I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 186


Chapter 186 Heavy Snow

Is it easy for Mountain And Sea to be wiped out?

The domineering eight characters made Shen Qian stunned.

But he knew that Ling Xiao was definitely not bragging, there was no need for that.

In fact, among these senior brothers and senior sisters that Shen Qian has known to a certain extent, even the weakest, Old Liu, can rival Mountain And Sea’s ruthless at the high Martial Artist stage. .

Ling Xiao has been breaking through Mountain And Sea for a long time. If even ordinary Mountain And Sea can’t kill in seconds, then he is not qualified to be a Disciple with a big boss.

After Ling Xiao sat back down, Wu Jun floated over, then stuffed a small cloth bag into Shen Qian, and then floated back without a word.

Shen Qian squeezed, feeling like there was a rock in it. He couldn’t help being complexion stiffened…

When Shen Qian opened the bag and took a look, he was sighed in relief. Almost thought Fourth Senior Brother had returned the opal he had given him.

Fortunately, Fourth Senior Brother is still a bit prudent, but…what is this?

Shen Qian picked up the irregular stone with a faint green light, and only I felt a chill seep into my body.

“Soul Stone!”

Shi Dingyan and the others’ faces instantly turned solemn, they all glanced at Wu Jun with complicated eyes, as if they didn’t expect the other party to take this Send it to Shen Qian.

“What is a soul stone?” Shen Qian heard something unusual.

“In legend, a stone that only appears at the junction of yin and yang has the ability to reincarnate, but…” Shi Ding hesitated.

“Is it appropriate for you to give this to Little Junior Brother?” Ling Xiao also frowned.

Only Old Liu was as dazed as Shen Qian.

“Take it.” At this time, the boss spoke softly.

Originally, Shen Qian hated that everyone only spoke half of what they said, but since Gao Wenyuan took the initiative to stop the topic, Shen Qian could only swallow the question that came to his mouth, and took the soul stone obediently. And thanks.

Just go back and ask the omniscient Third Senior Brother.

Ling Xiao and Shi Dingyan looked towards Liu Changqing who had been drinking all the time.

Being watched by several people, Old Liu couldn’t play anymore, he wiped his mouth and said uncomfortably, “…what are you doing looking at me?”

“You don’t. Did you prepare a present for Little Junior Brother?” Ling Xiao asked with a faint smile.

“How is that possible, is it possible that I will forget?”

Liu Changqing denied immediately.

“Then why didn’t you take it out?” Shi Dingyan smiled.

“Ah, my gift is a bit special and I can’t give it in person…” Liu Changqing explained.

Several people laughed and said nothing.

“It’s okay, Six Senior Brothers, don’t send me off, I know you’re not rich either…” Shen Qian tried to save Old Liu.

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Liu Changqing exploded in an instant, “I’m not wealthy? If I’m not wealthy, it’s better than your brat. Don’t you just want a gift, take it!”


Liu Changqing took off a pendant from his chest and threw it to Shen Qian.

“…Changqing, are you serious?” Shi Dingyan seemed to know what it was, and his expression suddenly became strange.

“Of course!” Liu Changqing pretended to be disdainful, “I’m already Mountain And Sea, so what else do I need to do with this thing?”

“What is it?” Curious Ling Xiao asked Shen Qian for help.

“Invisibility Talisman.”

Shi Dingyan said three words first, not surprised to see Ling Xiao, and added, “Refined by King Supreme Unity.”

“Fuck!” Ling Xiao heard this, and suddenly broke out a rare foul language, looking towards Liu Changqing in disbelief, “This is your trump card baby, right?”


Shen Qian didn’t quite understand it, but he keenly caught the three words “King of Supreme Unity”, so he gave up the plan to reject it, and silently put away the jade talisman.

Who is the Supreme Unity King?

since ancient times Science and Engineering Number One Person !

And unlike the dead scientists, he is the perfect blend of theology and engineering.

In terms of Martial Arts accomplishments, the Supreme Unity king may not be as good as the Gangneung king, but when it comes to the foundation of creation, the Supreme Unity king is unparalleled.

