I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 198


Chapter 198 Then You Choose Me

After Shen Qian threw the lance, she suddenly felt something, and turned around head.

With a violent air-splitting sound, a silhouette followed him in the buffer zone.

The expression of the visitor was a little stunned, as if someone didn’t expect someone to cross the mud before him, he looked at Shen Qian a few times, then narrowed his eyes and said, “You are… One?”

The person who came was a young man in his early twenties, his facial features were somewhat feminine, and he was very handsome.

Shen Qian’s gaze finally settled on the silver lance in the other’s hand.

Apparently, this person is a freshman in the senior year.

“My name is Shen Qian.” Shen Qian nodded and greeted.

Because he smelled a long-lost danger in this young man.

This guy is very strong.

At least Shen Qian couldn’t see through him.

So Shen Qian became interested.

“Qu Bai.”

The young man spit out two words, then raised his hand, and the silver lance flew out.


His movements were somewhat casual, but the silver lance disappeared into the clouds in the blink of an eye.

The stone wall is as high as a thousand meters, and there are clouds and mists around five-six hundred meters above, so I can’t see where the lance finally landed.


Qu Bai didn’t pay attention to the result after throwing the lance, just glanced at Shen Qian again, turned around the stone wall, and strode in. The gate of Jiang Zhongjunwu quickly disappeared into nothingness.

At this moment, along with the air-splitting sound, three or four more seniors rushed out of the mud.

Shen Qian looked back and saw that there were many senior freshmen who had already rushed to the 800 or 900 meters.

“It seems that the real hidden dragons and crouching tigers are among the senior students!”

Shen Qian murmured, and looked back at the seven. Zhao Keyi and the others, who were constantly pulling at 800 meters away, shook their heads and entered the gate behind the stone wall, leaving the assessment site.


“Did you see clearly?”

Ye Shicong was a little mad at Shen Qian’s shaking of his head, and turned his head to ask not far away Geng Qianqiu, “Where did his lance fall?”

“The fog is too thick, who can see clearly?” Geng Qianqiu shook his head.

Ye Shicong pursed his lips and stopped talking, and began to hit the mud with all his strength.

In fact, everyone still has some luck left at the moment, even if they really can’t catch up with Shen Qian, but in the end, this test is only about throwing lance.

They still have a chance.

…at least it can’t be too bad, right?

Although the arrows from the last 200 meters of the mud had become invisible, the speed and power of the attack did not change qualitatively. For this group of peerless geniuses with strong adaptability, it was not impossible. chasm crossed.

Soon, with constant attempts, someone finally broke out of the mud after Shen Qian.

Zhao Keyi roared with strength in his heart, and threw the lance moved towards the highest point of the stone wall in his hand.


The initial upward momentum of lance was extremely fierce, but before Zhao Keyi showed his joy, the black lance received some kind of oppression, and the upward momentum suddenly slowed down, and even began to fall back.


The lance was nailed to the stone wall, but it didn’t even break through that layer of cloud and mist, about five more than a hundred meters above the middle.

“The gravitational field… too, I should have thought about it.”

Zhao Ke froze for a while, then laughed at himself. At this moment, the last bit of luck in his heart disappeared. go with.

After Zhao Keyi, Yue Dakan, Geng Qianqiu, Ye Shicong and even Li Jiaqi and the others rushed out of the mud one after another.

They hardly paused, and fiercely threw the lance in their hands by the inertia of the forward charge.

clang!clang!ย โ€ฆ

But there is no lance that can break through the clouds.

There are very few even more than 500 meters.

“Shen Qian…”

Geng Qianqiu, who was standing in the corner, clenched his fists.

He threw more than 500 meters high, and even Ye Shicong was a little worse than him.

But there was no joy in his heart.

And he didn’t slack off in the three months after the college entrance examination. Even teacher Kun Hubo kept persuading him to pay attention to the combination of work and rest, but…why?

