I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 202


Chapter 202 Blood Avalokitesvara


You put Tantai Qin on the bed (12: 10)

You help the other party clean up (12:12)

You use the silver needle to clear the blocked meridian (12:29)

… …”

See Shen Qian here slightly sighed in relief.

It’s okay, after all, it’s to save people…

And he has the dual identities of a doctor and a Medicine Refining Master, so it’s normal to be able to save the other party.

As long as Tantai Qin doesn’t associate the reason why the Essence Power in his body is out of control to himself, it will be fine.

As for seeing the other party again and even getting started, after all, the situation is urgent, and Tantai Qin is not an unreasonable person. In theory, there should be no major event.

After analyzing it like this, Shen Qian felt relieved and read on.


You start to study the other person’s body deeply (12:30)


Shen Qian: ? ! ?

With Shen Qian’s concentration, his color suddenly changed.

Although he thinks that system definitely doesn’t mean that, but he really can’t guess what system means. The key is that it would be very boring if there is no video.

Forcibly calm Shen Qian continued to look down.


You studied the opponent’s Essence Power operation (12:33-13:01)

You observed the opponent’s skin texture (13 : 02-13:49)

You have explored the strength of the opponent’s skeleton (13:50-15:18)

You have sensed the structure of the opponent’s lungs (15:19-16) :10)

You start to meditate (16:11)

You feel confused and you start to delve into the other person’s body again (21:23)

Continue to meditate after you study (22:55)

You comprehended the opponent’s Divine Ability ‘Blood Avalokitesvara’ (05:38) (Note 2) (Note 3)

(click to extract Divine Ability comprehend details)

You helped the other person with a second acupuncture (05:40)

You fell into a deep sleep due to exhaustion (06:03)


AFK Records comes to an end here, and the rest is the content of the annotations.

And Shen Qian fell into a long silence.

Researching Essence Power? Observe the epidermis? Fumble for a skeleton? Sensing the heart?

Please tell me something special…

How do you study how to observe and how to feel how to feel!

Shen Qian covered her forehead, completely lost in despair.

Even if I haven’t extracted the details of that sentiment, I don’t know if there is a corresponding picture for the time being, but I think with my toes, it must be an extremely 404 process.

Although Shen Qian knows that the system is scientifically rigorous and purely from an academic point of view, but…

It is also a fact that he “sullied” people’s bodies.

The most outrageous thing is that the system is not enough once, and it has to be repeated again.

The most bleak thing Shen Qian felt was the time span on AFK Records.

The two add up to more than three hours!

This time I really jumped into the Yellow River and couldn’t wash it.

Shen Qian has already started to consider whether to run overnight, assuming Tantai Qin was not completely unconscious at the time…

This is a big deal.

After about half an hour of psychological construction and bold speculation, Shen Qian calmed down.

Now I can only pray for the ideal situation, that is, Tantai Qin really lost consciousness at that time and didn’t know what happened after he fell into a coma.


Shen Qian would probably have to drop out early.

The only hope is that the system has already considered the consequences before doing this, that is, the system has calculated that Tantai Qin will not know about it, and this probability is not low.

“Do the math, it’s done, what’s the use of blaming yourself… But it’s the first time I’ve seen the system ‘contemplation’ for so long, not simple!”

Shen Qian whispered.

He knows how perverted the system’s learning ability is. At the beginning, in order to crack the Formation in the Meiyuan underground in Beidu, the system has now gone to learn diving and Formation, and it has been achieved in a very short period of time. Formation Master.

At this time, the system not only took a long time, but also had a lag during the comprehension process, and had to conduct a second study.

It wasn’t so troublesome when I first understood the “Ten Apertures Method”.

So Shen Qian was very curious about the so-called Divine Ability that she prostituted from Tantai Qin.

He first looked at the contents of the remaining two notes, and then it was eyes shrank, his expression a little out of control.

“Note 2: Divine Ability, which has been judged to be a method that transcends martial skills, including the use of Dao’, which is unbearable for non-Mountain And Sea and above, please try cultivation after the host has ‘obtained Dao’. .”

“Note 3: ‘Blood Avalokitesvara’ is a body refinement Divine Ability, which has a 30% fleshy body sanctification probability after research. If you need to improve this Divine Ability, you will consume 170% at one time. system energy value, please choose the right time to do it.”

Divine Ability…

In fact, it was not the first time he heard this word.

The last time he left Jing City, the boss Gao used some unpredictable and mysterious means to forcibly improve Shen Qian’s experience.

