I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 201


Chapter 201 Losses and Gains

Anyway, this is already the case, Shen Qian is too lazy to be hypocritical and moves Tantai Qin to the basement Put it on the bed, and roughly checked the other’s physical condition.

…Well, it should be fine.

Shen Qian is a primary level doctor and an unknown level Medicine Refining Master. After some pulses, she has a judgment.

Although Tantai Qin’s internal injury is quite serious, his vitality is constantly recovering. Based on the other party’s realm, it is estimated that he will be able to recover completely in a few days.

After thinking about it, Shen Qian cleaned the basement again before leaving, then found some decent Healing Medicine Pills from the ring and put them beside the bed, and wrote a note about I explained what happened, and finally made a cup of wolfberry honey tea and put it on the bedside.

Shen Qian, who is full of details, attempts to reduce Tantai Qin’s possible hostility in this way.

He looked at Tantai Qin before, and the depths of each other’s eyes could be described as a murderous aura, reminding Shen Qian again that this woman is beautiful, but she is a singlehanded ruthless who destroys the “door” .

Although there is Pingyang Bo in the school, there will be no major event, but everything is afraid of the event.

After leaving the basement, Shen Qian’s wristband vibrated wildly, showing a lot of missed calls and unread messages.

Realizing that something was wrong, Shen Qian quickly glanced at the time, then sucked in a breath of cold air.

It was the morning of the third day since the last time he lost consciousness.

If there are no other accidents during this period, it means that he has been “missing” for nearly two days.

No, that’s not right, Tantai Qin is very likely to be “missing”.

In addition, when he was giving lectures by his mentor that day, he followed Tantaiqin to leave under the watchful eyes of the public. As long as anyone who has a heart thinks about it a little…

This matter can’t be hidden. !

Shen Qian doesn’t care about gossip, but he can’t guarantee that Tantai Qin doesn’t care either.

Shen Qian calmly read all the missed messages and messages, and finally came to a comprehensive conclusion.

Nothing at worst either.

It’s nothing more than missing the first class meeting, the first round of course selection, the first bed check, oh, and the first tutor lecture of Uncle Pingyang.


Don’t panic, Shen Qian didn’t have time to check AFK Records, so she could only think about countermeasures quickly.

The first thing he thought of was Old Hu, but although the head of Old Hu was Mountain And Sea, his role in Jiang Zhongjunwu was just a security guard, and he didn’t even seem to be involved in a deputy Section Chief, so he was ruled out.

Yu Shousi can try, but Shen Qian has also offended Pingyangbo indirectly, so he is not sure.

Second Senior Sister  …

Shen Qian was moved and decided to contact Second Senior Sister to try it first.

He not only has to solve a series of negative influences, but also has to have a better rhetoric. Yu Shousi is still not close enough, but Cheng Qingqing has no such concerns.

So Shen Qian hurried to Shi Dingyan to get Cheng Qingqing’s contact information, and then made a phone call.


On the rooftop of Jiangzhong Junwu No. 7 teaching building, Shen Qian met Cheng Qingqing.

“…then I passed out, and when I wake up, it will be now.”

Shen Qian, who had explained it dryly, stopped, But I don’t know if Cheng Qingqing believed in him.

Because Cheng Qingqing, who was wearing a long floral dress, stuck her chin with one hand and leaned lazily on the balcony with a smile on her face, staring straight at her with those phoenix eyes. Own.

Shen Qian didn’t know what this legendary Second Senior Sister meant.

After all, this is the first contact between the two of them.

Suddenly, Cheng Qingqing reached out and pinched Shen Qian’s face, then sighed contentedly, “A seventeen-year-old boy has tender skin.”

 … Are you being teased?

Shen Qian’s mouth twitched, and before he could react, Cheng Qingqing had already moved his hand away, giggling said with a smile: “Little Junior Brother, have you seen teacher recently, how about old fogey? Still sitting there and peeping every day?”

“What about Xiao Shi, he probably hasn’t killed anyone recently?”

“Oh, and Xiao Liuzi, he must be a virgin. , did you know that I touched his chest last time, and his face turned red, hehe…”

Shen Qian heard a black line.

What a mess!

“Second Senior Sister, according to the school rules, I may even be expelled directly for not returning home at night, missing classes for no reason, and missing for more than 24 hours without any reason. …you stop joking with me.”

Shen Qian helplessly said.

“How is Tantai Qin’s figure?”

Cheng Qingqing’s smile suddenly stopped, and she asked coldly.

There was also a strange tone in her voice, which made Shen Qian speak without even thinking.

“It’s white and moist.”


Cheng Qingqing exclaimed, looking at Shen Qian in disbelief, “You really have an affair with her?!”

