I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 208


Chapter 208 Tides

Although the cultivation rooms are fully enclosed, there are also doorbells and alarms to deal with emergency.

After ringing the doorbell and no response, Shen Qian directly rang the fire alarm next to her.

Just a few seconds later, the door of No. 3 cultivation room was opened, and Ye Shicong rushed out in a hurry, but he didn’t see the fire that he expected. When he was looking around at a loss, Shen Qian beckoned. .

“Don’t look for it, I pressed it.”

“Shen Qian?” Ye Shicong calmed down and said angrily, “Are you kidding me?”

” Brother, the cultivation room is a public resource, you’ve been in it for four hours, it’s almost…you can see for yourself.”

Shen Qian handed over the mirror.

“What are you looking at?” Ye Shicong was taken aback.

“Look at your dark circles and red blood!”

Shen Qian said solemnly, “Do you know that your behavior is actually because you are overdrawn and you haven’t yet? The spirit strength you have grown up will even affect your promotion to Mountain And Sea in the future?”

“Oh, who are you bluffing… Really?”

Ye Shicong wanted to be tough. But in the end, I couldn’t help but groan in my heart.

“Of course, forget it, let me tell you a little secret.”

Shen Qian put his arms around Ye Shicong’s shoulder and whispered mysteriously, “You know why I’m making such progress. Is it fast?”

This sentence really asked Ye Shicong’s heart disease.

This is a question he can’t figure out.

In terms of talent, resources, family background… He doesn’t say he’s better than Shen Qian, but he’s definitely not worse.

Although he is a child of the Aristocratic Family, his diligence and hard work are definitely not inferior to anyone else.

Being able to achieve a provincial champion speaks for itself.

But from the psionic market to the time he entered school, for the first time, he was overwhelmed by a single person.

The lance that is still nailed to the stone wall of Jiang Zhongjun’s military gate to the sky seems to be nailed to his back.

Hearing what Shen Qian said at this moment, Ye Shicong vaguely understood something, and he asked suspiciously: “You mean…it has something to do with spirit strength?”

“student that can be taught , you are also a top genius, you should understand that spiritual strength is not a must Mountain and Sea to cultivate, you only need this, then that… um, you should understand, right?”

Shen Qian’s voice became lower and lower. , as if sharing some kind of peerless secret.

Ye Shicong was a little embarrassed, but you should make it clear what it is like!

But he asked sorry again, always feeling that he seemed stupid.

“Well, of course.” Ye Shicong pretended to be calm.

“Go and rest, the combination of work and rest is king… I’ll use this cultivation room first.”

Shen Qian naturally wanted to drill into it.

Ye Shicong frowned, always felt that something was not right, “Wait!”

“What’s the problem?” Shen Qian kept smiling.

“It’s not impossible to give you a cultivation room, but you have to promise me one thing.”

“You say it.”

“With me One fight!” Ye Shicong expressed his deepest desire.

“Oh, that’s easy. You can go to rest and adjust your state. See you later.”

Shen Qian readily agreed when she heard such a small request.

Fucking… No, Ye Shicong was kindly persuaded to quit, and Shen Qian entered the No. 3 simulator cultivation room.

Compared with the simulator cabin of No. 7 Middle School, Jiang Zhongjunwu’s simulator is much more luxurious.

The wide space of nearly 30 square meters, the 360-degree holographic projection wall, and the nine robotic arms connected to the nerves, coupled with the helmet, can more accurately measure the strength of Martial Artist.

The one-key cleaning function was activated first, and all traces left by Ye Shicong were wiped clean. Shen Qian flashed a new card, and then walked to the center.

After the robotic arm was connected to the body, there was almost no feeling, just blinked, and when she opened it, Shen Qian was already in the vast Star River.

The extremely real emptiness and loneliness, as well as the passing meteors, gave Shen Qian an illusion of infinite insignificance.

“The login of a new user has been detected, and the gene serial number has been collected. If you want to hide your real name, please set your nickname.”

A sweet female voice sounded, and then Shen Qian A virtual operation screen appeared in front of him, prompting him to create an account.

In the seventh middle school, Shen Qian had been prostituting Uncle Xu for free. His own account was probably canceled long ago because he had not used it for too long, so it is not surprising that such a prompt popped up.

Shen Qian’s mentality has become much clearer by now, and since she is logging in with a campus card anyway, she doesn’t need to go to hide anything, so Shen Qian directly crossed the prompt and chose to log in with her real name.