And that is the Divine Ability of the big boss…the name is, view the world!

The terrifying of Divine Ability, Shen Qian has already had the first experience.

That is completely two concepts with ordinary martial skill, and cannot simply be compared with formidable power.

The martial skill is either attacking or defending or speeding up, and Divine Ability is much more bells and whistles.

In short, if the martial skill is still at the level that physics can explain, then Divine Ability has properly entered the field of metaphysics.

Tantai Qin actually has a body refinement Divine Ability, which surprised Shen Qian.

He had vaguely thought that Divine Ability would be exclusive to the princely powerhouse.

But after thinking about it, Tantai Qin is only one step away from the prince, and the cultivated Divine Ability is also normal.

…although the name makes Shen Qian feel a little unacceptable.

It’s too motherly.

But this is not the point, the point is that the cultivation can only happen after Mountain And Sea.

It seems that I can only put it away for a while.

No, not right!

Shen Qian suddenly started, because he noticed that although the normal situation is Mountain And Sea or above can bear Divine Ability, but the system added another sentence, so that Shen Qian can try after “getting the Tao”.

Are Dao and Mountain And Sea really the same concept?

Shen Qian recalled what she had achieved last time at the Battle of the Heavens, and vaguely felt that this was not the case.

If it wasn’t for the fact that his physical strength was not strong enough to carry “Dao”, maybe Shen Qian would have “obtained the Dao” directly last time.

Then assuming that according to the standard of normal Martial Artist, when the high Martial Artist is capped, the physical strength can reach 9999Kg, and the speed can reach the limit of 100 meters per second. At this time, it has the ability to carry “Dao”. Base.

But…according to Shen Qian’s current rate of progress, there is no need to be a high-level Martial Artist 9dan to have such a fleshy body condition.

In other words, Shen Qian is very likely to start trying to carry “Dao” when he is in the middle Martial Artist Peak or when he just broke through the high Martial Artist!

Once successful, the cultivation Divine Ability is also possible.

The only thing that confuses Shen Qian is, what exactly is when the time comes, is he stepping into Mountain And Sea?

But he clearly hasn’t reached the limit of Martial Artist yet.

It’s a pity that the body with ten apertures has never been seen before. I’m afraid that no one can give him the answer to this question.

He…is that predecessor.

“Forget it, don’t worry about it, the car must have a way to the front of the mountain!”

Shen Qian turned his attention to Note 3 again.

The fleshy body is sanctified…

Shen Qian is not sure what realm’s Martial Artist this “sanctification” corresponds to, after all, he didn’t know anything about Mountain And Sea. .

And what realm a prince is? Ordinary people have no specific concept.

But literally, fleshy body sanctification should be awesome.

It’s a pity that Tantai Qin’s Divine Ability has only a 30% probability of becoming a saint, but the system has the ability to improve. The only thing Shen Qian didn’t understand is what is “consuming 170% of energy”?

The energy value of the system is calculated in percentage, which Shen Qian knows.

But shouldn’t the cap be 100%?

Does that mean that the system is always impossible to improve this Divine Ability?

This is a question that Shen Qian has not figured out for the time being.

But anyway, this matter is still a little far away, so there is no need to think about it.

It’s better to have a headache for the “life and death major event” in front of you.

I don’t know when Tantai Qin will wake up.


The bracelet vibrated, and when Shen Qian picked it up, it was news from Cheng Qingqing.

“It’s done… I suggest you start thinking about how to repay your understanding Second Senior Sister from now on, and don’t accept a simple ‘devote one’s life to’!”

behind There’s also a tongue-licking emoji.

Shen Qian took a closer look, and the more she looked, the more she felt that it was the Second Senior Sister herself.

Hi…Second Senior Sister Mano.

However, Shen Qian still admires Cheng Qingqing’s efficiency, and it was resolved in less than an hour.


Soon, Shen Qian also received a message from Yu Shousi, probably the content was that the sanction originally planned for Shen Qian had been revoked, and told him to pay more attention to the school rules in the future, otherwise he would Can’t help him either.

After all, it is a military academy, and privileges can only be obscure. Even if Yu Shousi deliberately favors Shen Qian, in the current situation of Shen Qian’s popularity, many things cannot be put on the table. Shen Qian could understand Yu Shousi’s dilemma.

ding dong!

The doorbell rang suddenly.

Shen Qian first subconsciously tightened, thinking that Tantai Qin was coming.

But then he relaxed again, denying the possibility to himself.

If it was Tantai Qin, would she still ring the doorbell?

