I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 187


Chapter 187 Psionic Energy Market

Jiangzhong has been a fertile land in China since ancient times.

Among the nearly 40 provinces in the country, the two provinces in Jiangzhong are in the forefront in terms of geographical and economic development, and the population is also in the top ten.

The plane landed slowly in Jiang Prefecture City, the capital of Jiangzhong’s second province. Shen Qian, who had already overlooked the panoramic view of Jiang Prefecture on the clouds, walked out of the Jiang Prefecture Civil Aviation Airport with a knife.


With the sound of brakes, a purely imported commercial vehicle with a two-letter logo stopped in front of Shen Qian.

“Did you order a car?”

Shen Qian glanced at Dao Jiu in confusion, and then rejected the idea.

Dao Jiu has never been to Jiang Prefecture. It would be nice if he had this ability.

Sure enough, Dao Jiu shook his head blankly.

The car door opened, and a long leg wrapped in black silk stretched out. Shen Qian’s eyes moved up, and she was stunned for a moment. The woman’s face was familiar.

“Mr. Shen, welcome to Jiang Prefecture!”

Before Shen Qian could react, the beautiful woman in the trench coat had already bowed.


Hearing the familiar voice Shen Qian finally recognized the person, he couldn’t help but be surprised.

I don’t blame him for not recognizing it immediately. There are some differences between the real Wanning and the ones on the Internet, although they are pretty much the same.

“The appearance of the Hall of Hundred Kings can be adjusted by yourself, so you may look at me differently.”

Wan Ning covered her mouth with a smile and took the initiative to explain.

β€œHow did you know I was on this flight?”

Shen Qian asked in surprise, β€œAnd I remember you’re not from Jiang Prefecture, right?”

“Well, I live in the southeastern province.”

Wanning said with a smile, “As for knowing your flight, Mr. Shen, do you remember the last time you went online to the Hundred Kings Palace? At some point, I have asked you about when to leave, as long as you know the approximate time, and then come here to wait for the rabbit, you will always wait for you, right?” , “You mean that every time a plane from Jing City is about to arrive, you will wait here?”

“Accurately, Ming City and Jing City, because I don’t Determine if you will transfer from the provincial capital, so…”

Wanning said with a smile.

β€œIn addition, I have been familiar with the customs and customs of Jiang Prefecture in advance while waiting for you, and some things you may need to know. I hope my preparations are not in vain.”


Listening to Ning’s eloquent remarks, Shen Qian felt a little emotional for a while.

He’s really not used to the feeling of being “served” by others in every possible way, but I have to say, it’s really a lot of peace of mind.

“Mr. Shen, get in the car first, you won’t be able to satisfy your appetite even if you want to come for an airplane meal. I’ll take you to taste the specialties of Jiang Prefecture.”

Wanning extended her hand to invite road.

“Wait first.” Shen Qian pointed to the commercial car, “Did you rent a car?”

“Yes, I have already paid for the cost, so Mr. Shen doesn’t need it. Worrying about…”

Wanning didn’t quite understand Shen Qian’s intention for a while, and said carefully.

“That’s not what I meant.” Shen Qian waved her hand to interrupt Wanning, pondered then said, “How much is this car?”

“If you rent it, one day is…”


“No, I’m asking about the selling price.” Seeing Wanning misunderstood her words again, Shen Qian had no choice but to interrupt her again.

“The market price is probably less than six million.” Wanning recalled and said.

“Tell me your bank card number.” Shen Qian nodded.

“6214838716912193…Mr. Shen, do you want it?”

Facing Shen Qian’s unquestionable gaze, Wan Ning obediently reported a series of numbers, and then asked suspiciously .

ding dong!

Before Shen Qian could answer, Wanning’s bracelet vibrated first.

She glanced down, then raised her head in shock, “Mr. Shen, you…”

Just now, 30 million Chinese coins were credited to her bank card.

“Buy this car, it will be more convenient in Jiang Prefecture later, you can take the rest of the money, and if you have any expenses, you can take it out of it.”

Shen Qian said something calmly, and then got into the commercial van first.

He really doesn’t care.

The property he earned this summer is definitely enough for him in a short period of time, and even more how at the end of the year he will probably have an income, which is the right to benefit from strength potion.

Although I don’t know how much there will be, I think it will not be too low.

Since Wanning came to Jiang Prefecture, at least in terms of life, she should be able to help Shen Qian to take care of it in an orderly manner. Anyway, it doesn’t matter how much she spends on herself.

Wanning quickly returned from her absent-minded state. She took a deep look at Shen Qian, then got into the driver’s seat and drove to the city in person.

She found herself compelled to re-evaluate Shen Qian.

Although she is Shen Qian’s exclusive attendant and can help Shen Qian perform various operations in the Hall of Hundred Kings, it does not mean that she can obtain all information about Shen Qian.

