes, took their seats, while Shen Qian, the six Senior Brothers, and the four professors from the Academy sat around Gao Wenyuan at the main table.

Gao Wen sat still at the far end, and Shi Dingyan stood up with a glass of wine.

“On behalf of the teacher, Little Junior Brother left Jing City today, and a special banquet was set up to practice it. This cup should wish Shen Qian Up Into the Heavens, Down into the Earth, and move thousands of miles!”

“Swinging for thousands of miles!”

So everyone stood up with their wine glasses, loudly said.

Shen Qian quickly raised a glass to thank him, also feeling excited.

After three rounds of wine, Shen Qian took the lead, and after everyone one after another respected the teacher, Shi Dingyan got up first and looked at Shen Qian said with a smile, “Since it’s a goodbye feast, there should be parting. Respect!”

Shen Qian, who realized something, quickly stood up.

“Little Junior Brother, do you still remember Fuya Valley? I brought back the four-sided formation flag that day, and now that the ceremony has been completed, I will give it to you!”

Shi Dingyan smiled lightly, With a wave of his hand, the black formation flags on all sides had floated in front of Shen Qian.

“These four-sided formation flags coincide with the principles of gossip, and have the basis of Five Elements, which can help Little Junior Brother to double the results for half the effort when setting up the formation. As long as Little Junior Brother has sufficient attainments, It’s easy for some middle and low-level Formations to form an instant formation!”

“many thanks Third Senior Brother!”

Shen Qian sincerely thanks.

This gift is really something he can use.

Although Shen Qian’s Formation attainments are already extremely high under the blessing of the system, in fact, forming a formation is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, just like refining medicine.

In normal Martial Artist battles, it’s rare to use Formation because you don’t have that much time to set up your formation.

The existence of the formation flag is to greatly save this process.

With these four-sided formation flags, the battle strength equivalent to Shen Qian has risen to a new level invisibly.

“I’m in a hurry, I’m not ready, so I’ll give you a sword.”

After Shi Dingyan finished speaking, Ling Xiao also got up and said with a smile, then threw a sword Wooden sword for Shen Qian.

This wooden sword is not the one on Ling Xiao’s body. It looks ordinary, but it is inexplicably heavy.

“My sword is stored here, and I probably have 80% of my strength…”

Facing Shen Qian’s doubtful eyes, Ling Xiao’s wind was light and cloudless. Said, “Mountain And Sea is easy, and it can be destroyed at the click of a finger.”

(end of this chapter)

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