“Welcome, Shen Qian.”

The simulation screen in front of me flashed, and the interface for level selection popped up.

At first glance, there are at least hundreds of levels. Even when he logged in with Uncle Xu’s work card with higher privileges, Shen Qian didn’t see so many levels.

But it’s normal. Once you enter the martial arts college, all the levels of the simulator will be unlocked. The only restriction is the necessary conditions for passing the level.

There are nine one-star levels in total.

In addition to Shen Qian’s deep experience of the Bronze Man Array, as well as the wooden dummy piles and Heaven’s Line that he has a certain understanding of, there are also Plum Blossom Ferry, Bagua Forest, Ferocious Tiger Mountain and so on.

Of course, in terms of the difficulty of ascending, the Bronze Man Array is still the best among them.

Shen Qian’s gaze skipped other levels and was directly fixed on Heaven’s Line.

Mainly because Jiang Zhongjunwu’s current one-star Secret Realm only has Tongrenzhen and Heaven’s Line.

It goes without saying that Shen Qian is absolutely qualified to enter, and the next thing to do is to get the qualification to enter Heaven’s Line Secret Realm.

Quickly clear the one-star Secret Realm, then challenge the two-star, and get the challenge qualification for the six-star Secret Realm as quickly as possible. This is Shen Qian’s clearest goal.

“Heaven’s Line: Developed by Professor Huo Guang of Mountain And Sea powerhouse, based on ancient martial arts legends, it is the level that can best exercise comprehensive combat capability. The difficulty varies from half a star to two stars. Currently the highest rated recorder is ‘Luo Yi’, from Wuhan University in Beidu…”


When Shen Qian was looking at the introduction of the level, he accidentally saw a name that was somewhat impressive.

Recalling it carefully, Shen Qian remembered that this is also the opponent he encountered in the ladder battle, and his strength is good.

didn’t expect that the other party is still the record holder for the Heaven’s Line level.

After taking a closer look, the opponent’s clearance evaluation is SS, and the time to refresh the record was just yesterday.

After thinking about it, Shen Qian also understood.

These few days are the time when martial arts colleges and universities are on the right track one after another, and the most diligent to break through the low-level level must be the freshman.

Shen Qian doesn’t care about that. He’s been in the limelight recently, and he wants to keep a low profile for a while.

Turning off the level introduction, Shen Qian chose Heaven’s Line, the highest difficulty level, two stars, and then clicked Start.

The next moment, he saw a flash, appeared at the entrance of a long and narrow red canyon.



Beidu, the northwest corner of Martial Arts Department, Martial Arts Educational Institution Data Testing Center.

It is still the Martial Arts simulation checkpoint data monitoring hall on the fourth floor, but compared to the previous one, the entire hall is full of seats, and more than 50 staff are busy in it.

Every year when the school season begins, it will be such a grand occasion.

In particular, the influx of freshmen from countless martial arts colleges has made overtime a common occurrence.

“Hey, another level’s record has been refreshed, today’s the third one!”

“Where are the students?”

“Shen Wu Yes, I used a nickname, but I see that the identity information of the student card is a man named Cao Qian, from the southwest province…”

“Oh, this year is very abnormal!”

An old employee said with emotion, “I’ve been here for almost ten years. Even in the beginning of the school season, it was amazing to break records three times a week, but now it’s three times a day!”

” Team leader, is this year really different?”

The new employees around were a little surprised hearing this, and some couldn’t help asking the middle-aged man who was patrolling the hall.


Nodded, the team leader, didn’t hide, “This year is very special, but it’s actually not that difficult to understand… Well, you’ve heard about Martial Arts on Is there a theory called the ‘tidal effect’?”

Most people were a little dazed, but soon a girl with a round face raised her hand and said, “Team leader, I know!”

“Tell me about it.” The team leader said with a smile.

β€œThe tidal effect of Martial Arts is a term in the history of Martial Arts. According to this theory, after a certain period of time, the development of Martial Arts will usher in a peak, and If there is a strong wave, it will make the whole effect stronger!”

The round-faced girl recalled and said in one breath.

“Yes, that’s what it means.” Team leader nodded applauded.

“No… can you make it clearer?” But there were still people who were confused.

“In short, there are always certain nodes where geniuses will emerge in droves. For example, when the pioneer Martial Artist came to an end, and the era when the Nine Kings rose, was the first tide of Martial Arts.” The team leader said with a smile.

