I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 199


Chapter 199 Absolute Peak (2-in-1)

The atmosphere in the small square is a little weird.

Most of the students couldn’t feel the subtle atmosphere, but kept sighing in their hearts that Shen Qian’s treatment was really blowing the sky.

Almost all the tutors are fighting for it, and now even the Vice Principal can’t help but go straight out.

And when he opened his mouth, it was such a domineering remark.

Although Tantai Qin seems to be cold and not easy to get along with, he can’t stand his good looks!

And Tantai Qin, but Genuine’s top Mountain And Sea, is said to be only one step away from the prince.

Comparatively speaking, Uncle Pingyang must be extremely busy as a prince, and Tantai Qin is the one who is really responsible for the daily affairs of the military and military. From this aspect, choosing Tantai Qin is not necessarily the case. How much worse than choosing Pingyang Bo.

Shen Qian really doesn’t know how to reject Tantai Qin.

His original intention was to stay away, but if he accepts it now, he will definitely live a trembling in fear every day. If he refuses, he obviously feels a ghost. Maybe it will make Tantai Qin stare at him. It will also be trembling in fear.

Shen Qian’s thoughts turned, and he couldn’t think of a solution for both, so he could only focus on Cheng Qingqing.

If you are in trouble, you will find your thigh.

……Second Senior Sister should be able to see through her “vulnerability”, right?

Cheng Qingqing, whose eyes have been on Shen Qian and Tantai Qin since just now, sees Shen Qian looking over and seems to understand Shen Qian’s demands.

She smiled slightly and walked down the stairs.

The lazy figure is charming and unparalleled, which instantly attracts the attention of many people.

“Tantai Principal, can I say a few words?” Cheng Qingqing said with a smile.

Different from Tantaiqin’s cold voice, Cheng Qingqing’s voice is like a silver bell, which is very traditional and pleasant.

“Please.” Tantai Qin said indifferently.

“You should know about my relationship with Shen Qian, why don’t you just let me teach him maybe it’s more appropriate, don’t you think?”

Many people were surprised He raised his head, and there were countless reverie about Cheng Qingqing’s words.

Does Shen Qian have a special relationship with Cheng Qingqing?

But there are also many people who think of Cheng Qingqing’s other identity, plus what Ping Yangbo said before, and they immediately think of something.

“It turned out to be under the door of Jing City Marquis…”

“It’s normal, he was originally from Jing City.”

These Mountain And Sea The instructor had a casual conversation, but was not too surprised by Shen Qian’s identity.

They are all powerhouses in Mountain And Sea, and all of them are inextricably linked with princes.

Even among the freshmen, Shen Qian is not the only one who is a prince Disciple.

Shen Qian felt extremely relieved when she heard what Cheng Qingqing said.

Second Senior Sister really stood up.

“You want to rob me?” Tantai Qin stared at Cheng Qingqing and asked directly.

“Of course… not, you can do it yourself.”

Cheng Qingqing turned around and left.

Shen Qian: ? ? ?

Before he could think about it, Tantai Qin’s eyes that couldn’t see emotions fell on him again after losing Cheng Qingqing’s obstruction.

“Thank you Vice Principal for your favor, I am willing to choose you as my mentor.”

Shen Qian followed his inner guidance with a serious expression.

Tantaiqin stopped speaking, but gently nods, and resumes silence.

There was a sighing sound all around, some from those mentors, but more from behind.

But I don’t know what I’m sorry for.

“cough cough…Second place, Guangcheng, Zhao Keyi!”

Yu Shousi wisely announced without leaving time for everyone to discuss.

As soon as Zhao Ke stepped forward, he deliberately waited for a few seconds, but saw that many tutors didn’t seem to have any intention of opening their mouths. Instead, many of them didn’t pay much attention to him and only discussed something in a low voice.

Although it was expected, Zhao Keyi couldn’t hide his disappointment.

Obviously, not everyone is treated like Shen Qian.

Actually, it’s normal to think about it. These Mountain And Sea have been around for a lifetime. I don’t know how many so-called peerless geniuses I’ve seen. How many people can really make them let go of their restraint?

Zhao Keyi quickly adjusted his mentality and said his choice after bowing respectfully.

“Please teach Pingyang Uncle!”

There is no unexpected choice, Pingyang Uncle didn’t say more, and the refreshing nodded accepted Zhao Keyi.