Only with Shen Qian’s authorization can she see Shen Qian’s data in the Hundred Kings Palace.

In Wanning’s expectation, Shen Qian, although Heaven Blessed Genius, is not only an unprecedented national champion in martial arts, but also the fastest member of the Hundred Kings Hall in history.

However, he is still a teenager who is not even eighteen years old.

The background determines that he will not accumulate too much wealth.

But Shen Qian threw 30 million to her, subverting this perception.

She believed that Shen Qian didn’t exchange the money for the contribution value of the Hundred Kings Palace. If it was just to pretend, then Shen Qian was not worthy of his fame.

In Wan Ning’s wild thoughts, the commercial vehicle drove into the urban area of Jiang Prefecture.

β€œMany cities have been rebuilt more than once after the disaster, but Jiang Prefecture has stood for two hundred years without any disasters, so the urban area looks a lot older.”

Wan Ning intimately explained the history of Jiang Prefecture to Shen Qian.

β€œWhere is Jiang Zhongjunwu?”

Shen Qian only glanced at the notice, but did not have time to read the detailed address.

“It’s not within Jiang Prefecture City. To be precise, it’s about a dozen kilometers away from Jiang Prefecture City. After passing Jiangzhong Junwu and going east for 20 kilometers, it is the border of the first province of Jiangdong. .”

Wanning did a lot of homework, and then said with a smile, “Actually, there was a dispute between the two provinces about the ownership of Jiangzhong Junwu.”

“oh?” Shen Qian said curiously.

“At that time, Jiangzhong Junwu was not called Jiangzhong Junwu, but First Army Wu. It happened to meet the re-planning of the borders of major provinces, and the second Jiangzhong province and the first Jiangdong province. There was a dispute over the ownership of the First Army in the province, and there were even fighting incidents. In the end, the Martial Arts Department made a final decision and assigned the First Army to the second province of Jiangzhong.”

Wan Ning Said, “As a result, the relationship between the second province of Jiangzhong and the first province of Jiangdong has not been very good.”

Shen Qian heard a bit of laughter, because of the ownership of a school and two disputes. It’s really uncommon for the relationship between the provinces to be tense, but when I think that it is Jiang Zhongjunwu after all, everything is explained again.

A dozen years ago, Jiang Zhongjun was the First Army of Genuine, and even the No. 1 Wuhan University in China, which often overwhelmed Northern Martial and Shen Wu.

“By the way, Mr. Shen, there is actually an interesting result in the follow-up of this incident.”


“In the battle for military force After the failure, the unwilling Jiangdong No. 1 Province re-supported a martial arts college with the strength of the whole province. Although it failed to successfully declare as a military martial arts due to various reasons, that martial arts college is now a domestic Peak. .”

Wanning blinked mischievously.

“Su Kewu University?”

Shen Qian thought about it and said in surprise.

Seeing Wanning nodded, Shen Qian also laughed a little.

Su Kewu’s Great Accomplishment history is indeed the shortest among the four major martial arts in China. There is this reason behind didn’t expect.

“If you say that, then the relationship between Su Kewu University and Jiang Zhongjunwu is probably normal.” Shen Qian quickly thought of Wanning’s intention for saying this to herself.

“Well, it’s a healthy competition when the Ministry of Military Affairs, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Martial Arts turn a blind eye. Of course, because Jiang Zhongjunwu has been closed for more than ten years, what is the re-opening of the meeting now? I don’t know the situation.”

Wan Ning saw Shen Qian comprehended her own meaning, and smiled slightly and ended the topic.

The three settled for lunch at a private kitchen restaurant Wanning found. Shen Qian, who had eaten Jiang Chinese food for the first time, had a great appetite and exhausted the Boss who cooked himself, but the other party was in Shen Qian. Qian smiled politely after paying double the price.

The money is bastard, but it’s really good.

Shen Qian sighed inwardly.

“Mr. Shen, do you want to go shopping next or…”

Wanning carefully helped Shen Qian take care of her collar, which was messy because of eating, asked softly.

Shen Qian has actually rejected Wanning’s gesture of intimacy several times, but the other party is persevering, and Shen Qian can only pretend not to care.

Think about it from the perspective of Wanning, the life of the other person is almost the same as being attached to yourself, and it is understandable to be eager to gain approval or trust.

“Let’s go to the psychic market first, I haven’t bought all the things I need for school.”

There is still a week before school starts. Shen Qian came to Jiang Prefecture in advance, naturally to do some preparation.

This includes the purchase of psionic equipment.

The commercial vehicle passed through Jiang Prefecture and stopped at a place near the northern city wall of Jiang Prefecture.

After getting off the car, what caught Shen Qian’s eyes was a huge metal Divine Dragon lying under the city wall.

The dragon’s mouth was wide open, and a constant stream of people was passing through it.

β€œJiang Prefecture Psionic Market!”

On the back of the dragon, there are six big characters flying.