It’s fine if you don’t just tear down the house.

Shen Qian opened the door, but there was a strange young man outside the door. Although he was wearing a military green uniform, he showed a refined taste.

“You are…” Shen Qian was taken aback.

“Hello, Shen Qian, my name is Li Le. I’m a teaching assistant in Class 9, Level 7, 1.” The young man greeted him with a smile.

Shen Qian thought for a while after reacting. There is no branch for the time being, but for the convenience of management, she was first divided into classes, and she seemed to be assigned to class 1.

Each class will have a teaching assistant, who actually does the work of the head teacher and is responsible for daily affairs.

“Ah, hello Teacher Li, please come in.” Shen Qian hurriedly greeted him.

“Because you were absent from the class meeting the day before yesterday, you may not know about some things. I came here on purpose to inform you.” Li Le said with a smile after sitting down.

“Sorry, Teacher Li, I…”

“The Academic Affairs Office has explained to me the specific situation, Shen Qian is the fastest progressing student in Martial Arts During the critical period, it is normal to have a small setback, are you all right now?”

Li Le interrupted Shen Qian with a smile, and then asked with concern.

“many thanks to Teacher Li’s concern, and with the help of Professor Cheng, everything is fine.”

“That’s fine.”

After pondering, Li Le said: “I don’t want to delay your rest time too much. There are three specific things. First, because you were absent from the class meeting that day, you did not participate in the election of class cadres. It is a pity that you may not be able to exercise this right for the time being. You That vote will be voided immediately…”

“It’s okay, after all, it’s my own problem.” Shen Qian didn’t care about this, and quickly waved his hand.

“Since Shen Qian has no objection, from today onwards, I will trouble you to perform your duties as monitor.”

“Huh?” Shen Qian was taken aback.

“There are a total of 65 people in class 1, and 51 people in total have filled in your name…Shen Qian, you are all expected!” Li Le laughed.


Shen Qian didn’t know whether to cry or laugh for a while, so why did she become the squad leader for the unfathomable mystery?

He obviously didn’t go.

But in the Martial Artist world, it seems normal that powerhouse is respected.

After testing that there was no other option, Shen Qian could only accept this fact and took over the roster from Li Le.

Fortunately, what I usually do is not complicated, that is, to inform the classmates about the big and small affairs in the school, and to assist the instructor to do it together when checking the bed.

Shen Qian has already thought of countermeasures for reporting such a tedious matter.

…Isn’t there a deputy monitor?

“The second thing is that the school’s club registration and the formation of the student union have already started. Shen Qian can pay attention to it if you are interested.”


Shen Qian complied, but she didn’t have much interest in it.

“The last thing, because Shen Qian missed the course selection, after coordinating with the Academic Affairs Office, I have re-opened the channel for Shen Qian, please complete the course selection within today.”

After Li Le finished speaking, he did not stay much and left soon.

Generally speaking, Li Le seems to have a good impression of Shen Qian.

And Shen Qian, because of Li Le’s arrival, temporarily got rid of the influence of the “Tantai Qin Incident” and rediscovered the feeling of a college student.

Thinking of what Li Le said, Shen Qian turned on the computer in the living room, swiped a card, and then went to the campus network to start course selection.

Shen Qian had a general idea after researching the courses in the military.

In general, Jiang Zhongjunwu’s courses open to freshmen can be divided into three categories.

The first category is various theoretical courses that are partial to liberal arts, such as “Advanced Mathematics” and “Advanced Physics”.

Although it is a martial arts college, it does not mean that this knowledge is useless.

The second category is about various courses in Martial Arts, which are not only more comprehensive than high school, but also more detailed.

The third category is military-related courses, such as “Theory of War”, “Weapon Research”, and “Tactical Strategy”.

There are not many compulsory courses. There are only 13 compulsory courses in the three categories. The total is 60 credits in one semester, but the minimum requirement for the semester summary is 130 credits, so you need to choose 70 credits. Electives.

Shen Qian is completely blind, choosing whatever credits are high, because no matter what class is in the department… There is no difference in my own hands.

Theoretically, Jiang Zhongjunwu’s library with three 10th layers is Shen Qian’s real classroom.

Shen Qian, who was burying his head in the course selection, vibrated again, but when he picked it up, he saw that it was sent by Yang Lingjie.

“Shen Qian Shen Qian, come to the arena, the ‘Wu Gao Alliance’ has released the Wind Cloud List!”

Wu Gao Alliance?

What the hell is this…

Shen Qian startled.

(end of this chapter)

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