“Six Senior Brother, I respect you!”

Shen Qian toasted Liu Changqing with a glass of wine, seeing Eight Senior Sister Ji Ruoshui still bowed his head as he did when he first came , As if nothing to say, he also picked up the glass and went to another table to make a toast.

“Changqing, you are really willing, that thing is just as useful to Mountain And Sea, right?” Ling Xiao watched Shen Qian walk away, but couldn’t help but sigh.

“Forget it, it’s not a great treasure, after all, this kid is going to college, and he has to have something close to him. ”

Liu Changqing is really looking forward to it, sneered.

“…What if I told you that he made more than 500 million this holiday?” Shi Dingyan still couldn’t hold back, and said something faintly.

“What did you say?” Liu Changqing froze and turned his head slowly, “Five hundred million?”

“Conservatively estimated, there will only be more.” Shi Dingyan He laughed, “Does it hurt?”


Liu Changqing almost didn’t catch his breath.

Liu Changqing of spirit slowly recovers got up and went to find Shen Qian, while Shi Dingyan and Ling Xiao looked at each other and laughed heartily.

“Ruoshui is not quite right today.”

Shi Dingyan quickly turned his thoughts to another matter, glanced at the slender silhouette who didn’t speak the whole time, and lowered his voice. sound.

Ling Xiao originally wanted to say something, but he didn’t know what to think, but frowned stopped talking.

“The mountains have no tombs, the rivers are exhausted, the winter thunder shakes, the summer rains and snows, asking the world what love is… It’s all false, it’s all false!”

Wu Juneach minding Drinking wine from their own business, he shook his head and sighed.

Ji Ruoshui’s body trembled, and the fingers that had been under the table were twisted white.

As for Gao Wenyuan, he entered a state of wandering after drinking three cups, and he did not participate in the conversation of several people at all.

At this time, Liu Changqing walked back contentedly.

“What did Little Junior Brother promise you?” Shi Dingyan said strangely upon seeing this.

“After drinking, take me to Little Junior Brother’s warehouse. He promised to give me two candle snakes. It’s just that, I’m going to make weapons now, and I can use them.”

Liu Changqing chuckled said.

Ling Xiao rolled the eyes, but didn’t say anything. In terms of value, Liu Changqing’s Invisibility Talisman is much higher than the two candle snakes.

Liu Changqing This is a typical Ah Q mentality, deceiving himself, and Shi Dingyan doesn’t want to expose him.

After a while, Shen Qian walked back with a glass of wine.

Numerous academy Disciples also prepared congratulatory gifts, but Shen Qian only picked some memorable and inexpensive things to receive.

His Senior Brothers are big dogs, but these Academy Disciples are just Martial Artists who are better than ordinary people.

After another round of respect for the Senior Brothers, Shen Qian stood in front of Ji Ruoshui, and he sensed the other’s nervousness.

Shen Qian didn’t quite understand it. The last time I saw Ji Ruoshui, the other party seemed to vaguely want to keep him down to eat peaches, but now he seems to be deliberately keeping a distance from him.

Shen Qian, who has never understood women, was not bothered, and said softly, “Sister Eight, this time…Thank you.”

After finishing speaking, Shen Qian himself After he was done, without waiting for Ji Ruoshui to react, he toasted the four elders of the school again, and finally came to the big boss Gao.

Silently, she blew a bottle of buckwheat directly, Shen Qian fell to her knees with a “thump”, moved towards the white clothed silhouette with a gentle face and kowtowed three times.

Until this moment, the inexplicable parting emotions flooded Shen Qian’s heart, making the tip of his nose a little sour.

He was originally a piece of dust. If it weren’t for the emergence of the system, he would always be just a piece of dirt in this small border town, turbid the world, how could he achieve anything?

But in a sense, the appearance of Gao Wenyuan is equally important to Shen Qian.

He is in Jing City, always at ease.

Only this is better than the world.

Not to mention, the boss Gao also helped him cure his mother’s disease.

