I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 205


Chapter 205 Martial Arts Theory Class Late Incident

The next morning.

Stuck in the last five minutes, Shen Qian walked into the grand lecture hall with the textbook.

This is Jiang Zhongjun’s first class after starting school, and it is also one of the compulsory courses of Martial Arts theory.

According to the normal procedures of Wuke University and the regulations of the Ministry of Education, all New Student Enrollment must participate in a fifteen-day military training.

Because from the day they officially entered the martial arts college, all students will automatically become the military Martial Artist reserve.

But Jiang Zhongjunwu naturally does not need to follow this rule.

Because one month after the military instructors officially enter the campus, for military students, every day is military training.

At the same time, 1 month later, they will officially join the military. Not only will the benefits be further improved, but there will even be a basic salary, in order to be ready to go to the unknown battlefield at any time.

“Shen Qian!”

A young man sitting in the back row waved to Shen Qian and shouted.

Shen Qian looked up, then smiled rarely, and greeted Yang Lingjie behind him and walked over together.

The young man is Ouyang Fei. After entering school, Shen Qian has not had a good chat with the other party due to various chores. At this time, he finally had the opportunity to get together.

Ouyang Fei originally only occupied a seat for Shen Qian, but when Yang Lingjie followed him and was embarrassed, a classmate next to him voluntarily gave up his seat.

“Shen Qian, although I had already anticipated it, your famous speed still makes me a little bit unable to keep up. Now many freshmen regard you as a god.”

Ouyang Fei exclaimed.

“How can it be so exaggerated?” Shen Qian waved his hand and said, “They are both proud and arrogant teenagers. You say that you admire me and believe it, and it is a bit exaggerated to say that you are respectful to gods.”

“Actually, Brother Fei is really not exaggerating.”

Yang Lingjie, who just met Ouyang Fei, said with a smile, “You may not visit the campus forum very much, there are fifty posts per page these two days, At least one third has something to do with you. According to my analysis, this may also have something to do with the recent online scolding war.”

“The scolding war?”

“It’s about that year-end war.”

Yang Lingjie shrugged, “It may be that someone is building a campaign, although the official website has not released an announcement, but the Internet is hiding the sky and covering the earth. All are the voices of discussion. As long as the major martial arts colleges and universities are at the same level, they rarely believe in each other, and that sub-fire medical smell has already appeared.”

“Indeed.” Ouyang Fei seems to be right These things are also understood, nodded added, “Although Jiang Zhongjunwu was established at the beginning, he obviously went to restore the status of the top Wuhan University, and naturally sparked a lot of sparks with the students of the four major universities.”

“Furthermore, many first-class martial arts colleges and universities, such as China University of Science and Technology, also have the intention of stepping on Jiangzhong’s military martial arts. The unfathomable mystery has become the target of fire, and everyone is naturally holding a sigh of relief.”

“Well, it’s normal. Jiang Zhongjun’s reputation is there, and he has not proven himself. In the eyes of many martial arts colleges, it has become the best stepping stone.” Shen Qian said clearly. .

“In short, you have basically become a representative of Jiang Zhongjun’s Wu Xinsheng now, and the voice on the Internet is very high. It is said that the competition will separate the freshmen from the old, and many people are waiting for you to replace Jiang Zhongjun Wuzheng. What’s your name?”

Yang Lingji said with a smile.

Shen Qian frowned upon hearing this, “Where did you see the news, show me.”

Although Yang Lingjie was a little unclear, he still clicked on some A relatively well-known social platform, including blogs and short video software, showed Shen Qian some hot discussion forums.

Ouyang Fei seems to have thought of something, he looked thoughtful and said, “Do you think someone is fanning the flames behind your back?”

“Be confident and remove the ‘feeling’. “

Shen Qian raised Yang Lingjie’s bracelet and shook his head.

Ouyang Fei saw a lot of dazzling titles at a glance, such as “Jiang Zhongjun Wu Shen Qian threatened to hit ten” “Dry science popularization, why is the national champion of martial arts called since ancient times number one genius” “Shocked. , the reason why Shen Qian did not choose the four major schools is because…” and so on.

“Is there any problem?” Yang Lingjie was still a little confused.

“First of all, I didn’t say these words, and secondly, think about it from another perspective. If you were a student of the four major universities, how would you feel when you saw this?” Shen Qian asked.

“I think you’re a little crazy…”

Yang Lingjie touched the chin, and finally came to his senses, “The target of public criticism?”

