I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 197


Chapter 197 Spear Throwing

Throwing a lance onto a stone wall?

Shen Qian was slightly taken aback.

The lance weighs only 30 to 40 pounds, even a Beginner Martial Artist can easily swing it, and if the Martial Artist has broken through, throwing this lance is even more effective than throwing a pebble from an ordinary person. Be simple.

It sounds like this assessment is really not difficult.

The vast Heaven and Earth was transformed by Ping Yangbo in some way. The stone wall is about 1000 meters away from all the new students, and the middle is muddy. At this time, there is a transparent mask to block everyone. .

Shen Qian tried his best to see the scale marked with white on the side of the stone wall. The highest point should be one kilometer.

In order to ensure the height of the lance’s throw, it is obviously better to be as close to the stone wall as possible, which means that it must pass through the mud in front of you.

Shen Qian guessed that most of the tricks were in the mud.

The nearly 2,000 freshmen are divided into two groups of entirely different groups, freshmen on the left and seniors on the right.

The assessment content for all freshmen is the same, except that freshmen use black lance, and senior freshmen use silver lance. I think it is for the convenience of distinguishing calculations.


The eerie silence.

After Ping Yangbo finished speaking the rules, everyone looked at me and I looked at you, but for a while no one moved.

No one is stupid, there must be some kind of problem in this muddy field, and no one wants to pave the way for others.


Somewhere in the crowd, a chuckle with some disdain sounded, “With the wisdom of a prince, how could there be loopholes for you to drill?”

“Look up and look around, Sun, Moon and Stars are up to me!”

“Well, let someone from Yue make a sample for you first!”

Accompanied by loud laughter, I saw a silhouette rushing out shaking a folding fan and holding a lance.


Yue Dakan seemed to bump into a transparent wall, and the laughter in his mouth stopped abruptly.

“I haven’t said the start yet, what’s the hurry?”

Ping Yangbo’s funny voice sounded.

The corners of everyone’s mouth twitched as they watched Yue Dakan slowly slide down in the shape of a “swastika” symbol, and they couldn’t help laughing.

“Then… let’s start.”

Ping Yangbo announced the start lightly.

The transparent mask that was blocking the eyes of everyone disappeared silently.

Yue Dakan stood up casually, but seemed to have no face to continue reciting poetry, and rushed out without saying a word.


Although Yue Dakan failed to pretend to force, but his words are also very reasonable.

No matter what the form of the assessment is, the final competition is all about hard power. What is the fear of who comes first?

Yue Dakan just rushed into the mud when the complexion changed, because in the void in front of him, countless mud suddenly flew up, and then turned into mud arrows, assaults the senses!

Not only Yue Dakan, but dozens of people who rushed into the mud first encountered the same situation.


Someone screamed and was directly hit by a mud arrow. The muddy arrow seemed to contain some kind of terrifying power. The boy’s figure was knocked upside down and flew out and fell into the crowd.

Although he wasn’t seriously injured, it was obviously very painful to see the young man grinning.

Yue Dakan coldly snorted, but he didn’t retreat half a step, and even accelerated faintly. In a few flashes, he flexibly penetrated the wave of arrows.

However, he didn’t walk a few meters when the next wave of arrows struck again.

And this time, it’s obviously much denser.

Shen Qian observed it for a while, and has come to a conclusion.

The biggest obstacle in this piece of mud is those arrows, but the more you go forward, the denser the arrows are, and the speed of the arrows is also increasing.

The mud is about 1,000 meters long, but none of the first fifty or sixty people, except Yue Dakan, managed to reach 200 meters.

Yue Dakan also seemed to have discovered this fact, his face reappeared with flying colors, and he continued to move forward with a big smile.

Five hundred meters, six hundred meters…

In the blink of an eye, Yue Dakan went deep into the place of seven hundred meters.

Just when he was high-spirited and vigorous and opened his mouth to recite poetry again, with the sound of “bang”, Yue Dakan seemed to have been hit by some invisible blow, screamed, and his figure suddenly changed. Fly out.

Yue Dakan, who was hit hard, was no longer able to avoid the mud arrows that came along the way, so he was forcibly pushed back to the starting point.

“What’s the situation?”

Everyone who thought that Yue Dakan was about to rush through the mud was a little stunned.

“Transparent arrow.”

But not everyone could not see clearly, Shangguan Zhiruo, one of the nine champions, spit out four words.

And transparent arrows?

Many freshmen who had been waiting for a long time and were full of confidence all had their facial expressions grave.

