I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 206


Chapter 206 Secret Realm Point Card

After carefully reading the various introductions about Secret Realm on the official website, before combining Shen Qian finally had a clearer understanding of Secret Realm through online knowledge.

Secret Realm is a place created by human Martial Artist by combining historical humanities, ancient legends, real relics and other sources to help Martial Artist cultivation.

And Shen Qian didn’t know until after understanding that the levels on the simulator were inextricably linked to Secret Realm.

Secret Realm is divided into two types, general Secret Realm and special Secret Realm.

The general Secret Realm is jointly produced by the Ministry of Martial Arts, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Military Affairs. It is aimed at all martial arts colleges and universities. As long as the corresponding aptitudes of the martial arts colleges meet the standard, you can purchase the corresponding level of Secret Realm with money.

For example, among the thirteen Secret Realms of Jiang Zhongjunwu at present, there are two Secret Realms whose basic level is one star, namely Heaven’s Line and Bronze Man Array.

These two Secret Realms are almost the most common Secret Realms in martial arts colleges. In addition, the most basic Secret Realms include wooden piles, plum blossoms and so on.

Do these names sound has several points of familiarity?

That’s right, if you list the basic levels of the Martial Arts simulator, there will be more than 80% overlap with these one-star Secret Realm.

Because in a sense, the Martial Arts simulator is actually a pre-level for Martial Arts Secret Realm.

The only difference is that the Martial Arts simulator has almost no mortal danger other than possible mental damage.

And Martial Arts Secret Realm, there is the possibility of casualties.

Take the bronze figure formation that Shen Qian is most familiar with as an example.

This is how the level introduction of Jiang Zhongjunwu’s Bronze Array is written.

β€œBronze Array: One-star basic level, three-star floating level

Entry requirements: Martial Arts Realm Beginner Martial Artist 1st to middle Martial Artist 9th, the simulator corresponds to the level and the evaluation Reach B-Rank or above

Casualty rate: 3%

Weapons: Unportable

Number of people: Single

Cost: Secret Realm 1 point card


Calculated according to the casualty rate of the bronze formation, which means that on average, for every 100 Martial Artists entering, there will be three accidents.

However, this data is obtained by summarizing all the levels of Tongrenzhen in the country, and there will be differences in the specific colleges and universities.

For a famous school like Jiangzhong Junwu, the probability of casualties in the basic level is not too big.

…unless someone dies to challenge the highest difficulty.

Shen Qian, the ultimate form of the Bronze Human Formation, is still fresh in his memory, and it is really only for the sake of looking for abuse.

Another meaning of the pre-level level is that you must have a certain level of evaluation on the corresponding level of the simulator before you can enter the real Secret Realm challenge.

Shen Qian himself only has the qualifications to enter the Secret Realm of the Tongren Zhen, but the others are still blank.

“No wonder Geng Qianqiu and the others are so active…”

Shen Qian suddenly realized something.

The fact that they go to occupy the simulator every day is not just for the simple purpose of cultivation. It turns out that when he didn’t realize it, these cowards had already started to prepare for the Secret Realm.

The Martial Arts Secret Realm is not only for the purpose of experience, but also has various real rewards.

Although the levels of the Martial Arts simulator also have rewards, the conditions for obtaining them are much harsher. Generally, it is only possible to complete the level and open the evaluation settlement.

And Martial Arts Secret Realm, according to the introduction on the official website, is that as long as you enter, there will be evaluations, and if you give a little effort, there will be various rewards.

The last is the voucher to enter Secret Realm, that is, the Secret Realm point card.

According to the introduction of Junwu Campus Network, all incoming freshmen will get three free point cards in the first year, and those who successfully choose a tutor will get two more.

“Those who failed to throw spears are really miserable, and even this makes a difference.”

Ouyang Fei tilted his head and saw that line of instructions, and couldn’t help smacking his lips, “It’s just the dormitory. Not having a choice is bad enough, and now even the cultivation is a bit slower.”

β€œActually, the conditions of the four-person dormitory are not bad, and you only need to pay the water, electricity and internet bills, but the cultivation is on this The restrictions are indeed a bit miserable.” Yang Lingjie scratched his head and said.

“Speaking of how to get more points, three points are not enough, and I think the two-star Secret Realm needs two points, so the Secret Realm with high rank needs more? “

Ouyang Fei curiously asked.

“Well, in fact, there are quite a few ways. You can exchange extra credits, and the instructor has the authority to issue them. In addition, there are other rewards such as test rewards and attendance rewards… Hey, you can also exchange them with martial arts orders.”

Shen Qian glanced at it, then was a little surprised.

One performance order can be exchanged for 30 Secret Realm point cards.

But it doesn’t seem to be very cost-effective.

Because of the rarity of martial arts orders, many people have already told Shen Qian… although he himself doesn’t feel much.

