I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 207


Chapter 207 Zang Feng

“Shen Qian, let’s look in another place.”

Wan Ning suggested.

At the moment, the three of them are still in the public reception area. Shen Qian thought that Wanning was really more thoughtful, so nodded agreed.

After swiping a card to rent a private reception room, Shen Qian signaled Daojiu to open the package.

Dao Jiu removed the black cloth wrapped outside, revealing a long side and two metal boxes.

Shen Qian took the four-foot-long metal box first.

The box has the handwritten inscription of the ancient Master, in addition to the words “Sincerely”, it also details the process of making this long knife and the materials used.

“The main material is Titan Steel, plus Star Gold, Meteorite Stone, Red Iron Coral…”

“A small C-Rank Spirit Gathering Array, embedded Nine small-scale D-Rank Formation.”

“A total of 891 large and small processes, which took a total of 228 hours…”

“The effect of the enchantment is ‘Tibetan Feng’… …”

Shen Qian looked at the small words carefully, and then nodded slightly.

Although he didn’t study it in depth, he was still a man with the primary level alchemist professional badge, and he was half an expert.

After reading Master Gu’s comments, Shen Qian understood that the other party had already devoted 100% of his efforts to this knife.

Almost has reached the extreme of the opponent’s ability.

Although I haven’t actually experienced it, just from the text introduction, I know that this knife is absolutely extraordinary among A-Rank psionic weapons.


Shen Qian opened the buckle, then opened the box door, revealing a long knife about 1 meter long wrapped in a delicate black knife box.

Shen Qian got a feel for it, and it’s okay. It weighs about ten kilograms, which is considered a light type among psionic weapons.

Before drawing the knife, Shen Qian motioned Wanning to step back to be on the safe side.


In the crisp sound of metal collision, a strange sound like a whimper of the wind flashed away.


The glass table in front of him shattered in an instant, the curtains all around were cut, and the criss-crossed Blade Qi made the entire reception room a mess in the blink of an eye.

Dao Jiu was naturally unscathed, but Wanning was criticized out in surprise.

Shen Qian’s heart tightened, and she put the long knife away, and the body flashed came to Wanning’s side, “Injured?”

Without waiting for Wanning to say anything, Shen Qian had already picked it up. Pulled away the hand she was protecting in front of him.

And then…

Shen Qian, whose eyes were dazzled, quickly looked away and coughed, “I didn’t mean to.”

“I know…” Wan Ning’s cheeks flushed, she covered her clothes and lowered her head again, “I, I also have Beginner Martial Artist’s cultivation base, this kind of scattered Blade Qi won’t hurt me.”

“Well, I just saw that it seems that the hole is still broken, you can apply some medicine.”

Shen Qian subconsciously felt that something was wrong, but it was not easy to explain. Before stomping his feet, he walked away as if nothing had happened.

Ning Ning went to the bathroom to change clothes. When she came back, she saw Shen Qian still holding the long knife and asked, “What was that just now?”

” The effect of ‘Hang Feng’.”

Shen Qian explained, and drew out the long knife again.

The blade of azure has red lines on it, forming the appearance of a river faintly. There are 28 Constellations stars carved on the back of the blade. Every delicate hair was completely shown.

In terms of appearance alone, the workmanship of this long knife has completely reached the level of art.

Although there was still some distance, Wan Ning could still vaguely feel the coldness rushing towards her face, she carefully hid behind Shen Qian, then tilted her head curiously, “‘Zang Feng’ again. What is it?”

“The reason why a psionic weapon is extraordinary is not only because of its smelting process and materials, but the amplification Formation based on Spiritual Qi charging is the core of its power.”

Although Wan Ning is quite knowledgeable, she doesn’t quite understand this kind of overly professional stuff, so Shen Qian explained it very carefully.

“But in addition to the enhancement of Formation, there is another way to increase the power of the weapon to varying degrees, that is, ‘Enchantment’, which is also something that only Grandmaster Level craftsmen can do.”

“There are many kinds of spirits, and ‘Tibetan Feng’ is one of the extremely high-level and rare forms. It pays more attention to the materials and craftsmanship of weapons, and usually only appears above A-Rank. The psionic weapon.”

“In short, the effect of ‘Hidden Front’ is to charge.”

“The longer it is hidden, the more powerful it is the moment it is unsheathed. The bigger it is.”

“It’s been two or three days since this weapon was released, so I have accumulated some Blade Qi.”

After Shen Qian finished explaining, Ning Wan blinked. Blinking his eyes, he asked in surprise, “What if you hide it for a year?”

“If you hide it for a year…it’s probably gods block then kill gods.”

Shen Qian said with a smile after pondering.

“Then there is no upper limit?” Wan Ning couldn’t help but question, “According to what you said, if the ordinary person has such a saber, wouldn’t it be even Mountain And Sea if he hides it for ten years? Can they all be beheaded?”

