I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 204


Chapter 204 Qianlong

“Qu Bai, someone on the forum said that he is from a top special force, formerly an ace soldier …”

“I’ve also heard something even more mysterious, saying that Qu Bai once killed a Mountain And Sea in a certain operation!”

“Is this a bit ridiculous?”

There were expressions of disbelief from the people around.

“Well, it’s just gossip anyway, so I can’t tell. What if that Mountain And Sea is seriously injured?”

“The seriously injured Mountain And Sea is not Mountain And Sea. Sea? Don’t make trouble!”

“By the way, seeing Qu Bai Senior’s appearance is so white and delicate, I can’t think of it as an orthodox military background…”

Amidst the discussion As he stepped back, he quickly left a blank space for the two people in the middle.

Qu Bai waved his hand, and immediately two interesting classmates ran over to carry the unconscious Man Hu away.

Qu Bai then turned his interesting eyes to Shen Qian, and then narrowed his eyes, “You…seem to have killed a lot of people.”

The people around were hearing this All were stunned.

Shen Qian killed many people?

But soon, everyone shook their heads again.

Where can a high school graduate kill someone?

Almost no one believed Qu Bai’s judgment.

“You’re not bad either.” Shen Qian could also vaguely feel the surging energy in Qu Bai’s body.

A person who has been stained with blood must have something special.

“Do you want to fight?” Qu Bai kept smiling, but said something that lifted everyone’s spirits.

“Hit.” Shen Qian didn’t hesitate, and soon nodded.

Qu Bai fixedly looked at Shen Qian, and then smiled, “Unfortunately…it’s not the time.”


Shen Qian’s eyes slightly Move, then nodded.

The two who seemed to have reached some kind of tacit understanding relaxed at the same time, but they confused the people around them.

When they saw that Qu Bai had come to Shen Qian’s side, the two began to chat and laugh. Even the top genius, who was facing two generations of students in the school, couldn’t help booing in disappointment.

Everyone has been brewing for a long time…the result is this?

“Where are you putting this on?”

“Damn it, one day, with a knife in hand, I will kill all the dogs in the world…”

“I The last time I was so speechless was the last time!”

Shen Qian and Qu Bai turned their heads at the same time, looking towards all around expressionlessly.


Everyone quickly dispersed as if nothing had happened.

“Actually, I don’t care about the ranking in the school. This list… is not as accurate as I imagined.”

Qu Bai retracted his gaze and stared at the public notice wall. sound.

“What do you mean?” Shen Qian startled who heard Qu Bai The words mean more than they say.

“At least as far as I know, there are two other guys who are pretending to be a pig to eat tigers with such a low rank as impossible, one of them, even I don’t have a 100% chance of winning, but he Didn’t even enter the top ten.”

Qu Bai lightly said with a smile.

Shen Qian’s eyes narrowed, and the meaning of Qu Bai’s words was obvious.

Although there are many people showing off one’s ability, there are also many geniuses who take the “gou way”.

β€œActually, there are such people in the freshman year.”

Shen Qian thought for a while, and then agreed nodded.

“There may be big changes in this world, and making a fortune in silence may not be a way…” Qu Bai remembered something, his eyes were a little erratic.

β€œWhat do you know?” Shen Qian asked directly.

“What can I know, but this year’s martial arts colleges and universities expanded enrollment, which is a signal in itself.”

Qu Bai shrugged, “I have been in the army well, all Being pulled over to school again, this also indicates something.”

“If you have studied history, you will find that the last time a large-scale expansion of enrollment in martial arts colleges was 112 years ago.”

“What happened that year?” Shen Qian strangely said.

“Seven Star Alignment, ten gates open.” Qu Bai didn’t hide it, and whispered a secret that ordinary people couldn’t read, “The ten ‘gates’ are above B-Rank. .”

Shen Qian heard this kind of history for the first time, and couldn’t help but feel a lot of facial expression grave.

The level of the “door” directly determines the degree of disaster that may be caused. For example, the A-Rank “door” of Jiangzhongjun Wu Lao Campus has not yet been fully opened, and the century-old famous Jiangzhongjun Wu will be destroyed in one fell swoop. .

From this, we can guess that the catastrophe that happened a hundred years ago would not be small.

“I remember you are from the first province in the southwest?” Qu Bai suddenly asked.


“I’m from Shancheng, and I’m not far from you. I wonder if you have any impression of the news about a big snake more than ten years ago?”

“You mean…Torch Dragon?”

Shen Qian suddenly remembered the huge black shadow that almost covered Heaven and Earth in the wind and snow.

