I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 191


Chapter 191 Kicks the door (replenishment)

When Shen Qian was talking to Wanning, he didn’t notice it and was right beside him In a shadowy corner, there is also a complex gaze watching him.

These 3-4 months teenagers are lost in the flowers and applause of their hometown, almost thinking they are about to forget.

He didn’t expect to meet Shen Qian again here.

“Why did you come to Jiangzhong…” The young man said softly with some gritted teeth.

“You probably haven’t read the newspaper, don’t you know that Jiang Zhongjunwu was the last choice he chose?”

Another crisp voice sounded from behind the boy, with a few words. joking means.

The young man was silent, but the owner of the voice refused to let him go, and said lightly with a smile: “Oh, I almost forgot, do you only broadcast local news through the city, right? The newspapers in Mingcheng can always see it, the page where the results of the college entrance examination are announced is very exciting…”

“Li Jiaqi!” Fiercely staring at the girl with bright eyes and white teeth in a short skirt, “Don’t think that you are bound by a teacher, I won’t dare to touch you!”

“Yes, that’s what I think, otherwise you What are you waiting for?”

The girl stretched lazily, revealing her youthful and beautiful curves, but she didn’t care about the boy’s bad attitude.

“Geng Qianqiu, you were not my opponent four months ago, and you are the same now!”


The boy’s eyes narrowed, and his body Exudes a dangerous atmosphere.

“By the way, haven’t you been waiting for the day when you meet Shen Qian again? Why don’t you challenge him directly? Don’t tell me that you have been patronizing and receiving gifts for the past four months, right?”


Li Jiaqi didn’t feel anything, he said with a smile.

Geng Qianqiu was silent for a while, but suddenly calmed down. He glanced at Li Jiaqi with disdain, without any explanation, then turned and moved towards the place where several partners were.

Li Jiaqi looked at Geng Qianqiu’s back, the smile on her face slowly dissipated, and turned into a thoughtful color.

Geng Qianqiu has indeed become stronger…

At least Li Jiaqi found that she could not see through the other party.

It seems that the rumors are not false. The shame of the college entrance examination has turned into the opponent’s motivation. It is said that Kun Hubo personally took action and made Geng Qianqiu go through a great experience, making the opponent shedding body, exchanging bones. .

She knew that Geng Qianqiu must have great hostility or fighting intent towards Shen Qian.

It just seems that the other party is still waiting for an opportunity.

…and yourself?

Li Jiaqi turned her head slightly and glanced at the young man standing at the door of the workshop not far away, with anger and confusion in her eyes.

I was annoyed because when Shen Qian entered the small courtyard, her eyes had already swept across her body, but…Shen Qian didn’t seem to recognize herself at all!

Who is that beautiful woman with long legs beside him?

And the man who looks like a bodyguard in an imposing manner deep and unmeasurable…

Not to mention, Shen Qian has changed a lot.

Li Jiaqi can’t tell where these changes come from, but she is absolutely different from the other party.

If after a few months, Geng Qianqiu gave her the feeling of shedding body, exchanging bones, then the feeling that Shen Qian gave her is… she can’t judge.

She couldn’t explain the feeling at all, but she knew that Shen Qian was impossible for the past four months.

Her daze came from the fact that she chose Jiang Zhongjunwu when she filled out her wishes, driven by some kind of ghostly idea.

This is not the usual choice of geniuses from the ancient martial arts Aristocratic Family.

Putting away the distracting thoughts, Li Jiaqi also followed Geng Qianqiu to that small circle.

The composition of this small circle is accidental, but the people who got involved are Jiang Zhongjunwu’s freshmen this year, and everyone’s family background is not bad. There are various connections between teachers and teachers, and they All are members of the Thousand Stars Society.

Li Jiaqi got involved, purely to get some news more conveniently and quickly.

“Qianqiu, Jiaqi, come here, Shi Cong just said that he knows how to ask Master Gu to take action!”

A young man greeted the two warmly.

Geng Qianqiu and Li Jiaqi were both curious about this and quickly leaned over.

These people are here, naturally not to gather together to eat melon seeds and chat, but also to invite Master Ancient to forge a powerful and suitable psionic weapon.

They also have more comprehensive information than the average person, and they know that it is not something that can be solved simply with money to ask the ancient Master to take action.

The “Shi Cong” in the mouths of young people is currently a young man with a faint trend of leading among the new military students.

The other party’s full name is Ye Shicong, from the wealthy Jiangnan area, not only from the military Aristocratic Family, but also the martial arts champion of the second province in Jiangnan, and his usual news is quite well-informed.