He’s already tried so hard, but it seems that the gap is even bigger.

Others also looked heavy.

As far as it seems, those who can throw lances above the clouds are senior powerhouses, which is normal in itself, and they don’t need to undervalue oneself.

After all, the only thing they lack is time.

But…there was one person who did what they didn’t do, and even most of the senior freshmen were inferior to him.

This is hard.


Shen Qian walked into the gate of Jiang Zhongjunwu.

With saw a flash, he left the assessment area and came to the small square behind the main entrance.

Shen Qian looked back and saw that the stone wall was still standing, but there was no sign of the mud or other people.

“Sure enough, it’s half illusory and half reality. The prince is really terrifying…”

Shen Qian, who was thinking about things, suddenly noticed that many eyes were falling on him. He quickly turned his eyes back, but saw that on the steps of the small square, those mentors who had appeared on the high platform were staring at him.

Tantaiqin’s eyes that can’t see emotions are also lingering on him.

After all, on the square of Nuoda at this time, besides Shen Qian, there were only Qu Bai and another senior sister who came one step ahead, and Qu Bai stood in front of her hands, looking straight at her nose and nose. Heart, seems very quiet.

“Hello, teachers!”

Shen Qian respectfully gave a salute and hurried over to Qu Bai’s side, standing quietly and obediently just like the other party.

“I knew I didn’t come out so early…it’s so embarrassing.”

Qu Bai’s humming sound came from between his teeth.


Shen Qian also hummed back two words.

At this time, there were some discussions on the stairs. Shen Qian clearly heard his name, and the eyes of those tutors were also changing, showing great interest.

Shen Qian quietly raised her eyes and glanced at it, just in time to see Second Senior Sister Cheng Qingqing also looking over, their eyes met, Second Senior Sister’s mouth twitched, but she winked at Shen Qian. The eyes, quite has several points of breathtaking taste.

It seems that Second Senior Sister still knows her.

And it looks so good…Bah, so kind, I don’t understand why every time I mention Second Senior Sister Old Liu, I have a constipated expression on my face.

Shen Qian began to think about whether to directly choose Second Senior Sister as the main tutor. After all, acquaintances are easy to handle and can save a lot of unnecessary trouble.

…but it’s a bit unreasonable not to choose a ready-made prince.

It’s a bit confusing.

As time went on, more and more freshmen finished the assessment and came to the square. Qu Bai and Shen Qian relaxed at the same time, and the air began to be filled with a happy atmosphere.

Occasionally some senior students turn their attention to Shen Qian. Obviously, some people noticed Shen Qian during the assessment just now.

Ye Shicong and the others also came out one after another, but they seemed extremely silent, and no one paid attention to Shen Qian again, as if they were deliberately ignoring something.

After another twenty minutes, everyone finished the assessment.

Yu Shousi finally descended from the sky and coughed softly, attracting everyone’s attention to the stairs.

Yu Shousi did not speak in a hurry, but first took a deep look at Shen Qian with extremely complicated eyes.

Shen Qian was not quite sure what the other party was trying to express, so she could only blink innocently.

“The entrance examination is now over.”

Yu Shousi quickly adjusted his mentality, opened the mouth and said, “Everyone’s grades have been checked by the powerhouse of the security department. Confirmation, now, please follow the names I read in order to choose your tutor after admission!”

“I must emphasize here that although there may be changes in the future, this time The choice is still very important. There may be a certain gap between the cultivation bases of the tutors and the areas they are good at, but no matter who they are, there is more than enough to teach you…”

“So, when choosing, you must think Be clear, what suits you is the best.”

Yu Shousi said this remark is reasonable, and even Shen Qian slightly voted.

It’s true that sometimes you don’t have to just focus on your mentor’s cultivation base… Of course, for Shen Qian himself, the mentor’s role is relatively limited, so he thinks more about the thickness of his thighs.

“Shen Qian, the order in which mentors are selected is equal to our ranking, right?”