After that, Xiao Ye, Geng Qianqiu, Ye Shicong, Yue Dakan, Shangguan Ting and Wu Pin all chose Pingyang Bo.

Except Shen Qian, the eight provincial champions, there are six people who worship Pingyang Bomen.

The other two provincial champions did not perform well in this assessment. One of them chose Tantai Qin and the other chose Ning Zhiyuan, which surprised everyone. .

When an hour later, there were 927 people who chose a mentor, which was not as good as Zhao Ke at first calculated.

The final number is 685 people.

It also means that more than 700 people are not qualified to choose tutors.

When Yu Shousi announced this after the selection of the last freshman, there was an uproar at the scene.

“Director Yu, why can’t we all choose?”

Someone couldn’t help shouting, “Obviously, except for the Principal level, the quota for other principal instructors is not full yet!”

“Why?” Yu Shousi’s smile suddenly stopped, “Let me ask you, where is the spear?”

The boy who spoke out was speechless for a while, and his face began to change. rose red.

“The subject of this assessment is spear throwing. Only when the spear is nailed on the stone wall can the score be calculated based on height. Your lance has not even touched the stone wall, so how to calculate the score and how to rank? How to choose a mentor?”

Yu Shousi’s words were not heavy, but they were like a sledgehammer, causing most of the seven hundred or so freshmen to bow their heads in shame.

It was also at this time that the freshmen who had already chosen their mentors realized that more than half of them could not even throw the lance on the stone wall.

“If…if I hadn’t wanted to go further on the dirt, I could have thrown a lance.”

“Me too, if it wasn’t for being disturbed by others, how could I Will you not even be able to reach the stone wall?”

“The time limit is too tight…”

Many freshmen couldn’t help but muttered.

Although their voices are not loud, how can they hide from Yu Shousi’s ears?


Yu Shousi stopped drinking, causing the audience to fall silent again.

His sharp eyes swept across the audience, “When you face life and death, do you have a chance to start over? When you are pursued by the enemy, will the other party give you time?”

“You’re not just Martial Artists, you’ll be soldiers in the future!”

“Forbidden, never complain!”

“This is what you should have Awareness.”

“If anyone still disagrees, stand up now, and I can tell you very clearly, this is the only chance for you to take the initiative to leave Jiangzhong Junwu, and your file can still be maintained. Innocent.”

“I’ll give you three seconds, 3, 2, 1…very good.”

Listening to Yu Shousi’s unstoppable countdown, Shen Qian Couldn’t help rolled the eyes.

Are you giving others some time to struggle?

He clearly felt that some of the new students had already moved.

However, Yu Shousi’s plan is even more undisguised. He will not allow anyone to leave on the first day of school.

Shen Qian can also understand that Jiang Zhongjunwu has reopened today, and I don’t know how many eyes are fixed on it. The prestige of Junwu cannot tolerate any form of blasphemy.

The mentor selection phase for freshmen has come to an end, and it’s time for seniors.

Yu Shousi turned to the more than 600 young people and began to read: “First place, junior, Qubai in the mountain city, 999 meters high with spear throwing, get out of the line!”

Qu Bai strode up, and the freshmen, whether freshman or senior, made another noise.

Because Yu Shousi obviously treated the senior students differently, he actually read the grades directly.

But what shocked many people was Qu Bai’s performance.

999 meters!

And that stone wall, the height of the visual inspection is exactly one thousand meters.

This means that Qu Bai’s grades have been capped!

For many freshmen, this is especially shocking.

The Peaks among them are Zhao Keyi and the others, that is, at most 500 meters. Although Shen Qian’s result is unknown, it must be too much higher.

The senior students saw it more thoroughly and discussed it.

“There is a gravitational field above the stone wall, and the higher the gravity, the stronger the gravity. I could have thrown 300 meters high, and finally fell back to 200 meters!”

“Actually, there are basically a few. Five hundred meters is a threshold. Only with the strength of the middle Martial Artist three or four steps can you throw it up.”

“Almost, the one from the Maocheng garrison. Wang Yuan, I am familiar with him, and he should have a cultivation base that is topped by Martial Artist. It seems that the throw is about 700 meters.”

“Qu Bai is really strong, and he is indeed a new star of the special forces. I don’t know how far he is from Mountain And Sea…”

“If he can reach 999 meters, he is a realm in the later stage of high Martial Artist, right?”

