I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 190


Chapter 190 The Ancient Master

“You… bastard!”

That Mountain And Sea Martial Artist see Shen Qian directly ignored his warning, and shot the complexion ashen from a distance.

Shen Qian didn’t look back, but Dao Jiu’s body flickered easily to defuse the old man’s blow, and walked out behind Shen Qian.

The old man looked at Dao Jiu with fear flashing in his eyes. When he hesitated, the unstoppable Yan Hu had already swallowed Manager Qian and rushed out with a roar.

The old man had to give up Shen Qian angrily, loudly shouted moved towards Yanhu and chased away.



The moment Shen Qian opened the protective door, most of the monster beasts had already escaped from the beast pen. The entire Colosseum is full of raging monster beasts.


A woman screamed, looking helplessly at the dewclaws falling towards her.

Just when she closed her eyes in despair, the pain she imagined did not come.

She opened her eyes blankly, and saw that the wolf in front of her had already run away, revealing the boy standing behind.

The woman still remembered him, he was the last boy who walked into the animal pen.

“Leave quickly, this place will only get more and more chaotic.” Shen Qian said gently.

The woman didn’t have time to think about what was going on, and ran away quickly.

Shen Qian looked at the chaos all around, thought about it, and asked Dao Jiu to take Wanning out first, while he strolled through the chaotic crowd, making strange noises.

The originally chaotic monster beast stopped venting and started moving towards all directions of the Colosseum.


More and more cages were opened, all monster beasts were released, dozens of Martial Artists in charge of security at the Colosseum were exhausted, but they were fundamental No matter what, there are even a few smart people quietly moved towards the outside.

Watching the Dongri Colosseum, which was gradually reduced to ruins under the destruction of monster beast, Shen Qian stopped staying and walked out.

Came to the street where the crowd fled, and the waiting Dao Jiu and Wan Ning greeted them, and the three moved towards the exit of the southern district.


In the Colosseum behind him, it is unknown who lit the torch, and the fire broke out.

Indistinctly, the roar of the Martial Artist and the roar of the beast can be heard intertwined.

“You mean that old man, can you fight so many monster beasts?” Shen Qian asked Dao Jiu.

“Not good to say, but I’m afraid he can’t control the situation alone.” Dao Jiu thought for a while and said.


There was a rush of wind in the sky, Shen Qian looked up, and saw three silhouettes swept across the air, moved towards Dongridou Go to the farm.

“This Colosseum is not simple, but it has been supported by Mountain And Sea Martial Artist so quickly.”

Shen Qian looked up, then looked thoughtful.

“Mr. Shen, how did you open that Yanhu’s cage?”

Wanning couldn’t hold back her curiosity and asked.

She knew that the chaos just now must have something to do with Shen Qian, otherwise there would be such a coincidence that Manager Qian was about to threaten Shen Qian when something happened, but Wan Ning didn’t figure out some details.

“It’s not me.” Shen Qian shook his head.

“That’s…” Late Ning startled.

“It’s it.”

Shen Qian turned her head slightly, and saw a white figure flexibly jumped down from a roof on the side of the street and landed on Shen Qian’s shoulder. superior.

“Emperor Monkey!”

Wanning looked at the monkey with beautiful white hair, and instantly understood something and said suddenly.

Shen Qian didn’t explain anymore, and let the emperor monkey lie on his shoulders, and the three and one beast moved towards the Western Region under the reflection of the setting sun.

“Where are we going now?”

“Buy weapons.”

“Do I need to report to the Palace of Hundred Kings?”

“Why do you want to report, do you think I did something?”

Wanning was stunned for a while, then thought about it carefully, as if Shen Qian had never done anything from the beginning to the end, but… …

She turned her head and glanced at the smoky winter Colosseum again, and couldn’t help but smile.

It seems that this is not as gentle as direct hands!

But if you say it, no one will believe it, right?

Wanning doesn’t know why Shen Qian can instigate so many monster beasts.

There are more than 1,000 known Beast languages in this world, and as long as you can master a common Beast language, you are already qualified for the primary level Beastmaster.

How did Shen Qian master so many proficient animal languages in his weak years, Wanning has no answer.

But that seems to be the only possibility.


“This is it.”

Under the leadership of Wan Ning, Shen Qian was in a slightly dilapidated but doorway deep in the Western Region. However, the shop where many people gathered stopped.

There is a mottled sign on the door wall that reads “Fengyun Blacksmith’s Shop”.

“This is the shop of the craftsman who is very difficult to deal with in your mouth?”