“You know more than I thought.” Qu Bai glanced at Shen Qian in amazement, and continued, “It is said that Torch Dragon came from one of those ten ‘doors’.”


, and quickly understood the meaning behind Qu Bai’s words.

If there will be any big changes in recent years, then the worst possibility is the emergence of terrifying creatures like Torch Dragon again.

“Do you know why I don’t want to fight with you now?” Qu Bai turned his gaze back to the announcement wall, said with a smile.

“I’m not ready yet.” Shen Qian didn’t hide anything, and directly spoke his thoughts.

“That’s not true, Shen Qian, you feel very strange to me, your realm must not be as high as mine, but… I don’t even think I have ten out of ten when I meet you. To be honest, I was quite moved just now.”

Qu Bai looked thoughtful and said.

Shen Qian didn’t know how to answer, so she fell silent.

He was a little surprised by Qu Bai’s keen intuition.

Indeed, if the system factor is considered, Shen Qian certainly has the power to fight Qu Bai, and Shen Qian has absolute confidence that Qu Bai is not his opponent.

But… it’s pointless to use the system in this kind of battle.

Shen Qian wanted to rely on her own strength to compete with Qu Bai.

That’s why he said he wasn’t ready.

“The real reason is that the best battle should be placed at the most suitable time, and I hope we can all gain from it.”

Qu Bai expressed his true thoughts , he turned his attention to the other side of the publicity wall, “Shen Qian, have you seen the other two national lists?”

“It’s not too late.”

Shen Qian just discovered that there are actually three lists posted on the publicity wall.

“Look, you will find something unexpected.”

Qu Bai said with a smile.

Shen Qian nodded and got closer.

In addition to Jiang Zhongjunwu’s own “Jiangzhong Ranking”, the other two electronic lists that change in real time are mixed rankings of national martial arts colleges and universities, one is called “Rising Dragon”, the other is It’s called “Dragon”.

According to the notes at the top of the list, the Hidden Dragon List only includes talented freshmen from all martial arts colleges.

The Rising Dragon Ranking lists the top geniuses in all martial arts colleges and universities, regardless of grade or gender.

Each list contains 100 people.

Compared to Jiangzhong List, these two lists are the lists with the highest real value recognized by all martial arts students.

This year, there are more than 60,000 students in martial arts colleges and universities nationwide, and only 100 people are eligible to make the list.

The Rising Dragons list is even more terrifying. All the students in the national martial arts colleges are properly above 500,000, and the proportion of the list is even more disparate.

Because martial arts colleges and universities have different grade promotion rules from liberal arts colleges, you must pass a specific final assessment before you can be promoted to the next grade.

It’s not surprising that some people have been studying for ten years and still can’t graduate, so the actual number of students in martial arts colleges is far more than it should be.

Shen Qian first looked at the Dragon Ranking, but after reading it, he frowned and glanced at Qu Bai strangely.

But Shen Qian didn’t rush to ask questions, and looked towards Hidden Dragon List again.

“First place, Fu Yuerong, Guangcheng Wuda University, battle strength points 323.”

Shen Qian looked down, second place, third place…

Shen Qian looked down, second place, third place…


She kept seeing twenty, but Shen Qian didn’t see her name.

He was really a little puzzled,

Is he a national champion in martial arts anyway, so he has no cards?

Until she quickly scanned the names of a hundred people, Shen Qian looked towards Qu Bai in confusion, “This list…”

“I don’t understand, right?” Qu Bai laughed.

“Yes, why is Jiang Zhongjunwu not on the list, including you, and even few people from the four major schools… Also, what do these battle strength points mean?”

Shen Qian nods.

“That’s because the entrance of our Jiang Zhongjunwu’s Secret Realm and myriad forms tower has not been opened yet.”

Qu Bai didn’t give a shit and explained directly.

β€œMyriad forms tower?”

Shen Qian heard a term that was almost forgotten.

When Shen Qian and Wang Shuo first met, the system took a performance order from each other.

Later, from Shi Dingyan and Liu Changqing, Shen Qian learned that Yanwu Ling was the ticket to the tower of myriad forms.

And they also said that when Shen Qian entered the university, he would naturally know where the myriad forms tower is.

To be honest, Shen Qian is still willing to enter the martial arts college, and the myriad forms tower is also a key factor.

“The tower of myriad forms, a place of great importance to all Martial Artists, I can only tell you that there is something to do with the ‘door’.”

Qu Bai popularized , then fascinated and said, “It’s a place that really gathered the brainchild of all the predecessors. It is said that there are hundreds of princes behind it. It is the first-class Martial Arts Holy Land.”