The reason why I did not choose to buy psionic equipment in Mingcheng is that Jiang Prefecture has the largest psychic market in China.

“…In fact, after hundreds of years of development and growth, the Jiang Prefecture psychic market has included all types of transactions that can be seen in this world, whether it is medicine pills or monster beast transactions, it is all There is a complete industry chain.”

Wanning was patiently explaining whether Shen Qian knew it or not.

“Since you stepped on the point in advance, I will give it to you today.”

Shen Qian was also happy to be lazy, and handed over his martial arts admission equipment list to Wanning .

Wanning was very happy and began to study the list carefully.

“It’s three o’clock in the afternoon. I suggest that we first go to the eastern part of the market to buy martial arts books and locators and other conventional equipment, and then wait until five o’clock to go to the western region of the market to buy psionic weapons.”

Wanning soon came to a conclusion.

β€œWhy pick the time?” Shen Qian strangely said.

“The Western Region is mainly a place to sell all kinds of psionic weapons and equipment. Although there are many shops, the shops of some old craftsmen and some small auction houses are only after five o’clock, and the crowds are the most crowded. It’s time to open, so it’s more appropriate to go after five o’clock.”

Wanning said with a smile, “I don’t think you want to buy ordinary psionic equipment, Mr. Shen, right?”

Shen Qian secretly praised, having a guide is good.

That’s right, since he deliberately squatted to Jiang Prefecture, of course, he wanted to pursue better psionic weapons.

Few of the rising Martial Artists will have large deposits, and money is money when it is spent.

…Although Shen Qian felt that it was difficult for him to spend his current wealth all at once, so he had the idea of asking Yuan You to help him manage his finances.

The area of Jiangzhong’s psychic energy market is much larger than Shen Qian imagined.

After entering the dragon’s mouth, there is an infinitely wide world inside, with a variety of shops and pavilions, and what makes Shen Qian feel the atmosphere of the big city is the number of powerhouses here.

Only walking across a street, Shen Qian noticed at least three streets with a familiar oppression.

Mountain And Sea!

The density of Mountain And Sea Martial Artist here is almost 100 meters per person.

This doesn’t include those deliberately restraining aura’s pretending to be a pig to eat tigers guy or the top powerhouse that Shen Qian can’t feel.

Although the market is huge, fortunately, Wan Ning, whose direction is cleared, led the way. It only took about an hour for Shen Qian to buy all the supplies she needed for her freshman year in the dizzying East Market. All martial arts books and general equipment that arrive.

It’s not that Shen Qian doesn’t want to buy four years’ worth of books, but that the development of Martial Arts is far from over, and the books are updated every year, so it doesn’t make sense to buy four years’ worth of books in advance.

After walking around the East District, and walking back to the intersection, Shen Qian looked at the signs and stopped suddenly.

“Mr. Shen, what’s the matter?”

Wanning asked suspiciously.

“I think it’s not until five o’clock. Let’s go shopping in the southern district first.”

Shen Qian was just on a whim, because the southern district sells monster beast as a Lord, he hasn’t seen what a domesticated monster beast looks like.

Wan Ning naturally had no opinion, so the three of them changed their direction and moved towards the southern district.



The noisy voice is in my ears, but it is the roar of various monster beasts.

Shen Qian glanced at it. At first glance, the street that caught my eye was not much different from the flower and bird market in Jing City. It was just that the cages were locked in different shapes, but they were still preserved. A monster beast with hideous features.

Xuntu, Moha, Yinyan…

Shen Qian walked all the way, and most of the monster beasts he saw were below the W level, so he couldn’t help being disappointed.

Wu Ke University allows students to bring a domestic monster beast. Shen Qian just thought of this and was moved. Martial Arts has a lonely life, and being able to keep a monster beast as a pet is a good idea.

It’s just that he may have seen what the highest monster beast looks like, and Shen Qian is naturally a little disgusted with these “ordinary things”.

Even the shop protecting treasure in a shop at the end of the street, a Di Yang whose growth level has reached the R level, failed to impress Shen Qian.

R-level…is already close to Mountain And Sea.

Wanning noticed something, and glanced at Daojiu next to him, who was still eating skewers, thinking that Shen Qian would never want to buy a Mountain And Sea-level monster beast. Bar?

Dao Jiu also noticed Wanning’s eyes, with some unfathomable mystery looking up, “What do you see me doing?”

“Ah, it’s okay.” Wanning quickly shook his head.

“Wanning, where is this Colosseum, where is the place to watch the monster beast battle?” Shen Qian suddenly stopped in front of a huge building.

“No, this is also the place where monster beasts are sold, but… the way is a bit special.” Wan Ning didn’t know how to explain it for a while.

“oh?” Shen Qian felt that there might be something he wanted here, because he felt some unusual aura, so he became interested, “Go, go in and have a look.”

(end of chapter)

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