“Actually You all missed a question.”

A girl suddenly said lightly with a smile.


“The stone wall is only one thousand meters high, so Brother Qu’s score is only 999 meters…”

Many people wake up.

Indeed, this is not necessarily the limit of Qu Bai.

Among the discussions spiritedly, Qu Bai had already selected his mentor. Not surprisingly, he also chose Ping Yangbo, and then he calmly stepped aside.

“Second place, sophomore, Qingcheng Niu Ziguo, with a score of 999 meters, out of the column!”

Yu Shousi continued to recite.

Everyone was a little surprised, didn’t expect the second place to be the top result.

But the shock is just the beginning.

With Yu Shousi reading out the third and fourth…even seventeen people reached the top of 999 meters.

“It seems that Jiang Zhongjunwu attaches great importance to the competition mentioned by Director Yu. He has found so many real talents to fill the source of senior students.”

Shen Qian looked thoughtful.

For the senior freshmen, Pingyang has set aside 20 places. From this point, we can also see the gap.

There are more than 600 senior freshmen, nearly 100 of them have scores above 800 meters, and more than 100 people from 500 meters to 800 meters.

Most of Yu Shousi also deliberately announced the grades of the senior freshmen, or that purpose…to stimulate the rapid growth of the freshmen.

Around 20 is the prime time for Martial Arts to progress. In a year or two, anything can happen.

After all the senior students had chosen their mentors, Yu Shousi seemed to see that neither of the two bosses had any intention of speaking, so he personally stepped forward to start the finishing touches.

“Jiang Zhongjun was just established, and some of the systems have not yet been perfected. The Academy and the division of disciplines will be carried out in the future. At present, everyone only needs to follow the guidance of the instructor, and then select courses for cultivation as normal.”

“In addition, in 1 month later, everyone’s military status will officially take effect. At that time, militarized training will be started simultaneously, and everyone will also enter the army for real training. The specific matters will be notified separately.”

“Okay. …”

Yu Shousi was about to announce the end of the ceremony, when he suddenly raised his eyebrow, and then fixed his eyes on a silhouette.

“Student Qu Bai, what doubts do you have?”

Everyone looked at Qu Bai who came out in amazement,

“Director Yu, I have a question…why are the freshman’s spear throwing results not announced?” Qu Bai asked directly.

Yu Shousi was stunned for a moment, as if he didn’t expect Qu Bai to ask such a question, but soon Yu Shousi’s eyes flashed and calmed down.

“We have made real-time records of freshmen’s spear throwing results. Considering that freshmen who have just entered the school still need more experience, it is not appropriate to focus too much on the success or failure at this moment. Therefore, it was not announced after weighing it.”

Shen Qian slandered to himself… that’s not what you said last night.

But he probably understood Yu Shousi’s concerns, so he didn’t show any strangeness during the whole process.


Qu Bai heard this laughed, “Then…can you announce Shen Qian’s results?”

For Qu Bai This sentence, not to mention that everyone doesn’t know why, Shen Qian was also a little stunned.

For example, Zhao Keyi and the others are a little more reluctant to respond, why are you jumping out and doing things when things are over?

They don’t want to admit it, but they do avoid something.

It is enough to know that there is a gap, is it possible that the red fruit must be displayed?

Even if they don’t think about it, they all understand Shen Qian’s grades. I’m afraid that better than them is not a little bit.

“This is inappropriate.” Yu Shousi frowned, shaking his head.

“I would like to ask Director Yu to clarify the doubts, what exactly is inappropriate?” Qu Baipo has several points of the trend of reluctance.

“Since all the freshmen’s grades have been decided not to be published, why should one be published alone?” Yu Shousi indifferently said, “Of course this is not appropriate.”

“But Director Yu, I think fairness and openness are also one of the principles of a military Martial Artist, right?”

Qu Bai didn’t mean to give up at all, and then said, “One thousand and one freshman, since Shen Qian is a The number one title should always be convincing, is there anything shameful about his achievements?”

…We are not unconvinced!

Yue Dakan and the others, who were forcibly represented, wanted to scold their mothers.


Yu Shousi seemed to be a little annoyed, and was about to make a sound when he suddenly felt something and closed his mouth.

Everyone’s eyes shifted unconsciously under some invisible aura, but Uncle Pingyang stood up at some point.

“Shou Si, it’s okay.”