“Yue Dakan is so strong that he can’t get through this muddy ground, how can we do that?”

Immediately someone loudly shouted.

“Yeah, I can’t get close to the stone wall, how can I throw this lance?”

“It’s over, it must be the bottom…”

Many people show despair.

“Who said you have to go through the mud to throw a lance?”

A sneer interrupted everyone’s wailing.

“Someone threw a spear!”

As if responding to the man’s words, there was an exclamation from the right side.

The spear thrower was not from a freshman, but from the upper division on the right.

Everyone craned their necks to look.

Senior students are faced with the same assessments as them, and realm generally higher senior students have a much easier time traversing this muddy land. Just when the freshmen were trying, just now, Hundreds of people in the senior class have already crossed the distance of 500 meters.

The one who threw the lance was a Senior Sister with a ponytail.

Judging from the sludge on her clothes, she seemed to have tried it once, this time she decisively stopped at six more than a hundred meters, and then exhaled, her slender body pulled into a bow shape, and then fiercely threw the lance in his hand.

Many people stopped temporarily and watched the silver arc flying out of the girl’s hands.

The lance crossed the distance of several hundred meters in the blink of an eye. When entering the buffer zone between the mud and the stone wall, the lance suddenly dropped rapidly, but with the sound of “ding”, the silver lance finally remained. pierced into the stone wall.

A silhouette appeared in mid-air, it was a Mountain And Sea security guard. He came to the side of the stone wall to measure it, and then turned back and shouted, as if to announce the results of the girls.

“It’s really possible!”

“It turns out that you don’t have to go through the mud.”

This scene made everyone realize it and made it clearer. on-site inspection rules.

They will be hindered, but lance will not. In theory, if the strength is enough, even if you are throwing from the starting point, the lance can be nailed to the stone wall. Of course, the height of the throw is hard to say. .

“Time is limited.”

While everyone was discussing, Ping Yangbo’s indifferent voice sounded again between Heaven and Earth.

As the other party’s voice fell, a huge hourglass appeared in the air, and the sand began to flow rapidly.

Is there a time limit?

Everyone’s faces froze, and they didn’t dare to delay any longer, and more people rushed into the mud.

“Come on, I’ll go first.”

Shen Qian patted Yang Lingjie, who was a little nervous, also stepped into the mud.

As Shen Qian moved, dozens of silhouettes that seemed to have been waiting for a long time also moved.

Looking at Ye Shicong, Zhao Keyi and the others who entered the mud almost at the same time as him, Shen Qian knew what they were thinking, but just wanted to take this opportunity to compete with him again. .

The freshmen around are all interested in bypassing these top geniuses. At first glance, it seems that they have a separate track listed for them.

Shen Qian still remembered Yu Shousi’s advice, thinking that this would save trouble, so he stopped abruptly.

Zhao Keyi and the others, who had been staring at Shen Qian, were all confused, but also subconsciously stopped.

“Do you know… what is real despair?”

Shen Qian pulled out a strange arc at the corner of her mouth and said something unfathomable mystery.


Next moment, Shen Qian stomped heavily, rushing straight ahead like an unloaded cannonball. The terrifying speed even brought a strong whirlwind, There was a lot of mud.

Ye Shicong was the closest, and was caught off guard.


Ye Shicong scolded angrily, but he was horrified.

Because Shen Qian’s speed is too fast, he is very doubtful, if Shen Qian rushes towards him at such a speed, can he really react?

The surrounding Xiao Ye and the others also all looked solemn.

Shen Qian’s speed at this instant had definitely exceeded 100 meters in two seconds.

They are all genius Martial Artists, and they naturally know that the speed of 100 meters in two seconds is a line, and it is also the first layer limitation of physical rules for the mundane body.

And Shen Qian…has already broken this limitation.

“How is this possible?”

No one can compare to the horror in Zhao Keyi’s heart.

He is particularly sensitive to speed.

Because Zhao Keyi from the Beginner Martial Artist stage, he cultivated a movement method martial skill inherited from ancient times.

This also makes his speed almost unmatched in the same realm.

But Zhao Keyi has been stuck at the threshold of 2 seconds for a long time.

No matter how improved his realm is or how skilled his martial skill is, this limitation cannot be broken.

Just a few days ago, he discussed this issue with No. 66 in the online community of Baiwangdian.

And the other party’s original words are that Mountain And Sea can be broken.

So Zhao Keyi understood.

It’s not his own problem, it’s some limitation, not manpower can break.

But… who the fuck is going to tell me what’s going on in front of me!