Hundreds prince?

Shen Qian was also quite shocked.

The last time I heard this kind of bullshit was because of the game “Martial God”, which is popular all over the world. It is said that the character prototypes in “Martial God” come from various princes.

But judging from all aspects of information, it seems to be just a rumor.

Because there are more than a thousand game characters in “Martial God”, but there are hundreds of kings in the world at most.

But myriad forms towers built by a hundred princes are probably not fake.

Because even Shi Dingyan needs to perform martial arts, this shows that the tower of myriad forms is also of great benefit to his cultivation.

Only princes can point to Mountain And Sea.

“It’s a pity that you need a ticket to enter the tower of myriad forms. That’s it.”

Qu Bai seemed quite satisfied with Shen Qian’s reaction, and flipped out a hand and took out one. A palm-sized azure token with the word “Martial” printed on it.

“This is the reward I got after life and death. You don’t know how much I paid for it.” Qu Bai said with emotion, “If you know how much it can sell on the black market, you can I understand its value.”

“A martial order?”

Shen Qian is naturally familiar with this thing.

“Have you seen it?” Qu Bai was very surprised.

“I have sixteen blocks.” Shen Qian nodded, said without thinking.

Qu Bai was obviously sluggish for a moment, then glanced at Shen Qian with inexplicable eyes, and only spit out two words, “hehe.”

Seeing Qu Bai didn’t believe him at all , Shen Qian was too lazy to prove anything.

“Listen to what you just said, the ranking of this list is related to the Secret Realm and the myriad forms tower?”

“Well, in fact, the myriad forms tower is also a type of Secret Realm, It’s just that it has been counted as the highest level that cannot be surpassed, so it is not included in the general Secret Realm.”

Qu Bai didn’t pay too much attention to Shen Qian’s bragging rights, explaining, “The Rising Dragon List And Hidden Dragon List is not a simple calculation of the cultivation base, but is ranked by the battle strength value.”

“The specific calculation formula of the battle strength value has not been disclosed to the public by the Wugao Alliance, but it has been a long time. Everyone can always sum up some rules.”

“The culture base is just a foundation, it also counts your results in regular Martial Arts events, the evaluation of simulated levels, and your performance in Secret Realm. Among them, the ranking and so on.”

“All in all, this is a comprehensive value, and it is also the most undisputed measurement method currently recognized by everyone.”

Qu Bai explained Later, Shen Qian finally understood.

The reason why he has not made it to the list is because Jiang Zhongjunwu’s Secret Realm has not been officially opened, and some data are missing, so he is not eligible for the list.

And those who have been on the list are mostly Martial Artists who have entered Secret Realm.

At this moment, the first place on the Hidden Dragon List has changed several times.

“Now the major martial arts colleges and universities have just started school, and it will take at least a month to look at this list again to see something.” Qu Bai said with a smile, “Real geniuses are still there. No shot!”

Shen Qian knew clearly, “Then when will our Junwu Secret Realm open?”

“Three days later.” Qu Bai laughted, “But In fact, you can already prepare in advance, because the school’s official website has released the introduction of Secret Realm and the reward criteria, you can go and see.”

The topic is almost finished, before leaving, Qu Baihu patted Shen Qian’s shoulder.

β€œShen Qian, you should know that there will be a competition that sweeps the national martial arts colleges and universities soon, right?”

β€œI heard that.”

“Come on, Jiang Zhongjun Wu Chuli, that match is our first show, you and I… a great responsibility.”

Qu Bai said solemnly, showing a very serious expression for the first time.

Shen Qian can understand the meaning of his words. Jiang Zhongjunwu has never been stingy with Martial Arts’ resources and monetary rewards since the time of enrollment. That is support, but also a kind of expectation.

In a sense, whether Jiang Zhongjunwu can return to Peak, or really stand up, depends on their performance.

“Jiang Zhongjunwu is too young after all…”

“There is one thing you may not know, this year, not only Jiang Zhongjunwu has specially recruited senior talents, but also other schools. No idle time, a comrade-in-arms I highly respect then went Northern Martial, and he… is by no means the only one.”

“Military genius, ancient martial arts Aristocratic Family, princely children, overseas hunters… …the truly hidden geniuses may be more terrifying than those on the surface.”

Qu Bai had already left, and only Shen Qian was still standing in front of the announcement wall, reminiscing about his last what was said.

“That’s really interesting…”

After a long time, Shen Qian’s mouth curved, muttered.

(end of this chapter)

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