Ping Yangbo smiled faintly, and waved his hand suddenly, “That’s the case, it coincides with the re-establishment of military force, so let’s just let this stone wall stand forever. School gate, to spur future generations!”

oh la la!

With Bo Pingyang’s actions, all the fog at the school gate dissipated.

The mud has disappeared, everything is the same as the beginning, except… That side is like a sky-high stone wall.

“The stone wall is there, go and see if you want to know.”

Ping Yangbo continued: “This is the end of today’s ceremony, I hope you all understand Martial Arts, if you don’t advance against the current, you will retreat, come on, young people.”

After Ping Yangbo finished speaking, his figure disappeared silently.

During the salute of the students, Tantai Qin and the other tutors also left one after another.

“Everyone, go to the registration desk next to get your campus card after disbanding, and after binding the bracelet, your dormitory and class information and campus navigation map, etc., will be sent to On your wristbands, you can go by yourself according to the guidelines.”

β€œThe campus will be closed for the time being, and no one is allowed to leave the campus without permission.”

β€œIn addition, lunch in the cafeteria Only open from 11:00 to 1:00, and control the time yourself.”


After Yu Shousi finished speaking aloud, he disappeared with a “shua” in situ.

After the dissolution, many freshmen rushed to the registration desk set up next to the square to line up, but some people couldn’t wait to rush to the school gate, wanting to take a look at the stone wall again.

There are Qu Bai and students who have been aroused by curiosity.

Zhao Keyi stood there, looking extremely tangled.

“Would you like to… go have a look?”

Yue Dakan coughed and suggested.

Zhao Ke’s face changed for a while, and after all, he gritted his teeth and said, “Go!”

“That’s how it should be.” Yue Dakan folded his fan and went to school with Zhao Keyi. Walking to the door, he said with satisfaction: “My generation of Martial Artists, don’t be afraid of fearless, face your true heart…”


Yue Dakan hasn’t finished speaking yet. , was interrupted by a commotion from the school gate.

There seems to be a lot of “fuck” sounds in it.

The two looked stagnant, and just as they walked to the school gate, they saw Ye Shicong who arrived first under the stone wall.

Ye Shicong walked back in despair, ignoring the inquiries of the two, and passed by, constantly muttering “impossible”.

Zhao Keyi and Yue Dakan looked at each other, and after all, they could no longer hold back their curiosity and rushed over quickly.

Turn to the front of the stone wall, and then step back for more than ten meters. The two people who were integrated into the crowd looked up at the same time.

At this time, a strong wind blew, completely dispelling all the fog above the stone wall, so the whole picture of the stone wall was completely revealed.

The sword-shaped stone wall has scales on the sides, and the highest point is exactly one kilometer.

At this time, on the top of the mountain, where the sun shines the brightest, there are a total of 18 lances lined up in a row, pinned there densely.

But it looks quite discordant.

All of this is because a very dazzling black is mixed into the lances of those silvers.

I don’t know if it was Zhao Keyi’s illusion, he even felt vaguely that black lance seemed to be a little bit higher.

No, none of that matters.

The black lance, which is flush with many silver lances, has explained everything.

“Illusion, this must be an illusion…”

Yue Dakan didn’t even notice that the folding fan in his hand fell to the ground.


Shen Qian didn’t join in the fun.

Although his vision was disturbed by the clouds when he threw the lance, but the control of his power also gave him absolute confidence, and the lance should have reached the highest point that can be reached.

In fact, this assessment is for freshmen after all, and it is not as difficult as one might imagine to get to the top.

In Shen Qian’s opinion, more than 9000Kg of explosive power is more than enough.

Although this already represents the realm of the high Martial Artist 7-dan.

In fact, Shen Qian himself, although he has made progress in this short period of time, his current explosive strength is only about 7500Kg at most.

But there is one more variable here.

That is the inertia of the forward thrust.

Shen Qian is accelerating almost all the way in the mud, coupled with a relatively good strength emission skill, it is not surprising that the strength has such a result after the increase.

So in fact, under a reasonable sprint, most people should be able to explode with stronger strength.

And the reason why he thinks Qu Bai is strong is the same principle.

You have to know that Qu Bai didn’t shoot immediately after rushing through the mud. He didn’t use inertia at all, he just stood there and threw the lance.

This is the difference between the two.

Considering that Qu Bai should be about two years older than himself, Shen Qian has nothing unacceptable.