I didn’t know when I touched Yang Lingjie next to Shen Qian, opened the mouth and said .

He seems to have adjusted his mentality, and his attitude towards Shen Qian has returned to his previous naturalness, which makes Shen Qian surprised and relieved.

“It should be.”

Combining with what Yu Shousi said before the assessment, this is the only possibility.

“Then let’s start with the freshman.”

Yu Shousi pronounced a name that will not surprise everyone, “Jing City, Shen Qian , please come out!”

Amidst all kinds of gazes, Shen Qian walked out calmly and greeted Yu Shousi, “Director Yu.”


Yu Shousi smiled nodded, then stepped aside, and once again let Shen Qian face all the mentors on the stairs.

Ping Yangbo is standing in the center, Tantai Qin is on his right, and the rest of the instructors are scattered on the stairs, all staring at Shen Qian.

“You don’t need to worry about anything, just follow your own thoughts.” Pingyang Bochong Shen Qian said with a gentle expression.

Shen Qian didn’t delay for too long. After pondering for a while, he quickly made a decision in his heart. He was about to speak when a mentor suddenly said, “Shen Qian, wait a moment. A moment.”

Shen Qian startled, somewhat unclear.

As I remembered deliberately just now, Shen Qian had an impression of all the tutors.

The middle-aged tutor who speaks with elegant appearance and extraordinary bearing is named Ning Zhiyuan, and bishop is Martial Arts Theory.

Ning Zhiyuan turned to Uncle Pingyang, who was in the first place, and respectfully gave a salute before opening the mouth and said: “Principal, can I say a few words before letting Shen Qian choose?”

“Yes.” Pingyang Bo nodded.

Ning Zhiyuan then turned to Shen Qian again, Faintly smiled and said: “Shen Qian, please allow me to introduce myself again, my name is Ning Zhiyuan, I come from the second province of Southwest China. , and classmate Shen Qian are also half fellows…”

Ning Zhiyuan’s words were only open, and everyone noticed something strange.

This kind of almost opening remarks seem to have foreshadowed something.

In an instant, many mentors looked towards Ning Zhiyuan with vigilance.

โ€œIt has been more than 80 years since I stepped into Mountain And Sea, and I canโ€™t say that I have deep knowledge, but I also have some unique things in Martial Arts. If Shen Qian is willing to join me , I will do everything I can to ensure that Shen Qian succeeds in finding the way at the fastest speed and steps into the Mountain And Sea!”

Sure enough, after being polite, Ning Zhiyuan “sees the dagger”, Straight to the core.

โ€œMany thanks to the favor of Master Old Ning, I will definitely consider it carefully.โ€

Shen Qian considered it for a while and replied cautiously.

“Hahaha, let me say a few words too.”

After Ning Zhiyuan nodded back to his place, another voice rang.

Seeing that Ping Yangbo didn’t say anything, the second tutor who spoke up walked forward and said with a smile: “Shen Qian, my name is Xiang Mian, I don’t know if you are clear, but in fact At your current stage, you can already start the cultivation of spirit strength.

And I have studied deeply in spirit strength.

If Shen Qian comes to my door, I will have a courtesy. Sending each other off will probably help Shen Qian save five years of cultivation!

You should know exactly what five years means at your age…โ€

Many tutors who were still pretending to be reserved were suddenly unable to hold back hearing this.

Ning Zhiyuan still has a face, but Xiang Mian has begun to engage in material temptation, is this still good?

“In terms of spirit strength and Xiang Mian, I’m not much worse than you, right?”

A female mentor stepped forward, said a word first, and then looked with a smile. towards Shen Qian.

“My name is He Meini, I was born in the ancient martial arts, and the meaning of this sentence is that I can give you more than just military resources. If you have heard of it, you should know The heritage of ancient martial arts Aristocratic Family.”

