I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 2


Chapter 2 Martial Arts Simulator

Just as Jing City was about to fall into chaos, a silhouette appeared in Jing City at an unknown time In the sky, standing between tall buildings.

“All Martial Artists, maintain order and protect civilians!”

That incomparably flat voice seemed to contain some kind of special power, and countless silhouettes flickered from every corner of the city. Come out, appear in every place where there is panic, and quickly calm the whole city.

And the huge sandstorm that was about to drown the city in the blink of an eye also suddenly stopped strangely, because the man in the air stretched out a hand.

The high temperature is also receding, and the blazing sunlight seems to only reach the top of the man’s head, but can’t go down.

The whole process only lasted for less than a minute. Soon Jing City’s power system was restarted, the protective cover was raised again, and the silhouette standing in the air also moved towards the outside of the city and disappeared. deep in the scorched earth.

Those vague roars soon stopped abruptly.


A soft palm pulled Shen Qian up in confusion, but soon the fresh scent dissipated, and another familiar voice rang in my ear Get up, “Shen Qian, are you alright?”

“Help me take a look!” Shen Qian, who was a little dizzy, stood up and said nervously.

Wang Yangming helped to check, and then sighed in relief, “Fortunately, you are just a little scratched.”

Shen Qian also sighed in relief, the hospital of this era It’s true that few people can afford it, even if students get a 30% discount.

Shen Qian glanced at the girls who had gathered together. Ding Yi was unharmed, not even his clothes were dirty.

“You didn’t see it just now, Ding Yi alone protected six or seven girls, and she even used the martial skill, the vitality shield, which is only found in the competition textbook, which is no better than Teacher Liu’s. No, she has already been officially promoted to Martial Artist!”

Wang Yangming noticed Shen Qian’s eyes and said in amazement.

A Martial Artist?

It’s not surprising that Shen Qian can be recommended to Northern Martial no matter how good it is.

“What happened just now?”

“I don’t know, I’m also confused now.”

Except for the two, the surrounding classmates They are also talking about the accident just now, but no one knows what happened.

“Are all my classmates all right?”

The head teacher Liu Simin confirmed one by one. Fortunately, the most seriously injured classmate was only knocked unconscious, and there was no serious problem. This is relaxed.

“With such a serious accident, today’s visit is temporarily suspended. We…”

Before Liu Simin’s words were finished, there was a sudden noise outside, a kind of A strange oppression followed, and everyone found it difficult to breathe.

Liu Simin frowned and walked out, everyone heard the voice of arguing vaguely, and after a while, Liu Simin walked back with an ugly face.

She was followed by a dozen men and women in black uniforms, complexion grave and stern.

“Police Martial Artist?”

Feeling the powerful imposing manner of these people, the students present were a little keep quiet out of fear.

“Sorry, all the children, it is now initially confirmed that the origin of this Level 2 accident is the Jing City Museum. We are going to check all the people present, and we hope everyone will cooperate.”

A Captain-like man said with a slight smile.

“I’ve already told you that the people who came to Jing City Museum today are all seniors from our No. 7 Middle School. Do you think a group of people who haven’t even been promoted to Martial Artist would make such a big noise? “

Liu Simin said very angrily.

“We are just for work, please understand the teacher.”

Liu Simin also knows that what the other party is saying is true, not only Class 109, but also the other few who came to visit today The class also had police Martial Artist intervened, and outside the museum was surrounded by battallion police Martial Artist.

The man waved his hand, and the police Martial Artist was divided into two teams of men and women, and began to search the students present, while the Captain began to carefully examine the museum grounds.

Standing in the corner, Shen Qian felt nervous for no reason.

He vaguely remembered that the strange shock wave seemed to be blasted from his side, but that old-fashioned mobile phone couldn’t be so huge might, right?

Soon, a police officer Martial Artist with a special detector in his hand walked up to Shen Qian.

The whole process was very quick, and Shen Qian didn’t feel anything and it ended.

“No abnormality.”

