I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 193


Chapter 193 Jiang Zhongjun Wu!

When Ye Shicong said he was going to stop Shen Qian, Geng Qianqiu and Li Jiaqi kept silent.

At that time, Ye Shicong thought that these two people came from the southwest border after all, and it was normal to act cautiously, but only then did he realize that the two people had known the boy with Mountain And Sea for a long time.

“You should have heard his name.”

After being silent for a while, Geng Qianqiu opened the mouth and said, “His name is…Shen Qian.”

“Shen Qian?” Ye Shicong subconsciously wanted to deny it at first, but soon he thought of something, eyes shrank, “That national champion in martial arts?”

Ye Shicong was the champion in the province, so he was naturally impressed by that incident.

As a provincial military champion, it can be said that it is a focal point of ten thousands, and it is also the most glorious moment in life.

But in the summer of 2297, the champions in the provinces were all overshadowed.

All of this is because of a national champion in martial arts who was born out of nowhere.

Three exams in martial arts, all full marks!

Ye Shicong was extremely aggrieved, but he knew how difficult it was.

Simply is not something a person can do.

“We are in the same province with him, and some things must be avoided.”

Geng Qianqiu didn’t want to be hated by Ye Shicong for nothing, and quickly explained, “Although he recognized him, But we haven’t seen the Mountain And Sea Martial Artist behind him, or we’ll definitely remind you.”

“It turned out to be him!”

Ye Shicong said with a sneer , “I think that the Mountain And Sea powerhouse guard is also the privilege of the national champion of martial arts. It’s really majestic!”

After knowing Shen Qian’s identity, Ye Shicong felt that the shame just now was better accepted. .

“I don’t dare to make a move, and I just rely on a Mountain And Sea Martial Artist to show off my prestige. The so-called champion, merely this!”

Ye Shicong narrowed his eyes, “It seems that he I’m also going to enroll in Jiangzhong Junwu, oh, well, the days to come are going to be interesting…hahahaha!”

Ye Shicong left after laughing a few times.

“Geng Qianqiu, are you disappointed not to see Shen Qian’s shot?”

Li Jiaqi glanced at Geng Qianqiu playfully, and yawned, “I’ve been thinking about the People are being used as a tool, so don’t think that Ye Shicong really believed your explanation.”

“Didn’t you also remind Ye Shicong?” Geng Qianqiu sneered.

“I’m a woman. He who loves face so much will care about a little girl like me?” Li Jiaqi laughed indifferently.

“Whatever, even if Ye Shicong really has an opinion, so what?”

Geng Qianqiu said indifferently.

Li Jiaqi narrowed her eyes and felt a certain confidence in Geng Qianqiu. She suddenly asked, “What about Shen Qian?”

“I can’t tell if he didn’t shoot. , but… In fact, you have noticed that his cultivation base in the college entrance examination was not really that strong, and you also know that the college entrance examination is not purely realm, there are many factors to consider.”

Geng Qianqiu analyzed, “In terms of pure battle strength, I don’t think he is necessarily stronger than Ye Shicong.”

“Then you mean that neither Ye Shicong nor Shen Qian are your opponents? “

Li Jiaqi said with a smile.

Geng Qianqiu didn’t talk anymore, turned around and left, and soon disappeared on the street corner.

Li Jiaqi stared at Geng Qianqiu’s back and disappeared, spat out one mouthful of impure air lightly.

She didn’t know what Geng Qianqiu’s reliance was, but none of these princely Disciples were simple.

“This year’s Jiang Zhongjunwu must be very lively…”

Thinking of the information she obtained from other channels, Li Jiaqi suddenly had some inexplicable expectations for the official admission. .


Shen Qian and Dao Jiu waited for a while at the entrance of the psionic energy market before Ning walked out.

“How’s it going?”

“It’s done, Dao Jiu’s big brother is very measured, those people may be in pain, but the injuries are not serious, and after all, they are the first to move So the police Martial Artist didn’t embarrass me.” Wanning said with a smile.

“Hundred Kings Palace?”

Shen Qian knew that it might not be as simple as Wan Ning said, so he asked a question. The background of the Hall of Hundred Kings also played a role.

“Yes or not. Although Baiwangdian is not well-known, it has many affiliates outside. For example, the largest clothing company in Jiang Prefecture is actually the industry of Baiwangdian. I borrowed their name. to solve it.”

Wanning explained briefly.

“so that’s how it is.” Shen Qian was stunned.

“Where are we going now?” Wanning asked.

β€œI have to go to the Jiangzhong Military Factory.”

Shen Qian sighed.

I have basically bought everything that can be bought in the psionic market, and now the main thing missing is a piece of armor.

