I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 189


Chapter 189 Lifting the Table

Monkey, a fairly common monkey monster beast.

The usual grades are W to T.

The W level corresponds to the Martial Artist in the Peak, and the T level corresponds to the high Martial Artist mid-term.

In terms of bloodline alone, the emperor monkeys are not very strong among the many monster beasts held in the Colosseum, and the T-level emperor monkeys in the No. 19 cage are in their infancy, only limited to You can challenge if you have the strength below Martial Artist Peak.

The market price of this emperor monkey is around 8 million, but only need to pay 800,000 to get a chance to challenge.

The temptation is not too big.

It is no wonder that the young man who played chose it after weighing it.

This young man is in his early twenties, and he also wears the uniform of Wuke University. He may be a junior or senior student.

In fact, there are basically no new students who can come to this Colosseum.

After all, the ability to be a Martial Artist is required to start out. In fact, even for senior students, those who can reach the level of Martial Artist or above are among the elites.

The young man is very smart, and his Qi Qi is about one step away from that of a high Martial Artist, while the battle strength of this infant Monkey may only be around the middle and late stages of a middle Martial Artist.

On the face of it, it’s almost certain.

But Shen Qian was not optimistic about him.

It wasn’t because of the comments of others, but because of the special feeling that the emperor monkey gave Shen Qian.

The first is to be calm.

Such a gesture on a monster beast is inherently inconsistent.

Most of the monster beast’s power comes from the bloodline after mutation, Spiritual Qi’s revival gives them unparalleled power, but the improvement of wisdom is correspondingly limited.

At least for all the monster beasts Shen Qian has seen so far, they are not very smart ducks.

They have judgment, but they are often suppressed by instinct, so they like to roar, even the highest-level Yanhu is not immune to the vulgarity, and often roars to brush the sense of existence.

But this Monkey is different.

From the moment it appeared, it stood quietly in the cage, quietly looking at everything around it, and even that standing posture was somewhat humanized.

The monkey monster beast is inherently smart, but Shen Qian’s intuition is that this one is especially different.


The cage was opened, and the Monkey entered the battlefield.

The Colosseum will provide basic standard weapons, and the youth chose a long stick.

One man and one monkey confronted each other.

This scene is somehow weird. The young man had obviously never encountered such a calm monster beast. After wandering around for a few laps, he couldn’t hold back any longer. past.


A scene that shocked many people appeared.

The long stick did not fall to the ground, but was held in both hands by the emperor monkey, forcibly caught in the palm of his hand.

Before the young man came back to his senses, it seemed that the emperor monkey, who had been waiting for this opportunity, moved violently, its body jumped extremely nimble, and it suddenly flipped with a long stick as a fulcrum. .

Its right leg swelled wildly, from less than a foot to a meter, and it was heavily moved towards the youth and slammed on the head.


Shen Qian couldn’t help but let out a foul language.

In fact, many Martial Artists who came to this Colosseum for the first time were stunned.

It’s not because the Monkey Monkey has grown bigger. This is not a rare innate talent among monster beasts. They will be so shocked because the Monkey Monkey just performed…

is a martial skill!

What is a martial skill?

The martial skill is the Martial Artist’s technique of maximizing his own strength by following a certain trajectory!

Highlight, Martial Artist.

In other words, the martial skill has always been exclusive to Human Race.

The monster beast has all kinds of innate talents derived from bloodline, or fighting instincts unique to them.

Even the Torch Dragon, which Shen Qian had a glimpse of last time, was not a martial skill, but some kind of Innate Divine Ability when it destroyed those White Walkers.

Although what this Monkey Monkey just performed was only a basic martial skill, it was also a martial skill.

The young people on the field were obviously stunned, and in a hurry they could barely block the Emperor Monkey’s leg, but their position was in disarray.

The Emperor Monkey did not give him the slightest chance to catch his breath. He bullied himself up, and his fists and feet fell one after another. Every move and every style seemed to have been carefully carved, with a violent beauty. .

It’s all a combination of basic martial skills, but Shen Qian is sure that more than 90% of the Martial Artists present can’t use such a silky combo.


The young man was finally punched in the chest by the emperor monkey, and flew out like a broken straw, and fell into the ground without moving.

The emperor monkey did not pursue, threw the long stick in his hand and walked back to the cage quietly.

“Hey, this emperor monkey is a bit wicked…”

“No wonder it can be challenged with only 800,000!”

“It has a martial skill. Monster beast, today is really insightful, how can it be its opponent without the strength of a high Martial Artist?”

There were noisy discussions around.