This dress seems to be sitting forever in the white clothed silhouette of Heavenspan Pagoda. Unconsciously, it has become the biggest beacon in Shen Qian’s heart.

“Get up.”

Gao Wenyuan withdrew his gaze from the unknown void, and when Shen Qian stood up, he stared at Shen Qian for a while, It was lightly said with a smile, “I will give you a gift for the teacher.”

Shi Dingyan and the others were surprised and not surprised, but they couldn’t stop it, and their hearts were still slightly sour.

Regardless of whether they went out to study or practice in those years, the boss Gao Ke has never specially given a practice gift.

Only Shen Qian is so special.

“What you lack is neither resources nor innate talent. What you lack most is actually time. There are billions of things in the world. Experience can bring true knowledge, so I will give you a ride.”

“Changfeng can take advantage of the strength to send you into the blue sky.”

The boss said in a low voice, before Shen Qian could understand what he meant, he had already flicked his hand.


Amid the violent wind, Shen Qian instantly reached a kilometer above the sky.

No, that’s not right, Shen Qian lowered his head and clearly saw that “myself” was still standing on the Heavenspan Pagoda.

This is… Astral Projection?

As Shen Qian was thinking about it, countless chaotic voices rang out in his ears.

“Boss, do you sell it for seven yuan?”

“Dad, don’t fight, younger sister, he didn’t mean to…”

“ What are the City Lord’s Mansion doing, I heard that there are scavengers entering the city recently…”


Shen Qian had a splitting headache, and it took a while to get used to it There was so much noise.

He has clear comprehension, these voices are the voices of countless people in Jing City.

At this moment, Shen Qian is like the Spiritual God of aloof and remote, and can hear the movement in every corner.

Is this the teacher’s usual perspective?

Shen Qian just had such a thought, a mighty force of hard to describe had already wrapped around him, moved towards Jing City and swooped down.

“Shen Qian” instantly appeared in a house.

He saw a couple quarreling, the woman frantically rummaging for the marriage certificate, and the man silently looking at the anniversary photo and smoking a cigarette.

He reappeared in an alleyway.

A weak girl is being cornered by a gangster, but what the gangster doesn’t know is that a group of people with sticks are quietly taking pictures just around the corner.

This is a hospital.

In the corridor on the left, a group of people are celebrating their new life, and in the corridor on the right, a family is crying with a cold body.


One different scene after another flashed before my eyes.

Shen Qian also saw Gu Zifang who was arguing with his parents, and also saw the father who was showing his mother the wrong cultivation moves. He even saw Lao Wang hesitated and walked into a massage parlor…

Shen Qian’s heart gradually calmed down.

He’s no longer angry, no longer happy, no more indignant, no more sad.

He fell into a state of numbness, just watching the world in Jing City, and perhaps the world in this world.

In a trance, Shen Qian entered a strange state of detachment.

He started to think more about things he hadn’t thought about before, and he started to learn to look at everything with a more objective mindset.

If he gets something.

When Shen Qian returned to the top of Heavenspan Pagoda and opened his eyes, the momentary vicissitudes of life made Shi Dingyan and the others look sideways.

Little Junior Brother may seem like nothing has changed, but they all know that Little Junior Brother has been forcibly “ripened”.

Watch the world!

This is the Great Divine Ability that is unique to the teacher.

That’s not just the use of Divine Consciousness, but the teacher’s “Dao” in it.

The teacher is also the first time to cast this Divine Ability on others.

Shi Dingyan and the others, who were relatively peaceful just now, couldn’t help but feel jealous at this moment.

“Thank you teacher!”

Shen Qian, who stood there for a few minutes, finally broke free from that strange state. He covered the vicissitudes of his eyes and knelt again. fall.

Only he knew what the experience just now meant to him.

This gift from Big Brother Gao is too heavy.


Gao Wenyuan nodded and said no more.

Shen Qian finally said goodbye to everyone on the Heavenspan Pagoda, glanced at Ji Ruoshui who was still silent, sighed slightly, turned around and strode away.