“What the hell…” Shen Qian, who came back to his senses, knew that he was plot against by Second Senior Sister, he said with a headache, “Things It’s not what you imagined.”


Cheng Qingqing returned to her bright smile, and said disdainfully: “Tantaiqin cultivation deviation, and then you were caught by her. The shock wave of her stunned, and she was in a coma until now… Are you lying to a ghost with this kind of talk?”

“Although I don’t like this female devil, it’s the ceiling in Mountain And Sea anyway. It’s so easy to cultivate deviation?”

…You also said that Tantaiqin is a female devil, how do I feel that you are not too bad?

Shen Qian secretly slandered, but on the surface, she naturally insisted on her own words, letting Cheng Qingqing coerce and lure her without letting go.

During this period, Cheng Qingqing also tried to use that little trick of spirit strength induction again, but Shen Qian naturally impossible to let her succeed again under the precaution.

“It’s boring, I already knew you were a pervert. Sure enough, the spirit strength is so strong before Mountain And Sea.”

Cheng Qingqing muttered, and finally stopped. To tease Shen Qian, she waved her hand and said, “Got it, go back to the dormitory and I’ll handle it for you.”

“many thanks Second Senior Sister, but what is Second Senior Sister going to do?”

Shen Qian was finally relaxed, but he still asked a question uneasy.

At present, Cheng Qingqing can’t give him a reliable feeling. If it was Shi Dingyan, Shen Qian would definitely turn around and leave without saying a word.

“What can I do? Of course, I will help you to report. Just say you practiced martial arts and got a setback. You can cultivate with me for the past two days.”

Cheng Qingqing Hand wave.

“It’s that simple?” Shen Qian was taken aback.

“Otherwise, is it possible that the school has to set up an investigation team to check if you slept with me for two days?”

Cheng Qingqing rolled the eyes , “I’m also a military level 1 instructor, don’t I have any face?”

Shen Qian also thought about it, as long as there are enough people to endorse him, this is indeed not a major event. .

β€œUncle Pingyang…”

Shen Qian expressed his greatest concern.

He is vaguely aware that these princes may not be able to see it on their faces, but in the bones is the most respectful and disciplined.

And the other party was openly absent from the first class, so it’s hard to say how angry Pingyangbo would be.

“I said Little Junior Brother, I said you’re not smart, you’re pretty smart, you know how to find me first, say you’re smart, you sometimes think your brain is going to crash again.”


Cheng Qingqing pinched Shen Qian’s cheek again, said with a smile: “Do you think that Uncle Pingyang doesn’t know where you have been these two days?”

Shen Qian woke up suddenly.


He almost forgot the ability of a prince.

Unless Uncle Pingyang left the military, how could every move on this campus be hidden from him?

In the past few days, Jiang Zhongjun’s military force has been established, and Pingyang Bo will not leave without permission, then the other party must know that he has stayed in Tantai Qin’s residence for two whole days!

Shen Qian didn’t know for a while whether this was something to be happy about.

“I’ll go to the Academic Affairs Office now, you can go back and wait.”

Cheng Qingqing flashed her body suddenly, but stuck to Shen Qian’s ear again.

“Little Junior Brother, come on, marry that female devil back, mad at the old fart of Duke Yanshan, oh, no, you shouldn’t marry her, you should always abandon her, it will be more effective. Well, hehe hehe…”

With the laughter like a real silver bell, Cheng Qingqing had disappeared from the rooftop, leaving only Shen Qian and him with goosebumps all over the place.

At this moment, Shen Qian suddenly understood why Old Liu’s color changed when he talked about Second Senior Sister.

Second Senior Sister is indeed a strange woman, not at all steady as Mountain And Sea.


Since Cheng Qingqing helped to deal with it, Shen Qian returned to his villa with peace of mind.

Immersed in an 80-degree pool, Shen Qian finally had time to check out AFK Records.

He had some guesses in his heart, but he still needed to be sure why Tantai Qin would be in such a situation when he met him.

After sinking his consciousness into the AFK interface, Shen Qian found the file cabinet where AFK Records was stored, and then opened the latest folder.

“Detecting that the host encounters an irresistible danger, the system automatically turns on AFK mode.”

“A powerful out-of-control Essence Power is coming towards you (10:28)

You took out the Hei Xuan formation flag (10:28)

You set up a four-image shield to offset 18% Essence Power’s attack (10:28) (click to extract the ‘Four Elephants’ Shield Array ‘Arrangement Memory)

You took out the wooden sword (10:28)

The wooden sword broke out with a tyrannical offensive and killed 73% of the Essence Power (10:28) 28)

You devoured 8% of Tantaiqin’s Essence Power (10:28)

You fell into a coma under the uncontrolled impact of Essence Power in your body (10:28) (Note 1)


Shen Qian’s expression was a little solemn.