β€œYou have to clear more than two one-star Secret Realms before you can enter the two-star Secret Realm, and two two-star Secret Realms can enter the Samsung Secret Realm… It’s really a strict system!”

Shen Qian read it all in one breath, and finally fixed his eyes on the only six-star Secret Realm in Jiangzhong Junwu and the only two in the country.

The river of death!

These four words seemed to have some kind of inexplicable magic, which attracted Shen Qian’s attention.

“It requires more than three customs clearance experiences in the five-star Secret Realm, and an 80% completion evaluation on the 3rd floor of the myriad forms tower… This requirement is a bit difficult to understand!”

Shen Qian pondered.

Shen Qian always believed that if the myriad forms tower is also classified as a Secret Realm, then its level should be above the six-star Secret Realm.

But according to the entry requirements of the six-star Secret Realm, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Perhaps, you can only know the difference if you actually experience it yourself.

When Shen Qian was distracted, he suddenly felt Ouyang Fei’s arm touch him, Shen Qian came back to his senses, but saw Ouyang Fei sitting in a serious seat, looking steadily forward.

Shen Qian was stunned for a moment, then realized something, he turned his head to look, and met Ning Zhiyuan’s eyes with no emotion.

And all the people around are looking at him with strange expressions, most of them are vaguely taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

“The freshmen of this class are all very big, it seems that they really don’t take me as a professor!”

Ning Zhiyuan said flatly.

Shen Qian realized something, and stood up quickly, before Ning Zhiyuan could speak again, he bowed his head and explained, “Sorry, Professor Ning, I was just thinking about a question, and I was distracted because I was a little confused. It’s over.”

Obviously, it was probably Ning Zhiyuan asking him a question just now, but Shen Qian didn’t notice it because he was trapped in his own world.

It’s been almost half a year since Shen Qian left the class, and the most basic acumen is gone.

“oh?” Ning Zhiyuan smiled, “Then I don’t know what kind of question our national champion in martial arts is thinking, can you tell me and listen?”

Shen Qian Hearing the inwardly shouted bad, Ning Zhiyuan was really angry.

If there is no previous lateness incident, I am afraid that the other party’s mood will not be so bad.

This level is not easy to pass!

He glanced at Ye Shicong and the others who were laughing the most, and then in the heart coldly snorted, he wanted to see my jokes, just dream!

Between thoughts are revolving, Shen Qian’s eyes swept over the words Ning Zhiyuan just wrote on the blackboard, then closed his eyes, about three seconds later, in Ning Zhiyuan’s browse Before frowned came, Shen Qian opened her eyes again.

A young girl sitting near Shen Qian stayed for a while, and she came back to his senses after her companion abducted her.

“Hey, this is a class with hundreds of people. I know you like Shen Qian, so you don’t need to be crazy now, right?”

“No, it’s not… you just had I didn’t see his eyes at that moment, so… so special!”

“che, what’s so special about the eyes, it’s over, you’re already seriously ill, if you don’t have get out of class, go and confess Right?”


While the two girls were laughing in small voices, Shen Qian’s sonorous voice had already echoed in the lecture hall.

“I was just thinking about…”Energy transformation power”, besides the three conventional methods of Inner Strength compression, medicine pill catalysis, and vitality consumption that have been written in the textbook, is there any other feasible way Is there a quicker way?”

The amphitheater was quiet, and most of the freshmen were blank.

Shen Qian…what are you talking about?

Ning Zhiyuan also seemed a little surprised. He fixedly looked at Shen Qian for a few seconds before continuing, “Then what conclusion do you come to after thinking about it?”

“Professor, my The confusion comes from the fact that every ray of vitality is the result of our own arduous cultivation, and it stands to reason that we should have Absolute Control on it, so why does it become so laborious when we want to make them blend?”

Shen Qian asked in a consulting tone.

Ning Zhiyuan’s face loosened, he glanced at Shen Qian with admiration, “It’s rare, I didn’t expect you to see this layer.”

“Actually, the problem is Someone in the theoretical circle has already proposed that if one can really achieve 100% control over one’s own vitality, then there is really no need to resort to any external force when transforming vitality into energy, as long as the meridian strength is sufficient, it should be ‘a single thought’…”

“Unfortunately, this is basically an impossible thing, just like we also impossible to achieve 100% Absolute Control over our own physical strength. “

“In fact, it is very rare to have more than 90% control! “

Ning Zhiyuan patiently explained it to Shen Qian, and his attitude became gentle again.

Everyone can see that Ning Zhiyuan’s anger has long since dissipated. Disappeared without a trace.

“Many thanks, Professor. “Shen Qian bowed sincerely.