He didn’t believe that Shen Qian was Mountain And Sea, but the other party had obviously broken the 2-second limit.

“It’s pointless to be in such limelight… The faster you run, the harder you fall!”

Ye Shicong came back to his senses, seeing that he couldn’t catch up with Shen Qian, he simply No hurry, just said with a sneer.

The rest also reacted instantly.

Although Shen Qian’s speed made them desperate, too fast also brought another problem.

That’s harder to dodge mud arrows!

The faster you are, the faster the speed of a mud arrow will be, and the risk increases greatly.

And just at this moment, Shen Qian had already rushed to the place of 300 meters.

The denser arrows assumed the senses, Shen Qian seemed to have no time to react and slammed into it.


Yue Dakan, who started again, shook his fan, just about to comment on Shen Qian’s recklessness, the next moment made his eyes bulge out A scene appeared.


Shen Qian didn’t stop, his face was indifferent, but he just threw a punch, forcibly smashing the mud arrow thatassaults the senses.

The mud was scattered all over the sky, and Shen Qian had already passed through it without looking back.

This scene really shocked many people.

“…Is this still possible?”

Yue Dakan murmured with a dull expression.

Actually just now, no one thought about being able to harden those mud arrows, but the question is…

This is the handwriting of a prince, who can just win a prince?

Some people have tried, but they can only end up with a bloody nose and swollen face.

Therefore, everyone clear comprehension, and the only way to get through this muddy ground is to keep evading at an extremely fast speed like Yue Dakan.

But now…Shen Qian told them another solution.

Xiao Ye’s eyes moved, and his figure quickly swept out. He shouted violently at the mud arrow that came straight at him, and threw a punch as his vitality surged.


There was mud spilled, but the mud arrow was not completely broken, and Xiao Ye’s body was also impacted and retreated more than ten meters.

Xiao Ye’s face turned red, and his expression was extremely ugly.

He… can’t figure it out.

Is the gap really that big?

Seeing Xiao Ye’s tragic state, Ye Shicong and the others resolutely shut their mouths, and stopped paying attention to Shen Qian, and started obediently and honestly avoiding the mud arrows.

Only Zhao Keyi was dissatisfied.

With a cold face, he began to try to hit those mud arrows.

Over and over again…

After half a minute, Zhao Ke changed his face and chose to give up.

Is this really something people can do?

The impact of those mud arrows is definitely more than 5000Kg. Doesn’t that mean that Shen Qian…

Zhao Keyi, who is so heartbroken, doesn’t dare to think about it any longer. , he forcibly cheered himself up.

“Well… I can’t win the first place, and the second is not bad?”

So Zhao Keyi regained his fighting spirit and rushed forward.

Shen Qian didn’t pay attention to what was behind him. These people would never understand that what he had been chasing…

Only himself!


Shen Qian calmed down and became focused, his eyes fixed on the front, he avoided the mud arrows he could avoid, and he directly avoided the ones he was too lazy to avoid. One punch hit.

Unconsciously, the front has become empty, as long as you cross another 200 meters, you can rush out of the mud.

Suddenly, Shen Qian, who had been vigilant, narrowed his eyes.

Although the naked eye couldn’t see it, his five senses had already been opened, but he was aware of the fluctuations in the air.

The invisible arrow has been shot.

Shen Qian was about to do the same and blasted the arrow with a punch, but a helpless sigh suddenly sounded in his ear, “You brat… Anyway, save me some face.”

is the voice of Pingyangbo.

Just in a flash, hearing this somewhat embarrassed Shen Qian quickly gave up his punches and made a donkey roll on the spot, avoiding the arrow’s attack.

Although this posture is not very elegant and does not match his previous rampage, it is clear that the prince’s face is more important.

Ping Yangbo seemed to be very satisfied with Shen Qian’s knowledge, until Shen Qian rushed out of the mud in one breath and never encountered any obstacles.

But Shen Qian suddenly felt his body sink.

There is a gravitational field in the buffer zone between the mud and the stone wall!

It’s no wonder that the lance of the Senior Sister that was thrown at the beginning suddenly fell here, almost not nailing it to the stone wall.

There are quite a few hidden pits in this assessment.

These thoughts just flashed in Shen Qian’s mind.

He didn’t care if there was a gravitational field here. With the inertia of the acceleration all the way, Shen Qian exhaled, took a few steps, and pointed his lance at the highest point of the stone wall. fiercely thrown out.


The black lance flashed away in mid-air, straight into the sky.

(end of this chapter)

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