Hearing what the policeman Martial Artist said, Shen Qian was sure that he really thought too much.


It was not until the teachers and students of the third grade of the seventh middle school walked out of the museum and saw the messy scene of the whole Jing City that everyone understood why the police and armed forces were so mobilized.

“The entire city’s electricity system is paralyzed, which is too exaggerated!”

Class 109’s liberal arts master, Zhang Liangwei, wearing thick glasses, was a little excited on the bus Get up on science.

“Although our Jing City is not a Level 1 city, but because of the existence of Jing City, the protection system is comparable to that of a Level 1 city. It needs more than three nuclear power plants to support it. What can it be? Take such a huge amount of electricity in an instant?”

Compared with knowledge that no one cares about, more people are exclaiming another short message.

“Shen Qian, look, Jing City just shot!”

Wang Yangming excitedly clicked on the three-dimensional projection on his wristband. Among the projections, there was an impressive silhouette standing between tall buildings.

Although it was only a few seconds, the peerless demeanor seemed to penetrate the projection, making all the students fascinated.

“I don’t know what realm the Martial Arts Cultivation Base in Jing City is…”

“It’s definitely more than Mountain And Sea Realm, it’s already a Martial Artist that can be vacated. .”

“More than that, Jing City has several Martial Artists from Mountain And Sea Realm, but there is only one Martial Artist.”

“Right, Teacher Liu, what’s the matter? Can you be named a marquis?”

Looking at the curious eyes of the students, Liu Simin shook his head and smiled bitterly after hesitating, “This…teacher doesn’t know either.”

” Ah, the teacher doesn’t know either?” The surrounding students were surprised.

β€œThe teacher didn’t get admitted to Wuke University, but he was a Martial Artist who broke through after entering the society.”

β€œThe Martial Arts books in high school are only for the existing Martial Arts. Realm has made a division, but many things are not explained in detail, as for how to seal the lord, let alone the book, few people on the Internet can say why, but there must be a very special reason.”

Liu Simin paused, and went on to say: “Based on the teacher’s guess, there is not much explanation about Martial Arts Realm. It is also to prevent everyone from aiming too high. After all, Martial Arts needs to be down-to-earth…”

Shen Qian automatically blocked Due to Liu Simin’s ideological education, as for the appearance of Jing City, it was only after a second pause in Shen Qian’s mind that he was ruled out.

Even the Mountain And Sea Realm, which everyone calls him, seems like a distant dream to him.

Because of today’s accident, many students were slightly injured. After returning to school, the grades directly notified them that the three classes who visited the museum today had a day off. Sick home study.

Amid the cheers of most of the students, Class 109 disbanded on the playground.

Shen Qian thought for a while, then moved towards a certain direction in the school.


The physical examination hall of No. 7 Middle School is occupying enormous land. Although No. 7 Middle School as a whole still has a big gap compared to Jing City No. 1 Middle School and No. 2 Middle School, the physical examination hall of No. The facilities are just as good.

Shen Qian slipped into the administrator’s office and poked his head to take a look.

“What are you brat doing?” There was only a hair grey-white uncle in the office and a young man who was organizing documents. The uncle was browsing the city news on his wristband and caught a glimpse of Shen Qian. said with a smile.

“Uncle Xu, Brother Zhang, are you two alone?” Seeing no one else, Shen Qian walked into the office in a relaxed manner, picked up the teapot in front of the uncle and poured two sips from the air.

“It’s still work time, who is as free as I am?”

Uncle Xu glared at Shen Qian, “Isn’t your senior year off today, what are you doing here? ?”

“Sorry, I’m not idle pain in the balls, I’m thinking about helping you share the work, sir, when I came in just now, I saw that the simulator was all dusty, I’ll help you Clean and clean?” Shen Qian said sincerely.

“The simulator is used every day, how could it fall into dust?” Uncle Xu said angrily, “Besides, it’s not off-duty time, so it’s your turn to clean it?”

