I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 19


Chapter 19 “Beginner Martial Artist” Shen Qian

Shen Qian’s eyes are closed, but his body is undergoing drastic changes .

The blood vessels bulged from time to time, and the muscles kept squirming. Under the urging of medical power and the cooperation of “Shen Qian”, a lot of black-gray fat and impurities gradually ooze out of his body.

The water gurgling cleans Shen Qian’s body, but black impurities are also constantly infiltrating, again and again.

A few hours later, the medicine efficacy finally began to slow down, but Shen Qian still didn’t open his eyes, he walked towards the Body Refinement equipment in the cultivation room.

The high-frequency treadmill harmonizes Shen Qian’s waist and spine while strengthening his heart and lungs.

The Ring Tensioner trains the muscles of the whole body and makes meridian more tenacious.

Crunches, grips, or even just to increase the tenacious degree of fingers… Shen Qian is like eating a strong pill, frantically using every kind of equipment in the cultivation room.

There is a small electronic screen in the middle of the room, which is used to detect real-time physical fitness data. At this moment, those data are constantly beating and are in an extremely unstable state.

In the process, those medicinal powers that had been waiting for Shen Qian to slowly absorb were aroused again, polishing his body under the unnoticeable influence.

It’s two hours later.


Shen Qian let out a long sigh of relief and lay on the massage table in the lounge. Beside him, a little elder sister in white silk wearing a retro cheongsam was standing. Using the ancient Chinese meridian method to give him a full body massage.

What a corruption, ah!

Shen Qian sincerely sighed.

The massage service is a gift with a single purchase of 1,000. Of course, Shen Qian swears in his conscience that he did not absolutely see the Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall in the missing brochure on the street corner in advance. provide this service.

But I have to say that after a high-intensity Body Refinement, it is indeed very comfortable to relax the muscles of the whole body, and it can also relieve fatigue to the greatest extent.

Just now Shen Qian has retested his strength with the simple simulator in the room.

His explosive power has reached 138Kg, and his instantaneous speed has reached 10.5s.

In terms of strength alone, when I took strength potion for the first time, the improvement was 18Kg, and this time it was only 12Kg, but Shen Qian was very satisfied.

The effect of strength potion will continue to decay. According to Shen Qian’s estimation, if he can take it once at most, it will basically lose its effect.

But three bowls of strength potion are enough for him to break through to Beginner Martial Artist.

β€œThere is still medical power left in my body, and it is estimated that it will take about ten days to fully digest it. By then, my power will definitely be able to break through 140…”

Shen Qian is very satisfied with today The fruit of assiduous cultivation.

After the tall cheongsam elder sister twisted her waist to leave, Shen Qian took a short nap, guessing that it was almost time, and then packed up and left the Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall. Wandering towards the school.


Shortly after Shen Qian left, a man in a suit and white gloves walked into the cultivation room with several employees.

Others do the cleaning, while the men in suits check for damage and malfunctions.

The man in the suit is familiar with the road first, before coming to the high-frequency treadmill, to check the appearance of the instrument, then to check whether the instrument can still operate normally, and the last step is to clear the residual data.

“Running 4.8 kilometers in 10 minutes, really strong physique…”

The man in the suit entered with the administrator ID, and when he saw the historical data, he couldn’t help but exclaim.

Anyone can be very fast at 100 meters, and those who are still very fast at 5 kilometers are really powerhouses.

Subconsciously pressed the delete button, when the confirmation dialog box popped up, the man in the suit was suddenly stunned.

“Brother Zhao, what’s wrong?”

Seeing the man in suit, motionless, another person asked strangely.

Zhao Li woke up like a dream. He didn’t answer the questioner, but took out the walkie-talkie around his waist, “Front desk, help me check the information of the member who used 308 just now.”


“What’s the matter?” A sweet but slightly nervous voice sounded, “Is there any damage in the room?”

“No, tell me quickly, this matter is very important.” Zhao Li urged.

“Oh, Brother Zhao, I brought in the member of 308. My name is Shen Qian, a third year student of Jing City No. 7 Middle School. Didn’t I tell you just now…”

“Wait!” Zhao Li suddenly raised his voice and interrupted Xiao Xuan, “Are you sure he’s just a senior in high school?”

“Yes, the data shows that he is 17 years old, and he is still It’s on the list. It ranks 36th in our store’s list. I heard him say that he is a native of Nancheng. It’s rare, hehe, unlike other people on the list, most of them came from other cities… Brother Zhao What’s the matter with you?”

Xiaoxuan said, seeing Zhao Li’s voice no longer, only a slightly rapid breathing sound came from the walkie-talkie, she couldn’t help wondering.

“High school senior, 17 years old, only 17 years old…”

Zhao Li pressed the walkie-talkie and repeated it several times.

Today is not the weekend, and there are not many people who are still using the cultivation room late at night. Before the night shift employees of Martial Arts Hall had supper together, Xiaoxuan was excited to sign up with the first client. Everyone has mentioned it, so Zhao Li still has some impressions.

And when he saw the data just now, Zhao Li remembered this, and the experienced man immediately realized the problem.

10 minutes and 4.8 kilometers, which means that the average speed of long-distance running reaches 12.5 seconds per 100 meters, which is simply not something that people below Beginner Martial Artist can do…

This The explosive power and stamina required in it are staggering.

Zhao Li began to check all the instruments along the way, or to be more precise, check the historical data of each machine.

He needs to check if the treadmill is malfunctioning.

The rest of the people looked at Zhao Li in confusion as he drilled around in a pile of equipment, and his face became more and more excited.

“Brother Zhao, what happened?” Someone couldn’t help but ask when Zhao Li finally stopped.

“Don’t move, you all don’t move the instruments in this room, I’m going to find Mr. Zhu now!” Zhao Li clenched his fist and said excitedly.

“Why are you looking for Mr. Zhu?” Everyone was even more confused.

“The facade that Mr. Zhu needs is finally here!” Zhao Li laughed heartily, “This time, let’s see what their Martial Arts Hall from all over the world compares to us?”

Zhao Li side As he spoke, he rushed out impatiently, leaving only a few people looking at each other in blank dismay.


“Could I have made a mistake?”

308 Golden cultivation room, Xiaoxuan stood at the door, a little confused.

She was called up by Zhu Deyong, the general manager of the Nancheng store. At this time, in the 308 cultivation room, in addition to Zhu Deyong, Zhao Li and the others, the management of the other Nancheng stores were all present. .

They were listening to Zhao Li’s explanation, while the other two people were recording data and calculating something.

Although I still can’t figure out the situation, Xiaoxuan heard Zhao Li’s tone just now, it seems that Shen Qian is some kind of genius…

But if the potential index is 70, only I can say it’s not bad.

This matter, the two people in charge of recording stood up.

“Mr. Zhu, there is a result.” One of them said.

“How is it?” Zhu Deyong took a step forward impatiently.

“Judging from the legacy data of these Body Refinement devices, this member’s explosive strength range should be between 155 and 170kg, and the estimated burst speed of 100 meters is between 8.1 seconds and 9.8 seconds. “…”

“Okay, seventeen-year-old Beginner Martial Artist, okay…haha, my Nancheng store finally has a truly talented student!” After confirming, Zhu Deyong swept away the haze of the past few days , couldn’t resist said with a big smile.

Xiao Xuan’s mouth is slightly open, and her delicate face is full of shock. This is definitely the data that True Martial Artist can achieve!

He…he was a Beginner Martial Artist?

(end of this chapter)

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