Not long after Shen Qian disappeared, Liu Changqing turned around and was about to call Shang Shi Dingyan to go to the warehouse together, but a silhouette wind ran past him, almost making Liu Changqing stumble.

“This is…”

Liu Changqing looked at the lithe and graceful silhouette with a robe in his head, but his face became wet before he opened his mouth. .

Some water droplets floated from somewhere in the wind and hit him.

Shi Dingyan and the others were silent, Liu Changqing opened his mouth and wiped the wetness from his face, he could only shake his head and mutter.

“Women are trouble…”

“Little Junior Brother!”

She has walked out of Heavenspan Pagoda Qian turned his head in astonishment when he heard the sound.

Unexpectedly, under the dark sky, in the empty square, the silhouette with the robe ran towards him.

The wind ruffled her long hair and blew her eyes red, and on her white and flawless face, there was sadness and reluctance that could no longer be concealed.

She stood in front of Shen Qian, but her steps became hesitant, she was panting rapidly, but her head began to droop.

“I, I…”

“Senior Sister.”

Shen Qian took the initiative to take a few steps, and after a little hesitation, she called softly. .


Ji Ruoshui lifts the head and stares at Shen Qian with misty eyes.

“I… will write to you. ”

Shen Qian laughed, and finally raised his hand, and gently wiped away the tears from the corner of Ji Ruoshui’s eyes, starting with a delicate hand.

Ji Ruoshui heard this heavily The nodded, and then took a deep breath, as if he had finally gathered up the courage to put a white handkerchief into Shen Qian’s hands.

After doing all this, Ji Ruoshui, whose cheeks were flushed, turned around and walked away. He ran away.

Shen Qian lowered his head curiously, unfolded the white handkerchief, embroidered a boy in the center of the handkerchief, he stood high-spirited and vigorously on the edge of Jing City, staring into the distance, His eyes are as bright as stars.

On the edge of the handkerchief, there are four extremely inconspicuous small characters.

Shen Qian stared at the four characters and fell silent.

He put away the handkerchief and was about to take a taxi when he came to the side of the road, but a melodious piano sounded in his ears.

The piano was far away, but it seemed to have some mysterious power. The transmission of the song reached his ears.

He didn’t know what song it was, but the lingering sadness in it made Shen Qian unable to move forward.

His eyes seemed to penetrate everything, and he saw the silhouette sitting on the balcony on the 33rd floor of Heavenspan Pagoda, she was wearing plain clothes, sitting behind the ancient zither, her eyes were also staring at herself, her fingers were flying, as if she wanted to All the words that came out of her mouth were placed in the sound of the piano.

Shen Qian remembered those four words again.

“I don’t know what happened, I don’t know what to say…”


Shen Qian murmured, and finally did not dare to stop, and hurriedly got into the taxi and went straight to the airport.


After meeting at the airport with Dao Jiu, The two boarded the flight to Jiangzhong.

“Wow, it’s snowing! ”

In the first class cabin, a little child jumped to the window excitedly, pointed to the sky and shouted.


Shen Qian also walked to the window Look outside.

Sure enough, Jing City, which hasn’t snowed for a long time, is snowing heavily in this brief moment, shrouding the whole city in plain white.

“Isn’t there a weather adjustment system in Jing City? It’s still autumn, so why does it snow? “

Dao Jiu also came over and said a little puzzled.

“It’s to… satisfy a child’s wish.” “

Shen Qian didn’t know what to think, and showed a knowing smile.

Dao Jiuyi looked puzzled, obviously couldn’t understand what Shen Qian was talking about.

Shen Qian didn’t explain any further, just moved towards the window, moved towards somewhere in the distance, and bowed deeply again.

In the roar, the plane went straight to the sky, vaguely, only the unknown Whose groans are still echoing in the air.

“A long time to leave, I will paint spring and autumn in ten years. This evening last year, Fei Xue was very worried. How can it be that at the foot of a thousand miles of mountains, the same boat is full of Star River, and the boat is full of singing voices. Teenagers can fly over and go straight to Bright Moon Tower! ”

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