Seeing that Shen Qian still didn’t mean to move, Uncle Xu shook his head helplessly, took out his work card and threw it away, “Master, what I admire most is your face… Take it, be careful not to damage the instrument!”

“Okay, don’t worry, I’ll take it!” Shen Qian immediately smiled, took the work permit and poured a cup of tea for Uncle Xu, then slipped out the door.

“Xugong, have you never told him that even if you have a work permit, the simulator is still charged?” Youngster, who was called Brother Zhang by Shen Qian, couldn’t help but ask after Shen Qian disappeared. road.

“I don’t have a lot of money.” Uncle Xu waved his hand indifferently. “Besides, I’m old, and I don’t have any children to toss me. Why do I need so much money?”

“Although this kid has poor innate talent, he has a lot of toughness. It may take a day to run and it will skyrocket. I call this a long-term investment. It’s hard to say…”

There are many instruments in the physical examination hall, and at this time Shen Qian was standing in front of a circular instrument with a circumference of about ten meters.

This is the Martial Arts Simulator, designed to test the Martial Arts Realm and actual combat level machines.

Each student in No. 7 High School has only two opportunities to use it for free each year. They are in the final exam of each semester. Additional usage will be charged.

Two hundred dollars once.

In fact, compared to the outside world, this price is already a free prostitution price to provide benefits to students, but Shen Qian still can’t afford it.

It was noon at this time, there was no who was here on the simulator, “Drip” Uncle Xu’s work card, the door of the simulator opened, and Shen Qian walked in.

All around are silver metal surrounds, only a bar-shaped device is placed in the center.

Shen Qian walked to the device, put on the helmet, and clicked the “Start” button on the device.

The sound of “ka ka” sounded, the bar-shaped device seemed to come to life, directly attached to Shen Qian’s spine, the helmet lit up, Shen Qian’s eyes went dark, when he woke up again At that time, it was already in darkness.

There is an LCD screen beside him, and a melodious female voice sounded, “Please select a test scene.”

What floated on the screen at this time was a “Bronze Man Array” ” scene, there is a text introduction next to it:

β€œDeveloped by Shaolin Martial Arts University, suitable for Beginner Martial Artist 9-dan and below realm, the number of bronze figures ranges from 1 to 18, and the difficulty fluctuates from half Stars to three stars, the highest reviewer is ‘Z’ at present, from Suzhou University of Science and Technology…”

There are many introductions, and there are various modes of switching, Shen Qian swiped left and right to look.

In addition to “Bronze Man Formation”, there are two more levels suitable for basic students, namely “Heaven’s Line” and “Wooden Man Pile”.

Uncle Xu’s employee card authority is relatively high, and some scenes can be seen later, but they are all levels above Beginner Martial Artist, and Shen Qian directly ignores them.

After thinking for a while, Shen Qian chose the most basic bronze figure formation. After setting the number of bronze figures, Shen Qian clicked “Start”.

The consciousness was blurred for a while, and when she recovered, Shen Qian appeared on a stone platform, all around was a misty cloud and void.

The background of the level can also be changed, as well as beaches, deserts, etc., but Shen Qian doesn’t care about this.

On the opposite side of the stone platform, a bronze figure was standing quietly, waiting for Shen Qian to attack.

Shen Qian didn’t have any ink marks, he exhaled, his body jumped up, and a Basic Fist Technique directly moved towards the bronze man’s face and slammed it.

And then…


Shen Qian was knocked to the ground by the faster punch of the bronze man.

“The level is over, the statistics are still in progress, if you need to challenge again, please exit and choose again.”

The familiar sound rang in her ears, but Shen Qian was not depressed.

I’m used to it…

A bronze figure is equivalent to a Beginner Martial Artist, and naturally he can’t match even a Beginner Martial Artist.

Martial Arts is very cruel, realm is equal to everything when overwhelming majority.

Faster speed, stronger power, why lose?


The prompt sounds, and a panel showing statistics appears in front of you.

(end of this chapter)

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