“Theoretically yes.”


Wan Ning stayed for a while.

“It’s all just theoretical.”

Shen Qian didn’t continue to tease Wanning, “You have overlooked several issues here, the first is the endurance limit of the weapon itself, constantly When it reaches a certain peak, it is very likely that the weapon can’t bear it first and breaks.”

β€œSecondly, it is a question of whether you can control it yourself, just afraid of the moment you draw the sword. It is you who hurt yourself first.”

Shen Qian suddenly paused when he said this, and a vague thought emerged in his heart.

It’s just that he couldn’t think clearly for a while.

“Yeah, I almost forgot that not everyone can use A-Rank weapons.”

Wan Ning was already very smart, and she slowly recovered after being reminded by Shen Qian. With the ability to think, “In general, Martial Artists may not be able to control A-Rank weapons perfectly, right?”

Shen Qian came back to his senses slightly denouncing, which is indeed a fact.

The ancient Master once gently reminded Shen Qian that it might be more practical to use a B-Rank long knife temporarily, and she could promise to forge an A for Shen Qian at a suitable time in the future. -Rank Long Knife.

Shen Qian didn’t explain much.

He dare not say that he can control it 100%…but the system is absolutely fine.

If the performance of the A-Rank Long Knife can be fully utilized, the increase in battle strength can reach at least 10% or more, and it is even more unimaginable if you consider the bonus of “Zang Feng”.

Shen Qian is even thinking, if the system itself adds the A-Rank long sword’s boost and the effect of “Hidden Edge”, and finally activates the “Shadow Blade”, can such a sword be compatible with the real one? Mountain And Sea powerhouse rivalry?

“You haven’t given a name to this knife yet.” Wan Ning suddenly remembered what said with a smile.

“The keynote is green and red, like a setting sun and distant mountains… Might as well, let’s call it mountains and rivers.”

Shen Qian hesitated slightly, and quickly said something casually. name.

“Not bad, quite satisfactory without losing the atmosphere.” Wanning nodded agreed.

Putting away the long knife, Shen Qian took another square metal box.

At first glance, the metal box in front of me is only forty centimeters long and wide, but it doesn’t look like it can hold a pair of Battle Armor.

But Shen Qian knew it wasn’t that simple.

The edge of the metal box is printed with the emblem of Huaxia Junwu, in addition to five gold stars, indicating that this is a B-Rank psionic equipment produced by the Junwu arsenal.

After fumbling for a while, she found the buckle on the box. Shen Qian pressed it lightly, and with a sound of mechanical rotation, the metal box was scattered, revealing a black golden metal gauntlet .

There are seven or eight Spirit Stones with different luster inlaid in different positions on the arm armor, which makes people dazzling at first glance.

“Only the arm armor?” Wan Ning was stunned.

“You try its weight.” Shen Qian observed the formation mark depicted on it for a while, and already understood something, said with a smile.

Wan Ning stretched out her fair arm to hold it, and immediately said in surprise: “How can it be so heavy?”

“You must have seen that, it was deliberately hiding my clumsiness so that I could Do you have a chance to perform?”

Shen Qian glanced at Wanning who had become sorry, and then directly put his right hand into the armguard.

He raised his hand slightly to feel it, and sure enough, the arm armor weighed hundreds of kilograms, which was completely unreasonable.

After feeling it for a moment, Shen Qian found a way to open it, so she tapped a Spirit Stone at her thumb.

As the rays of light flowed, the various Formations on the arm armor were activated, and pieces of black golden scales climbed up Shen Qian at a dazzling speed, covering Shen Qian in just a moment. of the whole body.

Except for the front door, Shen Qian’s entire body was completely covered.

And as Shen Qian pressed his forehead again, his facial features were also covered by the falling visor.

Shen Qian walked to the mirror and looked at it. It was a set of full-body battle armor with an antiquated style. The formation mark almost covered the whole body, but it also formed a mysterious pattern. Not lost in sharpness.

Black and gold Battle Armor, green and red long sword…

At this moment, Shen Qian feels like the protagonist of a magic movie, a handsome batch.

It looks good, the next step is to test the practicality.

Shen Qian turned to Dao Jiu who had just turned back from the door, “Come on, try it!”

Dao Jiu understood, his figure disappeared in place in an instant, and a punch hit him. Shen Qian’s chest covered by Battle Armor.


The strong impact made Shen Qian take a few steps back.

β€œHow much power?” Shen Qian asked.

“One thousand.” Dao Jiu replied.

“Almost no feeling… directly to 3000.”

Shen Qian greeted.

Dao Jiu nodded and punched again.


“Five thousand!”


After experimenting back and forth a few times, Shen Qian probably got the numbers.

The role of Battle Armor is to eliminate damage.