“As long as I can get it, it’s yours…”

Shen Qian just didn’t know how to deal with the staring gaze of the other party. Fortunately, Shen Qian didn’t need to have a headache, and other tutors immediately helped Shen Qian out of the siege.

“He Meini, forget it, you really don’t know the strict rules of your ancient martial arts Aristocratic Family?”

A male mentor sneered, “Let’s pass on the inside and not the outside. , what benefits can Shen Qian get, classmate Shen Qian, my name is Heshu, donโ€™t listen to her bragging, come to mess with me, I wonโ€™t say anything false, but at least help you solve 10 million cultivation resources, guarantee You eat meat and drink!”

“What if you don’t tell the truth?” Hermione picked her beautiful eyes, “at worst, I will marry my niece to Shen Qian, she is the flower of Flower Martial!”

โ€œAs a Martial Artist, how can you be seduced by beauty?โ€

Another male tutor came up with a cough, “Shen Qian, you are still young, listen to me, choose a tutor with a long-term vision, for example me…”

More and more mentors are coming forward.

In just ten minutes, except for Tantai Qin and Cheng Qingqing, who covered his mouth and chuckled, all the tutors joined the “battlefield”.

Or induce persuasion, maybe use it for profit, or calmly analyze…

And there are not a few people who quarrel fiercely with such words as He Meini and Heshu, if it is not for Pingyang Bo. Still standing there, many people wondered if they would have fought.

All the freshmen were stunned by such a scene.

Everyone didn’t expect, and this famous scene can still appear in the process of choosing a mentor.

Including those senior freshmen, the eyes looking towards Shen Qian also became extremely complicated, and the jealousy in his heart almost broke through the sky.

A lot of people who didn’t pay much attention to Shen Qian before also realized something, and they all inquired about each other curiously, wondering what skills and abilities Shen Qian had, or whether she had Three Heads Six Arms…

Yu Shousi also had a wry smile. Although he was mentally prepared, he obviously underestimated the impact of Shen Qian’s spear.

The instructors seemed to be indifferent during the assessment just now, but they were all staring at every move of the candidates, and Shen Qian was undoubtedly a real piece of “fragrant buns”.

Fortunately, Yu Shousi weighed it a bit, considering that it might make the mentality of all freshmen collapse, and did not directly announce Shen Qian’s results.

I’m just letting you get the mentality of these new students, not letting you destroy them directly!

Yu Shousi still wants to scold her mother in retrospect.

Shen Qian’s progress is too terrifying. He has overestimated as much as possible, but he finds that he is still wrong…


After waiting for a few more minutes, seeing that these mentors who are already Mountain And Sea powerhouses did not calm down, but the scene began to slide out of control, and Ping Yangbo had to speak up.

The deterrent power of the princes is still there, even if they feel that they still have something to add, all the mentors still stopped, and returned to their positions after bowing to Pingyang Bo.

“Shen Qian, it’s your time to make a choice.” Ping Yangbo turned his attention to Shen Qian.

“Yes, Principal.”

Shen Qian complied, then fell into a long silence.

No matter what he thinks in his heart, this tangled gesture must be made, otherwise it means that he does not care about the face of these Mountain And Sea professors.

About 3 minutes later, when Ping Yangbo raised his eyelids, Shen Qian knew that it was almost done, so he took a step forward.

The scene suddenly became quiet, especially those tutors who were staring at Shen Qian unabashedly, waiting for him to make a decision.

โ€œThanks to all the professors who have spoken out for their kindness. I am in awe, but after careful consideration, I decided to choose Ping Yangbo as my tutor, sorry!โ€

Shen Qian put her posture down Very low, opened the mouth and said.

Some sighs sounded, but as Mountain And Sea, the mentality of these mentors is still very good, and it is not too surprising for Shen Qian’s choice.

In fact, they also knew in their hearts that Shen Qian had a greater probability of choosing a prince, which is a choice that normal people would make.