After Li Jiaqi and Geng Qianqiu also came over, Ye Shicong smiled mysteriously, opened the mouth slowly and said: “I asked an acquaintance of the Alchemy Association and learned some inside information. “

Li Jiaqi rolled the eyes, she was actually very tired of Ye Shicong’s deliberately mystifying gesture, but the other party seemed to think it was more compelling.

“Brother Ye, you should hurry up!”

Someone couldn’t help urging.

Ye Shicong deliberately waited for a while, and when everyone was a little impatient, he spoke leisurely.

“Gu Yunlan actually used to pick up jobs more than a year ago, but a year ago, another founder of Fengyun Blacksmith, her sworn big brother Ran Feng had an accident in the restricted area. After she fell into a coma with serious injuries and never woke up, she became the state she is now.”

After everyone reacted for a while, if Geng Qianqiu realized something, “So the key to asking her to take action is actually Is it because of that Ran Feng?”

“Yes, in fact, if you look closely at the customers Gu Yunlan has traded with in the past two years, she is willing to forge basically because the other party brought some kind of precious medicine. Pills or medicinal herbs are not expensive, but they must be useful to her.”

Ye Shicong said his conclusion firmly.

“But we don’t know what kind of illness that Ran Feng is?” Someone frowned and raised doubts.

“This is not simple?”

Li Jiaqi shrugged, “According to the data, Ran Feng is not only a powerful alchemist, but also a foot into Mountain And Sea. powerhouse.”

“There are only a few possibilities that can make half of the Mountain And Sea powerhouse fall into a coma, and there are not too many medicine pills that can work. You can send whatever you can find. , I think that even if the other party has the idea of making every possible effort, I am afraid that they will not refuse anyone who comes.”

“Not bad!”

Ye Shicong glanced at Li Jiaqi with admiration. , and then instructed a young man who had been standing in the outer circle: “Go to Gu Yunlan’s assistant and bring some paper first. In any case, let’s talk with Gu Yunlan first.”

” With the strength of us people, can’t we still meet the needs of the other party?”

Although Ye Shicong’s last sentence was a bit arrogant, everyone had no idea of refuting, because speaking from a certain perspective also It’s true.

The teenager who went to get the pen and paper quickly left and returned. Ye Shicong wrote the pen himself, wrote a few words on the note, and then let the teenager hand it over to the assistant.

After collecting a circle of papers, Gu Yunlan’s assistant quickly returned to the workshop, probably to report to Gu Yunlan.

“Go away!”

Ye Shicong turned his head and found an emperor monkey lying on the wall at some point. He frowned and scolded.

The emperor monkey bared his teeth at Ye Shicong, but he jumped off the corner before Ye Shicong’s attack and disappeared.

No one cares about this little episode, after all, this kind of domestic monster beast is all too common in the psionic market.

As things were resolved, Ye Shicong and the others also relaxed. While chatting and laughing at random, the door of the workshop reopened.

It wasn’t the dirty assistant who walked out, but the hurried Gu Yunlan.

The swiftness of the pace even made the opponent forget his control, and the heavy metal legs stepped on the ground with deep marks one by one.

In the stunned eyes of the people around, Gu Yunlan rushed straight to the young man with an emperor monkey on his shoulders, breathing rapidly, trembling all over, staring at the other party.

“You…you’re telling the truth?”

Gu Yunlan’s voice was a little out of place under the excitement, “You can…can…completely cure him ?!”

Most of the people present were at a loss when they heard Gu Yunlan’s words, but Ye Shicong and the others complexion changed.

“As long as you don’t die, there is hope.”

Shen Qian smiled slightly, although she didn’t say anything to death, she unconsciously revealed an extremely powerful voice in her words. confidence.

“Come with me!”

Gu Yunlan stared at Shen Qian, his eyes swept over the knife nine behind him again, then nodded, turned and moved towards the workshop go with.

Before everyone could react, Shen Qian had followed Gu Yunlan into the workshop with Dao Jiu and Wanning, and a white-haired monkey jumped off the eaves at the last moment. Drilled in.


Ye Shicong just reacted and took a few steps forward when the door slammed shut.

“What’s the matter, why is Master Gu looking for that person?”

“Shouldn’t she be looking for us?”

The others too stunned.

Ye Shicong calmed down quickly, he suddenly thought of the white emperor monkey, as if he realized something, and a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“Wait here, we’ll figure it out.”

Ye Shicong seemed to suddenly have some kind of hostility towards Shen Qian, who had never met, so that Geng Qianqiu and Li Jiaqi were both Somewhat astonished.