At this time, Shen Qian was following the navigation in the wristband to the cafeteria area of Jiang Zhongjunwu, while admiring the scenery along the way, while studying the campus card he just got.

Shen Qian’s student number is marked on the campus card. I don’t know if it’s because of the order of admission or some other factor. His student number is “0000001”.

This card is light and firm, with a blue chip inside. According to the manual, Shen Qian’s eating, drinking, shit and piss cultivation on campus will all depend on it.

The only thing that makes Shen Qian less satisfied is that the photo posted above is an ugly photo of him in high school.

When this ID photo was taken, Shen Qian was still a trash with a physical fitness level of less than 100, and in terms of not having any bearing, she was simply ugly.

“I will destroy it after graduation, and it must not be passed on.”

Shen Qian made a small vow at this moment very firmly.

Jiangzhong Junwu’s campus is very large, at least from the map, it has exceeded 200 square kilometers.

Shen Qian was shocked to see that the district-level administrative areas of some cities were probably that big.

And now the total number of students and faculty in Junwu will not exceed 3,000, so it seems that the campus will be very empty.

But after taking a closer look at the map, Shen Qian found that more than half of the area is azure area.

And azure, marked as Secret Realm on Junwu’s map.

Judging from the map, Jiang Zhongjunwu has a total of thirteen Secret Realms, one of which is the famous six-star Secret Realm that Shen Qian had heard of before.

There are only two in China, and the other is in Northern Martial.

Across the six-star Secret Realm is an area outside the campus but marked as deep red.

red , equal to forbidden land.

No trespassing is allowed.

Shen Qian thought about it and suddenly realized that that area is probably the old campus of the legendary Jiang Zhongjunwu, which is now closed and guarded by a powerhouse.

I don’t know how Old Hu is going to sneak in to investigate the truth…

Shen Qian sighed, stopped thinking about it, and passed through a field of tropical plants. The garden is suddenly open to the eyes.

Appearing in front of Shen Qian were ten large and small pavilions with different styles, and the smell of food was already wafting in the air.

Jiang Zhongjunwu is really great in terms of hardware facilities. Just now, Shen Qian saw that there are seven physical test halls in the entire school, and even the canteen for eating, there are as many as ten.

There are signs at the entrance of each canteen, and there are flavors from all over the country and even abroad, with clearly marked prices and complete categories.

Shen Qian first went to the top-up window on the far right and directly charged 1 million to the card.

A million sounds like a lot, but in a school where Martial Artist gathers, it’s really nothing.

Except for meals, all subsequent spending at school will be directly deducted from the card.

At least the students before and after Shen Qian, even the least, charged 30,000.

There are students who can’t afford food, and there is an emergency window to apply for food allowance for the poor.

…though generally impossible.

The genius who can be admitted to Jiang Zhongjunwu, either because his family is not poor, or there is a financial sponsor behind him, and he has basically received various scholarships and grants before entering the school. .

After refilling the money, Shen Qian entered the second cafeteria and started a gluttonous journey.

Sichuan-style dry pot sprinkled with red chili peppers, stuffed with plateau donkey meat, washbasin-sized roujia buns, and crystal shrimp dumplings from coastal areas that can be broken by bombs…

Shen Qian spent nearly two thousand yuan after eating a meal for almost an hour.

In fact, it is already very cheap. The same food is estimated to cost about 5,000 in the outside world.

After eating and drinking, Shen Qian took another walk in the empty campus, and then came to the southern district according to the navigation guide on the wristband.

This is the dormitory building.

β€œHello Aunt, where can I get the dormitory key?”

After going around to the Nanqi District, Shen Qian found the office building of the dormitory management in this area. , looked back and forth a little strangely, and then found the aunt who was sitting on the first floor knitting sweaters.

Shen Qian’s strangeness comes from the fact that not only did he not see other freshmen applying for accommodation, but it seemed that this aunt was the only one in the three-story office building.

The aunt, whose eyes were slightly cloudy and wearing reading glasses, stopped what she was doing, opened the mouth and said: “Show me the card.”

Shen Qian Handing it over, the aunt took out a machine that looked like a POS machine from nowhere, and “dropped” on it, and then returned the card to Shen Qian.

Shen Qian is the clear comprehension, this aunt is the housekeeper here.

“Follow me.”

The aunt stood up tremblingly, greeted and walked forward.