Shen Qian has actually believed it three points, although the shop’s appearance is not very good, But from the eagerly-awaited crowd at the door, you can also see the extraordinaryness of this shop.

In fact, before coming here, Shen Qian had been to many shops, including state-run psionic weapon shops.

But apart from using the remaining five million exchange coupons for a B-Rank psionic dagger, and buying some basic psionic guns for training, there is basically no real gain.

Shen Qian’s pursuit of weapons has been clear on the way.

What he wants…is an A-Rank long sword or long sword.

The “Shadow Blade” whose rating has not yet been clarified is his strongest killing method at present. Although the use of the Shadow Blade does not require a medium, Shen Qian decided to take up the weapon after careful consideration.

It was a cover up.

Such a strange and powerful martial skill is most effective only when others cannot guard against it.

Secondly, a handy weapon can also greatly increase the battle strength.

Originally, Shen Qian thought that as long as you had money, you could buy A-Rank long knives, but after in-depth understanding, Shen Qian realized that was not the case.

The common psionic equipment is divided into A-rank to F-rank.

F-rank is the so-called basic standard weapon, which can be mass-produced.

E-rank is also barely capable of mass production, but starting with D-Rank’s weapons, each psionic weapon needs to go through an extremely complicated tempering process to form.

In other words, starting with D-Rank weapons, there won’t be two identical swords in the world.

B-Rank psionic weapons are already very rare, so when Yu Shousi met Shen Qian for the first time, he customized B-Rank psionic weapons at Jiangzhong Military Factory as a gift. The preferential treatment offered by Shen Qian.

On the market, a qualified B-Rank weapon, even if it is barely enough to reach B-Rank, has a market price of several millions.

Although the cost of self-production in the military factory is not so high, it also shows Yu Shousi’s sincerity.

As for A-Rank…it can only be described as rare.

This is not something that money can buy.

Just now Shen Qian looked around and saw that only one large store still stocked an A-Rank psionic weapon, and it was someone else’s shop protecting treasure, with a price tag of 18.88 million, or Shen Qian. Not too fond of the long spear.

In addition, you can only go to the auction house to try one’s luck.

However, for things like the auction house, as a buyer, it is relatively disadvantageous. Generally, the final transaction price will be much higher than the market price.

Although Shen Qian is rich now, she doesn’t want to waste money.

Finally, after Wanning’s suggestion, I came to this Fengyun blacksmith shop.

In addition to the large-scale psionic factories, there are also some surviving old craftsmen shops that may produce A-Rank psionic weapons.

They don’t have large-scale equipment, and they are almost entirely forged by hand. Many people are obsessed with this method, thinking that the weapons forged in this way will have more spirituality.

The only problem is that supply is in short supply.

And these old craftsmen usually have all kinds of eccentric temperament, and it is not easy to get a weapon from them.

“For someone as polite as me, it’s not too much to jump in the second line occasionally?”

Shen Qian glanced at the long line in front of the door, and suddenly said with a smile .

Before Wanning could react, Dao Jiu, who was instructed by Shen Qian, had already used her body to open the way, and Wanning was dragged into the blacksmith shop by Shen Qian ignorantly.


Shen Qian threw out a stack of banknotes before entering the door, and the martial artists who were about to scold people immediately lowered their heads.

“…You’re a bad taste!” Wanning didn’t know whether to cry or laugh muttered.

“It’s called spending money to get things done.” Shen Qian replied with a smile, then raised his eyes and looked all around.

“Shen…before, you should not hold out too much hope. Forging A-Rank weapons requires a lot of effort for these craftsmen, but money may not make them tempted.”

At Shen Qian’s request, Wan Ning, who had adapted to begin to change her words, whispered.

“People who really have no desires and no desires are living in seclusion in the mountains. Everyone has desires, but they just need to find the right stepping stone.”

Shen Qian didn’t care.

Inside the blacksmith shop is a yard about a hundred laps in size. There seems to be some kind of restriction, but there are not too many people in the yard. Only twenty or thirty people exist scattered.

I just don’t know why, but the middle-aged man in charge of the door didn’t stop him from entering.

Shen Qian glanced at it, and judging from the youthful temperament of these people in the yard, I am afraid that many of them are freshmen who only entered the martial arts department this year.

There are ten smelting workshops of different sizes in the courtyard, but Shen Qian’s eyes quickly settled on the deepest one.

Because there are only the most people gathered there, and there is some kind of eager expectation in their eyes, obviously, the master of that workshop is the one Shen Qian is looking for.

“Shen Qian, did you smell anything strange?”

Wanning asked with a twitched nose while walking to the deep workshop.