This result, they can also accept, after all, it is not lost in the hands of other colleagues.

“Hehe, let me say a few words.”

Shen Qian thought this small disturbance was over, but who knew that Uncle Pingyang still had something to say.

“Shen Qian, in fact, with your talent and the resources you already have, it doesn’t make much sense to choose me as a mentor.”

Ping Yangbo first said something to let everyone Stunned, then said with a smile.

“From a personal point of view, I appreciate you very much and am willing to accept you, but I can teach you as much as you can teach you. On the contrary, if you choose me, it will take I have a quota.โ€

โ€œFrom the point of view of Junwu Principal, maybe other people need this quota more than you, after all, I have to consider the overall education.โ€

Shen Qian Wei Wei stared wide-eyed, he never expected that Uncle Pingyang would be reluctant to accept him.

“But the rules are like this. Since you choose me, it’s nothing to blame, so let’s do it…”

Pingyangbo slightly hesitated and then continued: “I can teach you, but you Don’t take up these seven places for freshmen, you can choose another main tutor, and when I am really busy, you also have other choices.”

Pingyang Bo this remark really makes all the Everyone was stunned.

This is equivalent to Shen Qian who can have an additional principal tutor even if she prostituted the Principal’s protรฉgรฉ for free!

What kind of Divine Immortal treatment is this?

And the mentors who were already calm, but hearing this eyes lit up.

In their understanding, Ping Yangbo means that although he is also Shen Qian’s tutor in name, the second main tutor is actually Shen Qian’s real tutor.

Then they have another chance!

Yu Shousi thought about it after being stunned, and felt admiration in his heart. Ping Yangbo’s actions can be said to be extremely old-fashioned, and he took care of the feelings of other freshmen and other tutors, and Shen Qian. There are only benefits, which perfectly shows the pattern of a school.

Shen Qian didn’t expect that Ping Yangbo would have such a proposal. It’s good, but…

Looking at the eager-eyed mentors, Shen Qian sat down again. Waxed up.

Forget it, just Second Senior Sister.

Shen Qian took a deep breath and was about to speak when a voice he didn’t expect rang out.

“Shen Qian, classmate.” The slightly hoarse and cold voice was as cold as a cold spring, but it was very pleasant.

“Uh… Vice Principal please say it!”

Shen Qian didn’t know why Tantai Qin, who had been silent since just now, suddenly opened her mouth, but she responded quickly after realizing it.

“I have a doubt.” Tantai Qin said indifferently.


“Your eyes have been avoiding me since just now, and if I’m not mistaken, you haven’t considered me even now, I Want to know…why?”

Although Tantai Qin’s voice was soft, everyone could hear it clearly.

Shen Qian’s head got bigger again.

There is of course a reason for subconsciously avoiding Tantai Qin, but this reason is obviously something that can’t be said even if you kill him…

He just didn’t expect it, Tantai Qin seems to have no idea at all. Without the restraint and pretense of being a Vice Principal, she had doubts, so she just asked directly.

But this also shows that the other party has been observing him all the time…

Hey, it’s difficult.

“Tantai Vice Principal, that’s right, it’s not that I haven’t thought about you, it’s just…”

Shen Qian was trying to find an excuse to prevaricate, who knows Tantai Qin interrupted him directly.

“You don’t like me?”

This is too ambiguous!

However, Shen Qian knew what Tantai Qin really meant, so she could only quickly respond subconsciously.

“Ah, of course not, Vice Principal has a celestial appearance, a name like thunder piercing the ear, I have always been yearning for…”

“Then you choose me. “

Tantai Qin interrupted Shen Qian again, she stared at Shen Qian, and said the most domineering words directly with the most indifferent gesture.


Facing such Tantai Qin, Shen Qian really didn’t know how to deal with it.

Shouldn’t you be an iceberg character?

How can you be so direct and make me argue…

Shen Qian’s head is as big as a fight.

(end of this chapter)

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