Shen Qian wanted to help the aunt who seemed to fall at any moment, but he was rejected by the other party, so he stopped talking.

Passing through a corridor, there is a single-family villa around the lake.

Shen Qian realized something and said in surprise, “Our dormitory…is a villa?”

“Your dormitory is a villa.”

Auntie He waved his hand and corrected Shen Qian, “There are only fifty villas in this area, one for each person, not everyone can live in.”

Shen Qian didn’t expect his university dormitory to be Such.

Reminiscent of the start of the spear throwing assessment, Yu Shousi once said that the ranking will also be directly related to the accommodation conditions, Shen Qian instantly clear comprehension.

I think this is the top treatment.

Shen Qian, who has been a day student since elementary school, originally thought that she would finally be able to experience the feeling of a collective dormitory when she entered the university, but didn’t expect this wish to come true.

Shen Qian was quite emotional for a while.

…I thought that Jiang Zhongjun was just starting out, and it was a military academy, so the conditions might be tough, absolutely didn’t expect!

“Which one do you want?” The aunt stopped.

“Uh…that one.”

Shen Qian thought about it and pointed to Villa 7 not far away.

The villas here are all about the same environment, with one facing the lake and a separate garden. I chose No. 7 simply because I like this number.

The aunt brought Shen Qian to Villa 7, opened the door and walked in with Shen Qian.

“You can visit first. The accommodation fee here is 100,000 yuan a year. If you don’t like it, you can go to other areas to see it, or you can choose to live in a free four-person dormitory.”

Auntie said standing by the door.

Shen Qian walked up and down very quickly, and then paid the 100,000 accommodation fee without the slightest hesitation.

A separate cultivation room, a large panoramic roof, a completely hidden basement with a Formation defense… As long as you can afford it, a fool will not want to live!

“Your instructors will move in after a month. If you have something to do, just go to the office to find me. Just call me Aunt Hua.”

After teaching Shen Qian, now that she has set up access control , Auntie finally said, “There is currently a curfew at eleven o’clock in the evening, don’t come out and walk around if you have nothing to do, or you will be punished.”

After Aunt Hua left, Shen Qian was not soft but big. Lie down on the sofa, completely relaxed.


A new message came on the bracelet. In addition to confirming Shen Qian’s accommodation address, it also notified the time of the first class meeting.

Although I usually follow the tutor for cultivation, but for the convenience of management, under the circumstance that there is no separate academy, all freshmen are still temporarily divided into classes, and the usual specific matters are handled by the teaching assistants of each class. responsible for processing.

The class meeting is on the next night, which means that there should be nothing to do these two days.

The bracelet vibrated again.

Shen Qian looked down, her face softened immediately, and she quickly answered the phone.

The call was from Ding Yi, who had not been in touch for a long time.

The Northern Martial school started just a few days ago, and Ding Yi had obviously just been released from the training camp.

We haven’t seen each other for a long time, but under the tacit cultivation of many years, there is no sense of strangeness between the two.

Shen Qian talked about what happened after the last contact, and showed Ding Yi about his big mansion. Seeing the cold face, he couldn’t help but smile. I mean, Shen Qian also forgot the deep.

“Xiao Ding, I missed you.”

“…When will you come?”

“A week or two later.”

Shen Qian patted his head, and then he remembered that he had not communicated with Yu Shousi to teach at Northern Martial, so he could only talk about a vague time.

However, if you want to come to the other party, you will not be too embarrassed for yourself.

After the phone call with Ding Yi, Shen Qian was about to take a shower when another message came from the bracelet.

“Shen Qian, please go to the Beisan District at ten o’clock tomorrow morning to attend the first lecture by the tutor. (Jiang Zhongjun Wushu Office)”

Tutor lecture?

Shen Qian suddenly remembered the “stupid thing” he did today.

Shen Qian felt nodded in pain when she thought of Tantai Qin’s indifferent and deep eyes.

This is a rhythm that needs to be exposed at any time.

…well, at worst find a chance to change a mentor, there are such rules anyway.

Shen Qian suddenly felt that the road ahead was not too dark. After a pleasant bath, Shen Qian came to the rooftop.

Looking at the endless campus, as if to feel some mystery in the dark, Shen Qian exhaled softly and murmured in a low voice.

“I don’t know about college life, is it as interesting as I imagined…”

(end of this chapter)

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