Shen Qian didn’t wait any longer. After watching the young man being carried down by the medical staff, he turned his head and asked Mika, “Can I try it?”

“You said try it. What do you mean?” Mika asked uncertainly.

“I want to try this monkey too.” Shen Qian repeated.

“Of course you can, but…do you know what your strength is?”

Mika was happy at first, and then hurriedly asked.

Although it seems that Shen Qian is young, Martial Artist can’t follow the usual theory, and there are many medicine pills that can restore youth, although the lasting effect is not long and the price is expensive.

“The second paragraph of Martial Artist, it can be verified.” Shen Qian said casually.

“Wait a minute!”

Mei Jia left in a hurry, and quickly returned with two staff members, and took an agreement to Shen Qian for confirmation.

Shen Qian took a general look. The terms are very simple. There are no major constraints other than limited strength. In addition, the Colosseum has a rescue obligation, but it is at your own risk.

The strength of Shen Qian’s vitality was tested with a machine called “Measuring Element Instrument”. After confirming that Shen Qian’s strength was fine, Shen Qian happily signed the agreement.

β€œWanning, swipe the card.”

After Wanning paid the money, Shen Qian entered the animal pen through another passage under the guidance of the staff.

“VIP please put on this set of protective equipment, and what kind of weapons do you need?”

The staff handed Shen Qian a set of equipment and asked at the same time.

“No need.”

Shen Qian shook his head, and in the stunned eyes of the staff, he stepped directly into the battlefield.

Seeing that someone challenged so quickly, many people cast their gazes with great interest.

But soon, these people shook their heads secretly again, and regardless of Shen Qian’s lack of imposing manner at all, just the cheeks that were still green, destined him to be too strong. strength.

“Isn’t this a freshman?”

“It’s extremely talented to be a Martial Artist at this age…”

” Hey, but this so-called genius often doesn’t recognize himself.”

Shen Qian moved his ears, blocking the pressure of the people around him, and then pointed to the No. 19 cage, indicating to himself s Choice.


The iron gate of the cage was raised, and the Monkey came out again.

It stood five meters away from Shen Qian, still with a calm attitude, as if waiting for Shen Qian to attack.

Shen Qian didn’t mean to do anything. He observed the emperor monkey up close and confirmed some of his guesses before Shen Qian spoke.

A strange tone came out of Shen Qian’s mouth, making the noisy all around quiet.

“What is he talking about?”

“It seems like… beast language!”

After all, many people experienced and knowledgeable, and soon realized to what.

This new boy is actually talking to that demon!

A middle age person wearing a Colosseum work uniform frowned and walked to the sidelines. Although he was a little surprised, his expression was still calm.

Although Beastmaster is rare, it is not uncommon in a big city like Jiang Prefecture, and one will pop up from time to time.

And their Colosseum also has many Beastmasters.

“What is he talking about?”

The middle-aged man directly called a Beastmaster and asked.

The Beastmaster listened attentively and stammered the translation, “Would you like to…Heaven and Earth…I can, can…”

“Can you do it? No way!” The middle age person couldn’t listen anymore.

However, several Beastmasters were called one after another, but none of them could fully translate Shen Qian’s words, and could only barely hear a few words.

“What are you doing with a bunch of trash, spending so much money every month to support you?”

The middle age person said angrily.

“Mr. Qian, it’s really not our fault!”

The oldest Beastmaster suddenly complained bitterly, “There are too many monster beast languages in this world, we can usually In addition to the common language, there are only one or two specific monster beasts…”

“Yes, even the monkey language has subtle differences among different ethnic groups!”

“And he speaks so fast. I’ve never seen a Beastmaster who speaks so fluently in Beast language. If he doesn’t actually hear some syllables, I suspect he’s talking nonsense.”

“And, and…”

The crowd argued.

“And what?” The middle age person calmed down a little, frowned and asked the last Beastmaster who was still speechless.

“And I think he might be speaking in some kind of dialect, the kind that sounds like a monster beast roaring…”


middle age person hearing this is cranky again.

The beast language is the beast language, and you still pull out a dialect for me?

He was about to scold these incompetent Beastmasters when something suddenly happened on the field.

Accompanied by several exclamations, the emperor monkey suddenly moved.

It walked slowly to Shen Qian, but Shen Qian didn’t respond.

What’s even more bizarre, the Monkey didn’t even make an attack.

One man and one monkey stared at each other.

Shen Qian said something again, and then under the shocking eyes of countless people, the Monkey hesitated for a while and then slowly lay down, facing Shen Qian with his belly upside down.

Although many people do not understand animal language, they are very clear about what this action of the emperor monkey represents.

This is…acknowledge allegiance!