Yu Shousi once promised Shen Qian that the military factory would tailor a piece of psionic equipment for him, either a weapon or a level 1 armor.

After careful consideration, Shen Qian decided that the weapons should be handled by himself, and the armor would go to the munitions factory.

The making of armor is far more complicated than weapons, so armor of the same level is generally more precious than weapons, and Jiangzhong Arms Factory has gathered many Peak craftsmen in China, so Shen Qian naturally wants to take advantage of this free prostitution opportunity. to the extreme.

After being admitted to the national champion in martial arts, all of Shen Qian’s treatment has been upgraded, and the C-Rank armor promised by Yu Shousi can also be turned into a B-Rank armor.

B-Rank armor is as precious as A-Rank’s psionic weapons in a way.


Including the day she first bought the equipment, Shen Qian stayed in Jiang Prefecture for a total of six days.

We still need to wait for the weapons and armor. The basic training equipment for admission has already been collected. In addition, Shen Qian also asked Wanning to buy an apartment in Jiang Prefecture City, just in case. needs.

Going on a scenic tour to relax for a few days, on the seventh day of September, Shen Qian temporarily bid farewell to Daojiu and Wanning, and went to the meeting point on the side of Jiang Prefecture City alone.

Jiangzhong Junwu has set up ten meeting points in the second province of Jiangzhong and the first province of Jiangdong, so that all incoming freshmen can choose by themselves.

In theory, all freshmen must take the school bus to the campus at the meeting point, and are not allowed to report alone.

Arriving at the meeting point for freshmen in Jiang Prefecture, there is already a young man in uniform waiting here.

“Hello, I’m this year’s freshman.” Shen Qian walked over and greeted.

“Hello classmates, please show your ID card and admission notice.”

The young man looked up at Shen Qian and said solemnly.

Shen Qian handed the file bag over, and the young man took a look at it, then raised his head in surprise, his eyes full of intense curiosity and inquiry, and an excitement that Shen Qian couldn’t understand. .

β€œYou are Shen Qian?”

β€œIt’s me.”

Shen Qian was mentally prepared for the young man to see him differently. After all, a national champion asked him to With a great reputation, I am afraid that among this freshman, many people will have heard his name.

I just wish it was a little less hassle.

…although Shen Qian thinks this is an extravagant hope in the Martial Artist world.

“There is still a little distance from the departure time of this trip. You can get on the bus first and wait.” A military armored vehicle was next to him.

β€œShen Qian!”

Before Shen Qian got into the car, the young man couldn’t help but call him.

“Anything else?” Shen Qian turned back in confusion.

“That…you have to work hard in the ceremony admission, but I’m betting my entire fortune on you!”

The young man scratched his head and said a little sadly a sentence.

β€œWhat admission to ceremony?”

Shen Qian was taken aback.

β€œIt is inconvenient for me to say more about the principle of confidentiality, but I believe you can, as long as you play normally.”

The youth waved his hand.

Since there was nothing to ask, Shen Qian no longer bothered, walked into the armored car and found a window seat and sat down.

Although the youth did not speak much, Shen Qian estimated that the admission to the ceremony was likely to be accompanied by some kind of competitive assessment, otherwise the youth would not say those words.

And apparently, the youth and his comrades also made some kind of bet, presumably against the freshmen who entered this school.

I just don’t know, who are those who are qualified to be listed in the same market with themselves?

Maybe there is also that Ye Shicong?

Putting away his thoughts, Shen Qian glanced back. The armored vehicle can carry about 30 people, but at this time, only four or five are sporadically seated.

However, considering that armored vehicles leave every hour, it is normal that there are not many people.

Seeing that the time to start is approaching, the rumbling sound of the engine has already sounded, and accompanied by a shout of “Wait”, a slightly obese teenager with glasses squeezed from the door with his luggage. Come in.

Shen Qian didn’t know what the boy’s eight or nine packages were in, but he saw the boy was struggling, so he stepped forward to help.

“Thank you… Hey, it’s you!”

After the boy put away the package, he turned his head and said in surprise.

Shen Qian thought back and recognized this young man. It was the young man who had spoken to him when he went to the Fengyun Blacksmith shop that day.

“I left before the day and didn’t wait until the end. I remember that you entered the ancient Master’s workshop, right? Did she promise to help you forge weapons?”

The fat boy asked eagerly.

“en.” Shen Qian was not disgusted with this young man, hearing this nod.

“You are so powerful that you can actually invite Master Gu, you have at least one B+ psionic weapon.”

The teenager said enviously, “By the way, I My name is Yang Lingjie, from Taiwan, the third province in the southeast, how about you?”

The teenager simply sat down beside Shen Qian and introduced himself.