“Almost that one. I mean, it’s really interesting.”

Shen Qian didn’t bother to care who was plotting against him behind his back.

Any crafty plots and machinations are meaningless in the face of absolute strength…just a bit of a waste of spirit.

As the class bell rang, Ning Zhiyuan, who had met at the beginning ceremony, strode in with a lesson plan in hand, with a warm smile on his face.

The theory of Martial Arts is a big class. There are at least four or five classes in the class. There are hundreds of people in the classroom, but as Ning Zhiyuan walked in, everyone was consciously quiet. down.

“Hello Professor!”

Everyone’s bits and pieces said hello, although there was no tacit understanding, but their voices seemed very sincere.

Faced with a Mountain And Sea, especially a top Mountain And Sea, no one is stupid enough to show their uniqueness.

In the past few days on the campus forum, the information about the major tutors has also been picked up one after another. After all, these tutors are all famous Mountain And Sea powerhouses for a long time, although the information is not collected. However, there are still many deeds that can be found on the Internet.

For example, Ning Zhiyuan in front of him has achieved Mountain And Sea for nearly a hundred years. Before he came to Jiang Zhongjunwu to teach, he had been working in a certain department of the Martial Arts Department. And Sea Disciple.

In addition, Ning Zhiyuan has an identity that no one can ignore.

He is one of the first nine kings, the direct disciple of King Qinguang, and the final disciple!

On this point, even Uncle Pingyang will give him some face.

Ning Zhiyuan was not a special case among the tutors. In fact, none of the eighteen tutors had a simple background, and the gathered information was also shocking to the students who saw the military.

It can only be said that Jiang Zhongjun’s military re-opening at this time really paid off.

“Students turn to the first page first.”

Ning Zhiyuan also appeared easy-going, said with a smile, “About the course of Martial Arts theory, in fact, everyone does not Unfamiliar, after all, it is a course that I have been exposed to since junior high school, but what I want to tell you is that the theory of Martial Arts in college will be very different…”


Suddenly, a breathless shout at the door interrupted Ning Zhiyuan.

Ning Zhiyuan had to stop, turned his head and looked towards the late student.

“It’s Yue Dakan…”

Although Shen Qian is unparalleled, everyone still has some memories of the other eight champions, but he doesn’t know much about the people who come here. strangeness.

“just this once, come in.”

Ning Zhiyuan didn’t show any anger, just said nodded.

Yue Dakan hurried into the classroom.

Ning Zhiyuan was about to continue his lecture when another “report” sounded.

Anyone else late?

This time, even Shen Qian was a little stunned.

“Come in.”

Ning Zhiyuan was slightly frowned, but remained peaceful.

Just as Geng Qianqiu ran a few steps inside, the third “report” sounded.

Ning Zhiyuan, who was interrupted again, didn’t look so good-looking. He looked towards Zhao Keyi, who was a little embarrassed at the door.

Ning Zhiyuan’s complexion finally changed completely until Xiao Ye, Ye Shicong and even Shangguan Ting appeared at the door one after another shouting “report”.

There was also a lot of discussion in the classroom.

Not only because these people look like is late for appointments, but also because these people are basically provincial champions and influential figures of freshmen.

“It seems that I am Ning someone is too approachable, so I am not in your eyes.”

Ning Zhiyuan’s words were not heavy, but it was like a thunderbolt. Ye Shicong and the others turned pale.

Even Geng Qianqiu and Yue Dakan, who entered the classroom first, had to stand up quickly.

No matter how good-tempered Mountain And Sea is, it is also Mountain And Sea.

“Everyone will deduct 20 points for their conduct, and then write a five thousand-word review.” Ning Zhiyuan sneered and directly punished.

Several people at the door are complexion greatly changed.

The full score for conduct is 100. Under normal circumstances, there is only deduction and no increase. At the end of the semester, if the score is less than 60, it may be directly dismissed.

How could they accept that they were charged twenty for being late?

“Professor, we didn’t do it on purpose!”

Zhao Ke was really angry when he saw Ning Zhiyuan, so he had to quickly brace oneself.

“Yes, Professor, we…”

Someone took the lead, and Yue Dakan hurriedly waved his fan to explain, but after meeting Ning Zhiyuan’s unkind gaze , he quickly put away the words “Martial Arts Madman” and said with a smile, “Professor Ning, we really have difficulties!”