“Professor Ning, what… what did you discuss with Shen Qian just now?” “

It seemed that Shen Qian could pass the level so easily, Yue Dakan raised his hand a little unwillingly and asked, “Does ‘Original Qi Transformation’ refer to the step of achieving Mountain And Sea?” ? “

Ning Zhiyuan saw the curious and confused expressions of the students in the classroom, and he couldn’t help laughing.

“Yes, ‘Vital Energy’ is the achievement of Mountain And The necessary step for Sea is the process of transforming Essence Power with vitality, and there are specific methods for this process. What Shen Qian discussed with me just now is a method other than conventional methods, that is, things that are not written in textbooks. “

“But… but Professor, I have searched through this textbook and haven’t found any knowledge in this area!” “

Zhao Keyi couldn’t help raising his hand again and asked.

They all probably know about the power of vitality, but who is free to study this now?

After all, Mountain And Sea is a relatively distant term for them.

“Well, last year, this was a textbook that was only studied in the second semester of the junior year, you don’t know. Also normal. “

Ning Zhiyuan explained it casually.

Everyone is dumbfounded…the textbook for the junior year?

“What the hell, everyone just didn’t Enrollment, why did he study the textbooks for the third year? “Someone exclaimed strangely.

“cough cough, have you forgotten that Shen Qian is already a high Martial Artist, is it strange to study how to break through Mountain And Sea in advance? “

I don’t know who is keeping the world sober, and whispered something.

So the classroom became silent again.

Many people’s expressions all became resentful I got up and looked towards that person.

It’s great, don’t say it next time!

Ning Zhiyuan clapped said with a Smile: “Okay, you don’t need to compare these things deliberately. Martial Arts is a very mysterious thing. It’s better to go fast than to go steadily. Who knows when your destiny will be? “

“Some people look at the moon for thousands of miles, and some people walk in the clouds, but who said that one step at a time can’t reach the end? ”

I have to say that Professor Mountain And Sea has a high level, and a few words will make everyone’s hearts cloudy dissipate.

Even Zhao Keyi and the others also have bright eyes, Fighting spirit is rekindled.

“Shen Qian is diligent in study and thinking, plus 20 points for conduct, and then rewarding Secret Realm with a point card, come to my office after class to get it… Okay, let’s go to class. “

Ning Zhiyuan’s voice changed quickly.

So the light in Zhao Keyi and the others’ eyes disappeared again.

Act plus twenty , and Secret Realm point card, and then think about your treatment…

Why is the gap so big?

In an unspeakable atmosphere, the first time the school started That’s the end of the Martial Arts theory class.

Shen Qian, who was still in a happy mood, followed Ning Zhiyuan to the office and got a Secret Realm point card.

The most important thing is that Ning Zhiyuan said it directly. If you have any doubts in the future, you can go to him directly.

It seems that the little estrangement caused by the incident of selecting a tutor at the beginning of the school has completely disappeared.

As long as Shen Qian manages it well, it should not be difficult to truly gain the friendship of this top Mountain And Sea powerhouse.

At the critical moment, it is the system that helps.

I’m not afraid of anyone more than the theoretical knowledge system.

…As long as there are books to prostitute.

After lunch in the cafeteria, Shen Qian originally planned to go there first In the physical examination hall, I boarded the simulator to take a look, but I received news from teaching assistant Li Le.

A visitor came to visit.

Jiang Zhongjun was finally relieved after a few days of admission. The closed state is open, and the first centralized visit of relatives and friends is open, but students need to confirm in advance.

Shen Qian can guess who is coming when she hears the visitor.

After all, there are only so many people on the list he confirmed in advance, and even fewer can get stuck in time.

Sure enough, Shen Qian saw Wanning and Dao in the hospitality area near the school gate. Jiu, and the emperor monkey he abducted from the psionic market.

“Mr. Shen! “Wanning was a little excited, but she still tried her best to stay calm.

“How come you have become divided again?” “Shen Qian said with a smile, “You guys came earlier than I expected. “

“I… I’ve been paying attention to Jiang Zhongjunwu’s announcement, and I’ll come immediately after I can visit, also to bring you knives and armor.” “Wanning quickly relieved the tension, and spoke smoothly.

“Oh, so fast? ”

Shen Qian was refreshed. He originally thought that the two of them were just here to send the Emperor Monkey. Didn’t expect that the weapons and armor had been forged, a few days earlier than he expected.

“It’s faster than expected. Needless to say, Jiang Zhongjunwu’s arsenal has already confirmed that it is an expedited order, and the ancient Master’s side should also have the heart of repayment to be so efficient. .”

When Wanning explained with a smile, Dao Jiu, who was silent, had already untied a huge package on his back.

Shen Qian couldn’t help but look expectant.

Needless to say, the preciousness of A-Rank Long Knife and B-Rank Battle Armor, but I don’t know what the finished product will look like?

(end of this chapter)

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