“Shen Qian, from the southwest.” Shen Qian smiled and shook hands with the boy.

“Shen Qian?” The young man was startled, “I seem to have heard of it somewhere…”

So Yang Lingjie tried to think about it, and finally shook his head and whispered: “You Is it because the family is not very good, otherwise why would you choose such a name?”

Shen Qian didn’t expect the other party’s brain circuit to be so clear, but he didn’t connect himself with Wu Zhuangyuan at all. For a while some didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“Well, my family is really average.”

Shen Qian speaks frankly.

“Very good!” Yang Lingjie was excited at first, then saw Shen Qian’s strange expression, and quickly explained, “I didn’t mean that, I just wanted to say it was a coincidence, I tell you…my family is also It’s not very good.”

The last sentence of Yang Lingjie was said in a low voice.

Shen Qian took another look at Yang Lingjie, and soon believed what he said, because he only noticed at this time that Yang Lingjie was still wearing his high school uniform.

Taizhou No. 2 Middle School… I seem to have seen it somewhere.

“However, my innate talent is not bad, and I have the help of the school, so the college entrance examination results are ok. Alas, I originally wanted to go to Flower Martial, but unfortunately the tuition is too expensive. Jiang Zhongjunwu opened this year. There are a lot of preferential conditions, and you are the military force that came here, right?”

Yang Lingjie confirmed again.

“…Is that so?” Shen Qian said uncertainly.

“We really are one kind of people!”

Yang Lingji felt like he had found a companion, and excitedly patted Shen Qian’s shoulder.

In the rumbling sound of the engine, the armored vehicle started, and soon left Jiang Prefecture, all the way through the sand-filled restricted area, moved towards Jiang Zhongjunwu.

“I heard that Jiangzhong Junwu’s campus is newly built, and the old campus has been closed. Hey, speaking of which you know Jiang Zhongjunwu has had an accident before…”

β€œ I saw a post on the Internet saying that Jiang Zhongjun’s martial arts re-opened this year, and he made a lot of money to restore his glory. It seems that we have nine champions this time!”

“But it is said that the most mysterious is the national martial arts. The champion Shen Qian…Hey, I suddenly found out that your names are the same, hahaha!”

“Yesterday I heard from a partner in another Taiwan city at the market that most martial arts universities will have a The assessment basically also determines our tutors during school, I wonder if Jiang Zhongjunwu also has assessments…”

It was basically Yang Lingjie talking along the way, and Shen Qian listened quietly.

Although a bit noisy, the atmosphere is not bad.

About an hour later, the speed of the armored vehicle slowed down, and the freshmen in the armored vehicle felt that everything had stopped talking and moved closer to the window.

Yang Lingjie stopped talking and looked out the window stared wide-eyed.


After the vehicle crossed a certain boundary, the wind and sand suddenly emptied, and the glass of the armored vehicle fell silently. With a refreshing floral fragrance.



The seven or eight students in the car all exclaimed, obviously shocked by the sight in front of them. shocked.

I’m afraid no one can imagine that this is a martial arts university standing in a desolate restricted area.

Shen Qian was also a little surprised.

The armored vehicle is driving on a ten-lane vinyl road that stretches for several kilometers. On the left is an endless field surrounded by a clear lake, where hundreds of flowers bloom.

On the right is a dense forest, with tall trees standing, from bright to deep, to no end.

Indistinctly, there seemed to be various roars belonging to monster beasts, but those roars didn’t have the slightest violent meaning, I’m afraid only Shen Qian understood here, those monster beasts expressed welcome the meaning of.

In other words, the monster beasts that operate in this endless forest are most likely born of the military itself.

At the end of the road, there is a building complex that occupies an area with no end in sight.

The overall use of black and silver, but the ground is flawless white stone brick, the strong visual contrast is very shocking.

On the periphery of the building complex is a metal fence with a height of 100 meters, on which are depicted various mysterious spells, even if they are just erected there quietly, it gives people a hard to describe sense of security.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

As the armored vehicle approached, ten silhouettes suddenly floated above the 100-meter gate, staring at the approaching armored vehicle.

“Hey, ten Mountain And Sea?”

Yang Lingjie was stunned.

Others are also sluggish, not because of the ten Mountain And Seas, but because these ten Mountain And Seas are wearing standard security uniforms!

Even though the style of the security uniform is very handsome, it is close to the appearance of a military uniform, but… it is also a security uniform.

Ten Mountain And Sea goalkeepers.

Have they ever imagined such a scenario?

Shen Qian’s eyes suddenly fixed on one of the white haired old man.

Sure enough, he chose to come…

Shen Qian sighed.

(end of this chapter)

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