“Isn’t it intentional? Are there difficulties?” Ning Zhigaki calmed down, and Faint Smile’s eyes swept across the crowd, “Tell me.”

“Professor, speaking of this, can you advise the school on the opening time of the physical examination hall? A little bit earlier?” Zhao Keyi said helplessly.

“What does this have to do with the opening time of the physical examination hall?” Ning Zhiyuan was stunned.

“It really has something to do with it.” Geng Qianqiu also explained, “Professor, your class starts at nine o’clock, and the physical examination hall also opens at nine o’clock. We really have no choice but to go to the physical examination first. If the pavilion occupies a seat and come over again, it is inevitable that you will be late.”

“What seat?” Ning Zhiyuan was even more confused.

“The location of the simulators!” Yue Dakan answered with grievance, “There are more than 50 simulators in the seven physical examination halls in the school, but only 10 have the most complete functions. If you don’t occupy a seat when you are not in school, you will be completely gone after class!”

“Now that school has just started, who will compete with you?” The more Ning Zhiyuan listened, the more puzzled he became.

If it wasn’t for the fact that several of them looked serious and didn’t look like they were lying, Ning Zhiyuan would almost have thought that they were teaming up to make fun of him.



Who knew that just after Ning Zhiyuan’s voice fell, the people at the door pointed to each other, all of whom were one and the same. Face gritted.

“It’s all Yue Dakan’s fault, he first thought of the shameless trick of swiping a card in advance to occupy a seat!”

“Why is this shameless, a thousand dollars an hour? , I paid for it!”

“Oh, it’s like who can’t afford the money?”

“I think Ye Shicong is more shameless, he still thinks Bought the administrator…”

“It’s obviously that Zhong Qitang from the northeast is more shameless. He heard that the administrator has a younger sister, and he wants to sell his body. They are still underage!”



Ning Zhiyuan finally couldn’t listen anymore.

He glanced at the people who were still a little dissatisfied, and probably understood what was going on. He couldn’t help sighing, rubbing his brows and saying, “What about you, rolled up like this?”

Everyone fell silent.

Ning Zhiyuan was so keen, but he noticed that many people were vaguely aggrieved.

“What else is there to hide?” Ning Zhiyuan became curious, but also wanted to know what made these peerless geniuses fight so hard. He directly named the only girl, “Shangguanting, you Say it.”

Shangguanting bit his lip, and finally turned his resentful eyes to a corner, “Because…Shen Qian.”

There was a commotion in the classroom. They all cast their amazed eyes at the innocent boy in the corner.

Shen Qian was really a bit stunned. He didn’t expect a collective lateness event, and he could even get on his head when he went around.

“What’s the matter with Shen Qian?” Ning Zhiyuan was also a little puzzled.

“Because Shen Qian is… too outrageous, we, we…”

Geng Qianqiu and the others seemed to feel a little ashamed and wanted to stop Shangguan Ting, but Shangguan Ting As a young girl, how could she care so much, under Ning Zhiyuan’s gaze, she said it as soon as her brain became hot.

“We can’t be too far behind him, let alone give each other too much behind. We have even made a bet that the loser will be embarrassed…I don’t want to lose!”

Zhao Keyi sighed and covered his face.

Yes, I really don’t have to look up in front of Shen Qian in the future.

It doesn’t matter, it’s hard to lift the head after passing through the publicity wall scene.

Thinking about this, Zhao Keyi felt a lot more relaxed in his heart.

Ye Shicong and the others also looked around unnaturally.

Ning Zhiyuan didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, although he was more curious about what their bet was, but considering that the classroom order was getting out of control, he could only stop exploring. .

“Okay, it’s still wrong to be late anyway, I’ll deduct three points from each of you, just write a thousand words for the review, and you’ll all be seated.”

Although they were still punished, But this result was obviously much better, and Zhao Keyi and the others didn’t dare to say more, and hurriedly took their seats.

This sudden turmoil finally came to an end, but Shen Qian was helpless to find that he seemed to have become the center of the storm again because of an unfathomable mystery. At least many people looked at him strangely.

“It’s so hard to keep a low profile!”

Shen Qian sighed, but she quickly retracted her mind.

This kind of Martial Arts theory class is the least frustrating for Shen Qian, but it takes two sessions in a row. Shen Qian intends to take this time to study the Great Secret Realm that Jiang Zhongjunwu is about to open.

However, what interests Shen Qian the most is naturally the rare six-star Secret Realm in the country.

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