It’s just that Geng Qianqiu’s eyes are flickering, while Li Jiaqi’s eyebrows are frowning slightly, and there is some kind of worry in his eyes.


Shen Qian and other three people followed Gu Yunlan through the slightly cluttered workshop, and then came to an independent courtyard behind the workshop.

The peculiar smell in the air became more obvious, and Shen Qian already had some sort of definite guess.

Just what made him didn’t expect was that the Monkey King lying on his shoulder also gave him a “squeak”.

“Where did you hear that?”

Shen Qian was a little surprised, but it basically matched his guess.

“He…is inside.”

Gu Yunlan’s steps seemed a little hesitant, as if he didn’t want to face it.

Shen Qian took the initiative to step forward and pushed open the door of the back room. The strong medical smell assaults the senses. Shen Qian also saw the simple formation flag placed in the corner.

On a soft couch in the middle of the house lay a man wrapped in gauze. The gauze was soaked in medical liquid, and the man’s expression remained somewhat frozen. At first glance, it looked like a corpse.

But if you carefully perceive it, you can also perceive that trace of vitality that seems to be destroyed at any time.

β€œBig brother Ran…”

β€œNeedless to say, let me guess, he’s actually dead, right?”

Shen Qian interrupted Gu Yunlan, who wanted to speak, said, “Your courtyard is full of ‘cocoon grass’, and this medicinal herb’s most use is actually to keep the corpse from rotting, so I entered your blacksmith shop. I smelled it from time to time.”

“That’s right.”

Gu Yunlan felt relieved when she saw Shen Qian’s ability, and explained: “Probably Fourteen months ago, Big Brother Ran went out to sea in search of an opportunity to completely break through Mountain And Sea, but he encountered a life-and-death crisis, and he… didn’t make it through.”

“Fortunately, there were other A Mountain And Sea powerhouse who is proficient in the spiritual way passed by, and the big brother Ran stepped into Mountain And Sea with another foot, and has formed part of the spiritual core. The Mountain And Sea powerhouse collected the spiritual fragments of the big brother Ran. , and brought his fleshy body back.”

“I managed to keep the last ray of life for brother Ran big, but I don’t know how to bring him back to life.”

“I heard that some princes can do it, but I can’t get in at all, and I’m afraid this is a big burden for princes. After more than a year, I’m almost desperate…”

Having gradually calmed down, Gu Yunlan said with a dim eye, she suddenly laughed.

“Actually, you are also comforting me, there is no way to save his life completely, even if it is a real Mountain And Sea Martial Artist, it is an extravagant hope to be resurrected by the spiritual core after the fall, even more how Ran big Brother he…”

“But it doesn’t matter, as long as you really have a way to keep Ran big brother alive, I’m also willing to do it for you…”

” Master Gu!”

Shen Qian, who had been observing Ran Feng for a long time, interrupted Gu Yunlan, “I didn’t lie to you, Master Ran may not be saved.”

“You Seriously?”

Gu Yunlan’s eyes shined, and he was a little dubious, “What exactly are you talking about?”

“Have you ever heard of a kind of ‘Good luck’ medicine pill? “Shen Qian asked after a smile.

“Fortune? “

Gu Yunlan frowned and pondered, “I seem to have heard of it somewhere… Oh, I remember, I went to a friend of a Medicine Refining Master for help before, and he mentioned this medicine pill, But it seems that it is still in the research stage, and he said that the possibility of this kind of medicine pill coming out is not very big. “

“The method you are talking about is this medicine pill called ‘Good Fortune’? “

Gu Yunlan did not hide the disappointment on his face.

There are too many medicine pills in the field of medicine refining.

“Then what if I told you that ‘good fortune’ has actually been successfully developed? “Shen Qian said with a smile again.

“What? “Gu Yunlan is a little dazed.

“Do you know Cheng Shanhe? “Shen Qian asked.

“Of course, there are not many Grandmasters in the refining world who don’t know about it. “Gu Yunlan dianto.

So Shen Qian smiled slightly, took out her bracelet and dialed Cheng Shanhe’s number.

“Di… the user you dialed is temporarily unavailable. ,Please try again later. “

Shen Qian’s smile froze, and he glanced at Gu Yunlan, who had a strange expression. Before the atmosphere was completely embarrassed, he hurriedly found a new number and dialed it.

“Brother Shen!” ”

Hearing the excited and familiar cry, Shen Qian sighed in relief.

Fortunately, Xiaowei is more reliable…

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