This long list of AFK Records, judging by the time, all happened within a minute.

Combined with the impact speed of Tantai Qin’s Qi machine at that time, it is very likely that the system completed so many actions at the same time, which allowed Shen Qian to survive with extremely light injuries.

But it’s not a big price to pay.

The first is the formation flag from Third Senior Brother.

Shen Qian took out the four sides of the formation flag and saw that although Dao Rhyme remained on the formation flag, it was not completely damaged, but it was already cracked and dying.

It is a troublesome process just to repair the four-sided formation flag.

But what made Shen Qian more heartbroken was the loss of the wooden sword.

This wooden sword was the one that Ling Xiao gave him when he was parting.

It contains 80% of Ling Xiao’s full power.

According to Ling Xiao’s original words at the time, “Mountain And Sea” can be destroyed with a flick of a finger.

And the wooden sword has “disappeared” from Shen Qian’s space ring, which means…the wooden sword is completely gone.

From an offensive point of view, Shen Qian’s biggest trump card at this stage was used, so the unfathomable mystery was used up.

Unfortunately, Shen Qian was a little scared at the same time.

Tantai Qin is really strong and outrageous.

You must know that the Essence Power in Tantai Qin’s body at that time was an indiscriminate explosion in a state of being out of control, and it was definitely far less than the opponent’s full-strength shot.

But that’s it, even Ling Xiao’s wooden sword can’t stop it.

Seriously terrifying.

…but it seems that you are not completely without profits?

Shen Qian saw that he had swallowed a part of Tantaiqin’s Essence Power, so he quickly slid the AFK page to the bottom and found the first comment.

“Note 1: After calculating the maximum capacity of the system, it chose to devour a part of Tantai Qin’s chaotic Essence Power, because the host has already observed Tantai Qin’s avenues, and there is Tantai Qin’s body in the body. ‘Dao Rhyme’, so I can’t digest this part of Essence Power without repercussions.”

Shen Qian’s eyes narrowed, at the same time confirming a certain guess in his heart.

In his body, there is still Dao Rhyme of the other party.

Then the originally good Tantai Qin suddenly lost control of his qi after encountering him, and it seems that there is a source of explanation.

Shen Qian guessed that either Tantai Qin’s last injury has not been completely recovered, or the other party has other problems, which will cause the Essence Power she has been suppressing to be destroyed by Dao Yun in her body. Out of control under the agitation.

What kind of injustice is this?

Shen Qian has nodded pain.

At this time, under the spirit strength, he also felt that in a corner of his lower abdomen, there was a group of Essence Power that had become docile like black jade, waiting for him to devour .

Don’t underestimate this is just a small group, the Essence Power in Mountain And Sea Martial Artist and the vitality in ordinary Martial Artist are completely different concepts.

After compressing the vitality of a large bottle of Coke, you may only get a small drop of Essence Power.

Fortunately, Shen Qian had the foundation for direct absorption due to the Tao Yun who had Tantai Qin left in her body.

This is also an alternative form of transmission, breaking the basic laws of martial arts under special circumstances.

Shen Qian doesn’t know how much she will improve after absorbing these Essence Powers, but it is estimated that the magnitude will not be small.

Shen Qian continued to watch AFK Records after taking a break.

Because he noticed just now that there is still a lot of space in the back, obviously, system has also done other things.

Otherwise it’s hard to explain why it happened in the hallway and woke up in the basement.

This gave Shen Qian a bad hunch.


You woke up from a coma (12:01)

You took Tantaiqin, whose body was full of blood, into the bathroom and brought her to the bathroom. The other party rinsed clean (12:03)



Shen Qian covered her forehead helplessly.

Sure enough, I didn’t fall into a coma for a long time, but…

Why are you helping others take a bath?

People are dirty mind your own business!

Fortunately, the long-standing habit has enabled Shen Qian to continue watching “face doesn’t change”, because you never know if there will be more surprises in the future.


You forewarned that a powerful thought was about to arrive (12:09)

You carried Tantai Qin into the basement and turned it on Isolation Formation (12:09)


A powerful idea?

Shen Qian clear comprehension soon after startled, can be described as powerful by the system, there is only one possibility for military force in this river.

Pingyang Bo!

How can the system avoid the prince’s detection in advance?

Shen Qian, who seemed to have a new discovery, was a little surprised.

But why has the system never warned of the existence of Big Brother Gao?

A new doubt was also born in Shen Qian’s mind.

But no matter what, this explains why he and Tantai Qin entered the basement.

So…then what?

Shen Qian didn’t bother too much about the possessed great magical power of the system, so she quickly continued to read it.

(end of this chapter)

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