Shen Qian startled, and then stopped to feel it. After looking thoughtful, Shen Qian opened the mouth and said: “It’s the smell of a relatively rare plant, let’s go.”

Several people came to the deepest workshop, but found that the door of the workshop was closed, but there was a faint light like a fire, indicating that someone was there.

Shen Qian looked around, and finally settled on a slightly fat boy with glasses, walked over and said with a smile: “Classmate, I just came, can you tell me what time it is now? What’s the situation? It’s troublesome.”

The young man glanced at Dao Jiu and Wan Ning behind Shen Qian, slammed on Wan Ning, then blushed and quickly turned his eyes back, waving his hands and said: “No trouble, no trouble, we are all waiting for the ancient master here.”

“The ancient master is the owner of this Fengyun blacksmith shop, right?” Shen Qian said with a smile, “Then when did he Come out?”

“I don’t know.” The teenager shook his head and said with a bitter smile: “I’ve been here for two hours, and someone has even been waiting here for a day, this ancient Master has rarely shown up now, let alone pick up jobs, in fact, everyone is here to try one’s luck.”

“Is that so?”

Shen Qian frowned, but he Because I don’t like the feeling of wasting time and waiting, I thought about it and made a gesture.

About a minute later, with a “squeak”, the door of the workshop slowly opened.

The spirits of the waiting group were lifted, and the young man glanced at Shen Qian in surprise, and couldn’t help but sighed: “Brother, you are so lucky to be able to meet Master Gu when you came here. It is said that Sometimes this ancient Master will not go out for two weeks!”

Shen Qian smiled slightly.

How can there be so many coincidences in this world?

He just let Dao Jiu let out a breath of air inside and outside the workshop.

Although he doesn’t understand the temper of this ancient Master, he wants to visit a Mountain And Sea Martial Artist, and the other party will give some face no matter what.

As the gate rose, a strangely shaped shadow was illuminated by the lights in the workshop and then cast onto the ground.

Shen Qian followed the shadow and looked up. When he finally saw the appearance of the ancient Master, he couldn’t help but be taken aback.

Not only because the legendary ancient Master turned out to be a woman, but also because the other party’s body is extraordinarily peculiar.

She was wearing shorts, her left leg was clean and sturdy, but her right leg was shimmering with a metallic sheen, a completely mechanical thigh, and the same was true from her right lung below her one ear. in this way.

This bronze-skinned Ancient Master is like an anime metal girl, with a strange and harmonious aesthetic.

Her dark eyes swept across the crowd, then paused slightly on Dao Jiu behind Shen Qian, and quickly moved away expressionlessly.

“Master Gu, I am willing to pay 10 million for the crafting fee, please make a weapon!”

“Master Gu, I also brought cash and materials, If it’s not enough, you can just say…”

As soon as Master Gu appeared, the youngsters who had been waiting all around for a long time couldn’t help but speak.

Shen Qian was lost in thought.

He noticed just now that the people who can wait in front of this door are only from unusual family backgrounds. After all, they have to hire the most powerful craftsmen to make at least B-rank psionic weapons. .

Now that I hear it, it’s true. For example, the young man who clamored for 10 million in labor costs. The so-called labor costs are purely employment costs, not including material costs, etc. It can be seen that the other party’s rich and imposing.

But from the point of view of money, Shen Qian doesn’t have much advantage.

However, he vaguely felt that, judging from the attitude of this ancient Master who only appeared once in a few days, the other party was probably not someone who valued money very much.


Master Gu frowned.

The crowd soon quieted down.

She swept the crowd indifferently, opened the mouth and said, “Some people know my rules, some people don’t, I repeat it here, give what you can give and the spiritual energy you need. The weapon is written on the paper, and I will give it to my assistant in a while, and I will make a choice based on the situation, that’s all.”

After finishing speaking, Master Gu turned around and walked back to the workshop, where a dirty man came out. The shy boy started distributing papers to everyone.

“Mr. Shen, you can see, these people’s tempers are just a little weird, and she doesn’t even look at you.”

Wan Ning said helplessly.

β€œIt’s not a bad thing.”

Shen Qian also noticed that although Master Gu showed up because of the existence of Mountain And Sea Martial Artist, he didn’t give Shen Qian anything. Special treatment, probably in the heart of the other party, being willing to show up is already considered to have given face.

In other words, the other party is not a person who can be easily coerced by force.

But Shen Qian thought of something instead.

β€œen? “Wanning obviously didn’t understand.

“Remember what I said? “Shen Qian laughed, “People always have desires, it’s just…that they need to think about things from a different angle. ”

(end of this chapter)

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