“Then the last half of the sentence, what kind of powerful wave is that?”

“That refers to… the ultimate monster among geniuses.” The team leader said softly.

“What do you mean by the monstrous monster among geniuses?” There were still a few young people who were puzzled.

“That involves another term, called the ‘head sheep effect’… Alright, alright, I usually ask you to read more but don’t listen. If you have money, you will only go to VR halls and massage parlors, now it’s good Come on, I can’t even understand what other people are saying!”

The team leader was annoyed with explaining and clapped angrily, “Go to work, stop gossiping!”

Everyone for a while Laughing, the round-faced girl also smiled and turned her eyes back to her screen, but soon, she was blank, and then suddenly stood up again, shouting: “Team Leader, Team Leader!”

“What’s the matter?” the team leader said helplessly.

“That Shen…Shen Qian is online!”

The round-faced girl flushed with excitement and stammered before she could speak clearly.

“Shen Qian?” The team leader didn’t react for a while.

“It’s the national champion, Shen Qian!” The round-faced girl stomped her feet anxiously, “You asked me to keep an eye on it at any time, saying that he would tell you as soon as he went online!”


“He’s finally online!”

The team leader woke up from a dream, rushed over in three steps, and sat down in the girl’s seat, also a little excited. Stare at the screen.

β€œWhat’s wrong with Captain?”

Some newcomers don’t quite understand, β€œWhat happened to the national champion of martial arts?”

β€œHey, then But a ruthless who can get sss evaluation in the basic level in high school, what do you say?”

“Even so, the team leader wouldn’t have such a big reaction, right?”

“You don’t understand this.” The person who explained lowered his voice, “I don’t know how many eyes are staring at Shen Qian outside, even some great characters with hands and eyes, I guess the team leader can’t do anything…”

β€œHeaven’s Line?”

On the other side, although the team leader could not see the real-time picture, he could still see from the monitoring screen that Shen Qian had selected the Heaven’s Line level.

“Team leader, in Jiang Zhongjunwu’s one-star level, except for the bronze circle, it is Heaven’s Line.” The round-faced girl had already done her homework for Shen Qian, and immediately explained.

“No wonder.” Nodded, the team leader, said expectantly, “With his strength, it is not a problem to clear Heaven’s Line, which is the most difficult level, but I just don’t know if he can set another record?”

“It’s definitely not a problem!” A lot of staff who were watching the fun had gathered long ago, and some people who had been there a few months ago immediately answered, “Even the perverted Bronze Array can get three With an S, Heaven’s Line should be easier!”


Many people nodded agreed with him.

“This national champion in martial arts is not easy to guard. It’s only been the second time in a few months. Let’s wait and see.”

The team leader smiled.

The hall was quiet a lot, everyone was chatting and laughing while waiting for the result.

Time passed, I don’t know how long it took, the team leader suddenly frowned, “Xiaofang, what is the average clearance time of Heaven’s Line?”

“The fastest record is 17 points. 21 seconds, an average of 31 minutes and 33 seconds.” The round-faced girl replied quickly.

“Shouldn’t be…” The team leader glanced at the time frowned.

“What’s wrong?” Some people don’t know why.

“Twenty minutes have passed now. With Shen Qian’s strength… it shouldn’t be.” Someone who understood immediately answered.

After a little thought, most people thought of the problem, and their faces became weird.

Although thirty minutes is the average time, but…who is Shen Qian?

Even if he doesn’t directly break the record, his standard for the target should be the highest record, but now that 20 minutes have passed, Shen Qian’s performance is very “mediocre”.

This is a bit hard for everyone to accept.

“Shen Qian is out!”

After a while, Xiao Fang, who was also a little impatient, saw that Shen Qian’s status on the screen had left the “checkpoint”, and immediately shouted road.

And the team leader couldn’t wait to click Shen Qian’s clearance evaluation.

“Username: Shen Qian

IP address: Jiang Zhongjunwu

Completed level: Heaven’s Line (realm limit: Basic – Medium Martial Artist 7th stage) )

Level difficulty limit: two stars

Level time: 25 minutes and 19 seconds

Level rating: B+

The highest rating in history : SS (Magic City Shenwu: Cao Qian)

Current national ranking: [Data uploading, please refresh and view later]

Current Earth ranking: [This level is not open yet This ranking]


“It’s just a B-Rank evaluation…how could it be?”

Although it has been expected just now, this When they really saw the result, the people in the hall were still in disbelief.

(end of this chapter)

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