Totally acknowledge allegiance.

There was an uproar.

Even many regulars at the Colosseum have never seen such a scene.

Someone actually tamed a monster beast without moving, just standing there with a “squeak”.

And this monster beast is a downright wild monster beast!

Just fucking…outrageous!

Ning Ning stared at the man with a fascination in the depths of his eyes.

Dao Jiu yawned, but only felt bored. He didn’t quite understand why Shen Qian had to spend so many words on things that could be solved with one punch.

“Your choice can’t be wrong.”

Shen Qian watched the emperor monkey lying on the ground also laughed, then turned and moved towards the outside of the battlefield.

The Monkey got up and followed Shen Qian step by step.

According to the rules, from this moment on, this emperor monkey belongs to Shen Qian.

However, just as Shen Qian walked to the exit of the battlefield, a middle-aged man hurried over stopped him.

Shen Qian raised her eyebrows and expressed her doubts.

“I’m the manager of Dongri Colosseum, my surname is Qian, this guest, you can’t take the emperor monkey away!”

middle age person opened the mouth and said.

β€œWhy?” Shen Qian frowned.


The middle age person was at a loss for words, he just ran up in a hurry, but the reason was that he hadn’t thought of it yet.

But no matter what, he made it impossible for Shen Qian to take away the emperor monkey so easily.

This emperor monkey is one of the cash cows of the animal pen. He has long been instructed by the shareholders’ meeting, and there must be no mistakes.

“We suspect that you have used improper means, so the Monkey can’t let you take it away!”

Mika came over in time, opened the mouth and said.

Manager Qian glanced at Meijia approvingly, nodded and said, “Yes, our Colosseum has its own rules, and no violations are allowed!”

Shen Qian couldn’t help laughed.

“Where is the violation?”

“This… we need to check it before we can confirm it further. Otherwise, please come with us, if you are sure that you did not use any improper means. , you can take away the emperor monkey.”

Manager Qian suggested with flickering eyes.

Listening to the discussions of all around pointing fingers, Shen Qian sighed, “Manager Qian, do you know that people’s patience is limited?”

β€œ What?” Manager Qian didn’t understand.

“When this Miss Mika took me to choose monster beast, you Colosseum played me as a fool, and now you come again?”

Shen Qian said with a smile .

Meijia complexion changed, but Manager Qian remained calm and frowned: “I don’t understand what you’re saying, but please pay attention to your words, our Dongri Colosseum has always been childless. Bullying, service comes first, please don’t slander our reputation.”

“If you think about it, you may really not afford to offend me, let me take this emperor monkey away, everyone is like that Forget it?”

Shen Qian said seriously.

Manager Qian was startled first, then Mika whispered something in his ear, Shen Qian vaguely heard words like “Southwest”.

“It’s not a question of being unprovokable, it’s a question of rules.”

Manager Qian said seriously after listening to Perfect Jia’s words.

I don’t know when, dozens of Martial Artists in black uniforms appeared all around the battlefield, all of them were imposing and condensed, and more than half of them were high Martial Artists.


Shen Qian laughed and fell silent.

Manager Qian thought that Shen Qian had confessed and was about to give Shen Qian a step down when a sudden roar almost tore his eardrums.



The huge metal cage flew over, and a tiger with dazzling rays of light moved towards Manager Qian rushing over, the blood-red pupils were filled with hatred that had accumulated for a long time.

No one noticed when Yanhu’s cage was opened, and Manager Qian was horrified by this sudden change.

“Old Chen, save me!”

Manager Qian shouted loudly while fleeing.

Ka ka ka!

The door locks of all the cages were opened, accompanied by various roars, the battlefield was in an instant chaos.

Shen Qian looked blankly at Mika, who was standing in front of him just now, and was torn to pieces by the huge pincers of the Q-level monster beast.

Amid the splattering of flesh and blood in the sky, Shen Qian bent down and picked up the employee card that the other party had dropped on the ground, and walked outside the arena.

When Shen Qian was standing in front of the protective gate of the battlefield, an imposing old man happened to appear in the air. It was the Mountain And Sea powerhouse in the Colosseum.

“Don’t open the door!”

The old man didn’t go to save Manager Qian, who was already caught in the tiger’s mouth, his eyes quickly locked on Shen Qian, and he shouted loudly.


Shen Qian ignored the presence of the other party and directly opened the electronic security door with the employee card in his hand.


As if smelling the breath of freedom, many monster beasts who had lost their restraints swarmed out of the battlefield excitedly, and the entire Colosseum was instantly plunged into extreme turmoil. confusion.

(end of this chapter)

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