A normal B-Rank Battle Armor can easily remove damage below 2000Kg explosive power, and Shen Qian’s set is definitely a fine item, and he didn’t feel the penetration until the 3000 line. The impact needs to use its own strength to block it.

This also means that if a Peak Martial Artist with a limit explosive power of 9999Kg is fighting against Shen Qian, then every time the opponent throws a punch, Shen Qian actually bears only 6999Kg of power.

That’s the horror of B-Rank Battle Armor.

Unless the strength exceeds Battle Armor’s tolerance limit, or the frequency of quick strikes exceeds Battle Armor’s own energy storage speed, Shen Qian naturally has a great advantage.

β€œA gentleman is not different, he is good at things!”

Shen Qian sighed sincerely.

Although the most reliable thing for Martial Artist is still its own strength, it has to be said that the emergence of psionic equipment has indeed greatly improved Martial Artist’s battle strength.

With the Battle Armor and the Long Knife, Shen Qian finally felt that she might not be able to struggle when she encountered Mountain And Sea.

The sense of security has skyrocketed.

After collecting the psionic equipment, and voluntarily compensated for the loss of the reception room, Shen Qian sent Wanning and Dao Jiu away from Junwu.

“Wanning, I heard that Jiang Zhongjunwu’s affiliated university town is already under construction. You can pay attention to it. When it is completed, you and Dao Jiu will come to find a place to live, so as to avoid running back and forth.”

On the way, Shen Qian reminded and continued: “Also, book a ticket for me to go to Beidu next week.”

“Okay.” Wan Ning is well-behaved The nodded, neither offered to follow, nor asked Shen Qian what was going on.


Wanning and Dao Jiu were sent away, Shen Qian and the emperor monkey staring at small eyes for a while before Shen Qian opened the mouth and said: “Let’s go, I’ll take you to the school to go through the formalities, oh, by the way, do you have a name?” I wrote two words.

Shen Qian saw that it was still Chinese characters. Although the handwriting was ugly, he still read the two characters softly.

“Great Saint…”

Shen Qian raised his head in surprise, seeing the Emperor Monkey’s bright eyes looking at him with implicit expectation, he couldn’t help laughing.

“It’s a good thing to be ambitious, like me… OK, then I’ll call you Great Saint.”

With Shen Qian’s approval, the Monkey looked quite excited. , jumped onto Shen Qian’s shoulders, stood upright, and lightly beat his chest.

“Hey, isn’t this an action that an orangutan can do? You are obviously a monkey.”


Emperor Monkey argued with Shen Qian about the origin of bloodline, which made Shen Qian laughed heartily.

After a trip to the security department and the Academic Affairs Office, after installing a tracking chip on the emperor monkey, the Great Saint became a legal monster beast that Shen Qian could foster in the school.

Shen Qian talked to Yu Shousi about the need to go to Northern Martial regularly.

Yu Shousi was silent for a long time.

Just when Shen Qian thought he was embarrassed, Yu Shousi let out a faint sigh.

“You brat…how many surprises I don’t know?”

“It’s a good thing, it’s a good thing!”

“I Jiang Zhongjunwu’s student is a high-level lecturer at Northern Martial!”

“Who dares to believe it, hahahahaha…”

Seeing that Yu Shousi quickly changed from sighing to Laughing wildly, Shen Qian didn’t know how to answer.

But no matter what, with Yu Shousi’s special approval, Shen Qian doesn’t have to be tied to Jiang Zhongjun all the time.

It is a military academy after all, but Shen Qian clearly knows how strict the management system will be in the future.

After reporting to Yu Shousi, Shen Qian saw that it was still early, so he took the Great Saint to the cafeteria for a meal, and then sent the Great Saint back, while he went to Jiangzhong Junwu alone. The Azure Dragon physical test hall.

Although Jiang Zhongjun has seven physical testing halls, the most expensive ones are concentrated in the largest Azure Dragon physical testing hall.

Jiang Zhongjunwu’s Secret Realm will officially open in two days, and it’s time for Shen Qian to make some preparations.

After coming to the physical examination hall, as expected, all the simulators have been occupied, and the remaining usage time displayed exceeds five hours.

Shen Qian, who was mentally prepared for this, found a classmate who was exercising on a high-frequency treadmill and typed it.

“Zhao Keyi… Oh, forget it, Yue Dakan or Ye Shicong, do you know which simulator cultivation room they are in?”

“Uh, are you talking about Ye Shicong, the No. 1 scholar in the second province of Jiangnan, he seems to be in room 3. I just saw him go out to the toilet.”

That man A little confused, but answered quickly.

“Thank you.”

Shen Qian handed over a bottle of Sichuan Fragrant and Spicy Satisfaction Dan as a thank you, then turned around and came to the door of the No. 3 simulator’s cultivation room , reached out and rang the doorbell on the wall.

(end of this chapter)

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